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What the Bleep Do We Know!? [DVD] (2004)
What the Bleep Do We Know!? [DVD] (2004)
Dvd ~ Marlee Matlin
Offered by Qoolist
Price: £29.99

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2.0 out of 5 stars Sadly, this film digs itself into a rabbit hole., 17 Jan. 2008
I watched this film out of curiosity- having an interest in philosophy and quantum physics myself, but also having seen and heard so many mixed reviews/opinions.

I watched this with an open mind, wanting to see good in it. Unfortunately, it left me with a bad taste. The film opens with impressive special effects, and proposes to tackle the central question of "what is reality". Not long after this however, we are told that "mystery" is the only answer were likely to find.

The underlying theme in this film being presented by the individuals speaking, is that we create our reality. The actual evidence they present for this idea, however, fails to convince me.

They tell us that whats "inside" is what creates what is "outside" rather than vica verca. In "evidence" of this claim we are told that the brain cannot tell the difference between what it "sees" in its environment, and what it remembers. We are given a visually impressive demonstration of how the neurons in the brain change in relation to thought. We are shown how we can become "addicted" to various emotions. We are told how what we believe can affect our lives. But none of this is anything "new", and very little is forthcoming to tackle head on the claim that we create our own reality, but rather this only demonstrates that we are in control of our own thoughts. The speakers seem to talk in black and white terms of either- were in total control, or were powerless. Surely its more realistic that there is a mixture of the two?

The film also briefly touches on the subject of god, yet making some rather large assertions. They tell us that religeon is wrong for setting a moral code. They are essentially saying that sinse we "create our own reality"- there really is no right or wrong, that god has just given us all of these possibilities (positive and negative) to do whatever the hell we like with. Although I shall refrain from a long writing on religeon, I do feel that this viewpoint would be a hard one to maintain under scruitiny.

To summarise, I feel that this film makes rather far reaching proposals, but sadly, as other reviewers have mentioned, does a very poor job in presenting their case.

Jane Hall [2006] [DVD]
Jane Hall [2006] [DVD]
Dvd ~ Sarah Smart
Price: £8.64

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4.0 out of 5 stars Well worth watching., 7 Oct. 2007
This review is from: Jane Hall [2006] [DVD] (DVD)
Jane Hall is a witty comedy written by Sally Wainwright of 'at home with the braithwaites'. I found the Braithwaites highly addictive and is one of my all time favourite programmes, so I thought I would give this a go. Im glad I did.

Jane starts out as an unemployed, hopeless and rather geeky young woman still living with her posh and somewhat snobby parents, who view their daughter as much of a disappointment. After an argument, Jane takes off to London to become a bus driver, where at first she is bullied. Her parents are mistakenly impressed when they gain the impression Jane has a new boyfriend that works in the civil service, and that she may also be getting a job there. However, Jane's parents are soon disgruntled when they find out the truth. Despite this, as the series progresses, Jane takes on the form more of her alter ego- as she finds new romance, friends and even a heroic streak. Of course, things are never simple, and the series moves at a fast pace with one shocking revelation and twist after another, with well written characters- my personal favourite being the shy but eccentric Robert.

There are similarities with the Braithwaites, but in many ways Jane Hall has its own unique style. At times, it is almost like a soap opera turned comedy.

The only disappointment regarding Jane Hall is the series- only 6 episodes long- ends on a rather strange note. Things seem to be in full swing and then that's it, it ends, and you are left thinking "oh.. is that it?". I guess this was intentional, to create demand for another series, and it is a shame there where no further episodes.

I still personally prefer the Braithwaites, but Jane Hall contains many hilarious moments and is not to be missed.

Doctor Who - Remembrance Of The Daleks [DVD] [1987]
Doctor Who - Remembrance Of The Daleks [DVD] [1987]
Dvd ~ Sylvester McCoy
Offered by Qoolist
Price: £14.38

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3.0 out of 5 stars overrated...., 26 Mar. 2007
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I mistakenly remembered this story from my childhood as being 'one of the classics'. Its not until I've viewed this a number of times recently that i changed my mind.

Rememberance of the Daleks, in terms of 'dalek stories' is amoung the worst. It would most definately be unfair to compare it to "genesis of the Daleks", but even revelation, or ressurection are masterpieces compared to this! Rememberance, is more on par with "destiny of the daleks".

The Daleks look more cheap and wobbly than ever, Davros is reduced to squealing "have pity on meeee", and Sylvester McCoys performance is summed up in one word: embarassing.

Certainly, however, compared to McCoys first season this is amazing... but thats not much of a compliment when this was the worst season's in Doctor who's history.

Doctor Who - The Movie [1996] [DVD] [1963]
Doctor Who - The Movie [1996] [DVD] [1963]
Dvd ~ Paul McGann
Offered by somethinginmyeye
Price: £12.50

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2.0 out of 5 stars Not what I call doctor who., 26 Mar. 2005
Any comeback of doctor who needed to recapture the essence that made the originals so great.
Whilst the movie does stay true to some of the basic elements of doctor who, it feels like these parts are there for the sake of it amoungst the very noticable 'americanisation'.
Suddenly, in this movie the doctor is openly refured to as being 'british', and the doctor seems to reflect the US stereotype of a British eccentric. The over used clitches are all there: a greater emphasis on special effects than a dramatic involving plot, love scenes, gun battles ect.
The film did seem promising at the beginning- the brief but dramatic appearance of Sylvestor McCoy and the regeneration scenes where very good, but after that I slowly lost interest, as I felt i was no longer even watching what I would class as a proper doctor who adventure.
I do not see this film as having anything to set it apart from your average US action/adventure. I find it very hard to relate to this as a film that compliments the originality of the doctor who that many fans grew to love so much.

Change Your Life in 7 Days (Book & CD)
Change Your Life in 7 Days (Book & CD)
by Paul McKenna
Edition: Paperback

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5.0 out of 5 stars Change your life in yet another 7 days, 24 Sept. 2004
Having owned this book for several months I can definatly say that this is the best self help book I own. This is the kind of book you can read over and over and still learn something new each time.
The book focuses on reforming just about every major area of your life: emotions, your self image, living your dreams, being healthy and wealthy ect. You do one chapter per day and each chapter contains exercises for you to complete with anything from writing down your goals to visualising a new positive self image. On top of this the book also contains a 'mind programming CD'.
My only slight critisism of the book is that it needs a new title. You are met with a title boldly proclaiming to change your life in one week only to get to the end of the book to be told you need to 'change your life one week at a time to see the results'.
This doesnt really bother me, however, and I still give this 5 stars, because its such a great book to read and follow- In this book what counts is what works- none of the cheese you often find in your average self help book.
I used the 7 day program and found that within one week it certainly had made a difference; but i felt slightly dissapointed because I expected more- however after a while because it was such a great book I picked it back up again and began applying the techniques on a longer term basis and I can definatly say they work best that way.
Conclusion- brilliant book; very well written containing some of the best self help stuff available that does work, but dont take the title too seriously, because it will take longer than 7 days to really make big changes.
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