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Under The Skin [DVD] [2014]
Under The Skin [DVD] [2014]
Dvd ~ Scarlett Johanssen
Price: 9.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Genius., 19 Jun 2014
This review is from: Under The Skin [DVD] [2014] (DVD)
The second I walked out of seeing this at a festival I made my preorder. If you read (some of) the reviews here, and on IMDB, you will surely get a chuckle at the haters. This is a film you appreciate only after exploring many of the world's great indie cinema treats. Is it pretentious? No, not at all. Is it boring? No, not one bit. But it's not for the multiplex popcorn crowd which is why you read these dislikers. I find it funny to be honest, very funny. Many of Scarlets "fans" came to this thinking they'd see her as they saw her before, imagine the confusion on their little faces when this dark, rancid, brain melter seeped from the screen haha. Under The Skin is the best film I've seen so far this year, and I can't wait to get my bluray. A tale of alien invasion, under cover amongst everyday society, killing, feeding, and confused at our pathetic lives. You just can't help but see how disgusting we are, those Glasgow streets show humanity at it's lowest level. What alien wouldn't be confused at watching us behave on a typical city centre weekend? Jonathan Glazer has now become one of my favourite directors adding this to his fantastic Birth, and Sexy Beast (although this film is miles above both). Ignore the haters if you can enjoy the subtlety of emotions Glazer brilliantly conveys here, and rather than having every darn nuance of a movie signposted for you, try truly reading a film for a change.

Video Nasties: A true story of court cases, cock ups and collateral damage
Video Nasties: A true story of court cases, cock ups and collateral damage
by Mr Harry Pearce
Edition: Paperback
Price: 5.46

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4.0 out of 5 stars Nasty treatment of an innocent man., 3 Feb 2014
I thought I'd stick a review of this book up to allow me to voice my own opinions on the whole pathetic "video nasties" debacle. We in the UK have some of the harshest censorship in the world, which might be fine if we were some fundamentalist nation of cranks, but as a secular modern state? I mean really?

I remember the early 80s video shop raids quite clearly, the ridiculous headlines in the British gutter press, and wackos like Mary Whitehouse spouting her mouth off about various movies, while at the same time, admitting she had never seen any of the films she was attacking. It was an out and out witch-hunt, a witch-hunt driven by cheap newspaper headlines, and middle class paranoia of what the working class man now had access to. Echoing the invention of the printing press hundreds of years before, where the "gentry" panicked over what would happen when peasants had cheap access to the written word. Now they had scenes of murder in their homes, run to the hills, they're gonna guillotine us all!

The book tells one man's story of being a totally innocent video shop owner (and teacher) and how he was prosecuted over someone else's view of what we could or couldn't see. It reads like some crazy futuristic horror film itself, where the halls of elitist power ban certain pieces of art for being inflammatory and subversive to the nation as a whole. No consideration was given to the fact that these films were produced by very well respected film companies like EMI, or that some had even won awards. No, the man had spoken, and the inquisition had begun. Prepare to have your life ruined for having a movie in the UK which was considered "nasty" and be labelled as someone who supplied/had "obscene" films forever.

I must say at this point that I do not support the BBFCs (BFC I think they were called then) cutting of any films which were on these lists (if you could find the lists). It seems the author actually did, and went out of his way to be co-operative in removing them from his shop. But just what right does anyone have to cut, or ban what another man wishes to see? Bearing in mind of course, that these films were fictionalized screenplays and did not contain any real deaths or torture (something you may have been forgiven for believing they did given the furore in the media). It's draconian and a breach of civil rights to stop UK citizens from seeing a movie the rest of the world can freely enjoy, and then to try and prosecute those who disagree with this ruling. And at the time I personally took great pleasure in trying to acquire every single film on their pathetic list so I could say stuff you BBFC! Oh, and I continue to do this today.

I think the authors legal team missed a defense against the "republication" charge it appears he was lumped with. The judge made the point that others could see these "banned" movies and they could have an effect on teenagers etc, asking what would the author do if this were to happen. But this point still exists even if a film has a "legal" 18 certificate - I mean, are you telling me that a child wouldn't be shocked if it saw a passed 18 film? Of course it would. So even if a film was allowed a sale/rental by the BBFC (as an 18) there still exists the need for responsible adult intervention to stop kids from seeing it. Cut, banned, or not, you cannot prosecute someone for what MIGHT happen. And it looks as if this is what happened here. It seems like the author went on trial as a scapegoat for the rampant fears about what would happen now that horror movies were available in the home, something we now know was completely unfounded and caused no increase in national violence.

Today, most of the films on the list are now unbanned (if that's a word) so what of the poor folks who lost businesses, and thousands of pounds due to the stink of the court actions back then? Shouldn't they get their money back? Or a bloody apology? How can something be illegal in 1984 but legal in 2014? It just doesn't make any sense. And what of the BBFC today? They still cut or ban films, but it's perfectly legal to buy them online from outside the UK and own them without fear of charge. So what's the point of those fools in suits eh? Stop cutting our bloody movies you idiots. Let UK citizens enjoy films as the directors intended, and how the rest of the world can see them. An 18 film is an 18 film, just trust your nation to police it's own viewing. I am an adult, and I have kids, I have never, or will ever, allow a child to see anything unsuitable. I don't need a middle class oaf in a suit to decide this for me. So for now, I'm off back to watch my uncut Serbian Film, Grotesque, and uncut Human Centipede 2. Just as the film makers intended.
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Brannigans from McCoy's Roast Beef & Mustard Flavour Potato Chips 40g - Pack of 36
Brannigans from McCoy's Roast Beef & Mustard Flavour Potato Chips 40g - Pack of 36
Offered by Electro World
Price: 25.81

5.0 out of 5 stars Mustardelicious, 9 Jan 2014
These truly are the crisps of men. Hard to find, and a mustard taste that makes your nose buzz a little. I don't care much for crisps really, but these are an exception. A crisp amongst crisps, and not for the amateur. Pity they're so expensive. I once got a full box on a market stall for just 3. They were a bit out of date but I ate them like a hungry pig anyway. Mustard gas farts for days.

7 Days [DVD]
7 Days [DVD]
Dvd ~ Claude Legault
Price: 3.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Not for those who cant read., 24 Dec 2013
This review is from: 7 Days [DVD] (DVD)
British people, I had to laugh when I read the review from the guy who complained that this movie had "subtitals" - oh the irony. Unable to grasp his own language but rants about someone else's. For anyone who claims they like horror and doesn't know that France has been holding the horror crown for years, well....welcome to the show - you're very late. True, there have been a few decent British horror flicks (Mum and Dad for example) but America has been churning out weak garbage (mostly) now for ages. It's sad when The Conjuring is being hailed as "the scariest film of the year" I've had a bigger fright spilling tea on myself. 7 Days is excellent, simple as that. Grim, brutal, wonderful. And if you subtitle haters would just try reading a bit you might realize what you've been missing. Either that, or just go back to your teens in the woods chased by a man in a mask flicks. Yawnnn. Subtitals... I'm still laughing.

Thanatomorphose [DVD]
Thanatomorphose [DVD]
Dvd ~ Kayden Rose
Price: 8.95

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5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent body horror flick, 30 Oct 2013
This review is from: Thanatomorphose [DVD] (DVD)
Let's face it, some people like to think they're horror fans but in reality if a film requires an ounce of intelligence or insight at all they get lost. Some of the reviews here are pitiful to say the least. Thanatomorphose features the slow, yes I said slow, bodily disintegration of a woman who's everyday routine becomes harder and harder as she tries to cope with her condition. The movie is meant to develop at a crawl as the viewer is there to experience her ride to the ultimate conclusion. Something which one person declared here but still didn't understand.

The film is not perfect, the few vocal parts are average to say the least, but what it sets out to do it does fantastically. It really miffs me off though when horror blow ins spout off as if knowledgeable about the genre when they're plainly not. I have my strong suspicions that these are the same fools who wouldn't watch a subtitled film because they maybe can't read, when ironically, the best horror films of recent times have not been in the English language.

If you're of average or above intelligence and understand that some horror films don't feature a man in a mask chasing stupid teens through a forest, then check Thanatomorphose out. One of the best body horror films in years. I would have given it 4stars but to counteract the totally uncalled for one star votes it's getting a five.

Behind the Scream: The truth about Horror Films
Behind the Scream: The truth about Horror Films
by Christopher Gregory
Edition: Paperback
Price: 3.04

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1.0 out of 5 stars Not a book about horror but dogmatic drivel, 19 Oct 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I must admit, Ive been conned by Christians twice on Amazon, once with a book about relationships and now this rancid piece of nonsense. I bought the book based on its summary here which seems to infer its an insight into the world of horror. A direct quote from that summary is: " insightful and startling look into the occult world of the Horror film, it's dark history and it's impact upon modern culture, especially young people" Hmm...Now maybe its me, but does that sound like a book about fundamentalist Christian dogma to you? Nope, me neither, so I mistakenly placed my order for it thinking it was a book on horror movies.

Once inside, I was treated to some pretty pathetic nonsense attacking not some brutal video nasties (which some people may have an issue with) but rather innocent childrens films like Harry Potter and Twilight (he seems to have a major problem with Edward), where the author insinuates that a child watching these may be in league with Satan. Of course, we all know that anyone with half a brain considers the laughable "Satan" to be a purely fictional character taken from an old book written by goat herders two millennia ago, but younger children may still be shocked by this. My own children have enjoyed both Harry & Twilight (like millions of others) and to hear this Christopher Gregory spout his vile accusations against them makes me a little irked. His dogmatic diatribe doesn't finish there either. He continues his rants attacking (deep breath) Bram Stoker, Shelly, Bela Lugosi, Edgar Allen Poe, John Carpenter, Universal Pictures, RKO, Hammer Studios, Dennis Wheatley, Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, Wes Craven, Stanley Kubrik, Tim Burton, Scooby Doo (yes really), The Nightmare Before Xmas, The Rocky Horror Picture Show (including a very thinly veiled attack on homosexuality spread over many pages), HP Lovecraft, Anne Rice, Stephen King, the list really does go on and on.

Its always so ironic to me that when the whole Christian ethos is meant to be "love one another like I have loved you" (a quote from Jesus himself) you still get some Christians (like Mr Gregory here) having a go at the gay community (the book also includes veiled attacks on lesbians) but I guess it must be hard for people like him living in the modern world, when he bases his entire worldview on a 2000yr old dusty book. Its apparent though, that Mr Gregory finds it very hard to stick to what his own faith preaches because it seems to me that his book hides a bubbling hatred for anyone or anything not of the same extremist outlook as himself.

I will finish by saying just avoid this rubbish, unless you want to see what comes out of the mind of a sinister Christian fundamentalist. You may think these folk are only a product of other religions or far off lands, but alas they are among us too. When someone attacks great authors, great movies, children, and a section of our community you really have to take note. Luckily those with even a glimmer of intelligence will find humour in this books ridiculous pages, but I thought it sensible to warn you before you waste your money on it like I did. Im off now to watch Subconscious Cruelty on DVD (Im sure Mr Gregory would really enjoy that one). Oh, and as everyone loves a good book that gives a warm glow, I can tell you that "Behind The Scream" by Christopher Gregory did just that as its flames went up my chimney on this crisp Autumn night.

Recover - EP
Recover - EP
Price: 1.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Power Pop At Its Best, 6 Aug 2013
This review is from: Recover - EP (MP3 Download)
Love it. Recover is just a perfect pop song. Massive melody, massive production. Cant wait for the album based on this. Should have great things ahead of them.

Cruel Britannia: A Secret History of Torture
Cruel Britannia: A Secret History of Torture
by Ian Cobain
Edition: Hardcover
Price: 15.19

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5.0 out of 5 stars The cruel truth, 26 Jun 2013
I guess it's not beyond the norm to accept that many countries around the world could be involved in a little bit of torture now and again, but those gentlemanly Britons? Surely not? Unfortunately it seems very much so, and since the start of the second world war to our present day, those stiff upper lip, tally-ho, fox hunting jolly-boys have been punching, kicking, terrorising, and even killing citizens across the planet. Sadly, this was not merely copying others in these events either, but pioneering modern techniques for future human torture elsewhere.
The book outlines the details of this torture (which seems to have gotten more extreme as the years went by) and the systematic cover ups made by successive governments down the decades. They even managed to twist the press into believing it wasn't actually happening (well the British press anyway). Although several investigations took place into it, few made any headway. Northern Ireland torture techniques by the RUC seemed to be worst of all. And even when documents became declassified (of older torture events) those involved quietly tried to sneak them into the National Archives hoping no one would notice. Many documents strangely disappeared too, or some weren't released for being "too sensitive" for viewing.

I'm sure a book like this could easily be written about America too (England's big brother boot boy) and my next read is to be "Why are we the good guys" also purchased here at Amazon. We can only wonder what fun these two brothers in arms have been getting up to in places like Iraq and Afghanistan where the death figures for those conflicts are never mentioned but total well over one million (for those that live there). We do of course get bombarded in our press every time even one British soldier dies however (hey, but we're the good guys right?). It's all about painting the right picture.

Information in this book should be common knowledge to all and maybe then people can see that the version of some events (we hear) just might not be the complete story. It takes a lot of hard work to cover up your wrongdoings, but with years of practice it gets easier and easier it seems. It looks like the Brits have got very good at that.

Banned Films
Banned Films
Price: 1.98

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4.0 out of 5 stars Not bad, 13 Jun 2013
This review is from: Banned Films (Kindle Edition)
I really would have liked this book in paper format rather than kindle as it would be easier for reference. But as a guide its not bad. It gives the well known banned/cut movies from the past but nothing really recent eventhough it gives some details of the older films as far as 2011. For anyone interested in cult horror however this isnt a bad introduction to idiotic policies like the "video nasties" bill of the early 80s and beyond.

UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go on the Record
UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go on the Record
by Leslie Kean
Edition: Paperback
Price: 8.28

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1.0 out of 5 stars Same old story, 21 May 2013
Getting by the fact that Amazon have listed this book in the science section (when it should either be in science-fiction, or maybe just fiction) we are once again dealt a collection of tales concerning UFOs and those in uniform.

To folks genuinely of the skeptical mind/movement (and the word skeptic has been thrown around here as some praise for the author concerning the book) you will be well aware of the logical fallacy known as the "argument from authority" which is the common error of accepting claims (as true) from anyone in a position of "respect" - an assumption, which is quite simply wrong.

It's a regular occurrence, that opposing sides in a debate love to claim someone has crossed the line and become a believer in their mantra. Here, it's the "skeptical" author who's apparently joined sides with those who "believe" in UFOs. And this therefore, in their eyes, means that everyone who remains unconvinced must now be irrational fools. Sadly, the irrationality however remains with them.

You cannot argue with personal experience, which is something the UFO (and a host of other pseudoscientific) claimers cease to realize. If I were to make a claim I saw a ghost in my room at 3am in the morning it's more than likely I thought I did - but this does not make it true. In a situation like this the onus is on me to prove I did, not on others to disprove it, so here we see the flaw in these claims documented within.

There exists no evidence of UFO visitation to Earth or in our skies. Grainy pieces of film and written claims of witness do not a proven make. I've no doubt that a good majority of the folks herein DID feel they saw "something" in the skies around them, and this may even have been backed up by several other witnesses, but the problem remains that mass hysteria, or mass confusion, in understanding what a light in the sky (etc) might be doesn't mean it was of "alien" origin. This is another fallacy where if something can't immediately be explained as Earthly then it must be little green/grey men. Such rubbish! Just because something might not be explained right now should not leave people to assume it's paranormal (or whatever). This is pretty much the same tactic the religious use in their "God of the gaps" argument (ie. If science can't explain it then God must have done it. Of course those "gaps" get smaller every day).

The term UFO obviously means "unidentified flying object" but many do not realize that this is a descriptive term which exists only to underline the difficulty in identifying something at a given place and time - it does not mean SPACESHIP. Added to the fact that even if alien life exists (and I would expect it does given the size of the Universe) the distances requiring travel would be thousands of years at the speed of light (based on the locality of even the closest possibility of life sustaining environments) and this alone is the biggest factor against it happening. Physics my friends has defeated you.

So if little grey men were out there searching for life in their flying saucers they would have to set out for Earth while we were (at best) still in the caves. This planet would be emitting no radiowave transmissions and would seem as dead as our moon to anyone looking. But again, no concrete evidence exists of any of this. And just because a man wears a uniform does not make him an authority on all we see around us. Every one of us can be tricked by light, shadow, sound, and the (sometimes) illogical human brain. It's known that some professional military fighter pilots have even tried to attack Jupiter at certain times of the year thinking it was an adversary.

As a true skeptic, I will accept anything given the proper evidence backed up by review and research. This is the scientific way. But hearsay and blurry pictures (whether or not they come from a yokel, or a jarhead with a badge) proves nothing. And crashed weather balloons don't count either. The truth is out there for sure, but I'm guessing it's a little less astounding than some would love it to be.
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