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From Here to Eternity, Live
From Here to Eternity, Live
Price: £5.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Absolute class live album, 20 Nov. 2015
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An absolute class live album - capturing The Clash in all their raw power. The opening track, "Complete Control" on this album is just killer.

Highly recommended :)

On Broadway
On Broadway
Offered by rbmbooks
Price: £56.93

5.0 out of 5 stars 3 Discs Of Classic Clash - Remastered, 20 Nov. 2015
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This review is from: On Broadway (Audio CD)
Classic Clash remastered with some unreleased tracks - awsome!!!

Eat Me, Drink Me
Eat Me, Drink Me
Price: £5.35

5.0 out of 5 stars This album when you listen to it could easily (in places) be classed as the forerunner of the ..., 20 Nov. 2015
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This review is from: Eat Me, Drink Me (Audio CD)
This album when you listen to it could easily (in places) be classed as the forerunner of the Pale Emperor. Some of the songs have the same vibe but, by the same strange coincidence, some tracks on it are nothing like it. Tracks like Heart Shaped Glasses remind me of something Visage would have done in the 80's. Tracks like Are You The Rabbit is just classic Manson. Despite what some reviews say about this album, saying its not too good, I think its great !! I bought the version with the extra tracks and although they're kinda dance remixes, I like em.

Like any art form, it's subjective; I like it you may not.

Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £9.99

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This review is from: 1984 (Audio CD)
Van Halen; the genius of Eddie's playing, the pounding of Alex's drums with Michael Anthony's bass rhythm and then the delivery of the unique vocals done by Dave Lee Roth (someone who must be one of the best show/front men of the rock genre) and you have the perfect cocktail that just hits the mark every time !!!!!!! The (probably without knowing it at the time) original innovators of glam metal were just way ahead of anything that had gone before in nearly every respect - Van Halen's classic line-up of Eddie, Alex, Michael and Dave together, were just the 100% perfect recipe!!
This was the final album from the classic line-up and, what an album it is with tracks like House Of Pain and Girl Gone Bad that could easily have been put on their very first debut album as they sound and, are, soooooo good !!!! Other tracks like Panama and Hot For Teacher just kick ass - fabulous!!!

If you wanna listen to Van Halen, buy the CD's with this line-up of the band.

Gladiator: Special Anniversary Edition
Gladiator: Special Anniversary Edition
Price: £9.99

5.0 out of 5 stars The 2 disc version is a great way to listen to this soundtrack, 20 Nov. 2015
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The 2 disc version is a great way to listen to this soundtrack. Disc 1 is the soundtrack as you'd expect but Disc 2 gives audio excerpts from the film followed by extra music - great idea and most enjoyable !! The soundtrack of this movie is sublime - I think that's all that needs to be said :)

No Title Available

5.0 out of 5 stars If you only buy one Scorpions album in your life - buy this one (then Taken By Force & Virgin Killer - then the rest is up 2 U), 26 Sept. 2015
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This is the album that started The Scorpions' ascent to being superstars!!! If you were to only buy one Scorpions album in your life - buy this one!!!! I dont need to say to say much, the writing is already on the wall about this album - its a Scorpions classic !!!!!!

Living in Fear
Living in Fear
Price: £26.83

5.0 out of 5 stars Great (largely unknown) 2nd Album by The Power Station - WELL WORTH BUYING 8/10, 24 Sept. 2015
This review is from: Living in Fear (Audio CD)
I never knew there was a second album by The Power Station until I stumbled across it whilst on the internet - to say I was surprised was an understatement !!! This is a great album but, contrary to other people's reviews, (IMHO) it does NOT surpass the first album - the songs on that first album (and the way they were done) were sublime.

In saying that though, there are some real kickass songs on here with big riffs which are bloody marvellous - "Notoriety," "She Can Rock It," "Living In Fear" and "Dope." A couple of other good tracks are "Shut Up," "Power Trippin'"and "Taxman." The track "Power Trippin'" is really good - funk rock with a great solo in it - its a shame the song seems to fade out a bit too quick (still love it though)!! Andy Taylor's guitaring throughout the album is great. The Rhythm section playing is, of course, excellent and Robert Palmers voice just sets it all up.

Other tracks like "Life Forces" and "I Fancy That" are like a mixture of Palmer and Chic whilst the track "Love Conquers All" is a bluesy ballad song which is a little like something you could imagine Huey Lewis & The News or similar doing :)

All in all, this album is great and gets a solid 8/10 from me. I got the rarer Japanese version with the extra tracks on but, not really worth the extra expenditure for them as they aren't really that good. It's fantastic to hear more tracks from this great band who should've become massive and its a cryin' shame that this album really went un-noticed by the majority of people (including me). The first album still hits the top mark just above this one but, I still recommend anyone into the The Power Station to buy this - its great !!!!!!

With some of the main members now no longer with us, when you listen to the music, it reminds us just how good they were and, its such a shame that the magical cocktail of them together cant be repeated so as to bring us more of this brilliant music. R.I.P.

Silence follows (UK, 1981) / Vinyl record [Vinyl-LP]
Silence follows (UK, 1981) / Vinyl record [Vinyl-LP]

If you were around in the late 70's and early 80's, you'll know it was a time that brought about so many different music movements of many genres which, in turn, allowed access to so much great music produced by a myriad of real talented bands; yes bands................ not record company or crap TV "talent" show manufactured rubbish................. bands who started out in local pubs and clubs, worked hard and built a loyal following and got somewhere due to the merit they deserved. Bands like Duran Duran, Black Sabbath and UB40 from Birmingham to name a few. Then there were talented bands who did the same hard work from the ground up, got signed, but never quite made it into the mainstream enough to get real popular - THE VICTORIAN PARENTS were sadly one such band but, they deserved more !!!!

This band were so good and had such an unusual original sound that it beggars belief that they never got further. To try and describe their sound is difficult, they seemed to fuse together so many things, it is near impossible to categorise; they sound like they had a lot of synths/keyboards at work with guitars playing alongside but, apparently, a lot of the sounds that sound like keyboards were actually generated by a mixture of electronics combined with guitars and they produced sounds that actually not many people know how some of the sounds were finally achieved. Imagine a sound like Tears For Fears on their first album (The Hurting) crossed with early Japan (Obscure Alternatives/Assemblage/Quiet Life) and then add a singer with a distinct voice and you get a little bit of an idea.

As I've stated, these were a very very unique band and I personally have never heard anything like them since. Its a real travesty that this band didn't continue and its a real shame that we only have a legacy of this one largely unheard-of class album. I bought this album pretty much a week after it came out and I still have it; its in mint condition and I've even recorded it onto a CD as I still play it today in the car because IT IS THAT GOOD!!!!!!

Apparently the songs that were recorded for the follow up album have recently been located and I hear on the grapevine that plans are in the pipeline to get it released in some format - I will 100% be purchasing that if it comes out; after all, they came from a place about 10 miles away from me so I gotta show some appreciation for a local band :)

If you like late 70's music and early 80's new-romantic era music that mixed guitars and electronics with a slight hint of prog/psychedelic and bits of other things, then take a leap of faith and buy this album if you can get your hands on it - its a bit difficult to find but its really worth it just for the musicianship and originality of it :) BRILLIANT ALBUM. 5 Star !!!!!!

The Pale Emperor [Deluxe Edition]
The Pale Emperor [Deluxe Edition]
Price: £12.75

5.0 out of 5 stars This is quite simply a fantastic album (although nothing MM does will ever top Mechanical Animals ..., 24 July 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This is quite simply a fantastic album (although nothing MM does will ever top Mechanical Animals (IMHO) and I simply cannot stop playing this album since getting it :)

For me, the overall vibe is the blues meets Marilyn Manson, with all the traits of MM's unique styles thrown in. There is everything in the mix; its not fast paced - but track 2 which has one sick kickass riff when it just explodes out of the speakers is probably the most aggressive. Track 4 is also another great stompin track. The other tracks are sleazy, gothy (and even very slightly glam inflenced) on other tracks which you can hear the all the heritage of MM's previous work coming through - its very hard to quite describe accurately but I'm very sure that most MM fans will like this album. DO NOT DISMISS THIS ALBUM ON OTHER PEOPLE'S SAY SO - THIS IS A REAL RETURN TO GOOD FORM AND, THOUGH I SAY SO MYSELF, A BLOODY GOOD ALBUM.................... SUPERB !!!!!

Rock Or Bust [VINYL]
Rock Or Bust [VINYL]
Price: £17.52

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3.0 out of 5 stars ITS OK , ITS ROCK, BUT IT JUST DONT BUST MY SPEAKERS!, 2 Dec. 2014
This review is from: Rock Or Bust [VINYL] (Vinyl)

I was very very saddened when I heard the news about Malcom !!! I was also concerned when news came out about Phil and the fact that he might not be playing or touring on the album; so it was with reluctance that I decided to give the album a go due to 2 of the main ingredients not being there :(

I'll try to sum the album up briefly as basically, you know what you're gonna get with AC/DC so, you dont really need the likes of me to tell you :)

Rock Or Bust - Great opening title track, definitely one of the strongest tracks on here, would've worked on Back In Black or For Those About To Rock album.

Play Ball - Wicked tune, can see why it was a single - would've slotted nice on Black Ice album. Why aren't there more tracks like this on the album??? This track is more like what I expect from AC/DC !!! The opening riff is kick-ass!!

Rock The Blues Away - Quite a commercial sounding song, a bit "nice" for ACDC but, it kinda grows on you.

Miss Adventure - I like this song, got a good vibe about it but, the lyrics are a bit repetitive.

Dogs Of War - fair song, would've fitted well on Black Ice. Reminds me of the track, War Machine.

Got Some Rock & Roll Thunder - with a title like that, I thought it was gonna kick but to me, it was a bit tame - would've been ok on Siff Upper Lip.

Hard Times - something that would've fitted well on Siff Upper Lip or Flick Of The Switch album.

Baptism By Fire - like something from the Blow Up Ya Video era.

Rock The House has a definate kinda Zep feel.

Sweet Candy - a song that feels like something from the Flick Of The Switch era.

Emission Control - great groove but didnt seem to actually get going fully and kinda left me deflated at the end!!

OK , its rock but, it dont bust my speakers but I think it will be a definate grower!! I agree in parts with most of the reviewers on here about this album.

AFTER LISTENING TO THIS SOLIDLY ON AND OFF DURING THE DAY, I CAN SAY IT DOES GROW ON YOU AND ITS NOT BAD. There are definite Aerosmith and Zep vibes coming through here and there on a couple of songs.

This album is short, there are no massive anthems on here (except for Lets Play Ball) and I was expecting something a bit stronger, especially when you consider that this might be their last or, one of the last, albums from them. If it was the last, I think it should've really kicked ass in homage to Malcom who came up with some of the band's strongest riffs!! I still bought it though cuz after all - its AC/DC !!! If you're an AC/DC fan, buy it - you'll like it, just give it a few spins and you'll get zoned in :)


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