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Sim City (PC DVD)
Sim City (PC DVD)
Offered by Go2Games
Price: 13.99

21 of 45 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Great game! 5 stars!!, 5 Aug 2013
This review is from: Sim City (PC DVD) (DVD-ROM)
The DVD case is extremely beautiful! There is a colourful picture with many different buildings on the front cover, all of which are very tall and look nice and modern.

There are a couple of brand logos at the bottom of the front cover, i guess this is for collectors. There is Maxis, EA and many more. They are big and clear enough to identify them easily.

On the back-side of the cover, hints and shot description texts in different fonts and sizes give the pro-gamer a good idea what this is all about. The texts are all in english.

There is a nice 'click' sound every time you open and close the DVD box. It takes as much as 300 times before it gets annoying.

The manual is printed on paper and feels nice and smooth. You can turn the single pages just like a book.

If you open the box, you can see the DVD which is fixed with sort of an anchor. This is very smart, because otherwise the DVD would get scratches.

Now the DVD itself. It is very big and has a hole in the middle. On the one side, there is some colour printed on the upper layer. If you turn the DVD around you are able to look at your wonderful mirror image, which is why I rate the whole product with 5 stars.
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Sony Walkman Waterproof All-in-One Sports MP3 Player - Black
Sony Walkman Waterproof All-in-One Sports MP3 Player - Black
Offered by K.K. Electronics
Price: 54.95

301 of 316 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic for swimming, 20 April 2013
I have been using the Walkman for four weeks now. I am swimming every second day for 1.5 hrs - all strokes but majorly front-crawl and backstroke and some fly and breaststroke also.
I'm a competing approx. four times a year. So, one could say I'm not a pro-athlete but not a pure amateur who swims for fitness purposes only.

I'm telling this to you so you know under what exact conditions the player is used and how it performs.

When I bought the player and used it for the first time, I was able to reproduce the malfunction other reviewers describe here.
If too much water gets into your ear it gets into the player too and as water isn't particularly good in transmitting sound waves, the volume goes down to a level that I would describe as: the TV/Radio is playing in the background.. It's there but you don't really pay attention to it.
You don't have to let the player dry out over night, with some firm tapping as described in the manual (don't be too shy.. it has to be quite firm without being too hard) you are able to get some of the water out immediately and continue at 75% of the maximum volume - which is quite a lot as the player gets very loud.

The second time I was using the player this issue happened to me much later in my swim-session when I tumble-turnded and pushed of the wall quite hard (We were doing 100m individual medley sprints - for those who wondered). One of the earpieces fell out and some water went in again, the volume went down and I was staying at the end of the lane tapping the water out for a minute or so. Adjusting the strap that gives additional tightness for the player helped and it didn't happen again until the end of the session.

Since then I never faced any severe problems or issues with the player. It took me a while to figure out how to fit it on properly but since than, swimming with music makes the training sessions much more fun and enjoyable.

- An additional hint would probably be to put the player on BEFORE you go into the pool as obviously water gets into your ear and you seal it in your auditory channel if you then put the player on.
- If the player slips off: adjust the neck strap to give the player extra tightness so it doesn't happen again. Additionally, try to get as much water out of your ears and the player as you can before you continue as otherwise, again, you seal the water in your ears and it gets into the player.
- If water gets into the player and the volume drops to a VERY low level, try to tap out some water as described in the manual. IT HELPS (even if it doesn't get out the water completely for the current session you're in).
- Try to find your right earpieces: I didn't mention it above, but between the first and the second time I used the player, I tried some of the earpieces. For me, the pre-fitted ones fit best. But it seems that you sometimes need a different size for your left and right ear.

I was struggling whether I should rate this player with 4 or 5 stars.
I decided to give it 5 as the initial problems weren't a malfunction of the player.
Here's why: If water gets in, the volume drops. Thats not a problem unique to this device, it's a problem called PHYSICS. Water is bad at transmitting sound-waves. As soon as the water gets out again, the player works fine.
This can happen to you with every other water-usable MP3 player.

Yes - one may say: Sony could do better ensuring the earpieces are sealed with your auditory channel to avoid water getting in. But hey - if you read the manual, they tell you pretty much everything that I just told you, i.e. if you read it, you know how to use it properly.
If you use it properly - it's brilliant:
- Nice sound quality
- You hardly notice that you are wearing it
- Good battery life
- Easy to use

Overall this Walkman is fantastic to make your swimming more fun!
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