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Panasonic HC-W850EB-K Full HD Camcorder with Twin Camera - Black (24MP, 50x Intelligent Zoom, Wi-Fi, NFC) (New for 2014)
Panasonic HC-W850EB-K Full HD Camcorder with Twin Camera - Black (24MP, 50x Intelligent Zoom, Wi-Fi, NFC) (New for 2014)
Offered by Tribal UK
Price: 529.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Definitely worth 5 stars just for the HD slow motion, 8 July 2014
Ignore the idiotic reviews of those who carelessly shell out over 600 before even checking what it does! This is a superb piece of equipment and well worth the price and five stars! The second camera is a bit superfluous to me but I can see how it could be handy for reaction shots for those with children at parties, etc. The picture quality is superb, even in low light, and I don't really miss having a separate viewfinder. It's a simple matter to rig up a quick card shield for sunny weather. The full HD slow motion is unbelievably cool and I know I will have fun seeing what I can achieve with it, especially once you find out that you can have it on permanently rather than in short bursts when you press a screen icon!

There are neatly concealed inputs for headphones and mic and the touch screen is clear and easy to use with good touch sensitivity and an easily navigable menu. The HD Writer software given along with the camera also is easy to use and glitch-free. You can be loading videos on to your computer within minutes of putting a charged battery into the camera.

However, before you buy, do have a look at the specifications on the site here and see if it is what you want. There are other cheaper cameras, but they don't have the range of features seen here, such as full manual controls (there is no manual focus ring but this is done through a small multi purpose dial at the front) Infra red night mode and slow motion, and if you want these then I can think of no better camcorder to choose.

Doctor Who: Mannequin Mania- Spearhead from Space / Terror of the Autons [DVD]
Doctor Who: Mannequin Mania- Spearhead from Space / Terror of the Autons [DVD]
Dvd ~ Jon Pertwee
Price: 11.00

9 of 13 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars This is a reply to all those who think this is a con! - Updated!, 27 April 2011
I'm amazed that there are people on here "reviewing" something well before it is available. Why? It is a restored box set of two stories which have been released before so what is the point in reviewing something whose main selling point can't fully be appreciated until it is actually viewed? I always thought that some fans were as daft as several brushes and mad as many boxes of frogs but these luduicrous "reviews" confirm it for me. As for those people who say it's a con, well you're not paying much more for two stories than you would for a single one and despite what you say, "Spearhead from Space" will not be remotely comparable to the 2001 DVD release.

At the time of writing I have seen a trailer for this release and it looks terrific and well worth buying, even though both these stories have been released before.

From the trailer, the picture quality on "Spearhead" looks outstanding and the sound, I believe, is far superior to the version released in 2001. As for "Terror of the Autons", this will be a vast improvement on the 1993 VHS, which, though groundbreaking for its time, looks faded and juddery compared to the clips I've seen of the VidFIRed 2011 version. I'm looking forward to this immensely!

UPDATE 22/5/11 -------- Well, now that I've seen the whole DVD box set I can comment on the restoration knowledgably! It's certainly one of the best I've seen, with the newly restored "Terror of the Autons" nearly surpassing the work done on "Planet of the Daleks" ep.3 just under two years ago. The only thing which makes you know it's not 625 line PAL VT is the slight colour banding (an inevitable artefact of using an off-air Betamax recording as a colour source) and the unfortunately out-of-phase film inserts, which are a by-product of the 16mm film recording process. Short of finding the original PAL colour tapes I can't see this looking any better. The fact that a 625 line VT clip from Katy Manning's first scene as Jo is seamlessly inserted without seeming out of place among the restored footage is a testament to the restoration's quality.

"Spearhead from Space" looks similarly impressive, having been re-sourced from the original A/B negatives used to make up the original episodes. I've heard it said that on some people's tv sets the skin tones look very strange. Well as far as I'm concerned they should have a look at how their tv system is set up as I think the RT has done a wonderful job. The result is it looking far better than it ever has done, with crisp detail and vivid colours replacing the previously rather washed out tones. The sound too, is much clearer on this and "Terror...", the 1971 serial benefitting from not using the rather tinny film recording soundtrack - well done Mark Ayres for working wonders with these sources!

The extras too are well worth it, but as so many others have commented on these and I don't want to waffle any further, I won't elaborate, but just agree with those who enjoyed them and felt they were a good addition.

All in all a great package and one that confirms Doctor Who's position as by far the best-treated and restored tv series on DVD!
Comment Comments (5) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Jun 6, 2011 6:03 PM BST

The Quatermass Collection: The Quatermass Experiment / Quatermass 2 / Quatermass & the Pit [DVD]
The Quatermass Collection: The Quatermass Experiment / Quatermass 2 / Quatermass & the Pit [DVD]
Dvd ~ Reginald Tate
Price: 9.75

206 of 212 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars A wonderful slice of 50s science fiction drama!, 26 Sep 2005
This marvellous box set brings together all of the existing episodes of the BBCs deservedly lauded 50s phenomenon. The two existing parts of "The Quatermass Experiment" (1953) allow us a rare glimpse of how a BBC drama of the period of British TV's first explosion in ownership was staged. This serial gripped the viewers and it's easy to see why as it's totally unlike anything else aired up to this point. Reginald Tate makes a comelling Quatermass and it's a shame that the rest was never recorded for posterity. All three serials were broadcast live, with filmed inserts used where necessary.
Quatermass II (1955) takes advantage of a further two years of technological development in TV and is a more accomplished production than the first, with ambitious and effective location filming and pioneering visual effects work from Jack Kine and Bernard Wilkie. Quatermass himself is less memorable, played this time by John Robinson, who was drafted in at short notice after the sad death of Reginald Tate during the serial's pre-production. There are strong turns from Hugh Griffith and future Master, Roger Delgado. The story is an exceptionally strong one, with Quatermass dealing with aliens who have already landed and begun to infiltrate humanity - a clasic 50s scenario.
The last of the three serials is also the best. "Quatermass and the Pit" certainly does not disappoint both in terms of story and production, which for the time was lavish and extremely imaginative. Quatermass is this time played by Andre Morell, who could have been made for the part, and he is given excellent support by Cec Linder, Anthony Bushell, John Stratton and Christine Finn.
All of these stories, particularly the last, benefit greatly from a superb restoration job undertaken as a labour of love by the BBC's Dr. Who Restoration Team. The films have been lovingly cleaned, sound significantly sharpened and the film prints of "The Pit" have also been put through the VidFIRE process, which restores their original appearance as live video transmissions. The film sequences are of particular note, with many being sourced from the original 35mm prints.
This DVD set is a must for fans of the science fiction genre and of classic tv drama in general and if you have any interest in eother of these you won't be disappointed. Last, but not least, the discs are accompanied by an exhaustively researched booklet courtesy of walking TV encylopedia Andrew Pixley. This covers anything you'd want to know about the three serials.
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Doctor Who: The Seeds of Death [DVD] [1963]
Doctor Who: The Seeds of Death [DVD] [1963]
Dvd ~ Patrick Troughton
Offered by HalfpriceDVDS_FBA
Price: 14.98

5.0 out of 5 stars A superb restoration of a highly entertaining story!, 20 Feb 2003
The BBC's Doctor Who Restoration team have done it again, transforming a story which was previously only available as an edited version of film prints of pretty dire quality into a technically superb example of late 1960s TV at its most entertaining and diverting.
"The Seeds of Death" is a delight from start to finish, snappily directed by Michael Ferguson, and loaded with elements which delight. Patrick Troughton shines as the Doctor and is ably assisted by Frazer Hines and Wendy Padbury as Jamie and Zoe. They spark off each other in all of their scenes together and watching this it's easy to see why they remain one of the most fondly remembered Doctor/companion groupings.
The VidFIRE "videoising" process really makes the impeccably cleaned-up film recordings come to life and there are times when you're sure that you are watching one of the original videotapes, the clarity and movement are so clear! The sound too is crisp and clear, a vast improvement on previously available copies.
The extras are great too, with a superb documentary, some tantalising censor clips from the now junked classic "The Web of Fear", and an equally eye opening 10 minute 8mm film entitled "The Last Dalek" featuring the filming of the destruction of the Daleks' city from the (also now largely destroyed) "The Evil of the Daleks". All this and more adds up to a hard-to-beat package, and the already high picture quality is enhanced by all the goodies being spread over two discs, a first for Who DVDs.
Never mind the relative nonsense that was to categorise Doctor Who during much of the 1980s, this is Who at its entertaining best, simple, unashamedly childish at times and often betraying its low budget, but always remaining vital and fun!

Sherlock Holmes: The Musgrave Ritual/The Abbey Grange [VHS]
Sherlock Holmes: The Musgrave Ritual/The Abbey Grange [VHS]
Offered by Discountdiscs-UK : Dispatched daily from the UK.
Price: 11.74

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Marvellous Stuff!, 13 July 2002
Jeremy Brett once again excels in two more of the stories from "The Return of Sherlock Holmes". The atmosphere of Conan Doyle's stories is effortlessly recreated and aided by superb performances from all, most notably Edward Hardwicke as Watson.
I'd recommend this video to any Holmes fan as an example of a television adaptation at its finest.
By the way, look out for Dr Who's Ian Marter in one of his last roles before his untimely death.

Evolution (Music From Dr Who)
Evolution (Music From Dr Who)
Offered by EliteDigital UK
Price: 25.95

8 of 12 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars More McDrum-machine Madness!, 7 July 2002
Oh dear! This sorry selection of mediocrity shows the depths to which Doctor Who's previously groundbreaking music sank during its twilight years in the 1980s when the main incidental composer was Keff McCulloch, rather than the sublime Dudley Simpson.
There are redeeming features to this CD but they are few and far between, namely the variations of the theme tune, which, apart from the appalling mid-late 80s versions, are superb. However these are available in far better quality on the vastly superior BBC Radiophonic Workshop releases along with many more interesting and worthy tracks than here. Music lovers - and anyone else - steer well clear of this CD and get the BBC discs (Vols 1-4 released so far) instead!
One token star for the presence of the theme music, zero for the incidentals - I still think that's too much to give it!

The Lost World [DVD] [2001]
The Lost World [DVD] [2001]
Dvd ~ Bob Hoskins
Offered by WorldCinema
Price: 29.99

18 of 18 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Rip-roaring entertainment at its best!, 11 Jun 2002
This review is from: The Lost World [DVD] [2001] (DVD)
I'd heartily recommend this title to anyone. This is the special feature length drama first shown on BBC at Christmas 2001. Far better than the disappointing Jurassic Park sequel with which it shares its title, instead this "Lost World" is a marvellous and intelligent reworking of Conan Doyle's classic adventure story. It has a host of exemplary performances from the cast, topped by some excellent effects and direction.
The DVD picture quality is crystal clear, as is the sound, and though the extras (a 30 minute documentary) are a little thin on the ground, the film itself is well worth the price. The story zips along at a cracking pace, and is beautifully structured, with some great shock moments coming at regular intervals. The scene where the travellers cross a tree trunk over a sheer drop (my own favourite) is packed to the brim with tension, and it is good to see how subtle digital effects can be when they are used well. The CGI dinosaurs themselves are never less than convincing, with the Allosaurs' attack on the native village standing up as a classic of its kind.
I honestly can't recommend this highly enough! Go out and buy it now - you won't regret it I promise!

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