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The Rising
The Rising
by Brian Keene
Edition: Mass Market Paperback

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2.0 out of 5 stars Dawn of The Gore, 17 Mar. 2004
This review is from: The Rising (Mass Market Paperback)
Actually I am one of Brian Keene's devoted fans since I have read his excellent Short Stories collection (No Rest for The Wicked) and especially his marvelous novella (EarthWorm Gods) ,The mentioned novella was one of the most atmospheric horror stories I have ever read(And probably not only in the horror genre) ,It captured along with the rest of the stories and I kept waiting for the things to come ,When I begun reading (The Rising) I had very high anticipations due to the fact that the events are taking place within an apocalyptic world which in my opinion was a chance for Keene to prove himself more after the success of (EarthWorm Gods) which is located in similar era ,But Unfortunately I was very disappointed this time.
The Story focuses on a Journey supposedly taken by four of the survivors of a deadly plague that turns humans into Zombies ,the main Character (Jim Thurmond) who is trapped in a secret hideout inside his own house ,His wife is dead along with his unborn child ,And to add more misery to his situation his wife returns from the grave to roam around his place along with hordes of zombies ,By some kind of a miracle he received a call from his own son who lives in New Jersey on his Cell phone ,And he decides to make a trip accross the country to save his son ,And he encounters other Survivors along the way.
at the beguining of my reading I was totally captivated by the atmosphere and the dread of isolation ,It reminded me with the legendary novel (I Am Legend) ,But soon after that the story turns into some kind of gory feast ,With characters you feel very hard to sympathy with except for Jim ,Unlike the short stories I have read for Keene before the gory details are even overwhelming the characters and situation building ,With some old themes like the General who gone blood thirsty and whoring and normal people turning into cannibals ...etc ,All of that have been explored before in other writers works like Tim Lebbon and Simon Clarck and even in the recent movie (28 Days Later) ,Only some nice touches gave the story a little bit of value like the scientific explaination for the crisis which in itself came foggy and unconvincing.
I Think that Brian Keene has to re consider his steps and return to the land of (EarthWorm Gods) which was more merciful than those stupid zombies.

Sony Official PlayStation 2 DualShock 2 Controller (PS2)
Sony Official PlayStation 2 DualShock 2 Controller (PS2)
Offered by Future Gaming UK
Price: £39.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Sony should include Two Controller with The Console, 13 Dec. 2003
I have always been in love with the Sony controllers back in the early days of PSONE ,I always found it comfortable and intelligent piece of technology ,When the Dual shock got released with the late versions of PSONE I never thought to upgrade and I have decided to stuck with my old controller ,But I was a bit wrong ,That's what I have discovered when I bought my PS2 the last year ,I was amazed by the Dual shock Controller 2 .
This controller is undoubtly is a value added for any PS2 Console ,I was thrilled by the interactive shocks and vibration it offers with so many games ,And I always thought to myself that the PS2 experience wouldn't be completed without it ,With more and more advanced games to emerge and even some games with digital sound technology like Dolby Digital and THX Certified it became a must for the gamers ,The two square sticks in the middle of it is comfortable to use and I even use them for directing my character in various games .
I have only Two objection on this Controller ,It's not covered by the Console's Guarantee (That's here in my Country ,I don't know about other countries) so when it's facing a problem or something or stopped working you have nothing but to buy a new one ,The other thing is that Sony doesn't include two controllers but only includes one ,That's of course profitable for them but I thought it would be cool to provide a console with two controllers instead of one ,To let the gamers enjoy the thrills of modern day games and multi users experience without the need to buy another (somewhat) costly one ,Well we will also have to wait and see what Sony is going do with the next generation of Controllers when it releases PS3 ,Surely it would be a technically marvelous ,but in the meantime let's enjoy this generation and play till we drop un conscious!!

The Matrix Reloaded (2 Disc Edition) [2003] [DVD]
The Matrix Reloaded (2 Disc Edition) [2003] [DVD]
Dvd ~ Keanu Reeves
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £1.87

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5.0 out of 5 stars The Middle Station, 9 Dec. 2003
Actually the problem with The Matrix Trilogy in general that it's a Huge multi layered world ,Actually a unique world created completely with details of it's own ,To make full understanding of this world you need several things ,One of them is the analytical ability to tie all the different keys and events together to form some vision about what's really happening , you simply can not view each one of the three movies like individual segments ,They are completely integral and viewing them as one unit is necessary to get the full picture ,Another thing is that you have to have some background of Computer Sciences in general to make assumption for yourself and to understand completely the other assumptions introduced by it's creators (Especially in RELOADED) .
On the technical side RELOADED is simply a marvelous achievement ,The Special Effects were amazing ,Many people complained that there is nothing new after the bullet time ,But this is not right because simply the Bullet Time was not only a technique ,It was an INVENTION and inventions doesn't happen all the time ,What the Wachowskis done is improving it and it really were tweaked in RELOADED but some viewers didn't get rid off the feeling that they have seen the Bullet Time many many times before ,But this has nothing to do with the Wachowskis ,They have invented it and many entertainment forms ripped it from them , The fight scene where we watch neo fighting swarms of Agent Smith really proves that there are no limits for what they can do ,The other scene is the Highway chase which leaves you breathless during it's running time ,I haven't felt that there were overusing of the special effects at all ,You know they are in the Matrix world where no earthly rules are governing the characters ,And so the amazing fights were necessary to symbolize that ,The other elements like editing and musical score Along with the Decoration,Design and costume passed the test efficiently .
The wachowskis hits hard and solid this time ,With very huge budget they had a plenty of time and space to introduce what they want to say ,Their vision is marked for having no borders ,You are in some point in the movie and making anticipations or guessing about the forthcoming events ,they surprises you with ultimately different things ,And this leads us to discuss some aspects about The Matrix's World and the impact it have done on the cinema's Audience ,The problems that many complained about actually are several problems ,One of them is the Zion's people and their appearances but we have to be frank ,The movie is about a world where the machines is controlling it and only one place is left for al the surviving humans so what do you expect from them? do you expect them to be clean and shaven and wears the latest fashion models?! ,About the mass sex scene I think it was designed beautifully ,Just look where Neo And Trinity were making it and you will notice that the place is designed in a Womb like shape ,It gives a reference for the creation of the humanity and the mass sex itself can be explained as human touch in a world threatened to be void of humans within a few hours ,It has been known that human beings in times of danger tends naturally to seek the warmth of other humans companion and this takes the form of the sexual festival we've seen ,The techno musical score reflects the artificial nature of their surroundings .
Other people simply complained that the movie become very complicated ,That's may be right for the most of Mainstream Audience ,The whole trilogy needs an open mind willing to give a deep thinking sessions in order to get the message ,Many people of whom didn't like this movie were simply because they haven't understood it or simply thought about it as nonsense due to the large and heavy dose of philosophical battles ,Another people hated RELOADED because they had solid grounds based on the first Matrix movie ,Actually one Reloaded Excellency points came from taking the story in a whole new level and so it destroyed all of our beliefs granted from the first Matrix movie ,And this ofcource wasn't appealing for many viewers who didn't like the shaking new grounds beneath their feet's ,Some themes were implemented successfully to support the story like the scene where we see multiple copies of Agent Smith confronting Neo about The Purpose and how every BEING has an purpose ,In another scene where Persephone(Monica Bellucci) gets paid from Neo in order to show him the path to the Keymaker ,The way which she gets paid indicates her longing for humanity ,This added extra depth for the story and a new meaning for the humans to survive depending on their finding the humaninty in the most unhumanable places ,This is another solid stone in the trilogy's Concrete ,So in order to enjoy RELOADED you to have to let your self get indulged in the Intensive action,Paralyzing discussions and the unbelievable atmosphere ,Set your mind free and you will enjoy a journey like no other journey .

Identity [DVD] [2003]
Identity [DVD] [2003]
Dvd ~ John Cusack
Offered by DVD Overstocks
Price: £3.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Orange is the Color of Death, 15 Nov. 2003
This review is from: Identity [DVD] [2003] (DVD)
A bunch of people trapped in a small motel ,A huge storm is roaring outside and no body can get out ,All the communications has been cut off ,And one of them is wounded in an weird car accident before she reaches the motel ,They are completely strangers to each other ,And soon things starts to take a dark curve with people turning up dead one by one ,They discovers that the killings is taking a sequential queue ,Till this point things are pretty normal for your ordinary thriller which you can find any where including many of the straight to video titles ,But after that the movie tends towards the unknown....hideous truth .
I haven't known before that IDENTITY may have taken reference from a story by Agatha Christie called (Ten Little Indians) until I have read that in one of the British movie magazines , But that doesn't mean that this IDENTITY is limited to the usual boundaries of ordinary thrillers ,It just took the primal concept from the books where the same events of completely unrelated characters are gathered in one place and after that the serial killings begins ,And after that the story took flight in a whole new lands of imagination ,And in my opinion this is the first strength point of IDENTITY .
The movie succeeded in creating a terrifying atmosphere with using of rain and darkness to give the viewers the feel of trapness of the characters gathered there ,The plot seemed to fly from a point to another without stopping ,Things are revealed and relations are formed but thankfully in unstereotypical method ,The Screenplay written by Michael Cooney gave every character almost an equal share of the screen time depends on the situation and the events paths ,And didn't represent any insignificant character so you have your concerns about all of them ,And Director James Mangold was very good in controlling such brilliant actors like Ray Liotta and John Cusack who both delivered a top notch performance especially from cusack who was very indulged in his role to the maximum degree .
IDENTITY doesn't give you a chance to nod off ,It totally grips you from the first moments ,And the most important Excellency feature is that the ability to create twists without giving the viewer any feeling that the represented twist was put there intentional just to satisfy the viewers hungry for a plot's twist in every thriller they see ,Actually The main twist in the third third of the movie into higher land ,And was a good model for what should the twists made ,It completely blows your expectations away ,And it really gave this movie a very creepy feeling .
IDENTITY is a very respectful thriller ,Created with brilliance and talent ,Only some insignificant sequences during the last twenty moments prohibits it from getting the five stars rating ,But that MUSTN'T stop you from watching ,You will remain dizzy minded after watching it for no less than long time .

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (PS2)
Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (PS2)
Offered by AB Games
Price: £6.93

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5.0 out of 5 stars Some Qestions will be answered, 8 Nov. 2003
Terminator 3 :Rise of the Machines the movie has already extended the borders of the trilogy's universe more than we have known before ,it took the story in a completely new paths ,but in doing so the movie left some unanswered questions ,the fans of the series were racing to put theories to fill the gaps ,now the Terminator 3 The game has finally come to answer some of your questions .
First of all this game as we all know isn't the first game based on the legendary series ,many games appeared on older consoles and it's not even the first PS2 game features the mighty terminator ,the first game(Dawn Of Fate) was absolutely mediocre experience ,and beside that none of the previous games have featured the character of Arnold Schwarzenegger completed with face's features and voice ,now all of that is included in this new game ,promising to give a thrilling experience for both the series' fans and the gamers ,also the game features all the characters from the movie with their voice and features ,And the motion capturing technology provided here gives a feel of amazing realism ,The game also features an extensive cut scenes and there are some cinematic scenes filmed especially for the game .
The game itself is actually two games bundled in one ,The story follows the events of the movie very closely ,And a great feature here that the events is played according to the Terminator's (Arnie) point of view ,With the lovely red screen which scans the targets and collect primal and advanced information about them ,The game launches in a first person mode ,So you are guaranteed to blow up all the obstacles in front of you ,Ins some movie's scenes like the Cemetery Scene which is implemented in the game you will feel the thrill in destroying the police's vehicles but there are a very big different here ,Where in the movie we see Arnie insures that there are no human causalities in the battle ,In the game you will be given the option to make causalities or not ,depends on your respect for the human lives!
Other sections of the game will turn into third person view ,That's in the section where you meet some enemies like the Female Terminator X ,In this you will have the ability for hand fighting ,This will be repeated in various parts of the game ,Every one of them with different purpose ,Also there will be different weapons to accompany you during the journey ,Ranging from the ordinary guns to more advanced futuristic weapons ,All at your service!
As noted in this review's title there will be some questions which weren't answered in the movie and will be answered in the game ,Sort of interaction like the MATRIX game ,But here it's different because the game and the movie are not parallel ,They have the same story line but the game sheds the light on some dark spots in the series' world ,Including some questions about time travel which is a very vital element in the game because we see the terminator moves back and forth in the time's tunnels ,And that helps you to uncover the mysteries ,One final thing to note that the staff of the movie have been involved in some way or another with the game developer's to insure that the game is essential thing for the movie ,So it's guaranteed to give you the same look and feel of the movie and the series itself ,All of that promises a very huge adventure and enjoyable experience .

No Title Available

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5.0 out of 5 stars Fast,Quick and Reliable, 4 Nov. 2003
All the previous owners of PS ONE remembers how was the performance of the past generation of Memory Cards ,they were very unreliable with limited storage space which weren’t enough if you had a large games collection ,I had a problem my self with one of the official memory cards when all the saved data on it simply vanished ,not only that but it started making conflictions with the PS unit ,and after the arrival of PS2 with the new 8 MB memory cards ,your troubles seems now a very faded memory .
The PS2 Memory Card are sleek and elegant one ,with the black color to give a better look with your console ,now you can browse the saved data in interactive mode ,after you open the Memory Card’s browser you will find that some saved games will have moving 3D Icons which gives more enjoyable meaning for dealing with your saved data ,the loading times are faster and beside all now you can rest assured that your data will not get removed by accident ,and you can see if any file has any kind of protection or not ,only one small drawback is that with the DVD format of PS2 games you will have to have more than one Memory Card if you have a large collection of games or if you are saving multiple files for each game ,but the overall feeling is excellent anyway .

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (Two Disc Set) [DVD] [2003]
Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (Two Disc Set) [DVD] [2003]
Dvd ~ Arnold Schwarzenegger
Offered by Qoolist
Price: £2.74

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4.0 out of 5 stars A new start, 30 Oct. 2003
With a very huge budget( rumored to be over 180$ million ) ,director Jonathan Mostow had plenty of work to do ,but the most important thing to do is getting safe from this dark web where every fan of the series are waiting for his finished product and see if they will continue being a fans or not , actually he succeeded with some important notes which we should be aware of .
The deadly female terminator X (Kristanna Loken) is coming to our current time with deadly agenda ,which is killing all the potential leaders of the futuristic resistance group against the governing machines , in a quick pacing scenes we see her assassinating all of them ,and only John Connor (Nick Stahl) the group's leader remains , her plans for completing the massacre are delayed by the arrival of the hero of the glory old days Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger) ,both of them enters a deadly fight with different purposes .
The plot of this movie was hesitating between two desires ,the desire to introduce a movie which satisfies the Summer's audience and bring them the enjoyment of watching their beloved terminator again ,and the desire to approach the Terminator series with new style ,look and layout , but actually it didn't always succeed ,for the action scenes (which 90% of them were impressive) it gained benefit from the huge budget ,allows for more cars to be destructed and the more important allowed for more space for the action scenes ,but it didn't succeed in creating a purely new action scenes which we can remember and attach with our memory about this movie ,because some scenes were produced as an extended version of some of the action scenes of the previous movie (check the cemetery scene and you will notice a resemblance with the scene from the second movie where Arnold was shooting the police Vehicles ) ,also for the first half of this movie I myself felt somehow troubled and unable to get engaged with the characters or worry about them and that wasn't helped by the long road carnage scene ,but things got improved in the second half till reaching the brilliant climax .
Other good elements includes a good performance from Stahl ,Danes and above all of them is the desired icy performance from Schwarzenegger which is not less good than his performance in the first two parts in the series ,the special effects didn't give the feel of overusing and was implemented wisely during the movie ,but I couldn't help thinking about James Cameron and what he would have made with this huge budget ? I'll leave the answer for your imagination ,but that doesn't mean that Mostow's directing was bad ,it's just the director's decision about how he would use the resource that were put between his hands .
This movie would have been put in the average directory but there are one thing which lifted it from this position ,what I am talking about is the climax of the movie ,I think that it has one of the most brilliant climaxes I have ever seen ,I won't reveal it here ofcourse but i really liked the brilliancy of this climax ,it wasn't created with the regular stereotypes of twists ,it relies actually on the audience's beliefes which they have acquired from the first two movies ,and then taking them as a standpoint to launch into absolutely new direction which personally left me paralyzed for a while trying to fully understand it ,not only this but it had a very poetic atmosphere which enhanced the overall audience's sympathy with the main characters ,and above all giving all of us a new and fresh memory of this legendary series .

No Title Available

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4.0 out of 5 stars Another LOTR Game with different approach, 29 Oct. 2003
With the massive conclusion of the mind blowing film trilogy ,and the release of two major games (The return of the king & The Hobbit ) your senses will be full of every thing Tolkien ,And in this swar comes this lovely addition which is looking to prove a sense of being different ,Because this time comes a game which is based directly on the original plot of the books series rather than being based on the movie's adaptation .
The Treason of Isengard takes the lead directly after the events of (The fellowship of The Ring) ,so there is no fellowship here ,and you are dealing with three different stories ,the first one is the lovely heroes (Gimli ,Legolas and Aragorn) where they are preparing for the ultimate battle of Helm's deep ,The second story is a very welcome new addition where you control the Treebeard from the second movie's installment where you attempt to destroy Isengard ,The third story launches with the little Hobbits (Frodo and Sam) along with their hideous companion (Gollum) in their journey into the dark paths of Mordor to destroy the Ring ,the third stories are sequential so you have to complete the first one in order to play the second one...and so on .
There is multiple characters appears during the journeys who helps you and gives some sense of interaction with your playable character ,plus the multiplayer mode where you can cooperate with a friend to complete the game ,the graphics looks lovely and life breathing with very good sense of color and wise using of it ,and another plus that it looks completely different in the design from the other games ,so along with the different plot this should be a very outstanding game upon it's release .

Kiss Kiss
Kiss Kiss
by Roald Dahl
Edition: Paperback

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5.0 out of 5 stars A slice of the Human Beings!, 25 Oct. 2003
This review is from: Kiss Kiss (Paperback)
This is the first book I read for Roald Dahl ,some of my friends have recommended his works for me and gave me this book along with Switch Bitch ,I have begun with Kiss Kiss , and I was totally amazed .
Once you got passed the shallow introduction story (The Landlady) you will be faced with some of the most funniest and dare I say hilarious short stories ever written ,this collection includes some masterpieces which is (William and Mary) ,( Mrs Bixby and the Colonel's hat ) and the mind blowing (Parson's pleasure) , there are some very good ones like (The way Up to Heaven) ,(Edward the Conqueror) and (Pig) ,the remaining stories are also very entertaining but they can not be comparable to the rest mentioned above .
Dahl's writings are not only about the sarcasm sense and funny situations ,actually the greatness of his writings comes from his extraordinary ability to explore the human nature ,and give us a glimpse about the weird nature which is existing deep inside every human being ,this collection deals with many aspects of the human behavior ranging from the FAKE socially civilized appearance to the bottom of the most disgusting characters you are likely to meet ,but the craft of Dahl is to make you sure that the both sides are actually equal ,and once you have picked this collection you will be hooked and you will ask for more ,luckily I have (Switch Bitch) collection and I am going to read it instantly .

SSX 3 (PS2)
SSX 3 (PS2)
Offered by RevivalMedia
Price: £10.18

10 of 13 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Taste the Snow, 23 Oct. 2003
This review is from: SSX 3 (PS2) (Video Game)
The new title in the SSX series look bigger ,cleverer and more promising than ever ,with the new free roaming start you are encouraged to train your self with both old and new moves ,to help you get used to the control system which is a bit different than the previous game ,but it can be trick sometimes ,but after you get used to it you will be able to do some amazing movements to gain extra points ,and after stretching your racing muscles for a while you will come upon the choosing stage where you can choose between like Big Air ,Racer.... etc .
The big air is tricky as you have to make the great air jump and and do all the possible tricks while you are in the air ,and the race mode carries the usual old glories of the past games in the series ,but with new rules and overall feeling ,you have to find your own shortcut to gain over your competitors .
One funny and enjoyable element is the challenge which you pick during the free roaming mode ,the challenges are plenty and after you select any of them you will be presented with brief description to help you , that means that SSX 3 is a better improvement in the series , pick it and be sure not to lose your balance on the snow .

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