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The Bite of Death (Bytarend)
The Bite of Death (Bytarend)
Price: 2.38

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5.0 out of 5 stars Imaginatively energetic romp!, 5 May 2014
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I've found that free Kindle books often lead to a dead-end as far as re-reading or further authorial investigation, but not this time! Simon Cantan has an easy style that reflects his fantasy influences that I'm guessing must include Terry Pratchett and Robert Asprin. Mr Cantans 'freebie' Kindle "The Bite On The End Of The Line" rapidly freewheeled me into his short stories omnibus "The Bite Omnibus" and then into this cracking continuation. All of these books are highly recommended. I have now added his name to my list of must-read authors which includes Stephen Hunt, Jim Butcher and the afore-mentioned Sir Terry Pratchett. If you enjoy any of these authors then I believe that you will most certainly enjoy the work of Simon Cantan.

In Deep
In Deep
Price: 16.26

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1.0 out of 5 stars Very disappointing Amazon! "Trades Description" issue!!, 10 Mar 2014
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This review is from: In Deep (Audio CD)
The item description as "DTS Surround Sound" plus other extras is blatantly incorrect. I pre-ordered the title and the first CD I received was nothing more than a very basic eight track standard stereo CD. I returned it and was assured that the correct item would be sent. The second CD was exactly the same as the first. I spoke to a very helpful Amazon Customer Services rep who apologised & said that he would arrange for the sale of the incorrectly described CD to be suspended. This happened very quickly after that phone call and, for a while, Amazon had a warning notice on the display page and stopped sales of the CD. But now, two weeks later, Amazon have removed their sales suspension & failed to make any amendment to their original incorrect item description. Poor show Amazon!!
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No Title Available

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3.0 out of 5 stars Happiness Is A Warm..., 2 Mar 2013
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… Bootleg! This CD is very well packaged for a bootleg but is definitely not an official Apple or EMI/Capitol release, despite the mainstream pricing.

The CD compiles all of the 27 rough demo tracks that The Beatles are known to have recorded at George Harrison’s home, Kinfauns, in late May 1968 in preparation for The White Album. The CD compilers note on the black and white photo insert that they have used four sources for the material. Interestingly they have used the official Apple ‘Anthology 3’ as a source for the seven tracks that have so far been officially released, with the rest coming from the highly regarded (in certain circles) Genuine Pig label “The 1968 Demos”, Yellow Dog’s “Unsurpassed Demos”, and the “Lost Lennon Tapes no.9” on Bag.

The original recordings were made on an Ampex four-track tape recorder and then mixed to mono by George. These recordings began to surface in the 1980’s but it was the release of the seven tracks on ‘Anthology 3’ in much improved sound quality in October 1996 that lead to a hope that Apple would eventually officially release all of the demos in the same quality. Seventeen years later and we’re still waiting!

The sound quality of this CD is OK; if you’ve heard live ‘audience recording’ bootlegs you’ll know what to expect. Surprisingly the tracks lifted from ‘Anthology 3’ do not have the same depth of quality as the official CD, suffering from a couple of playback glitches that are not noticeable on the official title. It’s almost as though the “Kinfauns” compilers have deliberately reduced the quality levels to better match those tracks from the other sources.

But until Apple recognise the potential of an official release of these demo tapes in the improved sound fidelity and quality that is demonstrably available via the “Anthology 3” tracks then Beatles fans desperate to hear the whole recorded canon will have to make do with titles such as this.

Blackspur BB-PM100 Paint Mixer
Blackspur BB-PM100 Paint Mixer
Offered by Dealsdirect247
Price: 3.36

1.0 out of 5 stars You get what you pay for..., 2 May 2012
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This item is as described on the packaging - a 'paint stirrer'...don't expect it to tackle anything of greater viscosity! The Amazon heading says that it can be used for "Mortar, Cement" so I bought this item to mix a small amount of floor leveller(a cement, sand and chemicals mix with water) and the mixer blades broke away from the shaft half way through the mixing job. Caveat emptor.

Wish You Were Here [Immersion Edition]
Wish You Were Here [Immersion Edition]
Offered by inandout-distribution
Price: 89.99

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1.0 out of 5 stars "Wish You Were Here" Blu-Ray won't play..., 22 Feb 2012
...and it was only after getting a second replacement Immersion set that I found out why, and that was only thanks to the research of the excellent `Brain Damage' Pink Floyd web resource! You may have the latest BD player, or the latest software update, but unless the equipment is connected to your amp by HDMI cable then all you'll get is plain old stereo playback. If like me you have an optical connection - which is perfectly fine for the full 5.1 experience from every other Blu-Ray disc that I own - then the best you'll get is the Blu-Ray menu screen playing in perfect 5.1 and then hours of frustration as you try to get the 5.1 setting to hold for album playback!

It's a great pity that EMI/PF spent so much time and effort on the ultimate audio experience (or so the reviews tell us) but then couldn't be bothered with the wider playback options that are presented by other record companies. Recent examples of actually catering for the broad spectrum of music playback equipment used by the general fan or consumer can be seen in the excellent Geffen release of Tom Petty's "Damn The Torpedoes" and Mercury's release of Rush "Moving Pictures", both of which are on Blu-Ray and contain the option of top quality 5.1 dts-HD playback in addition to the PCM options. Now how hard would that have been Mr EMI?

I just wish that I had been aware of the BD limitations before laying out an inordinately large sum for the `marbles and scarf' edition. I also wish that I had opted for the overall cheaper option of the imported SACD for the surround sound, plus the two-disc Experience edition for the fantastic second disc of live tracks and outtakes.

The music is of course classic Floyd and unbeatable...the one star is simply a reflection of the appalling value for money that the Immersion box set represents, and in particular in the unadvertised and unacknowledged limitations of the Blu-Ray disc. Caveat emptor.
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Sonocaddie  V350 Golf GPS
Sonocaddie V350 Golf GPS

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3.0 out of 5 stars Slightly disappointing!, 10 Sep 2010
This review is from: Sonocaddie V350 Golf GPS (Sports)
I really wanted to like this unit, especially having paid Amazon nearly 300 (including next-day delivery charges); I wanted it to be all-singing, all-dancing, and perfect from the box. And mostly, it is. But there are a few niggles.

I have owned the unit for a month now, used it half a dozen times times, and feel qualified to give initial impressions.

I am a 23-handicap golfer who for the past two years has used a 120 Caddy Lite golf GPS unit. This simple little bit of kit has worked very well, a clear black and white screen showing yardage to the next three course features. But I decided to upgrade because after two years the built-in battery was beginning to fail after only one round (and it would have to be sent off to the manufacturer for a chargeable replacement), and the cost of the course mapping remains at 10 per course, or an annual sub of 40 for unlimited mapping, when the majority of rivals are now offering totally cost-less mapping.

The Sonocaddie 350 Plus appeared to tick all of the boxes, especially the astonishing feature of 2200 built-in courses.

There is an implication that you do not need a PC to run the unit, but this is incorrect. The first step is a required registration on the Sonocaddie website, which must be through your PC. And this threw up my first issue. I run Windows 7 and there are several Windows 7 installation steps noted in the handbook (which appears primarily geared to the earlier Sonocaddie 350 model that requires all courses to be downloaded) that the registration process simply ignored. Not a major problem but an early indicator of a website software and design issue that arose later when I tried to view my downloaded course records.

The second issue that arose concerned the type of measurement used by the unit. The menu apparently allows a choice to operate it in either `Imperial' miles and yards, or metric kilometres and metres. I selected and saved miles and yards as my preferred measurement units. But whilst the course measurements are shown in yards, the auto-course finder function will only allow a metric choice i.e. select all courses within 5 Km, 10 Km or up to 100 Km of your position. Sonocaddie advertise this feature as allowing a choice between 5 and 50 miles, and I gather from their customer service e-mails that the design parameters should allow only the one unit of measurement to be chosen. But unfortunately this is not so on my unit. Luckily the most important measure, that on the course, is correct but the Auto-Select metric unit of measurement is a niggle (and has led to some interesting guesses from playing partners as to how many Km there are in a mile!)

The third niggle arose during my actual first round on my home course when I realised that the scorecard feature required more than the implied `one button press' to enter the feature and the score, and that more frustratingly the units `Mark' feature - which measures the length of a shot - is not retained in the units memory. Each time you use the `Mark' feature it deletes the previous recorded distance. The Caddy Lite not only retained each `Mark' record per hole, but also provided and retained in the unit memory a calculated distance average for each round for up to five rounds. I was very surprised that the Sonocaddie was unable to match the cheaper unit in this respect.

The fourth and most worrying issue arose during my second round on my home course when the small red `walking golfer' icon, which is designed to provide your exact position on each fairway as you progress up each hole, disappeared off-screen and was locked somewhere in the top left-hand corner of the units screen. Because this position was `off fairway' the yardage lines all went to this invisible point and made the unit unusable.

I exchanged several lengthy e-mails with Sonocaddie customer service but, whilst they were friendly in tone and clearly attempting to be helpful, simply seemed to miss the central point of each message and were unable to satisfactorily explain or resolve the issues.

The only issue they did resolve was to explain why I was unable to read my recorded scorecards following download to 'my records' on their webpage. When I attempted to view the scorecard only 75% of the card would display and the PC then froze. The only way out of the program was to switch off and re-start the PC!

Sonocaddie explained that this was because I had my PC screen resolution set to 125%, rather than the 100% default. When I reset the screen I could indeed see the whole of the scorecard complete with a `save/clear' button. But I have a widescreen PC monitor and the screen display is far too small at 100% for every other use that I have for my PC! I was again surprised that the Sonocaddie software parameters were so restricted that they were unable to design a program that could cope with anything other than `default' screen appearance. Needless to say, I shall not be changing my screen resolution for this one programme and it is therefore a feature that I shall not be able to make any future use of.

I decided to give the unit one final opportunity to behave on my third round before deciding whether to return it to Amazon for a refund. And it did behave... and also for the subsequent three further rounds. So for the time being, I will keep and use the Sonocaddie...complete with the niggles...but if that little red golfer makes one more unscheduled trip off-course...
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