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Alien: Isolation - Nostromo Edition (PS3)
Alien: Isolation - Nostromo Edition (PS3)
Price: £24.85

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5.0 out of 5 stars Alien the game. Ridley Scott would be proud., 15 Dec 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Alien Isolation is the game i never thought would be made. And here we are.

Brief tangent,this is not Alien Colonial marines, this isn't even close, that fact a review site like IGN can give this 5.9 is utterly ridiculous. Even if you didn't enjoy this game how you good ever say its anything less then good is beyond me. Rant over.

Story: you play Ellen Ripleys daughter as she searchers for the last recording of her mums mining ship we saw blow up at the end of the first Alien film. This journey takes Amanda Ripley to the space station Sevastopol, the station is on its last legs, falling apart from the inside out with androids and bandits running amok. At the center of this is the Alien, while it takes a while to introduce itself when it finally does its well worth the wait.

Through out the quest for closure Amanda encounters a variety of characters all with that uncanny ticking clock feeling to them. Its good to have these cut-scenes in which Amanda converses with members of the station and the android she brought along to the station, it makes Amanda more believable as a character. Yet there are certain oversights that just make you want to slap her in the face like for instance one shady character working for Weyland-Yutani is never going to be good and yet Amanda seems to care about her above most of the other support characters because shes what? a young woman? she clearly does shady things and then when shes in danger should we care? no.

Gameplay: this is a stealth game through and through, while there are weapons they are only really useful as a momentary deterrent the alien in particular is not going anywhere after a couple of bullets or a blast of fire. THIS IS GREAT! it really is the best thing, the fear inducing gameplay, the sheer lack of options other then hide or distact is what all horror should want to be because shooting through zombies or Aliens is neither scary or is it tense. Tense is the perfect word for this game the Ai of the Alien is completely unpredictable unless you course a distraction or action that is devised to provoke a reaction. Other then the Alien there are androids which i feel do return far too often, they can be killed with a bolt gun, shotgun, wrench or pipe bomb. The Android are creepy but the Alien has so many more movement options and behavior that can never really be tied down, its the perfect stealth adversary. Hiding in the vents? better move before he comes down there to get ya! Hiding in locker? watch out for the alien peeking in and hearing your breathing or motion detector bleep! hiding under a table? if he so much as hears ya shuffle or walks down a corridor towards your table, you are screwed! The fear this game provides is great the tension is another level. While the gameplay is great the first time around the story and certain sections become rather tedious on further playthroughs simply because the shock factor or mystery is gone.

Graphics: Amazing , it breaks the game at times meaning you have to wait for the game to load. But it was to be said the attention to detail is incredible top marks for presentation.

Conclusion: Aliens fan? perfect game for you, if you don't like stealth? maybe stay away because you have to get used to hiding and making dashes from room to room.This is a stealth game and anyone not patient enough is going to get a skewered. This isn't run and gun, what it is,a great game taking from the source material and coming up as a the almost perfect Alien game. I say almost because this game is long, too long, the ending was going well cramping up the challenge, however the final half hour to hour of the game is horrible, its just annoying to be so close to the end and then dragged back in, i hate sequel bate.

Still, this is the game i wanted it to be, trailers can be deceiving sometimes however this is exactly what was advertised its a great game.

Tomb Raider (PS3)
Tomb Raider (PS3)
Price: £13.99

3.0 out of 5 stars Lara shouting like shes on a killing spree is a little bewildering ..., 21 Oct 2014
This review is from: Tomb Raider (PS3) (Video Game)
Lara Croft, the reboot to the franchise that brought us big breasted gun slinging now brings us scared young Lara still gun slinging.

The story follows Lara Croft and her scooby dooby "when am i going to die" gang on their quest to get off an island which they were searching for but are now trapped on thanks to a storm. You play as Lara Croft who starts as a scared young girl but turns into a full blown killer by the end. This Island in the middle of the ocean some where in the Pacific is inhabited by 3 enemy types and only 3 .There is the wolfs who hunt and attack you with out hesitation and fear, there's the guys trapped from other shipwrecks who want to kill everyone who isn't a woman and finally the ghost zombie samurai who are the big evil payoff to the whole affair. If there are any problems with the story its the fact Lara near death experiences happen time and time again, injury's that would other wise take weeks to heal are shrugged off from scene to scene, it creates a disconnect from the world and people. Why? well because the world is gritty and harsh with death being a big part of it. Lara shouting like shes on a killing spree is a little bewildering since she has been a stone cold killer from the get go, this is not Spec ops the Line the character arc is barely existent if there at all. She new how to shoot how do everything before she arrived on the Island so whats the point in trying to portray her as a weak feeble young woman? its simply convoluted.

Gameplay is standard run and shoot affair with a bit of climbing, zip lining and jumps of faith included. If you have played Uncharted then this game will feel very similar. The game has an upgrade system that improves all your weapons, however this ties back to my story point how does Lara know how to build all these upgrades? none mentioned here skills with equipment.Game play is rather fairly bog standard, its like a strange hybrid of Uncharted and Last of Us. Not bad but not great either.Its fun for a while the start is a great tense affair, but soon devolves into run and gun hide n snipe. Its wasted potential, they introduce killing animals, so you would be fooled for thinking they were going Metal Gear Solid 3 route of hunting for food, but no, just to get more upgrade points! There are puzzles which can be challenging but overall are nothing to write home about.

Overall. It was fun for a while but if you have played Spec Ops the line or the Last of Us the story is joke in comparison to those two games, gameplay isn't bad but the sheer repetitive design of enemy's, i.e man in black jacket is so monotonous i just cant keep interested. It was a grind to the finish in the end, i really wanted to like this game, i want to like Lara but the game just keeps ripping me out of my immersion with bland enemy's, samey situations and copy and past gameplay. Disappointing game especially when you consider the better options.

Now You See Me [DVD]
Now You See Me [DVD]
Dvd ~ Jesse Eisenberg
Price: £5.00

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3.0 out of 5 stars Now you see me .....Now you dont?, 14 Aug 2013
This review is from: Now You See Me [DVD] (DVD)
Plot Summary
Now You See Me (2013),4 budding Magicians are invited to an initiation ceremony, in the form of multiple large acts that take place across the united states. The shows are a ruse for the 4 magicians to steal large quantities of money as part of the ceremony to enter a elite guild of Magicians. All a while they are pursued by a Detective Dylan Rhodes played by Mark Rufallo.

General Summary
Now You See Me is a French / American film. The director is called Louis Leterrier.The cast and funding are predominately American, kind of like a runway picture. Louis directed films such as Transporter one and two as well as the Incredible Hulk. The cast is a mix bag with well known stars such as Jesse Eisenberg and Woody Harrleson who are the most notable Magicians of the 4. The other Magicians are Isla Fisher and Dave Franco. Micheal Cain and Morgan Freeman also make appearances, Micheal Cain as Arthur Tressler a millionaire who funds the Magicians tour. Morgan Freeman plays Thaddeus Bradley a Ex-Magician that makes money off demonstrating the acts of other magicians, showing them as hoaxes and pretenders.

The film has a good pace throughout, it keeps your interest and has the odd surprise here and there. It's sometimes said that saying a film has a twist can ruin the film because then you constantly guess what it could be through out watching. The fact is here its obvious there's going to be twists and turns, the film thrives on keeping you guessing. However this is done in a way that comes across... rather smug, the film's nods to the audience with its "i bet you didn't expect that!" moments make you want to roll your eyes at points. The film is rather cheesy in how self assured it comes across so happy with it's self, it kind makes you want to hit Jesse Eisenberg in the face (an opinion, Woody Harrleson seems to share).

The film just has no magic! ironic when you consider the premise, there is no magic in sense of spells or wizardry. While that would be a predictable twist, it would be something! and the film is just kind of .....meh it leaves you cold, its fun for a while, but you'll finish watching it and probably forget about it a day or two later. The action is neither memorable or believable, making the tone rather odd. Making you ask questions like... Since when was that Magician a ninja? How did that girl float in a bubble? Cant the FBI just detain these Magicians while the shows commence?. If you've seen other action/thrillers this film just seems average, a time killer, not all that funny not all that exciting. I'd recommend the vastly superior The Prestige (2006) which while much darker is miles better in terms of plot.

Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception (PS3)
Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception (PS3)
Offered by Game Trade Online
Price: £8.89

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4.0 out of 5 stars Uncharted, 12 Aug 2012
= Fun:4.0 out of 5 stars 
Uncharted 3, the end of a trilogy but not necessarily the end of the franchise. This Franchise for me and many others is a marvel, its very polished good story telling accompanied by good gameplay , fairly challenging puzzles, and cinematic moments. Overall Fun.

The game is a 3rd person shooter accompanied with a close combat system which is pretty simple and never becomes a challenge(as long as you're not rubbish at quick time events).The combat and gameplay like I mentioned is fun but not much has really changed since the first Uncharted game. Now there nothing wrong with keeping to a winning formula and for people who don't play many video games id recommend this whole heartedly it's easy to get into and not all that challenging the combat never really gets old as the game while linear has a fair share of wide combat areas and the game does a good job of changing things up location wise. At times however when you've seen one armoured bad guy who takes loads of bullets to put down you've seen them all and can be tiresome when you just want to get on with things.
This game really does do a good job at creating interesting characters you care about and then throwing them into dangerous film esc situations .However while the main character Nathan Drake is charismatic and a good protagonist with witty remarks and enough good in him to take the moral high ground. And yet I cant help but dislike him , you cant go on about the fight against evil one minute and doing what's right only to then snap 20 guys necks and blow up a plane. I realise its a game but when you build characters, who have complex personality's and then make no mention of the sheer number of people they just killed its just kind of creepy , I mean the body pile is a bit ridiculous by the end . Naughty dog (the developers) I don't need hundreds of bad guys to kill to have fun I just need a good pace and fun gameplay, by throwing so many goons at me it becomes a chore .

Story though good but very familiar , Drake and Sully(his mentor) must find some relic before some super evil British people get the relic and ......well watch any Indiana Jones film or the National treasure films and you'll know the way the Uncharted games will go.

Graphics= Superb , nice variety in environment's and lots of pretty vistas, sands never looked so.....sandy

Sound = good overall, however some guns sound a bit under powered but the soundtracks pretty epic .

Multiplayer= Good but it won't keep a lot of people hooked, ranking system and unlocks is a fun idea ripped straight from COD but there's balance issues e.g. players a higher rank will always have superior fire power being a high level their guns are just better and you might as well quit because they will ruin the fun for new players. Offline co-op is only crap because half the screen gets covered with some stupid logo , still it's a fun alternative to COD or battlefield but the lack of balancing the player levels is just a annoying mistake which while is in other games doesn't mean it should be here.

Conclusion- Close to perfection , I played through it twice because it is a damn good game and its been out a while now so I have had enough time with it to be a little bit critical. So Yeah good game but just there's a feeling throughout I can't quite describe it's just not the great game it's praised as, it's a damn good game but there are parts which just feel like time wasting because the game might as well do it for you ,plat forming aside id recommend it to a friend.
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Best Sellers: Homeworld 2 (PC)
Best Sellers: Homeworld 2 (PC)

5.0 out of 5 stars Homeworld 2- solid game- solid marks, 11 Aug 2011
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Homeworld 2 right of the bat is a DAMN GOOD GAME! Simple ,end of. I only bought it in 2010 after feeling rather tired of instant action type games like...CALL OF DUTY!!! And others, so I remembered back to games I played when I was younger a game I didn't like too much, why? Well because growing up Age of empires and Shogun total war was my bread and butter and you can in essence take your time with those games , however Homeworld 2 which is created by Relic a game company which make real time strategy games tend to be more hectic and more action based then say Civilisation or Age of Empires. What I mean is you can't really chill with Relic type games their all about go! Kill! Resources PAH! We only need one and time is short because theirs a tiger tank in our base and .....OH SNAP... so yeah these games are pretty fast paced and mostly about the combat, Homeworld 2 is no different.

Homeworld 2 a space strategy game based in some unknown time full of strange words like VAGRE and BATUSI if that's the way you spell that? There is a campaign multiplayer and single player skirmish as you would expect from a strategy game.
Story/Your Civilisation is under threat and you need to find a way to defeat the growing menace which threatens your Homeworld , saying anymore would kind of ruin the fun. If your worried about the story I found the intro to be very helpful in getting me into the plot, however you can always buy the first Homeworld game, however I personally didn't play the first all that much I wanted to but the interface was kind of ...well bad as I remember I don't think you can drag to select units or do what most modern day strategy games let you do .

Gameplay/ build units send your resource collectors to collect stuff it's a standard affair , kind of rock paper scissors when it comes to units some are better against other units then others and some are just kind of amazing and have little to no weaknesses. The games good like any relic game it makes you care about your units and its horrible to turn around and see your ships remains floating through space and a big Vager Battle cruiser sitting there mocking you.
Graphics /dated but still good holds up really well after all this time.

Overview/ there are a few cons the game is rather small in comparison to Sins of a Solar empire and if your looking for a game where you can control galaxies waging war on other systems and so on I'd buy that game instead. However if you want a good story and straight to the action this game is perfect its just Damn good fun and more personal, for instance Sins of Solar Empire has no story its just kind of design your own game with no backing narrative. I've seen comments by people claiming ones better than the other but I own both so there! . Homeworld 2 is short and sweet and Sins of a Solar Empire is massive and epic. In the end I cant really fault this game it just fun simple fun , build units , fight space battles, win =satisfaction.

Demon's Souls (PS3)
Demon's Souls (PS3)
Offered by Future Gaming UK
Price: £14.99

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3.0 out of 5 stars By no means bad but be careful this isnt for everyone., 6 Jun 2011
= Fun:3.0 out of 5 stars 
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Demon's Souls (PS3) (Video Game)
Demons souls is a Japanese rpg made in the western style, if you don't know what that means, it's basically a world full of dragons and medieval style. This game has been claimed by many to be the best PS3 game of all time!... Really? I mean to some I guess it is the second coming but to me for a game to be one of the best on a platform such as the xbox or playstation it should appeal to different people and be approachable for all people. This game however despite what many reviewers say that everyone should give it a try is not for everyone in fact out of the people I know I can't think of anyone who would go near this, and in a way that's a shame because there's a lot to like in DEMON'S SOULS.

Graphics/ good , very polished.

Story/ something about the kingdom being in darkness you're the last hope....its basic and not what the games popular for.
Gamplay/ is very reminiscent of Zelda you lock on to targets then either stab or fire one of your other weapons, bow, magic, so on. The combat to me reminds me a bit of Fight Night that is you have to keep an eye on your stamina and dodge and block to keep from getting ravaged. The game has a lot of weapons and it's not surprising this game is a role playing game and has enough depth to make you overlook the rather linear levels that is if you wanted a more sandbox approach I'd look elsewhere. DEMON's SOUL's is all about trial and error. When you die you start at the beginning of the level, this isn't so bad on some levels as you keep all the items you found and there are generally short cuts and doors you can unlock to make it easy to travers each level. What I need to mention is the actual souls which is the experience you use to level up, e.g. magic capacity, strength, and health and so on but also what you use to buy items. Now what I have issue is not the currency but this: say you get to the end of a level your about to go through a room to fight a boss which will open up a new level (the bosses are the best bit of the game)So as I was saying you're at the door and you press a trap floor panel and some arrows come out, and now you're dead.... back to the start with half your health because you're in soul form now and you have one attempt to get back to where you died to retrieve all your souls before they are lost forever this makes it necessary to be very careful. Now I don't mind it that much what I do mind is cheap deaths galore this game dishes them out at every turn literally e.g. I didn't go round a corner with my shield up "stab" ... dead, the do overs just become tedious redoing and redoing level after level and don't think about pausing because the game won't let you; which is due to the online where you can play co-op and invade peoples games, also the thing I liked the most is that you can leave hints to players, at times helpful and at others misleading.

Conclusion/ now I know I sound harsh and remembering back to playing it is rather amusing this game is such an ass kicker, so brutal and yet weirdly compelling. I did actually put a fair bit of time in to it and credit to the game it makes YOU better at playing it. But as I mentioned time is what the game craves it's a time consumer and for me one I've shelved for now (better that then throwing it out the window in frustration). To some up if you want a challenge here it is ,if you want a hard rpg to kill days on here it is, if you want choice of difficulties or the option to pause when you need the toilet.... Look elsewhere.

Overall good game but not really for me.
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Complete Penumbra Collection (PC DVD)
Complete Penumbra Collection (PC DVD)

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5.0 out of 5 stars Penumbra Collection, 18 May 2011
= Fun:4.0 out of 5 stars 
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
The Penumbra series is easiest the scariest series of games I've ever played and I've dabbled in many so called survival horror games.

Story/ The story follows Philip a physics teacher, he is man of science and facts so he has most likely never really done anything rash in his life. Philip receives a letter from his farther that's been missing for years assumed dead. So Philip goes on a journey to Greenland in search to find his dad or at least discover the source of the letter. Through a rash decision Philip ends up in some mine who knows how far underground and must keep alive despite multiple dangers, I can't really say much more without giving any surprises away.
Graphics/ good but also manageable as in you can get away with running it on low end spec computer, with still decent visuals.

Gameplay/overview. This is a good group overall as each Penumbra episode/ game is rather short and the game time totally depends on your speed completing the numerous puzzles scattered through each game, with requiem having the majority and in my opinion the weakest of the three. The games are all about the tense building of fear, this isn't resident evil or dead space where monsters jump in through a hole in the wall or window, this game is more about putting you in a situation where many monsters roam and around most corners there is imitate dangers. The game is rarely boring and has save spots in case you get tired or too scared. Penumbra likes to let you sweat in a hiding spot as creatures goes past or in some cases have you flee for your life putting obstacles in the way of your pursuer. There are no weapons to speak off except in the first penumbra which has a hammer and axe but the combat systems poor making it clumsy trying to hit monsters and your best option is hiding or simply making a break for the exit. What Penumbra does best, apart from making you crap yourself, is atmosphere the music is moody most locations are dark requiring a torch and the generally game makes you feel all alone and totally screwed.

Conclusion/ so yeah its very good if you like horror, the controls simple, the game has a nice physic engine so you can move stuff throw stuff and generally muck about with the environment. Nice touch is you don't need a disk to run either episode and the games can all be installed at the same time or separately. So now some nit-picks, the plot can get a bit confusing gets downright weird by the end of all three so if you love plot driven games which give you ALL the answers you might find Penumbras story lacking. Also in the last episode of three, Requiem I got rather bored it's just puzzle after puzzle with little danger, who knows you may enjoy the puzzles I however didn't not to say I hate puzzles I love the Portal games it's just these come off rather tedious to me, indeed Requiem was made due to people complaing about the ending of Penumbra Black plague, so you can in essence stop at black plague. These sounds negative but overall every episode had something to give I personally enjoyed the first the most. Overall defiantly worth a look if you fancy a scare or adventure game, any issue I have with the game gets overshadowed by the way the game makes you feel i.e. scared to death, I recommend lights low or off completely and headphones. 10/10

If you want more or maybe a different setting or up to date graphics you may have heard of the game Amnesia made by the same developers which is available of steam.

Across the Nightingale Floor (Tales of the Otori)
Across the Nightingale Floor (Tales of the Otori)
by Lian Hearn
Edition: Paperback
Price: £6.39

4.0 out of 5 stars Easy to pick up a nice short read., 2 April 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I read this book a couple of years ago and was drawn in by the orient setting and the characters who at the times seemed interesting with enough depth and detail to keep the story flowing.
However I'm older now and while I think the characters are good there isn't all that much detail too them and I not sure whether they will really be fleshed out in next two books or whether they will simply grow from their experiences which isn't a bad thing just may leave a few questions unanswered.

As the story goes we follow two characters on their journeys of one with Takeo ( 17 years old I think) on his journey to the Otori clan and then on to revenge against the warlord who killed his family and destroyed his village. The second story is Kaeda on her trek through fantasy Japan to find a husband; this is against her wishes as she's only 15 (or maybe 16) and wants to love a man of her choosing. Their paths predictably cross as the adventure continues with both telling their points of view of the situation at hand. There's magic ninjas ,battles, sex, love all the things a teenager may be interested in, and that's all good but to say this book had a lot of depth is maybe flattering it too much. The book has detail yes but things seem only to be touched on and never really drawn out; maybe it's just me but from my experiences I found it hard to believe and kind of lame love at first sight? Really?, again it's not that bad but when two characters make love by a dead body it's just a bit creepy in my eyes and not romantic or a special moment like the books wants to get across. Takeo is a teenager and he fits the bill with his mood swings and lust for girls,the other Kaede seems like a standard teenage lass falling for boys and thinks about them constantly.One nit pick is the book is too black and white the bad guys are so obvious which in a film is a good thing to get that across to the audience, but this isnt a film its a book which constantly reminds us how bad the bad guys are and how noble and good the good guys are(it can get tiresome), again its just a nit pick its most likly aimed at a young audience.

Final comments, it's a good book a bit basic however for my taste at 294 pages I suppose what do I expect. It was an enjoyable read short and sweet the characters interesting in a simple kind of way, nothing like "Sharp" from the Sharp series or "Salander" from the Millennium trilogy but still they keep the story going and you begin to feel for them as they struggle with tough world they live in. Will I read the next two books? Probably they're a fun read, easy for anyone to pick up and read I would recommend them to anyone who's curious or just wants an exciting read to kill a few hours.

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind - Game of the Year Edition (PC DVD)
The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind - Game of the Year Edition (PC DVD)
Offered by Startup Media
Price: £6.37

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4.0 out of 5 stars time i just dont have, 13 Mar 2011
= Fun:3.0 out of 5 stars 
Morrowind, I've wanted to play this for a while having previously played Oblivion and lost countless hours to its addictive gameplay, and yet with this title I can see a good if not great game I'm not blind to that but having played Oblivion and indeed the first Boulders gate I see lots more I like in those two titles whether it be Oblivions straight forward combat yet interesting or its simple management of skills and exc. to Boulders great story and immersive world.

Graphics/ fair not bad but getting a bit dated now, there's always some fog which blocks your vision from seeing everything in the distance, not to say it's a bad looking game just considering the date it came out it seems a bit bland with lots of greys and browns which kind of ware on my spirit a bit.

Gameplay/ as mentioned many times the combat sucks tapping the mouse button over and over again with little success in hitting your desired target. The combat does improve however if one you use a bow and magic as well to mix things up but also by level five you seem to hit your target a lot more. Traveling isn't easy, you can travel from city to city on some weird bug thing but most of the time you'll find yourself walking ,this wouldn't be bad if you didn't have to hold sprint to get anywhere fast which drains your fatigue and you need fatigue to land good hits on enemy's . While this is realistic in some ways it's very frustrating to someone like me who just wants to get where I'm going; I hate to bad mouth Morrowind in favour of its child Oblivion but in that game you can fast travel anywhere you've previously been and have a horse to speed things up. With that negativity over the game is still a RPG with quests and guilds which if you let it will draw you in just be prepared to do some journal checking to where you have to go and why, I do like the gameplay, combat didn't bother me as much as I thought it would, just bear in mind if you sprint to much like I did you may run into a hard fight and have no fatigue to get away (so save often).

Story /Morrowind for me is just too hard to get into and I expected as much, when I first played Oblivion I was lost in its sheer depth and the multitude of routs and quests to go on, giving it time I did however find it fun. I don't know what it is about Morrowind maybe the story I found a bit hard to get into with the limited choice and motivation for my character to follow some guy with his top off who was just telling me what to do, that's of course not all the story I didn't finish the whole game simply because I would see how much time I was spending getting anywhere e.g. one quest took me 3 hours simply because I died unaware that the auto save only works when you sleep that and getting lost the landscape . In a way that's credit to the game that it takes a while because the world is so big there's so many guilds and people to meet so it gets points for that.

Closing points/ I did have some fun with this but after around 10 hours of gameplay I was struggling to find the motivation to carry on. It comes down to having fun and if I find myself simply playing something for the hell of it I'll stop because there's no point in carrying on playing something that isn't all that fun to me and just ends up feeling like a grind. Like I said before credit to the game for the amount of the things to do which is mind boggling and if you're into that then this is perfect for you, also if you haven't played anything similar but are interested then this is a good starting point. I would give it 6 out of 10 but considering the amount this game has to offer il give it a more fair rating based purely on my impatience for this game which is clearly a good game maybe great game given time .

Dead Space 2 - Limited Edition (PS3)
Dead Space 2 - Limited Edition (PS3)
Offered by DavinaJayne
Price: £14.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Dead space 2 (Alien/Event Horizion/The Thing), 20 Feb 2011
= Fun:3.0 out of 5 stars 
I completed the first dead space and enjoyed it, although it could get repetitive and the scares would ware off after you'd seen one corpse come back to life you'd seen them all. The best part of Dead space one was the atmosphere and technology which gave the impression of being on some off worldly spaceship. While it was high on atmosphere it was low on diversity , Dead space 2 on the other hand leads us through a range of environments and adds new enemies to the roster.

Story/Isaac Clark (the protagonist) wakes up to find himself in a loony bin of all places aboard the space station "Sprawl", the first thing that's noticeable is that Isaac has a voice this time around unlike in Dead space 1 where he was a mute , this didn't help the story in the first one much as we were ordered around by some annoying wench and some angry black guy. This time however we meet a range of people the story benefits from this as we soon find that the "Sprawl" is infested with the Necromorph threat. Isaac must run shoot and in some cases fly on his quest to find the source of Necromorph scourge and put it to rest. Well that's about it I can't really say much more without giving away surprises; the story isn't too bad it could be hard for some to get there head round it I'm sure but it gets you from A to B and I can't complain, except maybe about the constant flashes of someone Isaac left behind on "Ishimura" in Dead space 1, these encounters are quiet regular and simply aggravate rather than shock and scare.

Gameplay is where the game comes together in all its surgical joy. To put down a Necromorph for good you have to cut off its limbs, you do this with a range weapons from pulse rifles to a chainsaw, the weapon choice is used better in this game then the prequel as it allows more tactics when put into a situation with multiple hostiles. The game for me didn't get old and despite what people say this is definatly a third person action game, while it has horror elements I never found it scary. Creepy? yes the atmosphere is still there but the monsters are kind of familiar if you played the first give it a break now and again will make the game more enjoyable and less frustrating. To those who didn't play the first the game it has a preview clip which fills you in on the previous game making it accessible to new comers. Resident evil 4 in space some call it , if you don't know what that means its basically a Horror action game where you can purchase weapons and upgrade them.

Multiplayer/ pointless add on to make people keep the game longer. If you get the limited edition however which comes with Extraction a rail shooter you can play that co-op on the same console , its decent with a fair amount of play time, it was made for the Wii/Move but it can be played with the duel shock controller just as well.

Conclusion, now I played through the first Dead space maybe at most twice due to the replay feature letting you start a new game with all the equipment you had previously , this feature was cool and I'm glad to see it return in Dead space 2 however this time you get new space suits and can up the difficulty which is a nice bonus. I wouldn't say I'm veteran of the game I died a few times at the start as I got a feel for the game and yet I somehow completed it in 7 hours on normal . My advice would probably be if you've played Dead space before play at a higher difficulty to get more hours out of it. I don't regret buying it, I enjoyed it for the most part except maybe the tedius ending/ boss fight. Fun almost all the way through if only they didn't add that annoying invincible Necromorph which was in the previous game stalking you for a chapter and while in the first game this creature had a reason for being, in this one it doesn't even make sense it just turns up!...... but I guess I'm just nit picking. All in all a good action horror game.


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