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Jimi Hendrix Concerts
Jimi Hendrix Concerts

5.0 out of 5 stars Best Version Of Stone Free Ever!, 13 April 2016
This review is from: Jimi Hendrix Concerts (Audio CD)
I bought this double album on vinyl back in 1984 as a 17 year old discovering real music as one does (or some never do). Little did I know it was destined to be some of the best performances of The Experience. The rendition of Stone Free is priceless here and was a zenith for the man and his band featuring some out of this world guitar and drum performances that defy belief. I much prefer this version to the ones on the Fillmore albums with Band of Gypsies. Every band member in fact gets to shine and delivers an almost perfect set of stone cold classics like Fire, an immaculate rendition of Red House (featuring Billy Cox), I Don't Live Today, See My Train A Comin' and the immortal Voodoo Chile (Slight Return). These concerts were remastered back in 1989 and given a limited run of releases before being soon deleted which is a shame. The remastered sound really brings out the clarity and power of the trio as they were originally recorded and meant to be heard and is an essential purchase for anyone who not only loves Hendrix but rock. Get it while you can, it's a priceless rarity.

GHMZ Clip on Electronic Guitar Tuner For Digital Chromatic Bass Violin Ukulele with LCD Display 360 Degree Rotatable
GHMZ Clip on Electronic Guitar Tuner For Digital Chromatic Bass Violin Ukulele with LCD Display 360 Degree Rotatable
Offered by GHMZ-JH
Price: £7.99

3.0 out of 5 stars Not The Best Quality But Offers 432Hz Option, 11 April 2016
Ive had this for about 18 months now and it was ok. The reason why I bought it was for its 432Hz freq option, as I tune all my guitars to earth frequency now. After the battery died I replaced it only to find that it wouldn't go back in it's slot properly. For some reason it became loose and dislodged down the side which was annoying. The slot also cracked easily. I have to tape it on there now to make it work. It's not the best quality tuner out there and is over priced imo at even half price £12.99. There are better made designs but they don't offer this frequency option so until I can find something better I am stuck with it.

Philips AquaTouch S5420/06, Wet and Dry Men's Electric Shaver with SmartClick Precision Trimmer
Philips AquaTouch S5420/06, Wet and Dry Men's Electric Shaver with SmartClick Precision Trimmer
Price: £59.99

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Slow But With Patience Gives A Close Shave, 10 Mar. 2016
This is my first floating head electric shaver. I had a Panasonic fixed head shaver before which was very fast but after 5yrs decided it didn't want to switch off! I didn't really care for shaving for 18 months as I had decided to become a sexy fashionable dude and grow it out large. I managed about 7 inches which is an achievement for me and one I am proud of. Anyway it's difficult staying sexy and fashionable for too long and sometimes change is needed to stay sexy and fashionable so I decided to get my Wahl clippers out and in 30 secs my beard was gone! So I was left without a beard which felt weird and was re acquainted with my rather round boyish face and a neck scar I had forgotten about which was the reason I grew a beard in the first place. I roughed it out for a week before buying this in Tesco for £75. My first impressions were not good. It felt cheap and lacklustre for a supposed £160 shaver and the blades, although quiet didn't have much power or effect at first. The Panasonic was much faster but noisier and gave a less close shave. The Philips however proved to be the better choice with patience.

Now this is my first experience with floating head dynamics but I mastered the swirling technique in no time and my shaves are very close, even as close a my wet Gillette shaves without the wetness. In fact I will be ditching wet shaves altogether and using this as I've re embraced the male shaving ritual I dearly missed being a bearded bloke. I love going out and not being recognised which is a great buzz but this will soon wear off and I'm sure the mad beard will return sometime again. So overall a rather slow shaver but very effective all round, even on the neck but you need to really work it gently and my results have proved smooth and without any soreness or red spots. It's also very quiet which is a plus if you have others at home. So all these points and no pouch supplied warrants 3 stars from me. Recommended.

Mad Max: Fury Road [DVD] [2015]
Mad Max: Fury Road [DVD] [2015]
Dvd ~ Tom Hardy
Price: £4.99

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1.0 out of 5 stars Mad Emasculated!, 20 Dec. 2015
This was a much anticipated movie that could have been brilliant but sadly was destroyed by a terrible script and an even worse diminished role for our hero Max. The problem lies in the fact that Max (Tom Hardy) has very little to say or do throughout the movie. He is reduced to a pathetic prisoner role for the first half an hour and you're wondering is he ever gonna rise to his glory and do his thing. Sadly no. When he does eventually get that stupid metal grill off his face he's given no more than a grunt and at best, monosyllabic monologue which really becomes tediously boring. His accomplice Furiosa (Charlize Theron) is the leader of a gang of 'breeders' held captive at Citadel a desert fortress run by a scary character called Immortan Joe (Hugh Keys-Byrne) or 'Toecutter' in the original movie. Him and Furiosa are the main players with Max barely in a supporting role.

At the helm of a rig she smuggles them out but makes a deal with a bunch of sand duners that goes horribly wrong. Max at best manages to shoot off a few assailants but he's hardly noticeable among the harem of pretty girls and Immortan's idiotic albino slaves attacking at every angle. Basically they go from Citadel to nowhere and back again with the tyrant deposed and 'redemption' obtained whatever that is. The best part is the rock rig with a future metal guitar player set up front with his band of drummers on the back that start the theme for every roadtrip, like something out of a Judas Priest video. The rest is entertaining but forgettable CGI rubbish that plays out like a video game. I can see why Mel passed on this one. Dull, dull, dull.

No Title Available

5.0 out of 5 stars Rock solid fast and light city bike, 9 Oct. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I placed an order on Friday and it arrived the following Wednesday and I am most impressed. The packaging was absolutely perfect with everything neatly placed, in tact and ready go. It took me about an hour to complete the set up which involved securing the saddle, pulling the bike out of the box, putting on the front wheel, straightening the stem, fixing the pedals, pumping up the tyres, adjusting the riding position and brakes and finally the dynamo lights. The inner tube valves are a rather odd Schraeder/Presta design. I used my Presta option on my floor pump which worked fine although I think you can detach it for the Schraeder. I was looking for an alloy frame after my rusting 5yr old steel 7 speed Dawes Consulate gave me endless rear wheel and mudguard issues and was proverbially dumped in the scrap metal heap at my local recycling plant, so this couldn't have come sooner!

The Lindau is fully loaded and feels much lighter and faster with its slick Revo Shift delivered 21 speed Shimano gears that eat up whatever gradient you point it at, making for the perfect town cruiser/commute. It looks cool but not blingy, is very comfortable and feels really solid too with strong sturdy Crosser double walled wheels and thick Kenda Ice tyres (700cx40m) that can easily handle canal paths and light off road trails. I got the smallest 49cm frame and it brought a huge smile to my face after my first ride. The dynamo lights are quite bright and quite loud in residential areas although once you're en-route you don't really notice them. They use a bottle neck system that runs against the left rear tyre wall that can be disengaged easily and used as reflectors; always useful if you forget your 'proper' lights. I run a set of CatEye Volt 100/Rapid Mini USB re-chargeable lights just to be on the safe side. For £180 you won't find another hybrid of this standard and ability, I love it.

My Love Is Cool
My Love Is Cool
Price: £5.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Dream Rock!, 24 Jun. 2015
This review is from: My Love Is Cool (Audio CD)
So its finally here and with us. On first listen I thought the songs were in the wrong order and wondered why they didn't open with a rocker like Giant Peach. However on more listens I learned that the order was correct and carefully planned to execute the brilliance of these fantastic songs. From dreamy opener Turns To Dust, Ellie Rowsell opens the door of her time machine and invites you in on a journey back into the early 90s and a time before social media and the internet. A time where bands ruled and anyone who played in a band was hailed as a prophet of the age. Well I don't know if Wolf Alice are prophets or anything quite as illustrious but the music they make sure is. Your Love's Whore reminds me of early Lush with its building vocal spirals, very shoegazing and Miki Berenyi whose vocals Ellie's resembles at times, riding along on a catchy stop/start bassline, the guitars cutting through nicely. Gorgeous.

Lisbon offers up MBV style art noise with some nice Eastern touches that even borrows a Rush progression from their Tai Shan! Freazy (My Love Is Cool) is definitely single material and has a pleasant singalong chorus, the verses evoking bands like Ride and their ethereal sound. Pick of the rest include the aforementioned total rocker Giant Peach which could be a Smashing Pumpkins b side and ends with a very Zeppelin - esque build out!! - Ellie's voice taking a nice mid Atlantic tone here. Acoustic/electric Swallowtail with its very welcome vocals from drummer Joel Amery building nicely into a Catherine Wheel crescendo before ending on a full on punk assault! AAaah, Im in heaven! WonderWhy is a fitting way to end a great debut and sees more of the dreamrock and electronic soundscapes return as Ellie Rowsell ponders the mysteries of life and death ending on a gentle acoustic strum reminding me so much of Gish era Pumpkins.

All in all I am most impressed as they've delivered a fine set of originals that nod to all the greats of the era yet build their own individuality within which can best be described as dream rock. My only gripe is Bros is not as sharp as the single was, rerecorded here with an electronic edge which is still good but different. I bought the album from HMV which comes with the Creatures EP an essential part of their repertoire as is the Blush EP. Now put it all on shuffle and see what happens!

Offered by skyvo-direct
Price: £9.43

5.0 out of 5 stars Achingly Beautiful, 4 May 2015
This review is from: Stoalin' (Audio CD)
This is an achingly beautiful collection of folk pop songs carefully constructed around an eclectic array of musicians that wouldn't be out of place in a market square. I won't be the first to admit that I discovered them watching the Trivago ads, albeit very late as this was released in 2012. Crosby, Stills and Nash, Neil Young, Nick Drake, Joni Mitchell and Phoenix Foundation spring to mind and the song Elation featured in the ad reminds me of Florence and the Machine aka Dog Days which launched the whole folk pop revival. All this yet they have an individuality about them thats all their own. Get this and their debut and listen to Reunite, its the most perfect folk song you will ever hear. I'll be very interested in the imminent third album from this Belgian outfit as they're a band to watch.

HTC Desire Eye SIM-Free Smartphone - Matt Blue
HTC Desire Eye SIM-Free Smartphone - Matt Blue

10 of 12 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars The Best Phone In The World!, 12 Mar. 2015
This is the phone Ive had my eyes on since it was launched last November and now I have it I will give an honest and comprehensive review. First off its a big phone and looks and feels great to hold and is very solid. I have medium sized hands and have no problem with its 5.2 inch screen which I can navigate with one hand easily. Thats not to say you shouldn't use both hands. You clearly need to for camera features and sometimes it just feels safer and better to do so. I totally love the ice cream sandwich look and in blue and turquoise its a real head turner. Its made from fused polycarbonate with a nice matt back that provides ample grip and a glossy front with that 13MP camera and flash found on both sides! No other phone looks like it so if you're a stylist you will love it. Once again there are no buttons on the face keeping with the slick all touch look. People complain about the logo bezel but the buttons on the iPhone and Galaxies take up just as much space. Also it is not a flagship device as some people might think. Its actually top of the Desire range and is listed at £400, so its not a budget phone either!

Ok lets start with the basic functions. Calling and receiving calls is as fluid as you would expect on a top phone, just press and swipe up the receive icon and you're away. This allows you to receive calls instantly when the phone is locked. Tap twice to unlock or press the power button which is conveniently located a third of the way down on the right hand side edge of the phone. There are volume rockers above it and that dedicated camera button located beneath it down the end which is a great Nokia innovation I missed on my old Lumia. The camera button is instantaneous. Just grab the phone and gently press until it vibrates and you're in camera mode. I don't know why journos say its flimsy because it sure feels sturdy enough to me, maybe they're not waiting for it to vibrate and forcing it instead. Patience is a virtue my friends! There are no buttons on the left hand side, just your nano sim and micro SD slots which are slick and keep with the contours of the phone which is also waterproof up to a couple of feet, so if you're likely to splash it you should be ok, although I didn't test it. There is a 3.5mm jack socket for head/earphones conveniently located on the top right and a micro USB on the bottom right. The earphones supplied are a bit lame and mine failed after six weeks so invest in a decent pair. I recommend Sony STH30 Bluetooth Headset.

The camera itself is very good. Ok i'm not going to say great because its a phone camera folks. If you're serious about photography then save up and buy a 5 grand Pentax or Canon DSLR. No phone camera can compete with a proper DSLR at that price point, but as far as phone cameras go its bloody good. I shot in both day and dusk and am more than happy with the results. There is no OIS (Optical Image Stabiliser) but you don't need it, there is AE and AF shutter settings to compensate. Besides OIS adds weight and space and is not essential. It also doesn't allow for moving subjects, it only stabilises the lens for a fleeting moment. The selfie function is great fun and produced some amazing shots. There is ample room for family and friends shots with its wide angle lens and dual LED flash (on both sides!!), although I didn't buy it just for that. This phone is loaded with so many top specs that the selfie mode is almost an after thought but people will be attracted to that which is why its marketed as the selfie phone and thats fair enough. There's also zoom, burst mode, photo booth, split capture, pan 360 and crop me in which is silly but great fun, all of which work smoothly and do what they say. The camcorder is also very good and shoots full HD as you would expect.

Now thats the cameras out of the way, lets look at the display which is encased in a slick black robust and resilient Gorilla Glass 3 screen. Its a beautiful 5.2 inch LCD full HD 1080p (441ppi) one and more than enough for daylight and dark settings. Why they offer more resolution is beyond me, its a battery drain if anything and unnecessary. Even the most hardcore gamer will be satisfied here. Its running Android Kit Kat 4.4.4. (I upgraded to 5.0.1 Lollipop) and married to a 2.3GHz quad core cpu performs like a dream, fast, flawless and without lag making web browsing a total joy. There's Sense 6 and Blinkfeed which I always find useful and the 2400MA battery is more than enough to last a full day all guns blazing. There's also 16GB on board storage and 2GB of RAM. In fact you can lose yourself in that screen watching videos with the earphones on and multi task while you're at it too. Hands free is also very smooth, dropping in and out of calls at the touch of a button. The boom sound speakers are another great feature of HTC and these ones are subtle as the grills are hidden but no less powerful. Ok, its the same argument with the camera. If you want HI FI sound then switch to your system, you ain't going to impress a party with those speakers but you could get a Y cable and plug your phone into your amp as I do with my Mac Book! I loaded 20GB of music straight from my micro SD no problem. Docking with your computer is a bit hit and miss and it might take a few trials to get everything going but eventually it will synch like a dream. There really ain't anything bad to say about the Desire Eye. For me its the perfect phone and it took 2014 to get it just right. It may not be the big bad boys the Samsung S6 Edge or the HTC One M9 clearly are but I don't need that kind of firepower. This is rather like your lover in your pocket, its passionate and sexy and gives me what I want but can also kick some ass when you need it! All in all I've totally fallen in love with the Desire Eye. It offers me everything I desire in a smartphone. For me its the best phone in the world.

Monuments To An Elegy
Monuments To An Elegy
Price: £7.99

11 of 11 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Good but not great, 8 Dec. 2014
This review is from: Monuments To An Elegy (Audio CD)
This album is quite similar to Oceania although more concise and compact offering a more direct attack and losing some of its grand designs. The opener Tiberius is powerful alt rock the only way Corgan/Pumpkins can and there's the legendary Tommy Lee on drums whose work is rock solid throughout although not busy. There's plenty of electronic/electric and eclectic mix of soundscapes which is also a Pumpkins trademark and one thats just getting better and better. Being Beige is another standout with a lush chorus carried on Billy's vocals effortlessly. In fact Corgan's vocals though not powerful like a Cornell, Vedder or Cobain work gloriously in the studio than live where he can really struggle, but his voice or lack of it adds to their sound and I like it, its unique and instantly recognisable. A powerful voice would kill the sound, sometimes its not the power its the texture and fragility in a voice that makes it work, this in itself can be the strength.

The electronic/electric mix is just perfect on Run2Me with some lovely crisp guitars cutting through. There's no manic solos, proggy aggrandisement or drum rolls here, its pretty bare and stripped down but it works just perfectly. Think less is more. Drum + Fife and Monuments being examples of this. Occasionally the drums switch for drum machines/electric drums as on Dorian which is no sweat for someone as capable as Tommy whose venture into electronica, drum & bass and rap is seamless transition. The closer Anti Hero is probably the only total rocker here with heavy guitars but still the keys are never far away. Elegy reminds me a little of his solo album TheFutureEmbrace and carries forth those ideas. Sure there will always be the detractors who're hung up on SD and MCIS and there's nothing here that qualifies as brilliant but this is a bold step fwd and an interesting instalment in the Kaleidyscope sessions with another to come. As long as BC continues to write and record quality music I will aways pay attention. It really doesn't matter who's in the band anymore, Ive gotten over that now but maybe he should hang up the SP name and continue as BC. Stay tuned for Day For Night!
Comment Comments (4) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Dec 9, 2014 6:32 PM GMT

Mustaine: A Life in Metal
Mustaine: A Life in Metal
by Joseph Layden
Edition: Hardcover

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5.0 out of 5 stars A Tale Of Two Daves, 22 Oct. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Megadeth and Exodus have always held a special place in my heart as two of the greatest thrash metal bands to ever grace this planet with their pioneering excellence and mastery of craft. They have become part of my dna. Dave Mustaine has always been a loose cannon and controversial figure in the metal community and has rubbed many people up the wrong way making plenty of enemies and friends along the way! This book goes some way to tell the story of a gifted and troubled boy of German and French ancestry raised as a Jehovah's Witness by his mother whom along with his three older sisters were always on the run from his violent banker father after they divorced: a man who turned to alcohol when his career with the Bank Of America nosedived at the start of the technological revolution. Mustaine describes how the late John Jefferson Mustaine used to chastise him by clipping his ears with a pair of pliers and frogmarching him back home in front of all the neighbours thus traumatising the young boy. This young boy who turned to the martial arts and selling pot to survive when he left home having had enough of his constant exodus (no pun intended), staying with his sisters many times at the mercy of their husbands for better or worse. One of whom ripped a Judas Priest record off the turntable in disgust warning Mustaine never to play this music in the house again! This only fuelled his fire and rage to become an accomplished musician.

His rise to glory as a self taught guitarist and singer learning his craft listening to his sisters Cat Stevens records that ignited his love of music. His chance meeting with Lars Ulrich which led to his brief but influential and rocky stint in Metallica that would change his life forever is all well documented here. Such details like his trauma when rust fell into his eyes while lying down on a flatbed truck looking after the gear on a trip to New York to get signed. Horrid! No sooner had these events occurred he was woken up early one morning after a show and given his marching orders with no warning. Ever since he has always felt they conspired against him and never gave him a second chance, although maybe he blew them all! Thus the grudge was created. A grudge that would drive him onwards and upwards to the top of the world. The bus ride back to SF where he hatched the idea of Megadeth and his convivial meeting with bassist David Elefson that sprouted a loyal friendship that would prove pivotal in building his legacy as one of the greatest most out spoken personalities in metal and the band itself. The alcohol, the weed, the coke, the heroin, the pills, the parties, the women, the sex, the fights, deaths, near deaths and death threats, betrayal and 17 trips to rehab is all here!! Yet loyalty and friendship is what ultimately cemented the success of the band which went on to become a multi platinum act. Like Elefson, Dave cleaned up his act and discovered God which saved him from an early grave and losing his wife and two children who made him a proud father and husband to this day. Not a popular or fashionable move in metal circles whose obsession with tattoos and Satan has lampooned it, rendering it largely a juvenile phase to critics and outsiders. But since when was DM a man who played by the rules? One of the rule books he helped write.

I salute you Dave you are more than an inspiration to me in a world of clones and wannabes. I consider you a brother. Love him or loathe him, but never deny him. He is an originator, a legend and the real deal. A man who carved out a style that was to become thrash metal.

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