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SlimCase StilGut, case for Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 & Galaxy S2 Plus (i9105)- Black
SlimCase StilGut, case for Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 & Galaxy S2 Plus (i9105)- Black
Offered by StilGut

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5.0 out of 5 stars Another excellent Stilgut product, 11 Feb 2012
Having previously bought a Stilgut case for my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and loved it, I bought one of their cases for my Galaxy S2 phone. It's another superb product. It holds the phone securely, looks good and doesn't open accidently. Based on the two that I own, Stilgut products have a high build quality. As I mentioned in my review for the tablet case, Stilgut products aren't the cheapest out there, but they are well worth the money.
I don't think that anything more needs to be said. An excellent phone case.
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StilGut, UltraSlim, Case with Stand-up function for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 & 10.1N (P7500 / P7510), in black
StilGut, UltraSlim, Case with Stand-up function for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 & 10.1N (P7500 / P7510), in black
Offered by George and Freddie
Price: 21.25

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5.0 out of 5 stars A case worth its price, 25 Sep 2011
The StilGut Ultraslim Case is excellent for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 P7500. The tablet fits very securely into the case, and the case doesn't intrude significantly onto the face of the device. The case looks smart, provides good protection, and has a high build quality. When opened, it can be folded into three different stand positions suitable for viewing, typing or whatever else you plan to do. When closed, the case doesn't add too much to the bulk or weight of the device. The buttons and sockets are easily accessible.
Yes, there are cheaper Galaxy Tab cases available, but this one is worth it. I'm very happy with it and can't see myself needing to buy another.

The Moral Landscape
The Moral Landscape
by Sam Harris
Edition: Hardcover

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5.0 out of 5 stars Uh oh, wan out of piggies., 22 April 2011
This review is from: The Moral Landscape (Hardcover)
In the 1988 film "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?", there is a scene where Eddie Valiant falls from a very high storey of a toon building. He catches himself on a flagpole, clinging on for dear life by the fingers of one hand. As he hangs there, that adorable widdle bird, Tweety Pie walks up and begins to play `This little piggy went to market', prying one of Eddie's fingers from the flagpole with each line of the rhyme. Tweety starts the line, "This little piggy had none" and lifts the last finger. As Eddie falls, Tweety laments, "Uh oh, wan out of piggies".

For some time now, religion has been trying to claim that it alone can shape morality. It may not have been right about history. Or science. Or the future. But it could still show you the way to be good, right? Right?! One last, desperate finger clinging to the flagpole of relevance. And then along came Sam `Tweety Pie' Harris... Ping! Uh oh, wan out of piggies.

Harris's new book, "The Moral Landscape" outlines his contention that morals and ethics can be scientifically determined, that they're naturalistic. If there is a right way to do something and a wrong way, and the results of each way are different and appreciable, then they can be studied scientifically and the best way determined from the results. Through this method we can increase well-being.
Harris uses two methods to back up his case; scientific (using the currently available data) and philosophical (which is independent of current knowledge). He uses both methods well and with clarity. Harris uses clear language and examples to better illustrate his ideas. He doesn't shy away from conceding the limitations of current knowledge, nor from pointing out that certain moral dilemmas are difficult to resolve. While he in no way talks down to the reader, the book is squarely aimed at everyone. You don't need any special knowledge or a PhD to enjoy this book, but you will need to think. "The Moral Landscape" is one of the most thought-provoking books that I've read for some time. It is, to use a Richard Dawkins' term, consciousness-raising. Harris makes a solidly convincing case and I came to the end of the book thinking differently to when I started it. He even answered my long-standing question of whether or not free-will exists. You can't ask for more than that.

"The Moral Landscape" is a superb book that should be read and considered by as many people as possible. Some people won't read it or will dismiss it out of hand because of who the author is. That'll be their loss. Whether or not you end up agreeing with Harris, don't be one of those who miss out.

Oh, and go watch "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?". It'll cheer you up.
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Star Trek - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Star Trek - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Price: 11.40

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3.0 out of 5 stars Warp speed? Nearly..., 11 May 2009
I listened to this soundtrack before watching the film. Then I saw the film. Then listened again to the music. As a soundtrack to the new Star Trek film it's great. With the pictures, action, characters, funny moments, Uhura in her undies... (Sorry. Went away for a moment there). Anyway, as a soundtrack with all of the film around it, this music is great, it really is. But as an album to listen to in it's own right?

Well, it doesn't quite make it. Nearly but not quite. I haven't consciously noticed Michael Giacchino's music before (which might have told me something) even though he has written the music for other things that I've seen and here, without the film, the music just isn't that evocative, grand or emotional. It fades a little into the background. There aren't the strong, distinctive and recognisable themes as other films have (even other Star Trek films) and I came away feeling unchanged, that none of it had stuck with me. It didn't really engage. This is a shame, because after such a good film, I wanted to be able to listen to an equally good soundtrack. A missed opportunity.

Arrgghh... But then... But then, you see... Then you get to the last two tracks (one piece of music really with an unnecessary track break twenty-six seconds in) and it ruins the whole review by bringing in Alexander Courage's superb original Star Trek theme. Everything changes. The emotion ramps up. It's marvellous, grand, sweeping, uplifting and lots of other adjectives that make me sound as if I've completely lost it. It actually made me grin with joy - at work! - making everyone think that I was having fun and wanted to be there. For this reason, it is A-Thing-of-Evil. For every other reason, it's fantastic! Even the other music of the end credits sounds better. I nearly added an extra star for this alone but as you buy the album as a whole that would probably have been over the top. If you think that the last piece of the album is worth the asking price alone, then consider this a four-star review. If you want a little more balance, three stars are, I think, fairer.

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