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Still Dangerous: Live at Tower Theatre Philadelphia 1977
Still Dangerous: Live at Tower Theatre Philadelphia 1977
Price: £12.37

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5.0 out of 5 stars prefer this over live and dangerous, 5 Mar 2009
theres a warm romantic feeling to each of the songs of this lost lizzy live album which showcases the talents of Brian Robertson and Scott Gorham's six stringing skills backed by the story telling like vox of Phil Lynott (R.I.P) and of course not forgetting the workman like drumming of Brian Downey.

Live and dangerous will always hold its place in the hall of legends but i prefer this over it due to the fact that its live and raw untouched by overdubs.

Offered by silver-tentacle-UK
Price: £29.60

5.0 out of 5 stars the heavy hitter!, 1 Mar 2009
This review is from: Painkiller (Audio CD)
Painkiller turned out to be another classic that was excruciatingly heavy for the right reasons compared to Ram It down whilst it featured the drumming talents of scott travis yet it was a false dawn since this was the last album to feature Rob Halford tired and exhausted by the court proceedings and artistic differences with the rest of the bands key players.

Its hard to pick out its best tracks as each one are meltingly hot with quality just listen to the likes of "Painkiller", "Hell Patrol" and "All Guns Blazing" and you see why.

Whilst being bolstered by a patch and poster at the same time.

British Steel
British Steel
Price: £9.20

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5.0 out of 5 stars not much difference from the 2001 re-issue but still their finest hour!, 1 Mar 2009
This review is from: British Steel (Audio CD)
of course i was expecting a 2001 re-issued album packed into a 2009 special edition case yet i was right about the first part and wrong about the second.

Whilst the cd casing is upto date without too many alterations there is hardly much difference from the 8 year old re-issue even though to some this may look like a cynical cash in by the sony label/ or worse by the actual bands themselves but the album is still the one that launched them into the hemisphere tracks like "United", "Living After Midnight", "Grinder" and the patriotic sounding "Red White and Blue" is enough to make the hairs on your neck stand up.

Also it has a nice retroistic feel to it with the additions of the poster and patch.

Stormbringer (35th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)
Stormbringer (35th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)
Price: £11.88

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5.0 out of 5 stars a much loved/hated overlooked gem of a deep purple album, 1 Mar 2009
its fortunate in a way that the mark III line up of the band disintergrated as David Coverdale wouldn't have progressed into the current band he has made a mark with Whitesnake and witnessing the creative funky side to Glenn Hughes Solo career.

Back to the re-issued stormbringer album it has a vulnerable nakedness that surrounds the slow burning ballad "Soldier of Fortune", whilst the juices get flowing on the title track "Stormbringer" and the Hughes/coverdale combined "The Gypsy".

The Glenn Hughes remixed bonus tracks tops the first cd all off bolstering the 9 tracks.

Now for the dvd part of the album well to be quite frankly its a useless addition to such a overlooked Gem of an album even though its songs still shine through but its likely that most people will prefer listening to the cd in preferrence to playing the DVD in order to write a review and be nickity pickity about it since the quality is more important than rambling on about some technological difference.

All i can say is just buy the album sit back with a loved one and enjoy.

Heavy Metal Killers
Heavy Metal Killers
Price: £14.94

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5.0 out of 5 stars don thos bullet belts and mullets like its 1980, 20 Feb 2009
This review is from: Heavy Metal Killers (Audio CD)
the heavy metal killers compilation may through you back to when it all started albeit coming out of storage after nearly 29 years with an updated sound and hunger that would have made Steve Harris smile.

Behold the hand of glory is an addictive song as it comes from Powervice whilst White Wizzard's "High Speed GTO" which backed by a hilariously good music video on their myspace page is a typical NWOBHM type of song that is backed by solid drumming, thundering basslines, riffing lead guitars and of course a powerful voice eat yer heart out Bruce Dickinson.

Now Cauldron's "Chained up in chains" may have a crummy song title but theres no doubting the talent behind the band that is worthy of taking note once their debut album is out.

and finally its backed up with some quality Irish Guinness in the form of Celtic Legacy's song "Live by the sword" THANKS to the hooks and superb vocals by Ciaran Ennis.

There are other bands worth taking notice down the bottom of the list making this album worthy of being either downloaded to an Ipod or played in a cd player with volume turned up to 11.

Excellent, widdly widdly widdly!

Red Light Fever
Red Light Fever
Offered by thelastresortofmusic
Price: £12.75

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5.0 out of 5 stars my leg is getting a little hot to mention, 11 Feb 2009
This review is from: Red Light Fever (Audio CD)
Hot leg are the perfect cure if not the remedying solution to the credit crunch with ten tracks of falsetto bouncing rockers which i missed since The Darkness imploded after their difficult second album.

"Chickens" is a stomper and screamer of a song may not be suitable for those who hate falsetto's but for those who enjoy a laugh which carries on in a similar form on "You can't hurt me anymore" whilst Justin and his former eurovision partner Beverlei Brown give the late Ike Turner and currently living Tina Turner a run for their money on "Ashamed".

If jesus was actually real he would have had a massive hangover from encountering Hot leg if the shoe was on the other foot as they rock out with no sweat on "I met Jesus" whilst adding their "Queens" we will rock you vibe on the epic "Trojan Guitars" and 80's influences onto "Cocktails" and of course "Gay in the 80's.

This band should be included amongst the line up for Download just to be a pleasing antidote to the back pains and stretched necks from moshing and head banging providing they do not get bottled off the stage and back into the earths atmosphere.
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Baby's Got A Gun
Baby's Got A Gun

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3.0 out of 5 stars where it all ended abruptly, 7 Feb 2009
This review is from: Baby's Got A Gun (Audio CD)
Baby's got a gun had enough decent tunes but none of the unity from a band falling apart slowly but surely at the seams due to drugs and internal problems but there are enough bright moments to forget about what was goig on behind the scenes with songs like "The Happy Pilgrim" an upbeat song held together decently enough by Peter Perrets vocals and John Perrys soaring guitar, Alan Mairs solid bass playing and the soild foundation of Mike Kellies drumming which carries on in a decent vein of form on the sarcastically dark "Why don't you just kill yourself", the doomy gloomy "Me and my shadow",whilst "Deadly nightshade", "Strange Mouth" and "The Big Sleep" had poetic drug references behind the amthemic dark songs.

Pity it was let down by the choice of producer and behind the scenes problems that halted their rise to stardom before it began.

atleast they are back together for the present.

Even Serpents Shine
Even Serpents Shine
Offered by positivenoise
Price: £14.27

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5.0 out of 5 stars a masterpiece in its own right, 7 Feb 2009
This review is from: Even Serpents Shine (Audio CD)
in its own right it was a masterpiece that contained some good songs from the grittier "from here to eternity", "Flaming torch", "you've got to pay" and "No solution" to the mellower "In between" with Peter Perret's vocals ranging from the upbeat poetic tones to the downbeat state of sobriety which was evident of his struggles with drugs and internal problems with the band and each other that was close to derailing their progress which was eveident on their third album.

The Only Ones
The Only Ones
Price: £5.01

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4.0 out of 5 stars the debut album that spawned the non-hit another girl, another planet!, 7 Feb 2009
This review is from: The Only Ones (Audio CD)
There are a lot of songs to be considered on this album that shouldn't be just know for spawning the non-hit another girl,another planet as the angelic, cheek boned Perret whines and shines through "the whole of the law" a story on heroin abuse to the other "the immortal story".

had they come out around 1967 they woud have got some fair treatment but came out too late and head first into the snot and spit dominated era of punk where their debut album was criminally overlooked by the press and critics.

Fight Like Apes and the Myster
Fight Like Apes and the Myster
Offered by zoverstocks
Price: £5.98

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5.0 out of 5 stars a schizophrenic version of siouxsie and the banshees, 7 Feb 2009
Maykays sarcacism filled dreamy vocals stands out on the tracks like "Give me your face", "Jake Summers" and "Somthing Global" as if she was strung up in a straight jacket in a mental asylum which is a compliment for Fight like Apes "debut album" WHICH is like a schizophrenic version of Siousxie and the banshees only a tad more wacky and crazy.

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