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Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 16GB Sim Free Mobile Phone - Dark Blue (discontinued by manufacturer)
Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 16GB Sim Free Mobile Phone - Dark Blue (discontinued by manufacturer)

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5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome!, 24 Dec 2011
I bought my Note on a recent business trip to India and I saved about a third over the UK price. I was so impressed with this phone that I bought one for my wife and one for my mum (Christmas prezzies!) and like many of the reviewers I got them from One of the phones went missing in transit but I have to say that Amazon customer service in Germany is just as good as the UK and once I got someone who could speak English well they resolved the problem no questions asked and sent me a replacement. In my opinion Amazon are the best retailer out there today, no comparison. I've used an iPhone since 2007 and my last one was an iPhone4 which is undeniably a great phone. However I got very frustrated with a couple of things; the screen size is too small for me, iTunes in the worst program and user interface imaginable, Apples restrictive 'walled garden' policy, it's tendency to abuse its market position to dominate other companies, much like Microsoft in the 90's. For all these reasons I felt it was time for a change. I'm quite into technology so I knew about the Note and it looked very interesting and for me at least a perfect device. I thought it could replace my phone, tablet and laptop and to be honest that is proving to be the case so here is my review of the Note.

Build Quality - Samsung does use a lot of plastic in their phones so this does not feel like a really premium product. However the build quality is very good and the phone is ludicrously light for it's size and also stupidly thin!. An iphone 4 feels like a dense brick by comparison. The overall fit and finish is excellent. The back cover is made from a very thin plastic and looks like it could easily snap in half but in fact it is very flexible and can be folded in two with no sign of breaking(it's on You Tube). Don't try this at home though!

Screen - This is the largest screen on any phone to date at 5.3 inches and I find it fantastic. It uses Super Amoled HD at a 1200 by 800 resolution and the colours are extremely vibrant and super saturated. Although not quite the same pixel density as the Retina Display on an iPhone it blows it away in terms of brightness and colour. Off axis viewing angles are very good indeed though I do note a slightly greenish tinge which is due to the pentile display matrix. You will never use the phone this way however so its not an issue for me but it is there. Movies look amazing as do pictures. This is probably the best display on any phone at the moment.

Size - The most common criticism of the Note is that it is too big and that you have to have massive hands to use one. I find this to be totally untrue. I have average sized hands for a man and it's quite easy to use and comfortable to hold, even for long periods. My wife, who has much smaller hands than me also does not find it a problem. The other issue sited is that you will look stupid when using it as a phone, again totally untrue. I've used it out and about, the street, restaurants, pubs. No one has ever given me a second look. Not that I would care anyway.

Speed - This is without a doubt the fastest phone I've ever used. It has a 1.4Ghz dual core processor and 1GB of ram. To put this into perspective if you go back about 5 years this would have been a respectable spec for a desktop PC running Windows XP. This power is now in the palm of your hand which is amazing. Currently this is the fastest phone on the planet.

Phone calls - As a phone I would rate the Note as average, it's no better or worse than my iPhone 4. To be honest I rarely use it as a phone so this is not that important for me.

Battery Life - With a massive bright screen and dual core processor I thought that the Note would struggle to make it through a day. How wrong I was! It has a 2500mAh battery which lasts a day with heavy use and over 2 days with light use. I do charge the phone every day but most evenings it still has about 30% charge left unlike my iPhone4 which would either be dead of dying at the same point. For a smartphone this is a great battery life.

Camera - 8MP shooter that can do 1080p video as well. Not quite as good as the camera on an iPhone4S but still takes extremely sharp and vivid photographs.

S Pen - Samsung calls the stylus that comes with the phone an S Pen. It works very well but I don't use it much as I'm not very artistic. My friend who is very able loved it however and drew some very good pictures in a few minutes. It is useful for taking notes and I have used it for that. Nice to have but not that important to me.

User Interface - I have to say that after years of using IOS I have found Android to a revelation in terms of flexibility and control. I love the widgets and the fully customisable interface. I have to say it, the iPhone just looks dated and stilted in comparison with its rows of icons. Even better news is that the Note will be updated to the latest version of Android in the spring of 2012. Samsung uses its propitiatory Touch Wiz interface which I like well enough.

Android Market - It's true to say that the Android Market does lag behind Apples App Store in terms of selection and quality. However the gap is closing quite rapidly and most of the apps you really want or need are there, many for free.

Storage - Although not officially supported this phone works with a 64GB micro SD card which I have installed giving me a total of 80GB storage. All my music and films go on the SD card and I can load up days worth of entertainment. I love the fact that I can plug the phone into my PC and just dump files onto the SD card which the phone will recognise and categorise for me. No conversion required, and joy of joys, no iTunes! This for me is the biggest plus, I can put whatever content I want on the device with no hassle.

For me this is the perfect device, it does all that I want very well and is also a unique and beautiful product. I love it!
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Microsim 3FF Adapter (converts microsim to regular sim)
Microsim 3FF Adapter (converts microsim to regular sim)
Offered by Tiny Deal
Price: £0.65

5.0 out of 5 stars Straightforward, 24 Dec 2011
I recently jumped ship from Apple where I had been using an iPhone4. My new phone(Samsung Galaxy Note)required a regular sized sim so I got this adaptor. Very easy to fit on the Note, the adapter works as expected. The plastic is a bit flimsy and I could see that it may become jammed in other phones with a more inaccessible sim tray but this is not an issue with the Note. For me this product worked perfectly.

Samsung RV711 17.3-inch Laptop PC (Intel Core i3-380M 2.53 Ghz, 4GB RAM,  500 GB HDD, WLAN, Webcam, Win 7 Home Premium)  - Black/Silver (discontinued by manufacturer)
Samsung RV711 17.3-inch Laptop PC (Intel Core i3-380M 2.53 Ghz, 4GB RAM, 500 GB HDD, WLAN, Webcam, Win 7 Home Premium) - Black/Silver (discontinued by manufacturer)

4.0 out of 5 stars Happy, 24 Dec 2011
Bought this to replace my last Samsung laptop which died after 5 years of hard service. I looked carefully and this was the best specced machine for the price. Positive - good screen, like the keyboard and trackpad, attractive look and design, cheap for what you get. Negative - a little slow to boot up fully, could be more responsive overall. I may upgrade the hard drive to an SSD, which I think would make a huge difference but I find myself using either an iPad or my phone (Galaxy Note) for most of the time now so I suspect that this will be the last laptop I will buy. The post PC era is really here I think. However, I don't have any complaints about the laptop really, it's fine when I do use it and you get what you pay for so I'm happy enough.

SanDisk SDSDQM-032G-B35 32 GB Class 4 MicroSDHC Memory Card (Label May Change)
SanDisk SDSDQM-032G-B35 32 GB Class 4 MicroSDHC Memory Card (Label May Change)
Offered by GizzmoHeaven
Price: £10.95

5.0 out of 5 stars Works Perfectly, 24 Dec 2011
Bought this micro SD card for my Samsung Galaxy Note. I've since discovered that a 64GB SD card will also work in that phone so I upgraded but this one will find its way into my wife's phone (also a Note) I has no issues with the phone seeing the card and the storage was stable. Not much else to say, did exactly what I wanted and was cheap as well. Recommended.

Samsung PS50C7000 50-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p 3D Internet Plasma TV with Freeview HD (discontinued by manufacturer)
Samsung PS50C7000 50-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p 3D Internet Plasma TV with Freeview HD (discontinued by manufacturer)

5.0 out of 5 stars A very capable TV, 2 Jun 2011
Hello all, I got this TV from Amazon Warehouse deals at an absolute bargain price, cheaper than anywhere else. I was prepared for some cosmetic damage as the description said so, however when the set arrived there was not a mark on it, still with its original box and the bezel covered by protective film. As far as I could tell it was brand new. Had a nasty moment when I though the stand was missing as it does not come attached to the set but I discovered it was cunningly hidden on the underside of the protective polystyrene packing, that was a relief. Delivery was excellent and also very cheap and I have no complaints with the courier. As for the TV itself I have the 63" version in my living room so I knew what to expect, fundamentally its a fantastic TV. Very good picture quality which can be very accurately calibrated to give a superb image. Looks great with Sky HD and jaw dropping with Blu-ray though regular TV is fine as well and freeview HD looks very good. The 3D is also very good though its not the main reason I bought it. Internet applications are good as well, the best being BBC iPlayer. It's also DLNA so I can stream movies, music and pictures directly from my network. Souns is merely adequate, its fine for regular TV but don't expect whizz bang effects if you are wathcing a film. It's not an issue for me as I'm running it through a surround amp. The set it extremely thin and although it is 50" it is no larger than the 42" Hitachi plasma it replaced as the bezel is quite narrow. It looks very elegant when off and does not overwhelm the space. It's very luxurious and indulgent to watch a 50" TV in bed but that was the whole point! The only issue I have noticed is some temporary image retention. I was aware of this before I bought it and is mostly related to running the plasma in correctly. There are no permanent marks and I expect this issue will dissipate over time. Overall very happy with the set. In my opinion Samasung win hands down for the price to performance ratio at the moment. It's true you can get better pictures from a high end Panasonic or Sony but be preapred to pay at least double and in reality the diffences in quality are so small that most people would never notice. Samsung also have some of the best in built fuctionality and give extras that other manufacturers charge quite a premium for so they are extremely good value for money so when I saw this set on Amazon Warehouse a frankly crazy price I ordered instantly and have no regrets whatsoever.

Samsung UE22C4010 22-inch Widescreen HD Ready Slim LED TV with Freeview- White
Samsung UE22C4010 22-inch Widescreen HD Ready Slim LED TV with Freeview- White

4.0 out of 5 stars Overall a good TV, 2 May 2011
I got this to replace the ageing Toshiba in the kitchen. It was at the time of purchase only £[] on Amazon which was a very good price, cheaper than anywhere else. Here are the pros and cons-

Pros -

Very slim, LED backlit, looks gorgeous in white, good connectivity, supports USB movies, great user interface with a fast and responsive OSD, very bright and vibrant colours. I had no problems with delivery.

Cons -

Not full HD 720p only (the model that replaces this one is the the full fat 1080p), no freeview HD, no online services or DLNA, off axis viewing could be better.

However the main factor in my choice was cost. It was so cheap and much better than the set it replaced so overall I'm very happy with it. It is a good choice for the kitchen or a bedroom. I own several Samsung TV's and I really like the layout and interface so when I saw this at a knockdown price I bought it. It was a no brainer. There are many great deals to be had on outgoing 2010 Samsung TV's at the moment and this was certainly one of them.

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