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Hugo Boss Bottled Unlimited EDT Spray 100ml
Hugo Boss Bottled Unlimited EDT Spray 100ml
Offered by Acorn solution
Price: £38.98

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3.0 out of 5 stars Sporty, Fruity and Fresh - But Very Limiting., 14 Mar. 2015
I am a big fan of Hugo Boss men's aftershaves. I love the "Night" scent as well as the slightly yellow water "Day" scent and I bought the Boss Unlimited EDT as an impulse buy wondering what it brings to the table in terms of the signature delivery of the Boss originals.

This EDT is heavily laden with many different colourful textures. When I first used Boss Unlimited, one aspect became very clear; it is a gentle alcoholic based composition EDT that doesn’t burn my combination skin! Even after wet shaving, there is no burning feelings with this fragrance, so unlike others that I have bought and used; this makes it absolutely perfect for a much warmer environment, not just summer but also in use in my home if the heating is on. I do however feel that this is quite a wide age group EDT spray that could suit all types of men, but it comes down to whether you want a light, fruity spray verses sporty cologne.

Pineapple, grapefruit, rose, labdanun, sandalwood, mint and violets are all present; very true to what Hugo Boss claim. However, combined with sweet pineapple and a darkness of woody tinged musk and gentle alcohol, I can see that this fragrance isn’t one that will become sticky or sweaty. I can see how Boss claim that this is a day time fragrance. I am inclined to agree, here even though I soon found that this isn't the type of EDT I can rely on by spraying just once.

When worn out and about though, this fragrance doesn’t seem to linger all that well on me; After just half an hour of initial application, I find I have to keep re-applying to get any decent long lasting durability with Boss Unlimited. This isn’t the aftershave of choice if you want to make a good impression; at best it feels and smells fresh but it lacks strength. Whilst Hugo Boss have been cunning enough to add “labdanum,” and that true to the nature of the additive, it does have a fresh pine like quality, the usual labdanum I am used to also has a quality, classy leather like depth – little of which I pick up with the additive used here.

The mix of gentle lightness helped along by delicate flowers and herbs may well justify well with the “green” attributes of its bottle design, but I find Boss Unlimited EDT is ruined somewhat because of too much flowery musk which then burns the lighter, more fresh, fragrant and sweeter fruity tones away. Fine if you want a sporty, light and fresh fragrance to wear but at its high asking price, there are better more unique EDT's out there in my experience, and when it requires to be constantly sprayed for longevity, it is a bit wasteful. Thanks for reading. (c)NR2 2015.

Sebo 7260GS Combi Floor Nozzle for Sebo Felix, K AIRBELT, Airbelt D and Manoeuvrable with Rotating Tilting Joint Airbelt C, Gray/Black
Sebo 7260GS Combi Floor Nozzle for Sebo Felix, K AIRBELT, Airbelt D and Manoeuvrable with Rotating Tilting Joint Airbelt C, Gray/Black
Price: £30.17

5.0 out of 5 stars The New Eco Suction Floor Head From SEBO., 14 Mar. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Please note: The photo Amazon UK have shown here is wrong; it is not a SEBO DUO that has been listed on here!

The SEBO "Kombi" or "Kombi Deluxe," as it was originally called is a patented SEBO designed floor head suitable for all their canister/cylinder vacuums. The original one was fairly heavy but it would appear that SEBO have lessened the weight on the new 7260GS slightlly even though there are two new removable sections on the main dust channel on the underside if owners want to swap up a lesser pushing weight versus edge cleaning. It isn't such a daft idea at all, because even without the removable bits of plastic, I still find the new SEBO Kombi 7260GS is still a very easy floor head to use and I can confirm that it will happily clean edges any way, with the miracle bonus of capturing dust from the front just like the old floor head.

This is not the kind of floor head that is suitabe for deep dirt pick up or pet hair removal; a roller brush is required for that.

Instead, this is a fairly easy gliding floor head, now made slightly lighter to push and not provide too much of a struggle. It has a central park position which is easy to locate and a press button release lock to ensure it never comes off either tube or handle if used. I have used this floor head in the past to clean stairs and it isn't all that bad, especially when it is so easy to turn when fixed to the handle.

One of the aspect that makes the Kombi head different to the Wessel Werk designs fitted to both SEBO, Miele, Numatic and other vacuums is the way in which this floor head has been designed to move. The two front slider pedals at the front allow a simple way of moving from carpet to hard floor like before and this floor head allows the suction tube of the vacuum to go low like a traditional upright vacuum without having to move at awkward angles to allow the floor head to remain flat. This comes down to the articulating "double joint" in the floor head's neck. The Kombi also has a fairly low hood, so it is good to see that it can still go under low furniture and radiators without getting stuck.

Quality wise, and being made by SEBO, tough PVC plastics all the way yet again are offered here. A very durable plastic, nothing cheap and yet a very practical and durable design; the previous floor head I have is about five years old and is used on other SEBO vacuums I own. This floor head will also be fitted to the new SEBO K, D and up coming E series models that conform to the EU law, though it can be used on non-SEBO models featuring a higher wattage power of more than 1300 watts. Designed for the Eco ranges of 700 to 1200 watts, SEBO have an excellent all rounder here in terms of a generic basic suction only floor tool. You still get twin lint pickers though and the floor head is better protecting on my wool carpets than an aggressive brush roll. Thanks for reading. (c)NR2 2015.
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Shearer Candles Spice Scented Natural Spa Gift Box Candle - White Wax
Shearer Candles Spice Scented Natural Spa Gift Box Candle - White Wax
Price: £9.23

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4.0 out of 5 stars Sandalwood Spice Returns From Shearer Candles!, 3 Mar. 2015
Shearer's "Natural Spa Spice" candle has been sold before - it replaces the previous 50 hour burn time jar at £20 known as "Sandalwood Spice," and it was one of my favourite fragrances that the Scottish company produce. This version is far better packaged this time around; from a simple but natural looking thin card, non-glossy packed gift box to the smooth, non-rough frosted glass jar tumbler and matching company embossed metal lid, this isn't the kind of candle to rely on for a fully packed home of freshness, but rather a scented candle made with natural contents offering an organic approach. Despite being "hand poured," to reiterate Shearer's quality, i find the gentle tones that this candle provides to be deeply relaxing but it takes an awfully long time for the candle's scent tones to lift up. Sandalwood, cedar and patchouli are evident in this candle, but there's also a great milky edge to this candle that I like, a little hint of natural vanilla that isn't sweet like Yankee Candle. Gentle rose scents also lift this candle up creating a rather warm scent when all the other textures come together. Never fake, this candle does smell very oriental like, but also has far more body than any incense stick I have used and all the while never being too dry.

In general though this is a relaxing candle, I feel it is more achievable as a candle to sit with and burnt for an hour at a time rather than wasting it like a Yankee Candle or more premium quality (and often more expensive) scented candle used to shift a strong odour. The soya mix in this candle isn't strong enough for this to occur. What you do get as a bonus to the whitish wax though is a strong light when it is lit as well as the soya wax being able to be used as an organic and lightly scented hand lotion that can moisturise skin. You can't do that with other soya candles and having bought Yankee Candle's soya "Clean Cotton" candle previously, I still think Shearer's quality and scent is a bit stronger compared to other scented soya candles on the market though it would be better to have even more scent to match the product's price and overall presentation. Thanks for reading. (c)NR2 2015.
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Lloytron H1010SV 1200W Folding Handle Travel Hair Dryer
Lloytron H1010SV 1200W Folding Handle Travel Hair Dryer
Offered by Slamtech Online
Price: £6.99

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3.0 out of 5 stars A Cheap But Effective Travel Hair Dryer!, 17 Feb. 2015
Marketed and sold under the "Paul Anthony" brand (whoeever he is, I am unsure of) this Lloydron H1010SV is one of those hairdryers that you might allow to pass by unless you are looking for a travel hair dryer and one that is cheap, cheerful and ticks almost all of the right boxes. I say "right" because the reason I bought mine in 2010 isn't just because it is still going, but rather for the fact that unlike a few unusually named "travel" hair dryers I have owned in the past, the Lloydtron does possess a simple voltage dial on the handle for usage in other European countries and the size of the hair dryer impressed me because it is super space efficient and generally easy to rely on.

Here are my own measurements: the Lloydtron H1010SV measures approximately 17.5cm length with the concentrator added (13cm approximate without) by a height of 22.5cm with the handle fixed (and approximate 10cm with handle folded) with a general width of 6.3cm from the rear vent) and weighs approximately 241grams when the handle is folded and 257g with the concentrator nozzle fitted. The nozzle on my hair dryer rotates, so it can be fixed at any position you want the concentrated heat flow to point at your hair and it snap lock fits in, so it is dead easy to take off or put on. Thus, I find this very easy to style hair with and no leaks of hot air come out the side. Also, there are only two speeds and both are hot enough for me to get my hair dry in a reasonably short time. The cord length is a bit short at approximately 165cm though and it is a straight style rubberised cord style, unlike coiled with no storage facility after use.

PERFORMANCE wise, I would say it is on a par with the old 1980s' Clairol "Turbo" mini hair dryer I owned and that one lasted me nearly 18 years depsite being made of far thicker plastics. This is what lets this product down; instead of thick feeling plastic, the Lloydron is made of thinner more flexible plastic and you get what you pay for in my experience, even if the black parts are rubberised and more protective. Though the body is smooth and often has non-sharp edges, there are two permanent rubber bumpers on the far side of the body of this hair dryer, but they are almost pointless as the body of this hair dryer is not heat insulated and will get quite hot after usage. Due to their position, they allow the hair dryer to rest on its main body, but the rest of the body towards the front vent can burn a surface or leave a mark on an unpainted and painted surface. I like the hanging loop on the end of the handle though and it is how I store my hair dryer after usage in general.

Unlike other owners though, the Lloydtron H1010SV doesn't cut out on me; but then I have only used this hair dryer in one usage for a maximum of 5 to 10 minutes as opposed to far longer with a better make or something a bit more substantial. It has a thermal cut out as standard but then generally all UK hair dryers do. Though the body gets hot, the handle does remain cool-ish and it is comfortable for me to hold although the handle is rather small at just 10cm. There are no locks to fold down though when compacting this dryer down and it is a pity that it doesn't come with a carry case as the silver body is susceptible to marking or scratching with general ownership. I like that the handle has two position before it closes down near the body though as it gives me greater accessibility with the handle bent in at a closer angle for trickier hair dryer preparations.

More importantly, despite its 1200 watt motor on board, the Lloydtron H1010SV isn't all that noisy and I appreciate that more over other more powerful, and professional units on the market.

Given its light weightness in general and for the fact that it is super space efficient, the Lloydtron H1010SV is a good alternative to some other travel brand products on the market; but it is nothing special other than just being a cheap but effective travel hair dryer. Other similar models on the market is the Paul Smith Travel hair dryer, which offers the same design in a slightly different body (and also a white colour with pink writing) with a rocker switch for the two speeds instead of the flush slider fitted to this model. For the price though, this one is hard to beat for what it offers but treat it roughly and it may well break or fall apart sooner than expected. Thanks for reading! (c)NR2 2015.

SEBO 5036ER  Micro Hygiene Filter - Suitable For All  X Series Models
SEBO 5036ER Micro Hygiene Filter - Suitable For All X Series Models
Price: £9.95

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5.0 out of 5 stars A Cost Effective Essential Filter For The SEBO X!, 30 Dec. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
If you are the owner of a SEBO upright vacuum cleaner in terms of the "X" model with variations of X1 Automatic, X1.1, X2, X3, XP2, XP3, X4, X4 Extra and X5 Extra upright vacuums, then you'll know that the filter system on board does need replacing once in a while. One of the design advantages of the SEBO floorcare ranges is that the filter systems on board are usually hospital grade or match S-Class standards, which are higher than HEPA/High Efficiency Particulate Air for allergy sufferers and the filters on board their vacuums only need replacing once in a while, with some going well beyond their "yearly" change factor.

SEBO only produce two optional filters - this micro hygiene "basic" filter and a charcoal filled felt filter in the same design but for pet owners and owners with allergies. Both are designed to filter up to 99.9% of allergen and as such both are rated as being "S-Class". Although it can't be washed, it is designed to last a long period. This kind of filter from SEBO isn't like German rival Bosch or Miele in the sense that it has to be replaced after four or five bags are used - this filter can last up to more than 15 dust bags at one time! In the 16 years of ownership with our own SEBO X1 Automatic upright vacuum, we found that the on board micro-hygiene filter (5036ER) could be replaced every couple of years depending on the amount of dust bags the SEBO had gone through ranging from 10 to 20 bags use before the filter looked grey or black. Now, on the basis that each bag lasts for about three months, one filter tends to last nearly two and a half years before needing to be replaced. Well worth it when you consider the price of the machines themselves! Infact one of the benefits I love about being a SEBO owner is that there is very little pay out needed AFTER you purchase the vacuums. The filter manages to keep back the smell of dust in my home from the dust bag inside the machine, so it appears that SEBO have designed this component rather well.

The filter is very much an essential component that will need to be fitted though, as the bin door won't lock on until the filter is fitted. The filter is made entirely of electrostatic soft white thick felt and is kept in place by two plastic computer strip alligator tie wires top and bottom fitted to an inner plastic hollow grid tube which allows the construction of the filter to slide into the runners at the bottom of the bin next to the high filtration dust bag. There's a pick up spring lock to the side of the bin area on the SEBO X uprights which allows the filter to stay locked in, and helpfully like a lot of SEBO's other vacuums, this filter can only be placed in one way due to its fit/angled design, so there is never a danger of putting the filter in wrongly and even if it is a disposable type filter, I find it is well made and well designed for the job it is engineered to do.

Based on its longevity aspect, the Sebo X Micro hygiene filter (5036ER) is worth the price based on its long-lasting effect and much needed component if your original one starts to weaken. Thanks for reading!

The SEBO constantly recycles dirty air and the main micro hygiene filter gets the last of it. But, if the filter is dirty, you can always tell that it is being compromised, either judged by the stale, dank smell that it is emitting from the vacuum in use or the line of grey/black dirt that is viewable, trapped within the screeds of the white felt filter. The filter can also be damp cloth washed but please ensure it is dry before reinstalling again. Whilst manually cleaning the filter can be a short term solution, it isn't before long that the filter starts to get dirty again and replacement is imminent. Based on its longevity aspect, the Sebo X Micro hygiene filter (5036ER) is worth the price based on its long-lasting effect and much needed component if your original one starts to weaken. Thanks for reading! (c)NR2 2014.

Stellar Black Oven Glove
Stellar Black Oven Glove
Offered by Harts Of Stur
Price: £6.02

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5.0 out of 5 stars The Oven Glove That's Not Just for Christmas!, 30 Dec. 2014
I have had my Stellar oven glove for about eight years now. I was more impressed that the material used is a machine washable at a 40° texture and feels quite soft to my hands, made of a hardwearing polyester material on the exterior and softer padded cotton material on the inside, decked out in a silver colouring, presumably to match or boost its thermal resistant properties. Stitching and seams on this product however are pretty good and in the six years of ownership, only the cuff on my Stellar glove is beginning to look a little discoloured from the still-black colour of the main glove with constant use. The single hanging loop on the wrist opening is still in place, too.

The biggest advantage I find to the Stellar oven glove is that it is so reliable and ever so caring on my hands. I need my hands. They’re very important in the work that I do, not just for typing out reviews! Initially with its 31cm length, I have always found that the Stellar oven glove is quite snug to my hand, with the white oval brand name on the outer part of the glove acting as a general guide to where your wrist will stop and where the hand starts from nestling inside the mitt shape. Those with bigger hands however may not be able to fit this mitt on, despite its length and a width of 13cm.

However in time, this glove can shrink if it dried in a tumble dryer! I damaged my glove when I did this, having not read the wash label properly and although machine washable, it has to be room dried, or over a radiator. In time it does flatten out to its original shape, but it may need some manual help to achieve this.

In use I find the Stellar oven glove to be a great advantage. The glove seems to be able to withstand the highest temperature I have used with my oven up to 250°C to whip things in and out of a hot oven and the comfort of padding on both sides of the glove. It is a pity that Stellar don’t actually state the maximum heat resistant level that this product goes to; a safety grade number is not enough for general consumer reassurance in my opinion!

Removing hot cookware/bakeware from either an oven or cooking appliance in my home seems to be no problem with the Stellar glove. I only feel a little warmth from the very hot cookware or oven shelf rungs I remove from my ovens, but I feel this is more to do with the heat from my hands caused by the snug cotton lining inside the glove. I have never burnt my hands yet! This may be down to the heat insulative protection built into the Stellar glove but also because the glove has a general 2cm size of fabric thickness. However the material is flexible enough and allows me to hold hot things safely, even for a few minutes if family members haven’t made space on the table for the turkey!

I do find it quite funny to read that some buyers of this product from Amazon have mentioned that no two pairs are available for left hand and right hands – but I have used this glove singularly on both my hands and the mitt shape accommodates both easily – you just have to put up with the oval company emblem looking inwards on one hand and outwards on the other when swapping over – and thus buy another glove to fit your other hand!

Other great uses that my Stellar oven glove demonstrates is how easy the product is to use for removing food from the freezer to avoid frost burn. In the summer, at my neighbour’s barbecue, I took my Stellar oven glove around to help with removing the kebabs on metal skewers etc. This inevitably means food stains can happen regularly, but I find it easy to damp cloth the glove or machine wash it, if there are deeper, stubborn stains. In my experience, although the Stellar black oven glove mitt may well look boring, it provides a reliable and largely safe exercise in being able to offer heat insulated assistance for removing hot cookware or bakeware most effectively. Thanks for reading. (c)NR2 2014.
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Everyday Kitchen Canisters with Window, Set of 3, Silver
Everyday Kitchen Canisters with Window, Set of 3, Silver
Offered by BeNeLux
Price: £13.10

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Cost Effective Kitchen Canister Copies Of Brabantia!, 24 Dec. 2014
I purchased these very recently when I was actually looking for a housewarming present and because of the cost price I bought another pack for myself. I like to be organised in my kitchen but because of its low ceiling galley style, I often require storage jars with windows to see at a glance what kinds of dry foods I have largely down to poor lighting. I bought Brabantia stainless steel kitchen canisters a year ago which cost me £26 from a leading high street hardware shop. Talk about being ripped off! Whilst the Brabantia cans appear to be well made, they can't store liquids but are flush fitting, have great and light pull off lids but more importantly repel finger marks from constant grabbing.

Well I am amazed and delighted by these "Everyday" canisters, also sold under the "ProChef" brand name and also "Premier" who do a bright yellow colour version. These "Everyday Kitchen Canisters," are near identical to what Brabantia produce save for the fact that none of the tins sport the brand company livery on the front of the tins. If you can live without the brand name, you are getting a great bargain here - a very similar size to Brabantia's tins, both have brushed stainless steel bodies, but above all, the lids on these tins are exactly the same save for a slightly raised size that allows just an inch or two more of dry food.

More importantly, I find each tin can hold up to 200g boxed Dolce Gusto drinks pods, which is a great deal cheaper than buying officially branded Dolce Gusto pod holders. Though not dishwasher safe due to the acylic windows set into a slightly thicker frame surround, these tins are by far the best bargain I have found when comparing to just 3 of Brabantia's tins when you can buy double the amount for the same price! Terrific value offered here. Thanks for reading. (c)NR2 2014.
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Dimplex 800 W Low Wattage Electric Panel Heater
Dimplex 800 W Low Wattage Electric Panel Heater
Price: £59.00

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Cost Effective Heat For Warming Up To!, 22 Dec. 2014
Good value, low running costs and an easy to use well made design is how best I can describe this heater. Better quality than previous Argos Value branded panel heater purchased for a close relative but we felt that a bigger size would be required and I didn't want to pay out anything over £100 for a basic panel heater. This model from Dimplex offers a "sweet spot" for 800 watts between considering either 2 of the Argos Value ones at 400 watts each for £10 more, thus taking up too much room with two heaters, or to rely on the bigger, taller single purchase Dimplex - I am glad I made the decision to buy this Dimplex model - even if the power cord is rather short from heater to mains UK bonded plug.

Out of the box it is very easy to put the feet on the base of this model, even though the instructions could be clearer - there are no screws in the tiny plastic sealed bag for putting the stands on the base of this machine as these are reserved purely for wall mounting. Instead on the base where the fixed feet go, one screw on either side of the Dimplex DXLWP800 has already been screwed in, only requiring an average sized crosshead screw driver to undo the tiny screws and fit the fixed feet on. As the photo on Amazon UK shows, there is a slight angle to the way that the feet present the Dimplex DXLWP800 but for the price, I get a much better made panel heater here that has softened edges and there is a red rocker switch that acts as the simple on/off button.

There are a few downsides to this product being a panel heater - it can't be used for drying anything on, warning that nothing can be covered over it or draped over - but there are ways around this such as using a small low level towel rack provided that the side vents at the rear don't get covered up.

Also due to the price, there is only one heat level on/off selection and no timer has been built in. However, on account that the Dimplex DXLWP800 has only 800 watts with a 13 amp fuse plug, it can be used with mostly all types of mechanical time switch, enabling controlled heat such as the usage of waking up to warmth - even if it needs an hour or so to switch on beforehand to heat up my bedroom. This heater gives enough heat in the mornings for an hour or two before I wake up and provided that I keep the door closed over on a room sized 4.5 x 4.5 feet, the room is cosy with warm heat.

The heater cuts out though quite rapidly after it has heated up, but it switches itself back on. I find it does this every three to five minutes largely depending on the heat in the room that the heater has built up. Other than a few muffled audible ticks, there is very little sound that is emitted from this heater. For such a basic unit Dimplex have made the look rather simple but modern. It is no way an alternative to a 2000 watt / 2KW heater which can run up power bills - but it is a great way to wake up to a cosy feeling room just to take the chill off the air. Thanks for reading. (c)NR2 2014.

Schaum Note Spellers Book 1 (Schaum Method Supplement)
Schaum Note Spellers Book 1 (Schaum Method Supplement)
Price: £4.26

5.0 out of 5 stars A Reliable Helper For Learning Music Notation., 27 Nov. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
An educator's joy in terms of teaching notation names to forgetful musicians and beginner musicians who are starting out by learning to read notation. Some of the pages have cartoons on them, but even to adults, they seem to enjoy using this book. More importantly, despite being a U.S publication, not many rules have to be scored out to conform to English/UK notation learning; for example some of the pages dictate "quarter notes," which are not used generally in UK English when teaching students about these particular notes.

Still, for the cost price there are plenty of great puzzles involving both treble and bass clef learning. I have been able to adapt some of the pages I use for homework in schools - and they always seem to be embraced happily by students just to remind them of notes they need to remember. An educator's joy in terms of teaching notation names to forgetful musicians and beginner musicians who are starting out by learning to read notation. Most of the pages have cartoons on them, but even to adults, they seem to enjoy using this book. More importantly, despite being a U.S publication, not many rules have to be scored out to conform to English/UK notation learning; for example some of the pages dictate "quarter notes," which are not used generally in UK English when teaching students about these particular notes.

Still, for the cost price there are plenty of great puzzles involving both treble and bass clef learning. I have been able to adapt some of the pages I use for homework in schools - and they always seem to be embraced happily by students just to remind them of notes they need to remember.

I also bought this edition as a Kindle copy and it loses one star here compared to the far better practical physical printed book.

With it being a Kindle edition e-copy, there are limitations in terms of usage. Without the use of a more modern Kindle, I found it impossible to open on the older Kindle models and even put through a Microsoft Office app on my PC, it was still impossible to print out. Hence 4 starts out of 5 here - whilst it is good that the Note Speller is available as a Kindle e-copy, it really requires to be printed out for individual students to undertake the work. Otherwise it may well just turn into a Power point/screen style classroom lesson for a whole class. So, 5 stars for the actual book, 4 stars for the Kindle edition. Thanks for reading. (c)NR2 2014.

Lawry's Seasoned Salt 113g
Lawry's Seasoned Salt 113g
Offered by We Luv Shopping
Price: £5.88

5.0 out of 5 stars Zingy Salt With A Major Taste Difference to Plain old Salt!, 27 Nov. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Lawry's Seasoned Salt 113g (Misc.)
I discovered Lawry's Seasoned Salt more than ten years ago when a friend of mine brought a little container home for me to try. I knew the U.S have plenty of great seasoned mixes for foods and although this salt contains a little artificial sweetener, it can be kept for many years. It has a secret recipe of course but has onion salt, garlic and paprika added to it. Despite what Lawry's suggest though, I find this is an ideal condiment for any mayonnaise based cold foods such as chicken, tuna fish or sandwiches using mayonnaise as a backing instead of margarine - the combination of the salt with whatever you prepare will give the food a sharp, sometimes spicy but ulcer friendly taste!

On hot food, this product isn't that good because it melts into the food when cooking rather than adding it to just cooked food. For example when using on steak, I tend to sprinkle the salt for added taste after the steak has been cooked. I wasted a lot when I first started using the salt when par frying the steak before it was ready and the taste of the steak wasn't as bright and zingy compared to the taste i get after the steak has been cooked and Lawry's has been added instead of plain old salt.

The only exceptions to hot food that I find this product works well in, are sauces, mashed potatoes and plain popcorn. If you love onion, garlic and paprika - you will adore this rather versatile product! It doesn't tend to stain dishes either despite its paprika orange colouring, but I would go careful just incase! Thanks for reading. (c)NR2 2014.

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