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Rock Or Bust [VINYL]
Rock Or Bust [VINYL]
Offered by MediaMine
Price: £21.99

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3.0 out of 5 stars ITS OK , ITS ROCK, BUT IT JUST DONT BUST MY SPEAKERS!, 2 Dec 2014
This review is from: Rock Or Bust [VINYL] (Vinyl)

I was very very saddened when I heard the news about Malcom !!! I was also concerned when news came out about Phil and the fact that he might not be playing or touring on the album; so it was with reluctance that I decided to give the album a go due to 2 of the main ingredients not being there :(

I'll try to sum the album up briefly as basically, you know what you're gonna get with AC/DC so, you dont really need the likes of me to tell you :)

Rock Or Bust - Great opening title track, definitely one of the strongest tracks on here, would've worked on Back In Black or For Those About To Rock album.

Play Ball - Wicked tune, can see why it was a single - would've slotted nice on Black Ice album. Why aren't there more tracks like this on the album??? This track is more like what I expect from AC/DC !!! The opening riff is kick-ass!!

Rock The Blues Away - Quite a commercial sounding song, a bit "nice" for ACDC but, it kinda grows on you.

Miss Adventure - I like this song, got a good vibe about it but, the lyrics are a bit repetitive.

Dogs Of War - fair song, would've fitted well on Black Ice. Reminds me of the track, War Machine.

Got Some Rock & Roll Thunder - with a title like that, I thought it was gonna kick but to me, it was a bit tame - would've been ok on Siff Upper Lip.

Hard Times - something that would've fitted well on Siff Upper Lip or Flick Of The Switch album.

Baptism By Fire - like something from the Blow Up Ya Video era.

Rock The House has a definate kinda Zep feel.

Sweet Candy - a song that feels like something from the Flick Of The Switch era.

Emission Control - great groove but didnt seem to actually get going fully and kinda left me deflated at the end!!

OK , its rock but, it dont bust my speakers but I think it will be a definate grower!! I agree in parts with most of the reviewers on here about this album.

AFTER LISTENING TO THIS SOLIDLY ON AND OFF DURING THE DAY, I CAN SAY IT DOES GROW ON YOU AND ITS NOT BAD. There are definite Aerosmith and Zep vibes coming through here and there on a couple of songs.

This album is short, there are no massive anthems on here (except for Lets Play Ball) and I was expecting something a bit stronger, especially when you consider that this might be their last or, one of the last, albums from them. If it was the last, I think it should've really kicked ass in homage to Malcom who came up with some of the band's strongest riffs!! I still bought it though cuz after all - its AC/DC !!! If you're an AC/DC fan, buy it - you'll like it, just give it a few spins and you'll get zoned in :)


Rock City
Rock City
Offered by Fulfillment Express
Price: £10.67

5.0 out of 5 stars WHAT AN UNDERRATED MASTERPIECE !!, 7 Nov 2014
This review is from: Rock City (Audio CD)
I actually discovered Riot by accident - probably way before a lot of people had even heard of them!! The reason; I walked into a little "record shop" (do you remember them :) in my local town looking for a particular album and, also looking for a new band to get into. I asked the guy behind the counter if he had any recommendations - he replied "No, but I have just taken delivery of all new stock and I have just put it all out on the racks."

I managed to find the particular album I primarily went in for and then decided to peruse the albums. I looked for 10mins in the rock section and was just about to call it a day when I noticed an album at the front of another section of albums further along - it was the cover of Rock City. I just loved the burning flames of destruction behind the strange incarnation of the mysterious man/seal with the axe in its hand !!!! I looked at the title and thought of a possible play on words with the title and the image on the album cover - "RIOT" "ROCK" City and thought, something is telling me this is gonna kick some ass. I purchased that album there and then for £3.99p probably a few days after it was released - I'd never even heard of this band, so I kinda took a chance!!

I still have that album to this day; its got a few marks on it - thats because I played it forever, day after day, till my stereo was probably ready to blow up :) THIS ALBUM IS THE DOGS 80110(K5 - PERIOD !!!!! I was about 14 - 15 years old at the time and I'm in my 50's now and this album still makes me sit up and listen!!!! EVERY SONG ON THIS ALBUM IS CLASS, Guy Speranza was one of the very best sounding LEAD SINGERS I have ever heard; the whole vibe of this album is just pure 70's rock at its best and nobody really ever did or, ever has, sounded like RIOT - they were (ON THE FIRST 3 ALBUMS) just FABULOUS !!!
If I had to pick the weakest song/s, I'd say "Heart Of Fire" and "This Is What I Get." The rest of the songs just rock - especially "Overdrive" with its menacing feel. The track "Rock City" is just pure riff power !!

I know the purists will disagree with me but, to me, this is the best Riot album with "Fire Down Under" next and then "Narita." Though I have to say the track Fire Down Under is an absolute killer and probably one of the best songs Riot did!!! If you have to buy yourself an album to surprise yourself and you like the 70's kind of rock (bordering on a slight bit of metal) - buy this, you wont go wrong !!! R.I.P. to those former members who are no longer here and thanks for some fantastic music !!!!

Wire Train
Wire Train
Offered by EliteDigital UK
Price: £11.99

1.0 out of 5 stars Quite simply, a boring album full of boring, slow, dreary, ballad/country type songs :(, 8 Oct 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Wire Train (Audio CD)
I bought this after hearing a track by Wire Train at a friends house. To be honest I was quite deflated when I played this (especially when I consider how good the track was that my friend played me) after purchasing it for £12.00 !!!! This album is just quite simply boring !!! Its full of slow, dreary, ballad/country type songs that are uninspiring and lackluster. The only OK track is the first one and that's it - after that, get yourself a pillow and prepare to go to sleep until its over !!!

Don't waste your money on this self-titled one!!! Instead, buy yourself the last album that Wire Train did called "No Soul No Strain" cuz that IS a really good album !!! I have reviewed it here on Amazon :)

Motivation Radio
Motivation Radio
Price: £3.99

5.0 out of 5 stars This (IMHO) is one of the BEST (and really overlooked/underrated) albums ever!!, 8 Oct 2014
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This review is from: Motivation Radio (Audio CD)
This is one of my all time favourite albums !! I've listened to this on and off since it was released and I still think its fantastic. I am not someone stuck in hippy mode - this album has everything; it has fabulous guitaring, a wide variety of song styles, with vibes of trippiness, prog, psychedelic, funk, rock and much, much more !!! In my mind, it kinda has its own genre - space rock :) I like that many styles/types of music (Funkadelic to Motorhead, metal, punk, trip-hop, electronic) and I have never, ever got tired of this album - its simply sublime !!!

For fans and reviewers talking about how good/bad the remastering/sound quality is, lets just simplify things; if one was to listen to this CD on a £20k Linn system, its gonna sound a whole lot better than listening to it on a £20 system bought off the boot sale. If you're gonna listen to the vinyl version of the album on a Linn Sondek or a top of the range Project deck, then its gonna sound a whole lot better than listening to it on 1960's Fidelity portable. For those who want to compare the vinyl version to the CD version - its all down to individual taste and the ears of the listener (those who can put up with nicks/scratches and those that cant). Its a topic that's just far too subjective !! LETS ALL ENJOY THIS FANTASTIC MASTERPIECE BY STEVE HILLAGE AND REMEMBER WHEN MUSIC WAS CREATED AND PERFORMED BY TALENTED MUSICIANS RATHER THAN BY THE PRODUCTS OF (SO CALLED) TV "TALENT SHOWS" AND/OR CORPORATE MOGALS/ACCOUNTANTS !!!

I know fans go on about Steve's other albums like Green, Fish Rising and Open but, TO ME, this is without doubt, the best album Steve Hillage has ever done !!!! PERIOD !! And yes, I know, that's a matter of opinion - pot, kettle and black ;)

Live In Wolverhampton
Live In Wolverhampton
Price: £6.21

5.0 out of 5 stars Great live album and I was there !!, 8 Oct 2014
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This review is from: Live In Wolverhampton (Audio CD)
What more can you say about the voice of rock and a man who's decades of experience in the life of rock n roll music just oozes out in his live performances?? Great live album and I was there !!

Been There, Done What
Been There, Done What
Price: £37.21

5.0 out of 5 stars Been There, Done What. SAY NO MORE - GOOD LIVE ALBUM :), 8 Oct 2014
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This review is from: Been There, Done What (Audio CD)
Bought this album as I really like the Electric Boys and also Conny Bloom's solo stuff. This is the Japanese version, complete with inner OBI, so recording is excellent of course. Its hard to really give a review of a live album as it is, what it is !! I'd say by listening that there wasn't a massive crowd at the venue (which I sense wasn't a big place - I could be wrong) but Connys performance was, as you'd expect, strong !! Great songs, tight band and better listened to with the volume cranked up a bit.

If you like the Electric Boys and Conny Bloom's solo stuff, you cant really go wrong with this and, after all, its a live performance which, as of yet, the Electric Boys haven't released, so this is as close as you're gonna get for now.

I do recommend the new Electric Boys album (unfortunately only available in Sweden/Europe and not yet in UK) which I did manage to get when I recently saw them live at a small venue and the band very kindly signed it for me (along with all my other CD's). Cheers guys - see you next tour :)

No Soul No Strain
No Soul No Strain
Offered by OUT OF PRINT
Price: £5.61

5.0 out of 5 stars With No Soul No Strain, Wire Train used their brain !!! A really good album !!!, 8 Oct 2014
This review is from: No Soul No Strain (Audio CD)
With influences from a lot of musical styles and genres, this album from Wire Train is a great listen !! From stoner, blues, funk and rock, it all comes together in a good overall album with an edginess in places. At times, with a couple of songs, the music sounds like it takes a bit of influence from INXS and on others, the singer sounds like Tom Petty (with a slight difference). Love the guitar tone and riff of the first track !! A good clear recording aswell, drums are punchy and precise and there's an overall sense of clarity and good stereo separation in places.

A load better album than the self titled album they did - that was just full of country/ballad kind of songs and sent me to sleep (really boring). This was definitely an album from a band (at the time of release) who had matured a lot and put more creative style into the songs for this album. An enjoyable listen :)

California Breed
California Breed
Price: £9.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Harder hitting than BCC !!!! Excellent !!!!, 10 July 2014
This review is from: California Breed (Audio CD)
Great album - more harder hitting than BCC !! This is a bit more up my street than the tame sound of BCC (except for their last album which was the best of the lot). I can hear (in a lot of the songs on this album) all of the heritage of what has gone before them mixed nicely in with this fresh batch of songs - and it makes for great listening !! The cover art is very 1980's esque and I quite like it.

The trouble is with music, its just like any other art form - its very subjective; what one person thinks is great, another person might think is mediocre. Its all well and good people passing judgements/opinions etc. but, the only person who is the best judge, is yourself :)

Reviews are OK to read for a bit of an insight to something but you gotta judge for yourself. As for me, I like it more than BCC, I wish the guitarist would have let it rip a bit more in places; Bonhams drumming is solid as always and Glenns voice is as good as ever - a bit (only a bit :) shrieky on the odd bit . Bass playing, as always, it dont lie :)
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Hell Yeah!
Hell Yeah!
Offered by Fulfillment Express
Price: £10.05

4.0 out of 5 stars New Black N Blue ??, 5 Nov 2013
This review is from: Hell Yeah! (Audio CD)
I've loved Black N Blue from the first time I heard them back in the early 80's !! I immediately bought the first album when it came out and it absolutely blew me away with its sheer power !! Brilliant album. I bought the second album, Without Love, it was like listening to the feel good factor album of a great band !!! Brilliant album. I bought the third album, Nasty Nasty, it was like listening to the molding of the styles of the first two albums into one !!! Brilliant album. I bought the fourth album, In Heat, great album.

This fifth album, Hell Yeah is good but, I don't know if its the modern production but, it kinda doesn't quite hit the mark of the previous albums. Don't get me wrong, you've still got all the right ingredients and there's some great songs but, I don't like the guys putting three slow songs on (they're good slow songs though) as I feel hard rock bands don't need to overdo them (one is enough). The main riff of the track Hell Yeah sounds like Wheels Of Steel by Saxon - still good though :) The track Jamie's Got The Beer is nuts at only 46 secs :)

Overall I like it, theres all the right ingredients, some great songs but, there's just something missing in the strengths of the songs (8/10).

As for the other reviewer saying that "This album is better than the last Ratt CD" - ABSOLUTELY NO CHANCE IN A MILLION YEARS !!!!


Memories In Black [Limited Edition]
Memories In Black [Limited Edition]
Price: £11.82

3.0 out of 5 stars Great 3rd Album - Not Quite As Strong As The Other 3 Albums, 26 Oct 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I really like Hellfueled; they are one seriously great band IMO - they rock !!! This 3rd album doesn't quite hit the mark like the other 3 albums, the songs just aren't as strong for some reason. I have read a lot of reviews on various sites that reckon this is the best one but, I wholeheartedly disagree. Its a good listen, with some good songs and I like it but, it aint like the others. Dont get me wrong, there's all the elements that you'd expect - heavy guitars and the like etc., but the songs are not so strong as the other albums they've done.

Music, like any art form, is subjective - what I may like, you may not. Best thing is, buy it and see :) The band definatley came back stronger on the 4th album "Emission Of Sins" which is an absolute corker!!!!

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