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Identity X
Identity X
by Miss Michelle Muckley
Edition: Paperback
Price: £7.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars A Bloody Good Book!, 7 Oct. 2013
This review is from: Identity X (Paperback)
I was given the book as an ARC.

In four words, A BLOODY GOOD BOOK. From the intriguing beginning, where Ben Stone has made a discovery of epic scientific proportions, to a middle of deceit and thievery, to an end that tears a hole in your heart, Identity X is a thriller that will hold you on the edge of your seat and not allow you to lean back, take a breath and collect your thoughts before launching you into the next chapter.

The characters (ah, the characters - I loved them all) are well thought out and rich with depth. She has good guys, bad guys and some who sit on the fence tapping their fingers on their lips thinking hmmm, what should I do and that makes for an engaging read. Oh, and there are not so many characters that you lose track of them. There is an intimacy with each one that allows you to become invested in their futures. The writer has done a wonderful job of creating a connection with each of the main characters in the book and for me that is the biggest deal breaker to my enjoyment of a story. You will love, hate, cry, feel and empathize with them, and wish for long painfully excruciating deaths (oh, sorry, that was my outside fingers typing) of some.

The setting captures your senses and draws you into Ben's world, the world of London and the world of the not so distant future. The author does a fabulous job writing with all the senses; sight, touch, smell, taste and sound. You are there when she writes the scene.

The action and thrill keep the plot moving at a steady pace, which, like I said above truly holds your attention.

I can't go too much into the plot without giving away the story because the twists and turns are paramount to the enjoyment of the read and if I tell one twist then I would have to tell all the turns and then ... well, that's not why I'm here (to regurgitate the story to you). You'll have to buy the book and see for yourself and I have to say that, if you enjoy thrillers with a scientific twist, than you will enjoy Identity X.

The only negative? It was not the ending that I would have hoped for or expected, but I realize that world does not revolve around me so I can't get everything I want. Although, to bring it back to a positive, great ending anyway and perhaps that is what makes it so good; it's not what was expected and makes you want to see what happens next (sequel anyone?).

So, I recommend this book, to anyone who would like to read a fast paced, intriguing and suspenseful book. Thank you to the author for letting me into her world of Ben Stone. 4.5-Stars

Price: £2.00

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars A Wonderfully Poetic Creative Story, 29 Sept. 2012
This review is from: ONE SWIFT SUMMER (Kindle Edition)
This book is well worth reading, but as I said before, in my review that this one is replacing, you will have to open your heart and soul to truly enjoy the experience of Watching Swifts. Read it slowly, savor every word, feel every emotion.

The setting is in Kew Garden in London, a place overrun by the Swift, a sleek winged bird that makes the sky come alive with their antics and theatrical ballet from the time they arrive in May until they fly away to Africa in the fall. Leonardo, the main character, loves the Swift and uses the bird to relate to Emma, a war photographer, the joy of watching and exploring what the Swift shows about the thrill of the moment, the freedom of movement and the sweet experience of love.

Leonardo is a man who sees what others don't. A simple ice cream vendor with a love for drawing and a savant ability to know more about the people around him then they do about themselves. He speaks through himself, a man tortured, hurting from within at what his life was, trying to find some redemption and trying to help those he meets explore and open up their souls to what they are trying to hold hostage deep inside of themselves. Leonardo is a very alluring character, and, as rough as he is around the edges, I was driven to continue to read in order to pull back the multiple layers of the onion that is his personality.

The book is told entirely from his POV (with this exception - I liked how the author used the prologue and epilogue to allow the reader to see Leonardo through Emma's eyes and give a glimpse of who she is). There is no dialogue except when he talks with Mr. Parker, the Kew Garden tree keeper. Leonardo and Mr. Parker clash throughout the entire book, their exchange to me, almost a metaphor for the battle between good and evil within us all; that precipice called life that we teeter on, that at times, threatens to drag us over while at others we comfortably peer into the abyss knowing we are safe.

I like how Leonardo deals with Mr. Parker's cruelty with a comical sarcasm that not only drives Mr. Parker to try harder to unhinge him but also drives Leonardo to purposely aggravate the man at any opportunity.

His life saving Emma who, with the simple click of a camera changed a man forever was also changed herself. Each of them helping the other to discover something genuinely beautiful about their lives. As the end of the book drew to a close... as Leonardo faces and confronts demons both within and without he grows inside at an exponential rate. Emma also grows and discovers things about herself and her life as the story progresses but we only ever catch glimpses of her growth through the eyes of Leonardo.

I realized that the character of Leonardo portrays that desire or need that we have as human beings to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. That deep love that we all strive to give and get. Not the physicality of sexual love but the deep sweet taste of beautiful passion that doesn't require touch.

This book drove home how important many things in life are and although I do take the time to enjoy what's around me, to see the beauty in people and nature, I admit that my technological world catches me and keeps me hostage in my office writing when I should maybe take the time to not just look out my window and imagine what the day is like but to push myself away from my computer and experience it first hand. Reading this book also validated what I knew ... or perhaps never really knew or ... took to heart anyway; how a singular moment in time can change a person forever, how a step left or a step right determines the outcome and how we sometimes deny the change when we should instead be embracing and enjoying it. But I digress, every reader would decide for themselves how this book makes them feel.

It was a hard book to put away and leave for the next day. Although my time commitments prevented it, I could easily have spent a Saturday afternoon curled up on the couch, afghan keeping me cozy, glass of red wine in hand reading this book. I was so enthralled by Leonardo and what he had to say about life, love, hate, pain, remorse, etc that I didn't want to stop reading for fear of the emotion roller coaster ride ending. Even when I was brought to tears, which happened on more than one occasion, I didn't want to stop reading this creative poetic piece of writing.

The author neatly ties up the loose ends of the lives of all of the characters in this book and left me with a bittersweet sense that even though they may not have gotten what they wanted in the end, they got what was needed in order to move their lives along.

There are a few grammatical errors in this self-published book, but they were quite easy to cast aside and forget once Leonardo captured me and dragged me into his world. One thing that took a bit to sort out was the style of writing. Leonardo answers questions without the other character (Emma) asking them and at the beginning it was a bit confusing ... but once I understood the authors writing style, I comfortably eased into the flow of the story. One other thing I would like to mention is that some of the poetry was lost on me, but in saying that, poetry speaks and moves every person in their own way. Some I very much enjoyed but some.. not so much.

This is a wonderfully romantic poetic journey between two souls searching for the answer to one of those important question in life ... "Why am I?"

The author creates a world of intriguing characters and that world drew out a myriad of emotions in this reader. Through his characters he managed to open up this readers soul to, perhaps, what she is trying to hold hostage deep inside of herself.

All in all it was a beautiful story, very creative, very enjoyable and soulfully moving. I enjoyed it very much and would recommend you read it.
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