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FIFA 11 (PS3)
FIFA 11 (PS3)
Price: 3.65

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1.0 out of 5 stars Worst Fifa ever, want a football game, go to PES, 15 Dec 2010
= Fun:1.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: FIFA 11 (PS3) (Video Game)
I have been a big player of both Fifa and Pes in the past. However this year i decided i would go for Fifa with the let down of Pes 2010.

I made a big mistake and wish i just got PES from the off.

Fifa 11 is no doubt the buggiest and glitch ridden game ever made. Its incomplete, broken and just a complete shambles. Ea sports should be ashamed of themselves for creating a terrible game. I have never know a game to have this many gamebreaking bugs around.

Firstly when you brought the game there was a free online pass... which low and behold didnt work and Ea Sports being moronic as usual had no plan to fix it. When a game has 2 patches available on the day of release you always know that you are going to regret buying it.

Lets move on to the good points. Overall gameplay is good. Not as great as Fifa10 but its still good. The graphics have been toned up a bit and with more player faces completed the overall graphics are improved. However that is basically it for the good points.

Now onto the bad points. Personality + is the biggest lie around. Anyone who think it actually works is deluded. Personality plsu on the cpu Ai is broken. There have been many areas where when space is available cpu players just DONT move. Say you breakaway on the counter, dont expect players to rush forward, you will be lucky to have one player with you, most the time it is dribble and be a one man army and thats it unless you want to stop and slow down the play. In terms of personality + with players its broken. If its meant to then mean players fit more in the positions they play, how come Abate(rated 76 OVR) will have an overall rating of 74 when placed in goal??? And Joe Hart who is a keeper will have an overall of 80 when placed as a striker?? Doesnt seem right to me.
Referees in a sense are biased. Its too easy to get a red card, Sneeze at a player and thats it, you have a player sent off. However the opposition can literally murder your players and you wont even get a free kick. In terms of penalties dont expect to be given many. In 276 games i have only been given 3. On a game that prides itself on being realistic this completely fails.

Online is bug ridden and glitched. If you play online steer clear. Theres been problems with users and problems with online play. People not being able to sign in, wins not being counted, freezes, cheats etc etc. So much that someone can freeze a game and leave it paused for hours on end. You cannot quit the game unless you want to take a loss. Online clubs and gamemodes like that have been severley broken and rarely work well online. One user on the forum spent 3 hours on clubs and actually only managed to have 2 games completed and noted down as being played.

Career Mode. This is the biggest fail of all time. Ea promised once again a whole new system and lied. CM is worse the MM in Fifa10. I mainly play offline and this was heartbreaking. With CM all they have done is taken out some good points from 2010, added a few more bugs and made it look pretty. It is bugged all the way through and just isnt fun. Firstly there is the cup game glitch. For example if you play in the English league you will get the same teams for the League Cup and Fa Cup season after season, always the same teams. Next is the way you can get fired. Unfairly and too easy. Example you will get a check around October each season. In one CM i got fired in my 2nd season. the aim was to finish 1st, in October i got fired for being in 4th place. However the problem comes when I had ONLY played 6 league games, The teams in 1st,2nd and 3rd place had played 9 or 10 games. So basically with 4 games in hand i was only 6 points behind the team in 1st position. Not a fair dismissal and somethingh Ea has admitted is flawed.
Next is the fact that big players will not sell. Ie if you want to sell big name players, it wont happen. You can buy players as much as possible. However any player over roughly 19 million you will not be able to sell onto another team. More factors is Ea have taken out the staff upgrades, taken out the scouting system and taken out the form... However form is still a factor eventhough its not meant to be in the game.
The main bug is player growth. It is broken and flawed. Again anyone who says otherwise is deluded. Ea sports themselves have stated that player growth is bugged and they cannot fix it. Players under 22 DO NOT grow. No matter how much you play them etc etc. Example Bebe in 4 seasons has scored 60 goals + for United.. In RL or even by the next Fifa is this happend you would expect him to go from his original value(64 OVR) up to something in the 70s. This doesnt happen and still after 4 seasons Bebe is 64. Players decrease in growth for no reason. Older players decrease even when performing great. It is flawed and broken.

Basically i am losing interest in it. After christmas, me like a lot of Fifa fans and posters on the forum will be moving over to Pes. Its a far superior game and actually has depth. If you just want to play games with your mates and dont care about online play or depth in the offline modes then get this mess of a game.
If you want a game which is challenging, which has depth in the offline modes and will keep you hooked wanting more, if you want an online experience which is fun then go for PES

One last point. Ea Sports customer service is TERRIBLE. They treat the fans like dirt. All Ea are after is money. Dont care about the game or consumers of the game. If you go to the forum to complain and mention a problem, the mods will give a general BS answer OR you will be told to contact customer service. However if you contact customer service you will be told to go straight back to the forum. It is a complete mess.

look for yourself. Go to the forum. The forum will either be active on negative posts or complaint posts OR the forum will be dead.


Fallout: New Vegas (PS3)
Fallout: New Vegas (PS3)
Offered by Game Trade Online
Price: 8.05

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5.0 out of 5 stars Breathtaking and addictive, 15 Dec 2010
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
I read a lot of negative reviews and cannot see why people are rating it 1,2 or even 3 stars. Its beyond me.

I brought this game about 3 weeks ago when it was on offer in gamestation for 20(sorry Amazon). I have spent hours on it and it is just pure brilliance. I dont really use the internet on my ps3 so i have no idea about patches, but does it really matter??? I am NOT getting any of these glitches everyone keeps going on about. Yeh i get the odd microfreeze when walking around, but in the 3 weeks i have had it 3 times or something like that... And thats if i want to be really picky about it.

The graphics are great, i expected it to be great gameplay and graphics considering its done by the same people who do Oblivion. The storyline is emersive and with so much around to do its difficult to get anywhere fast. lol. I got advised not to rush the main storyline, which i'm not. Instead i am concentrating on certain areas. It really does make it much more fun.

Advice to anyone who gets this is to purchase the guide. If you are a perfectionist and like to complete everything in the game, then the guide is essential. Especially when it comes to detailed maps and ways to create the best player possible. I cannot really think of any faults with this game.

Yes there are a few glitches and bugs, but everygame has the odd few. They dont ruin the enjoyment or break the game so there is really no problem with them

With the price its at now, if you are looking at this game, GET IT. I did and i love it.

Reckless Love
Reckless Love
Offered by Fulfillment Express
Price: 7.83

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5.0 out of 5 stars looks like the 80s have returned, 18 April 2010
This review is from: Reckless Love (Audio CD)
Over the past few years with more and more bands taking advantage of the lack of music around, it seems like the 80s are coming back. firstly in the uk there was the punk styled hair metal of towers of london and then also the complete sleazy kid ego, but no europe more finland seem to want to reignite the 80s more then ever

The latest effort and the debut from reckless love send finland back to the top of the most metal country in the world. This album is pure 80s. This can fit very easily in with motley crue, van halen, poison, ratt etc.

I am basing this review on the songs from youtube. i have listened to the whole album on youtube, i cam across them in classic rock and it is completely me. I will be buying the album within the next week when i have the money. Anyone who is a fan of the cheesy 80s rock n roll invest in thid album you wont be dissapointed. bring on the 24th may for the london date. :)

Brutal Legend (PS3)
Brutal Legend (PS3)
Offered by b68solutions
Price: 8.49

5.0 out of 5 stars So much fun and one of the best games ive played in a while, 29 Mar 2010
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: Brutal Legend (PS3) (Video Game)
Well i have been wanting this game for a while and brought it the other day cheap. i have to say it is one of the best games i have played. With me being a metal fan it appealed to me and the soundtrack doesnt fail to deliver over 100 rocking metal songs are in the game. cameos from metal gods just do the game even more justice. Yes the graphics aint the best and it isnt meant to be a midnblowing genre defining game but everything works.
I have given it five for the sheer enjoyment i have with the game. it goes well. the story is brilliant, the characters are great and well the battles are well done
i know people dont like the RTS in it. but i actually like it and think it goes well

if you are a metal fan and a gaming fan buy it. its cheap and its a good load of fun. if you like games such as oblivion, dragonage etc and want something like that but a lot more laid back, cheesy and well just as fun this is a good game to get

Panasonic TX-P42X20B 42-inch Widescreen HD Ready 100Hz Plasma TV with Freeview
Panasonic TX-P42X20B 42-inch Widescreen HD Ready 100Hz Plasma TV with Freeview
Offered by Hyper-Fi
Price: 349.99

32 of 34 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars BRAND NEW AND FANTASTIC, 28 Mar 2010
Firstly i want to say sorry amazon. i got this through pc world. basically first off this was my second choice tv. I did originally order the samsung ps42b451 for 450, unfortunately after 2 weeks pc world were still having major problems with delivering it to me. They decided to sort it and said the model they could get for today was the panasonic. i took it so basically i got a tv the charge 700 for, for 450

Anyway time to review the tv itself. I am a student and well chose a big tv due to it being better value then smaller ones. i was worried it wouldnt fit in my room or overpower and it is perfect. doesnt overpower the room and still leaves me with buckets of space.

Main thing, if you are thinking about this tv. BUY IT. basically the pictures do it no justice at all. if you are considering this, go look at it first in pcworld or curries, this tv looks a lot better in person. the shape, the tone, the colour all looks better in person

I am a big gamer so this plasma was brought and is mainly going to be used for watching sports, watching csi, films and playing games. hooked up to the PS3 through the HDMI it looked fantastic. Also used my mates xbox 360 earlier and the graphics on that plugged into the hdmi looks fantastic as well. the sound is brilliant along with the games. With the game mode on picture settings make the colours a lot better and faster refresh rate so everything goes smoothly.

Setting it up is simple. Anyone could do it. basically the stand is easy to fit on. a few screws and well can easily be done with one person. everything plugs in fine and if you plug the aerial lead in before you turn it on it will basically scan and pick up the freeview channels straight away. No tricky setting up, it does itself and then works straight away. The instructions itself are well done and covers everything.

Next is the spec. It the basic and entry level panasonic and for that reason it is on hd ready 720p/1080i and not the full hd. But the picture quality in sd is perfect and i have yet to test it with a blu ray dvd. there are 3 HDMI inputs, 2 scart sockets and also component plug ins. A CL slot is also provided. Only downside i can find is it isnt compatible with a pc/laptop. there is no way to plug your monitor or laptop into the tv. Its not a big deal and is only a tiny downside to the tv

Basically to sum up i recommend this tv to anyone who wants a cheap 42" plasma and wants decent quality.
hope this helps every one
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