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Panasonic DMW-PHH13XEK Leather Case for LUMIX TZ Models - Not for TZ60
Panasonic DMW-PHH13XEK Leather Case for LUMIX TZ Models - Not for TZ60
Offered by ASK
Price: £18.18

1.0 out of 5 stars Too big and badly designed, 26 Dec 2013
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I really don't like this case. It's too big for my camera (TZ40) and the flap is too long so it's actually quite difficult to line up the two magnets. The hard leather and wrong size allows the camera to wobble around inside it and makes the small TZ40 seem huge and like an ancient Instamatic camera when it's in the case. I'm amazed that this official Panasonic case seems to have been released without anyone actually measuring the camera it's supposed to hold. I really would not recommend this case at all and am considering returning it.

Logitech Harmony 900 Advanced Universal Remote Control with RF capability
Logitech Harmony 900 Advanced Universal Remote Control with RF capability

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5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome!, 12 Mar 2010
This is a brilliant bit of kit. I'm usually really fussy and can identify flaws in everything but this thing is really, really good!

To make it work you need to connect it to your PC with the supplied USB cable and run the Harmony software from the supplied CD/ You will need www access to do this since it checks for updates to the software/firmware on every use and (more importantly) stores the profile you create within your username (i.e. backs-up your lovingly created config).

Be prepared to spend at least an hour on its initial config as you need to add all your devices. You will probably also need to continually tweak it in your first few days/weeks of use - not because it doesn't work, but it takes the human brain a little while to comprehend the potential of all the little nuances and time-saving additions you can configure. Basically, if you can think it (and it's possible via button presses on a remote) then this thing will do it. I've had mine for a month now and I'm still amending/adding various options - but this is VERY easy to do.

The genius of this remote lies in the ability to set up "Activities".

Here's how it works. Say for example you regularly "Watch Sky TV". You can set this up as an activity. Pressing this button does the following (assuming you've set it up right): Turns on the Sky Box, Switches your AV amp to your Sky box input, turns on your TV (already set to the correct AV input) and configures all the buttons so that the up/down channel controls the Sky box and the up/down volume controls the AV Amp. This was great until one day my TV Vol was set kinda high from a previous viewing session and there was an echo. So... back to the config program and I added two "soft buttons" (up to 8 "pages" of six completely configurable buttons can be added per activity!) for up/down TV Vol.

Basically this unit rewards patience and "wouldn't it be nice if" style thinking in spades.

Bored with "Watch Sky TV"? Hit "Watch DVD" and your entire AV set-up morphs into a DVD player. The Sky box turns off, the TV switches AV input, the AV amp switches to DVD and the DVD player comes on. All the buttons now control the DVD and the AV amp and a whole new range of soft buttons appear (ones that I've "invented", such as Subtitles, Audio track, Top Menu, eject, etc).

This is a seriously capable bit of kit; I concede that it's pretty complicated too, but it does repay any time/effort involved in its set up. It is currently doing the job of six remotes and is still impressing me with it's "tweakability". I would say that it's worth every penny. I have no idea what the "US power" guy was talking about in his rather unfair one-star review - mine came with both UK/EU style plug adapters.

I didn't think I'd use the RF element of this. The idea is that you can shut all your kit away in a wooden box and the remote uses Radio to communicate to an IR relay (hidden in the same wooden box). However, because my coffee table sometimes blocked the remote's IR signal I set up the IR emitter under the sofa and now I can control everything from anywhere in my house!

It has no trouble controlling my new Bose V30 Amp or my 15 year old Mitsubishi VCR. My only gripe (if I had to identify one) is that for this kind of money it really should control my PS3 without the need for an additional adapter. I haven't bought the PS3 bluetooth adapter yet but I'm tempted... This basically works in the same way as the IR relay, turning the 900's button presses (and IR/RF output) into bluetooth signals for the PS3 and is about £[].

I guess it's personal preference between this more conventional remote and the Harmony 1100 which uses more soft buttons. I liked the idea of using normal buttons for volume, play, pause, etc and so opted for the 900. Personal choice as I said.

In summary - buy one of these, it's honestly the best thing since sliced bread!
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One For All URC8603 Xsight Touch
One For All URC8603 Xsight Touch

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1.0 out of 5 stars Not very good at all, 31 Jan 2010
Pretty poor all round really.

It feels cheap (but is actually rather expensive) and it doesn't seem to work too well either.

I won't control my Bose Lifestyle (or my PS3). I can forgive it the PS3 since that's a Bluetooth controller but the Touch confidentally announces that it has an RF mode (not just IR) but after an hour of fighting the awful, awful web-based config screen I reset it and put it back in the box. Even those devices that I did manage to control there was such limited functionality or stupidly complex series of screens and buttons before finding the right button (or being allowed to "teach" it the control in question) that I decided to stick with my huge collection of original manufacturers'remotes rather than this very disappointing, Fisher Price "my first remote" effort.

I didn't buy this from Amazon but I thought I'd warn others that might be considering it.

This is not a good product in my opinion, you'd be wise to avoid.

Note to Amazon - you really need to allow zero stars...

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