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Price: 1.85

3.0 out of 5 stars I like this one, love MMA Fighters, 26 Jan 2014
This review is from: Wrecked (Kindle Edition)
............3.5 stars...................
*I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

So I’m not going to lie, the main reason I wanted to read Wrecked was because of my love of MMA Fighters. I LOVE them, and I can’t get enough. After reading the synopsis I was hooked.

Lorrie had returned to college, after taking time off, as two years before her mother was murdered, and her father committed suicide. Lorrie wants to move forward with her life, she wants to feel normal again and doesn’t want to feel sad anymore. I liked Lorrie she had been through a lot of heartache. Emotionally she was a mess, but she did frustrate me with her actions, and stubbornness. So as much as I found my self-wanting to hug her I also wanted to shake some sense into her.

Hunter ‘The Hammer ‘ Jensen is your typical MMA fighter with muscles and Tattoos. He loves to fight. He’s a charmer, funny and sexy with a soft side. Hunter loves the ladies, and the ladies love Hunter. I liked Hunter, but I wished he had been a bit more alpha at times, as I do love my fighters to be a little rougher around the edges. But that being said I still had a soft spot for him.

Lorrie and Hunter are two souls who have their secrets and issues. They are cute together, and It was interesting and frustrating at times to watch as Lorrie and Hunter’s friendship /relationship develops. It has it fair share of dramas and problems especially with Lorrie’s insecurities.

The storyline had some angsty, touching, funny, sexy, and a few rolling my eyes moments. I felt that started off really well, and I was eager to read more, but somewhere during the middle for me the story started to frustrate me big time, and I think that was mainly because of Lorrie stupid and ridiculous behavior. It picks up again for the last 30%, and found myself wanting to get to the end as I was desperate to know what as going to happen.

The story is mainly told in Lorrie’s POV, I liked being inside her head and did feel for her at times. I really liked was that for the last few chapters, we also get Hunter’s POV, which really added to the story. I have to say I loved it, and I wish there had been more as there were a few times that I wanted to know what he was thinking. My heart went out to him after reading them, and discovering what his secret was.

Overall I liked this book, it was the first I have read by Pricilla West, and I will definitely read more of her work. It had some secondary characters I liked such as Daniela and Gary, but Ade not so much. There is a cliffhanger ending, and one that certainly left me knowing the Lorrie and Hunter’s story was not over yet. Therefore, I will definitely be reading the next book in the series Rescued, as I want to find out what happens next and to see them get their HEA.

3.5 stars

“He was so gorgeous, my breath hitch in my throat. Had I died and gone to heaven?”~ Lorrie

“Don’t worry Lorrie, if you’re scared, I’ll protect you with my muscles” ~ Hunter

“I had no ides how to be around Hunter Jensen, especially now that I knew he was a badass cage fighter” ~ Lorrie

We both don’t know each other well but I know you’re different from other people here. It takes a weirdo to know a weirdo. ~ Hunter

“He made me uncomfortable and comfortable, restless and calm, annoyed and entertained—all at the same time” ~ Lorrie

"You make me feel alive and I make you feel alive. Let's save each other."~ Hunter

Let Me Go
Let Me Go

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4.0 out of 5 stars An emotional read, that I really enjoyed., 20 Jan 2014
This review is from: Let Me Go (Kindle Edition)
After reading the synopsis, I knew that Let Me Go was not going to be an easy read, and as I write this review I still feel for the main characters, and what they went through.

"As far back as she could remember, the women in her family had been touched by abuse of some kind, always at the hands of a he. It was almost a family tradition - bound by blood, ripped apart by abuse."

Let Me Go follows teenagers Gabby and Olivia (twins) their younger sister Emma who have spent most of their childhood watching their parent volatile relationship. As they get older they find themselves suffering in individual ways from domestic violence, rape, physically, sexual, mental, and emotional abuse.

As each of Gabby, Olivia and Emma's stories unfolded, my heart went out to them, but I was also frustrated by some of their choices. They struggled, and dealt with, trying to break the cycle of abuse, not wanting to be victims, keeping secrets from each, and blaming themselves. They go through so much, and I was rooting for them hoping that things would change, and they could get some healing.

The storyline deals with some difficult, and tough subjects and was hard to read at times. My emotional were all over the place while reading it. There were tears; I was frustrated, angry, sad, and anxious. I wanting to hug, and protect some characters while wanting to punch, and do physical harm to others.

The girl in the box chapters really added to the suspense, and mystery to the story, and they certainly did grab my attention from the very beginning. While reading the book, I was trying to work out who was in the box, and who put them there. I kept changing my mind, and when all was revealed I was surprised as it was not was I was expecting.

Overall I enjoyed this book, there were a few parts on the story that could have been developed more if the book had been longer, but that being said it was a good read that hooked me from the start. I loved the meaning behind the dragonfly tattoos. L.L Akers debut book was a well-written, and emotional book that deals with the effects of abuse.

I'm looking forward to reading Captured Again, book 2 of the Let Me Go series from the teaser you get at the end of this book I think that L.L Akers is going to take me on another emotional rollercoaster.

Surrender To Me
Surrender To Me
Price: 1.81

3.0 out of 5 stars A sweet romantic easy read., 12 Jan 2014
This review is from: Surrender To Me (Kindle Edition)
I received an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Rebecca Chase meets Lucas Materson in a parking lot of a liquor store, he is having car trouble, and he asks her if she can help jump-start his car. There is an instance attraction between the two. Lucas feels that there is something different about Becca, and he persuades her to go on go a date with him the next day. Becca not up with celebrity gossip doesn't know whom Lucas is Becca is shocked when she end up at a concert that night with her best friend Jen and see Lucas up on stage.

Becca is a quiet independent normal girl. She is not into dating or relationship. All she wants is to get it her college degree, and leave home. I did fine Rebecca frustrating at times as I felt she was a little nave, a little to trusting. Lucas is a rock star who has it all his dream job, fame and money. He has some trust issues, as he knows people may use him to get what they want, because of who he is.

"To her, I wasn't Lucas Materson the celebrity; I was just a guy in a parking lot trying to get a date with her. I can only hope that won't change now that she knows who I am"

Rebecca and Lucas were a cute couple; they are feeling things they have never felt before, the chemistry is intense thus resulting in plenty of steamy scenes. The way Lucas is with Becca, and the way he doesn't hold back in telling her his true feelings I thought was sweet. But that being said I did feel that their relationship was rushed, felt a bit forced at times. It was a bit too insta love for me.

The storyline told from Becca and Lucas's POV about two people from very different world who fall in love. It not all-smooth sailing as drama, insecurities, self-doubt, jealousy, and secrets get in the way. I like the storyline I just wish it had been longer as to me some parts were rushed, and had it of been of been longer these parts could have been developed more. There were times that I felt I was being told rather than shown what was happening.

Surrender To Me It was a sweet romantic easy read. Secondary character such as Jen added some humor to the story; she was a great friend, and support for Becca giving her some great and funny advice, the texts between the two made me laugh.

Overall even though this book was fast paced I did like. The ending you could say was sort of happy one as there wasn't a cliffhanger, but it was one that also lets you know that Becca and Lucas story will be continued. I will certainly read the next book, as I'm curious to see what happens next.

"He's going to be my undoing, the one person that can crack me open, and make me surrender all of myself to him."~ Becca

"I'm not usually a sucker for the shy girls, but this one has something.... different"~ Lucas

I don't know why this thing is so hard for me I want Luke; every time he touches me it's like my whole body is on fire." ~ Becca

"After our first date, I knew she was the one to make me change my ways, and since then I haven't been able to control myself around her; she fills the empty place in my sole that I've harbored for so long" ~ Lucas

"If you really feel a connection with this girl, then go for it and screw anyone who has a problem with it" ~ Lucas's dad

"I know you aren't used to people taking care of you, but you'd better get used to it with me. I take care of what's mine, and you Rebecca chase, are mine" ~ Lucas

Let Love Shine (The Love Series)
Let Love Shine (The Love Series)
Price: 1.21

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4.0 out of 5 stars A sweet Novella, and lovely way to end Reid, and Maddy story., 12 Jan 2014
*I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.*

Let Love shine is a novella that focuses on Maddy and Reid the main characters from Let Love in and Let Love Stay. It was a sweet story that picks up with Maddy and Reid they leave the hospital with their new baby boy Braden, and follows on them over the next 18 months. You see their fears, concerns, and their happiness as they deal with being first-time parents at a young age.

Reid is working, and Maddy is at school, and it was great to see the way they have matured and grown as a couple, support each other, and only want the best for their family.

Maddy is still she is sweet, sassy, strong, funny and extremely endearing. Love Reid, such a sexy alpha. Loved the way he is with Maddy especially when she is feeling unhappy about her body after having Braden.

It was lovely so see that all was well with Momma C, and Melanie, they are a great support system for Reid and Maddy. Love Melanie and Maddy's friendship and I'm looking forward to reading Momma C story. Love that lady.

Overall Let Love Shine was a well written quick, drama free read, filled with sweet, touching and steamy moments. I wish it had been slighter longer, but that being said it was a lovely way to end Reid, and Maddy story.

Conflicted Love (Needle's Kiss Book 2)
Conflicted Love (Needle's Kiss Book 2)
Price: 2.40

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars A Must read! you will fall in love Mace, 12 Jan 2014
I received an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

It's always good to start the New Year off with a good book, and I was pleased that my first book of 2014 `Conflicted Love' didn't disappoint. After reading Tattered Love epilogue, I had been excited that Trip was going to be getting his own book. I was looking forward to finding out his and Teeny's story.

Trip Torres is Mace's younger brother. For Trip life is all about having fun, loves the ladies, but doesn't believe in love, but never sleep with the same one twice as he doesn't do commitment. He's cocky sexy, alpha, got muscles and full tattoos, but he does have a soft and caring side. Just like his brother I loved him.

Teeny Garret is scar's best friend who had a hard life growing up, her mother suffered from depression, her father left because of it, and as a result, it had left her with a few issues. She is strong, feisty and independent, but underneath she has her insecurities, her fears, and is worried that she might be like her mother, and anyone who loves her will sooner or later leave her.

Trip has always had a thing for Teeny as she has for him, but they never act on it, but after one drunken night of hot sexy passion everything changes. Teeny finds herself pregnant. Trip is freaked, Teeny is scared, and they now have to take responsibility for their actions. Face their true feelings for each other, their fears, and their issues and figure out what they both really want.

Trip and Teeny are a great couple loved the chemistry, and the passion they had together. Both could be frustrating and stubborn, but they are very funny at times love their banter. Trip, and Teeny made me laugh so many times with some of the things they say and do when dealing with the pregnancy.

I liked the storyline is written from both points of view. It was very steamy, emotional and very funny. I enjoyed being on their rollercoaster journey as the become parents. I loved the way Trip is with Teeny, The way treats her, the things he does to shows her how much he loves, wants her, and the baby. They way he fights for her especially when and understandably Teeny's fears get in the way. It was heartwarming to watch their relationship started to grow into what they both needed and deserved.

Mace (love him) and Scarlett are back great to see what was going on in there lives still happy, and hot as ever together. Loved the secondary character especially Trip and Mace's mum. After reading the epilogue, I'm looking forward to reading the next book in the series, which is their sister Haven, and their friend Jude.

Overall I enjoy `Conflicted Love' it was quick easy fun sexy read that I didn't want to put down. I love Lola Stark's writing style as always engaging from the start. It had a great playlist, a few that I download from ITunes. If you enjoyed Tattered Love, then I recommend you one click this one today, as you won't be disappointed.

"The idea of soul consuming love, which in my opinion, didn't exist. It was simply the idea of love they wanted; the b******t they were fed growing up" ~ Trip

"He was breaking down my carefully erected barbed wire fence" ~ Teeny

"Been a f*** up my whole life...but I swear Teeny, if you let me, I'll do this right. I'll do this one thing fight"~ Trip

"I didn't want anybody to see me week, let alone Trip, yet that exactly how I was feeling. I needed to be the strong girl I usually was" ~ Teeny

"Teeny was everything I always thought I didn't want but needed all at the same time." ~ Trip

"The love and adoration the felt consumed me as I brought my hand up to cover his. I was right where I was supposed to be and nothing could top this" ~ Teeny

I felt like I needed to do something special for her to show my appreciation. It wasn't like Hallmark had a card that read `Thanks for destroying your vag with my spawn'.~ Trip

"My seed is strong, women. It makes big healthy boys. With large p*****s." ~ Trip

Three Broken Promises: One Week Girlfriend Book 3
Three Broken Promises: One Week Girlfriend Book 3
Price: 4.99

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3.0 out of 5 stars If you have read the first two in the series them you should read this one., 31 Dec 2013

*I received an ARC via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.*

I was looking forward to reading Three Broken Promises, I wanted to know more about Jen Cade and Colin Wider, their history, and the relationship they had.

Colin and Jen have known each other since they were younger. Colin and Jen's brother Danny were best friends Danny died in Iraq. Both have had a hard time coping with it. Colin feels guilty over Danny's death, Jen feels guilty about her past the things she did after Danny's death, they both have secrets, and are hurting, but all the secrets, the hurt, and guilt was holding them back from being honest with each other about their true feelings.

I liked Colin I did have mix feelings about him whilst reading Second Chance Boyfriend as for most of it I thought he was a creeper, so I was pleased that by the end of the book I discovered that he wasn't such a creeper after all. I liked what he wanted, and was trying to do for Jen, but sometimes his actions just made things worse.

I like Jen, she was sweet, she had a rough time after Danny's death, and she had made some wrong choices, and was worried that her past would affect the future that she wanted with Colin. I liked that she wanted to be independent, but again like Coin some of her actions made thing worse.

I enjoyed the storyline, but it was frustrating also. Told from dual POV. It was about second chances, forgiveness, and redemption. There was plenty of angst, and my heart went out to Jen and Colin at times, but there were may times that I found myself shouting at my kindle as I just wanted to bang their heads together as they had such bad communication.

The Chemistry and passion was intense between Jen and Colin, and when they did get together it definitely resulted in some very hot sexy steamy scenes. Monica Murphy certainly knows how to write good ones.

I liked that we were able to catch up with Fable and Drew as I have missed those two; it was good to see Owen also. I'm looking forward to reading his story In "Four Years Later"

Overall as frustrating as this book was to read at times I did enjoy it, but I will say I did like the first two better. I like Monica writing style and I liked how it ended for Jen and Colin. I was at first disappoint that there was no epilogue, but I know that Monica isn't finished with Fable and Drew and with the "Drew and Fable Forever" novella coming out in January I'm sure we will get a little more Jen and Colin in there too.

Some Quotes

"She means the world to and I keep on letting her go. Keep on pretending what's happening between us isn't real. All for her sake, I tell myself. I don't want to her her. Bulls**t. More like I don't what to hurt myself" ~ Colin

So scary, but the only time I feel safe, the only time I feel like I'm home, is when I'm with Colin. ~ Jen

"Having Jen means I need to open myself up to her completely. The thought of that is scary. What if she doesn't like what she sees? What if I disappoint her? It could happen" ~Colin

"I'm not sure you can handle my secrets. But despite them, I want you, Colin. All of your faults and your strengths, the good and the bad. It doesn't matter. I want it all."~ Jen

"If you don't want Jen to leave, then you need to find those balls you're so afraid I'm going to demolish, man up, and tell her how you feel." ~ Drew

"Its' easier to pretend she's only my friend rather than admit I want more. The idea of her rejection scares the hell out of me" ~ Colin

Price: 1.93

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4.0 out of 5 stars I like this one, cute funny lighthearted read., 28 Dec 2013
This review is from: Connectivity (Kindle Edition)
***I received an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review******


Mary-Kate (MK) is an assistant working at a media company she doesn't love her job in the sport network, but it a step closed to get to where she really wants to work and her dream job in the Beautiful Homes network. MK is a creative, independent, down to earth with a great attitude a little clumsy at times; she knows what she wants in life, unlike the other woman in her family she wants a career and is not fussed about having a relationship.

William Cumberland is the British media mogul, who has just brought out the company. William is charming, rich, sexy, British, and definitely has some alpha male qualities, they are not over the top, but they are there he is not afraid to say what wants or what he is thinking.

After William catches Mk fighting with the binding machine, sparks fly, and William like what he see, and to MK surprise make her his personal assistant while he is in the US. A relationship developed that is flirty and fun, and as they spend more time together their relationship starts to change and grows into something more.

MK is not bother about William's money or who he is, and William likes that she treat as just a normal person, and not afraid to tell him what he is thinking, which is very different to how everybody else treat him. William puts Mk first and lets MK see that she could have both love, and a career.

This was such a sweet storyline about two people falling in love and the up and downs that go with it. It had the right amount of sweet, romantic, funny and touching moments and wasn't too high on the angst. I liked both MK, and William as characters. I loved the romance, their texts, they way they supported each other, and the banter between then was very funny at times

Told from MK's POV you get to see what she was thinking, and feeling about William and her future. I liked that it wasn't insta love Mk, and William have great chemistry together, but they really get to know each other before they take it to the next level. It was refreshing to see that didn't just jump into bed with each other. Mk wanted to wait until she was ready and sure of her feeling for him, and William completely respects that.

I do usually like smexy scenes in my books, and even though this book didn't have any, I didn't mind, as it didn't take away my enjoyment from the storyline. It had some lovely secondary characters such as William's brother and his wife, but also a few that I wanted to punch. I love the epilogue it left me with a big smile on my face, and it will go down as one of my favorites.

Overall I really enjoyed Connectivity Aven Ellis début book. I like her writing style I found it engaging, and easy to read from the start, I like character development, the pace and flow of the story. The way she pointed out the differences between the English, and the Americans made me laugh. I'm looking forward to reading any of her future books.

If you were looking for cute funny lighthearted read with a sweet HEA, then I would recommend that you one click this book today.

Some MK Quotes

"Yes, I am attracted to William Cumberland. I didn't realize it because I have never felt this way before, had this kind of attraction to a man like this."

"It scares me, I find myself reevaluating all my previous thoughts on love and relationships because of him. I'm risking my heart- which I have never wanted to do"

"Oh dear God. The calm current of our relationship just changed in this very moment. Which is exciting and scary and I have never felt more confused about anything in my entire life."

"William stares back at me, but I already know what he is thinking. That I get him like nobody else does. I can't explain it, but it is a feeling I have, one that is so strong and so powerful I know I'm right"

"The one thing I am certain of is that for the first time in my life, my heart is alive. My heart is telling me what it wants, what it needs, to be happy"

"I am in shock, because I didn't think he could laugh, and when he did . . . oh God, it was very attractive"

Castle Hill
Castle Hill
Price: 2.99

5.0 out of 5 stars A must read if you love Joss and Braden, 28 Dec 2013
This review is from: Castle Hill (Kindle Edition)
*I received an ARC via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.*

Reading Castle Hill made me remember why l loved Joss and Braden; they are just such a great couple. I was really happy when I found out that Samantha Young was going to give us more of Joss and Braden in a novella, so we could see what happen after the end of "On a Dublin Street".

Braden what is there not to love about this guy? He is such a sexy alpha caveman. Joss is a sweetheart, and had a special place in my heart as I can relate to her in so many ways.

I really enjoyed storyline had a bit of everything, funny, sweet romantic, emotional, heartwarming, with a little angst. Joss and Braden loved for each other is undeniable and the chemistry between them meant it a very hot sexy read at times. Loved the banter that they share.

We get to see how good they are together, their strong personalities, and witness some happy moments. But also we get to see their reaction, insecurities, and fears, as they are face with some big news. My heart really felt for them, but I was also frustrated with them as they struggle to open up and talk to each other, but I knew that if they could overcome this then ultimately it would make them stronger.

Overall I loved this novella and seeing the progress that both Joss and Braden make and that as much as they love each other they still have to work at their relationship. I can't wait to seen more Joss and Braden in future books from the series.

Castle Hill is a perfect quick read for me on a day when it was cold and wet outside, and all I wanted to do was stay inside curled up on the sofa with a cup of tea and something good to read.

I wouldn't hesitate to one- click this one today.

Favourite quotes: There were many.

"Years ago I'd lost everything that meant anything to me. Losing that left me lost. Until Braden."~ Joss

"Life isn't perfect, we aren't perfect, but I'm telling you now, Jocelyn, we're indestructible."~ Braden

"I wondered if he knew hat he was absolutely, without a doubt, everything to me". ~ Joss

"You've challenged me since the day I met you. No woman has ever challenged me more. Nor made me laugh harder. There is not a moment that passes where you don't make me feel more alive than I ever thought I could, and today you gave me something I thought was lost a long time ago for the both of us. You've given me peace, babe. You've given me everything' ~ Braden

Price: 2.10

4.0 out of 5 stars An enjoyable, fun easy read, 23 Dec 2013
This review is from: Anywhere (Kindle Edition)
I received an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

Having made a decision that has left a few people unhappy. Skye Whitcomb needed to get away, and dropping everything and running off to Europe with her best friends Paige seems the best thing to do. An unexpected discovery means that a few day into the trip Paige has to return to the US. Skye is definitely not ready to go home yet, and decided to continue on her own. It's not long before she meets Asher Benedict who is also traveling around Europe for a very different reason. They decide to continue on they travels together.

I liked Skye she had made a difficult decision, but one that was right for her. Her relationship with her Mother is tenses; it seen no matter what she does it's never good enough. Asher (loved him) was a sweetheart, he had a great sense of humor, and I really felt for him when I discover the reason behind why he was traveling around Europe.

I like the storyline it was a quick, easy, fun and well-written read. Told from Skye's POV. It had a bit of everything that I like in a book, touching moments, sexy moments, romantic moments funny moments, and was low on the drama. I liked Skye and Asher relationship was sweet and romantic. I liked the way developed naturally, and it wasn't insta love. Loved the banter that had together, very funny at times. I loved the setting, and that Skye and Asher were always trying to find the tackiest souvenir.

Overall I enjoyed this book, which I read in one sitting, but I do wish it had been slightly longer. Great secondary characters that added to the story. Loved Skye's brother, and the relationship they had. The ending was sweet, but I was left with a few questions. It was one that left me thinking that J. Meyers could easily continue Skye and Asher story in another book.

If you have a few hours to spare and you are looking for a sweet love story that will leave you with a grin on your face, then one click this book today.

"I never want to be in that situation again, in a relationship with someone who didn't know the real me. I needed to trust -or at least hope - that someone would love me for me, flaws and all. And if he didn't, then I didn't want to be with him anyway" ~Skye

You should see how he looks at you its like you're the sun and he's been waiting for you all winter long" ~ Shayne

"There was something about him that was drawing me in, and I need to keep some sort of distance between us so it would stop affecting me" ~ Skye

"I like you. I'm having an amazing time, because of you. I would not be having twice the fun if I hadn't spotted you at the station in Paris" ~ Asher

The air was charged between us, and I felt as if I were being pulled to him magnetically, by a force of nature that I could not resist even if I'd wanted to" ~ Skye

What Once Was Perfect: Wardham Book #1: Contemporary Erotic Romance
What Once Was Perfect: Wardham Book #1: Contemporary Erotic Romance
Price: 0.00

4.0 out of 5 stars A lovely feel good read., 23 Dec 2013
4.5 Stars

*********I received an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*********

I have had this book on my review pile for a while, and after reading it I'm cross with myself that I didn't read it sooner. I'm such a sucker for a second chance romance story, and this book was a perfect read on a Saturday afternoon.

Returning home to her home town of Wardham Canada for the Christmas holiday Delaney Calhoun finds herself face to face with Kyle Nixon her ex boyfriends who left her broken hearted twelve years ago when he ended their relationship. Laney now lives in Chicago and has moved on with her life, but the break up affect her emotionally she is very guarded, as she doesn't want to get hurt again. Laney had relationships, but she never lets anyone get too close.

"Laney had banned emotional entanglement from her life a long time ago. Never again would she be vulnerable and give her heart to someone. It wasn't worth the pain"

Kyle one biggest regret is letting Laney go, he too has had relationships, but deep down he always knew Laney was the only one for him. After twelve, years, sparks fly, strong intense emotions of love, but also anger return, and the chemistry is undeniable. Kyle wants Laney back, he knows he hurt her he wants to make thing right, and get her to trust him again.

"I'm an idiot, so I didn't realize it until I was twenty-two, and then I let you go, a bonehead move that I will always regret."~ Kyle

I liked the storyline told in from Laney and Kyle's POV about second chances and family. It was romantic, charming, and funny. Loved the Christmas morning Pilate's scene. It had just the right amount angst. Laney and Kyle are likeable, and well develop characters. Two people that you know are meant to be together. The chemistry between them meant there were plenty of steamy scenes.

"She once believed that love and chemistry were one and the same, and she blocked both out of her life, but today she blew that idea out of the water".

"She didn't need to play the seductress, or any other game. They wanted each other with honest abandon, and neither of them would fight it"

I like that Laney and Kyle are honest with each other about their feelings, regarding the past and possible future. Their emotions are real as they try to overcome the issues that could keep them apart for the second time around.

"The agony here? I don't like to feel that. And it's inevitable, so this?" She pointed at her heart. "That's off limits. To everyone."

"That's my fault, then, and I'm sorry. To you, and all the men out there that's probably want to love you. They're missing out."~ Kyle

Loved the secondary characters, Laney's mum, sister, and her nephews, there was something about them. They have such a heartwarming relationship. Loved that it was set in a small town, the nosiness and the gossiping of the locals was very funny.

"I hate to suggest that you just have a fling, but you're a grown up. Just because Kyle lives here doesn't mean he can't make the drive to Chicago. And I'd love it if you visit more, even if your primary reason was a booty call." Claire Laney's mum

Overall I really enjoyed this book it was a short read, but well written, and I liked the pace of the book. It had the feel of a made- for -TV Christmas movie that I loved to watch at this time of year. This was the first book I have read by Zoe York, and I will definitely be reading more. In fact, as soon as I finished this one, I added all her other books to my TBR list. I liked Zoe's writing style. There was no cliffhanger just a sweet happy ending.

If you loved second chance romance stories, that are steamy, will make you laugh and smile then What Once Was Perfect is just what you need so go one click today.

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