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The Koln Concert
The Koln Concert
Offered by Fulfillment Express
Price: £12.43

5.0 out of 5 stars In a quiet setting, 3 July 2015
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This review is from: The Koln Concert (Audio CD)
I prefer 'The Scala', but this has become a historic recording.
The one that we should have heard, to lend out to a friend and listen to again sometimes, in a quiet setting..

The Epic
The Epic
Price: £12.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Epic with a bit too much sugar.., 3 July 2015
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This review is from: The Epic (Audio CD)
A Jazzpiano takes it's own route through Orchestral fields. The trumpet shows up, Filmic spheres make Time a fluid wave. The Epic has started when the sax comes in making playish jumps and loops in the bath of underlaying soundmovement. He likes to blow lines that refer to Pharoah Sanders' outcrying and has a bit of a Coltrane sound.. Movement after movement roles in.
From there I could think..; Mmm, I like this ! Voices are moving-in then, waves, - A Choir! - , this is heartwarming ! Where are we to go?
Then electronic sounds are added. Well,well, no holding back here ! ;)
2nd nr.; Guitar/bass/drum-intro, piano, sax. Spheric double-playing. OK then, I will just let go now; Conga's, I Like this !
Kind of timeless Jazz 70ties/80ties, revisiting the age of Epic indeed... In the 6th number, a female voice comes out with a friendly song " I am here ". Soothing.
It's a singing by a lady with a voice that indeed feels quite relaxing.. Nice voice !
By then the music became an ongoing fountain, with for me a bit too little real outbursts or creative moves, swimming only in safe waters... sometimes a nice delight.. The 1st CD ends then with an ending as if we just heard a musical.. But it is only the first CD yet ! :)
2nd Day, second part ; Well , that one goes in straight full power ! Choir, drums, everything !! Goes over in swing-movement with soli, nothing special till the bass takes over, good bassplayer ! Something special starts there, but is cut off way too soon.
Next part then is too sweet to be Jazz.. What's the matter? Nothing but good-feel music? Level drops way too deep here to keep the Epic safe... It's a bit the story of this 3-CD-set. By times it is very enjoyable, just good, loads of potential, but at other times the quality drops to school-band level. Such a pitty.
I love the voice of the lady Patrice Quinn, have checked her on Amazon,but hardly nothing to be found, let's hope she is coming back later in Washington's quest. Or on her own wings. Deserves to be heard in good original written-to-her voice material.. Not many can bring this hit in the ear of the listener in just two small singing-lines on a 3CD !!
Could write a lot more, in the end, suddenly, Malcolm X's voice comes out of the speakers with his statement about Muslims and religion. A good statement, not aware yet of what was to come and important in his role in time.. But also a bit odd to me here.
No idea what this is all about. I am a free thinker and living from my Art, curous to the bone,... But remain puzzled now.
I will be following him, see where he comes. But maybe he will be gone into the Film-scores..??
Anyway, in this project the souls that rooted the Jazz have been greeted, now Go, Kamasi Washington, Go for the next step and add a new direction!! By doing this project you have shown skills in numbers. With just a sharpening, leaving out the sugar a bit..
We are waiting !

You've Been Watching Me
You've Been Watching Me
Price: £13.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Berne's Supertasty Spicy Inner-Jazzsoundsoup!!, 16 Jun. 2015
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This review is from: You've Been Watching Me (Audio CD)
Feeded with the stream of life itself. That is what I sometimes experience while listening to Berne's Music.
Instinctive levels can take over and we can just let go into of it. A unique quality that not too many artists can call up.
In the first number of this CD, I could not find it yet, bit too much thinking and counting, like the former CD, but in the second number it starts moving and does not stop anymore..: GOOD!!! This sound wings you up and floats down again in fantastic spheres and movements. Berne is Back !!
(For me the criterium of Good music ; Can I work on it ? ( Visual Artist ) ;) Does it lift ? Well This one shurely does !!
Berne is a clear provider of that kind of music, just let yourself go into of it and you will have a very fine concentrated surrounding to let your move and mind work on or let completely go. I just love it! That guitar does a miracle ! Thanks !! Good Band too, think they have found the Unity now.
Ah, and what is more.. ECM is often criticised by Jazz-puritans to have a not too good sound in the recordings, but in this one the sound is nice and fatty. Seems Berne got a strong hand in it or he found a good match in the sound-technician of this recording ?
Just turn the volume up a bit, when listening this music !
Waiting now for his coming to Holland with this band.
Hope I will be around..; Go there when he plays live !!

For Now I Am Winter [+digital booklet]
For Now I Am Winter [+digital booklet]
Price: £6.49

5.0 out of 5 stars Slow Down Cool Icy Northern Sounds, 11 Jun. 2015
Bought this recording on an impulse when travelling in Vilnius, Lithuania.
Because the young lady that was running the place, recommended it.
Small shop in a very cultural-low surrounding.
Sometimes had the feeling to be back in the seventies or eighties there..
Very pleasant too, ofcourse. ( Though the historical stories are not pleasant at all..)
Anyway, I putted it on and here comes this lazy, bit downfeeling, typical northern sound and the slow and pulling voice..
It brings us away, somewhere to the northern midwinter, very short lightperiods, bit chilly, ..
It is a kind of minimal music, but not in the minimal-tradition.
Clearly original.
Nice to cool down or work in slow tempo on things that take time and concentration.
Can imagine it works for relaxing too. But needs a good ear. Very interesting!
I thank that young lady for a very good advice !

Price: £5.90

5.0 out of 5 stars Another clue in the Miles Davis Historical Jazz Puzzle, 16 April 2015
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This review is from: Aura (Audio CD)
Aura is a bit of an odd thing. It's ambitious and wide.
Can very well imagine why it is one of the projects that were rated by Miles himself as one of the highlights of his career.
Miles was searching for fusing the music, bringing it to a wide public on one hand and at the same time elevate it to a higher level in the sense of layering in the other. Part of that was the abillity to excell on the wings of the caracter of the players around him. He gave them space to add their own part and influence and kept the bands together in subtle directing while playing. Here he is playing a role in a large orchestral band that brings-up a tonespectrum that is connecting to the sound of a contemporary concert, but also connects with the typical elements of his time; the connection to Rock and Blues, Jazzrock and some musical elements from Non-western origin..
It is a bit dated now, but still a product that speaks. Miles weaves his tones and typical ways of interacting into the movement.
This is different from other pieces, but also has the feel of Mahavishnu Orchestra sometimes, probably because John McLaughlin is playing a strong part here and of Bitches Brew a bit in others, but mostly brings in a new wave of sounds produced by all these new musicians that helped and followed him here.
Very interesting indeed because it goes a bit beyond expectations and therefor needs an extra open ear..
Never heard this one yet, enjoyed it for leading back in time and felt a bit as if getting another clue in the Historic Miles-and-Jazz-puzzle. !

Self Determination Music
Self Determination Music
Price: £8.85

5.0 out of 5 stars History alive of Avant Jazz in the spring-phase.., 30 Mar. 2015
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Only now, at last, way too late we can hear this recording.
But it is a Gem. History alave here.
To hear what is near Classical Jazz music now for the listeners to Modern and Avant Garde Jazz,
but what is so like-able about it: Here they are inventing it. Here we hear it for the first time, as it is produced by the inventors themselves
and it feels as if we are there and near. Hearing the search is such a nice experience. It lifts music above production and above technique. This is not a botton-made studio product , but hearing what these guys were doing there and then; Making the way for the music we hear now and here..!!

Sonic Mandala - Adam Rudolph & Go: Organic Orchestra
Sonic Mandala - Adam Rudolph & Go: Organic Orchestra
Price: £15.29

5.0 out of 5 stars Musical Mandala with wide perspectives., 30 Mar. 2015
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This is something very special. From the first rythm-based drumming that immidiately brings you away and into a beat of the heart til the silence after the last note, this piece of music is unrolling like the waves of the sea and the passing of the clouds in high and low layers.
Must be a very good experience to hear this music performed live and maybe to hear it several times on different occasions and locations then. It is music that is structured on one hand, but also floats freely. 60 minutes and 46 seconds of very interesting sounds that are as well modern composition in connection with contemporary music and in the same of pure individial and original composing-level as Ligety or Stockhousen, but also strongly connected to the timelines and streaming trough all cultures because instruments from all times and continents are used... The Mandala-aspect, the more or less meditative part that makes the mind-space for introspection or forward-working within a half-trance is a drive that made me feel very comfortable..; 33 players, but silent where needed and kept down to the source !
Adam Rudolph conducts a complete string set and many flutes including the Japanese Chakuhachi and I heard sounds that sometimes refer to the very first instruments from cave-findings.. His Go Organic Orchestra is filled with members of all wind-directions.
It is dangerous and very American in 'Thinking Big'; that typical caracteristic of American approach: Bigger is Better, (where we laugh about a bit in the rest of the world....:) , well, those kinds of ingredients are here too, but he clearly gets away with it. No, more than that, much more: he does it; the ambition is near-reached !
and the result is an enjoy of an island ,where life is good and
in fact very ambitious, American-daring and risky because overdosing and ruling of the will above the depth are there, but they don't

Bird Calls
Bird Calls
Price: £15.31

4.0 out of 5 stars One step back, two steps foreward motion ??, 25 Mar. 2015
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This review is from: Bird Calls (Audio CD)
I am a fan of Mahathappa. Own and turn all recordings and follow him by visiting a concert when possible.
Great memories of the concerts like with Bunky Green at NSJF, Golpanath and others in the BIM huis in Amsterdam etc..
So, after the urge of the wait for the next release, I was thrilled to get my copy !
So, threw it in the player and got to work in order to be lifted and filled again..but, then he was playing speedy licks as if he was practising and gave me no rest or chance to get in or breath out.. What was this then ? He goe3s a bit over the top and there is a trumpet playing in another mood and atmosphere.. As if connected to another kind of music.. So strange.. no real cohesion or interacting from the deeper inner thing that is so pure in Mahanthappa's case.. After a while and after nr. 6 of the CD, it landed a bit and I heard the reflections on other times.. The title fell in place; ah, " Bird calls " yeahyeah..... So, I read the text on the insideflap of the CD and read his words..
Now I understand where is wanted to go and why he did this project, I hear him amnd I hear the band. But I am afraid to have to conclude
that this search is not delivering a result that is equal to what he was searching for. Give me the Mahathappa from Mahanthappa and let bird and all those other fellow-saxplayers from the past just remain in the choir of sounds that are the free source where he is the following step of. No need to do this, Rudresh. But hey, I read all those comments here that are yelling from Joy, So maybe I am the one that misses something here.. So, wil turn it over a few times to get in a bit deeper, although, good chance that soon I will search for the older recordings and wait again in eager for the next.. first listening is for me the standard. Saw his appearance on the affiche of NSJF ( North Sea Jazz Festival) this year on Sunday, but prefer for once to choose for the Saturday with Roscoe Mitchell and Muhal Richard Adams.. I mean eh, when do we get another Chance ..??
Mahanthappa is shurely to come with something next in his one step back- two steps foreward motion.. :)
Ears wide open !

Made in Chicago
Made in Chicago
Price: £13.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars 77 minutes of Live Freejazz/ Avantgarde Classic from the Chicago Masters !!, 15 Mar. 2015
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This review is from: Made in Chicago (Audio CD)
Heard it last night for the first time.
Allways a joy, first hearing, wasn't disapointed at all!
I love the feel of a live-concert and this was clearly a good one !
First number is in the energy of freejazz blowing and interplay.
Suppose because of playing warm or opening the audience.
It is straight kinda "oldfashioned" FreeJazz. not new to me, but OK in it's apearance,
but for me from the 2nd number it is getting very interesting and the Third is a firwst highlight..WOW!!
There I can hear how Roscoe Mitchell became one of those composers that takes the boudaries between
FreeJazz and Contemporary Classical music in one lifespan..
So glad to have this CD now and it will stay firts row for quite a while..
Wanna hear it again and again till it is fully absorbed till the last little note.
Muhal is there too.. All still kickin" .. Lucky audience to be in that concert in Chicago ( Home for these guys).
Too much humbleness in the little talks inbetween numbers.
Great number as the gift in the end.. 77 minutes of live Jazz from the masters.

Six Classic Albums [Audio CD] Ravi Shankar
Six Classic Albums [Audio CD] Ravi Shankar
Price: £7.72

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5.0 out of 5 stars To hear why the Beatles and others western Musician were so inspired by him.., 12 Mar. 2015
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Very interesting to hear Ravi in his younger times.
So fresh and full of joy. Sharp and clear in voice. searching his way into the depths of the ancient classical music of India. i can hear here what it was that appealed so much to the ears of The Beatles and other westyern Musicians on the seqarch to connections. This is what they heard then..
Ravi has an openness that makes the inter-connecting possible..
He was cought then in a life that would float his music and himself over the world.
Think for him it might have not allways been easy.. In this music we can also hear how deeply he is involved in the Real Classical Indian Music.
But he did it, gave his music to us and became one of the bridges that were made between the West and the East. Compared to Dagar, also very very beautyfull and DEEP!! ; Ravi Shankar is like Spring..
Special. Unique. though these recording are old, I find them well preserved and though the feel is there of being transported back in time, the sound quality is good. Personally did a bit more of base inside..:)

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