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On Your Radar
On Your Radar
Price: 4.99

5.0 out of 5 stars The BEST Saturdays Album Yet!, 1 Dec 2011
This review is from: On Your Radar (Audio CD)
I have one word for this album: wow. This is by far one of the best albums I have ever heard, no lie. It is very seldom you get a CD where you like EVERY song. This album is one of the most anticipated albums of the year and rightly so. It is a shame that this CD debuted at #23 in the charts but it definitely has longevity. S Club's and Nicola Robert's CDs missed the #1 position and they are awesome albums also. This joins the group of an UNDERAPPRECIATED album. I complain about the music in the States but it was a shock to me when this album debuted. It is so good. It is a great album to listen to while we go through the tough economic times that we are going through right now. This CD definitely will lighten up your winter months! The fact that the girls had so much involvement with the album makes it even that much better. I can not stop raving about this album! Some people have been really harsh on The Saturdays but these girls definitely brought to the table with 'On Your Radar'! Great Christmas present, birthday present, or CD to get the holiday parties going!

Cinderella's Eyes
Cinderella's Eyes
Offered by jim-exselecky
Price: 5.20

5.0 out of 5 stars Speechless, 25 Oct 2011
This review is from: Cinderella's Eyes (Audio CD)
I have been a fan of Nicola's since early on but words can not describe how good her debut solo album is! It is like hippie music for the modern/trendy person. The fact that you can dance to some of the songs and cry at others is amazing. You literally feel a different emotion with each song. It is like Nicola bears her soul and is 100% raw on this record. It is nice to see someone put in some musical creativity and originality in an album and work hard on it only releasing something that they approve of. So much music that is churned out is replaceable and good for the moment. This album will definitely have longevity and like a good wine just get better with time. I strongly reccomend this album whether you're into dance music, pop, indie, or looking for a new artist to listen to. This is definitely a record you will keep close by at all times!
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Price: 1.29

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5.0 out of 5 stars usa saturdays fan!, 22 May 2011
This review is from: Notorious (MP3 Download)
are you serious just because i am stateside i can not purchase this mp3 download?! i love this song and think it's one of the best saturdays tracks yet and i can't even bump it in my car much less at dance class because "geographical restrictions"?! i hate politics! anyways, great track, saturdays, and mollie, you kill this performance!
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Offered by Side Two
Price: 9.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Underrated Nadine Coyle!, 13 Jan 2011
This review is from: Insatiable (Audio CD)
Honestly, it is a SHAME that this album seemed to get such bad reviews in the English press. One word: wow. If people could get off of "one artist" for 40 odd minutes to give this album a good listen, they would instantly fall in love! Maybe the UK doesn't understand such an American sound because Nadine Coyle's vocals can compete with Mariah Carey's. See 'Sexy Love Affair'. This was by far one of THE most underrated albums of 2010 and it just goes to show that the States is not the only country that can overlook pure, good talent. I promise if you are a Girls Aloud fan or even Cheryl Cole this album will not disappoint. 'Insatiable' is one of those albums that various songs give you goosebumps and nostalgia (see: 'Chained' and/or 'Rumors'). Beautiful voice, beautiful album. Not to mention the girl broke her back getting her own label, penning her own songs, and doing her own promotions. Last time I checked that was the definiton of a real "artist", just sayin'...

Messy Little Raindrops
Messy Little Raindrops
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: 5.34

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5.0 out of 5 stars one word., 13 Nov 2010
This review is from: Messy Little Raindrops (Audio CD)
one word: DAMN! cheryl cole has DEFINETLY stepped it up between '3 words' and 'messy little raindrops'! it has been on repeat since i have received it (here in the states) and i will continue to play it! it is just a matter of time before cheryl crosses over to the states with material like this! her and her songwriters need to give some pop stars over here a little lesson on creativity! tracks that stand out are 'let's get down' which is a collaboration but that i can def. forsee playing in clubs across the uk and/or states! 'happy tears' is very original also and bittersweet with the beautiful arrangement that fills the room but words to move the 'f' on! i have already ordered my best friend this cd for christmas and will definetly be playing it at christmas parties! it's been a while since music this good has come out! 20 stars!

Seeing Double
Seeing Double
Offered by Direct Entertainment UK
Price: 2.29

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5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome listen!, 12 Oct 2003
This review is from: Seeing Double (Audio CD)
Why this record came in low in the charts for a S Club release...I don't know! This has got to be one of S Club's best CDs to date! The range and variety of every song and each uniqueness each member brings is extraordinary. If more people would have listened this CD should have went down in music history. It's honestly genuis! Here is a brief overview of each song.
"Alive"-Sounds kinda like "Don't Stop Movin'". S Club didn't wanna just jump into something totally different without letting the audience adjust a little. This is a good song to start the CD off with Bradley singing lead. Definetly not the best song on the album but great start.
"Whole Lotta Nothin'"-Still taking it slow. S Club is slowly leading to the mindblowin' climax of the CD. "Whole Lotta Nothin'" lyrics are smart and sassy. Jo on lead.
"Love Ain't Gonna Wait For You"-Total dance track. Make ya wanna groove and press repeat. Jo sings lead.
"Bittersweet"-If anything this song shoulda been called "Gangsta Love" because it sounds v. hip hop. Jo sings lead.
"Straight From The Heart"-Beautiful ballad. A lot of ballads don't change but this one has such variety and a gorgeous string quartet in it it'll make ya wanna find someone! Jo's the main on this one too.
"Gangsta Love"-This song is so awesome. It begins as a Star Wars intro then takes you into the world of "Gangsta Love". S Club definetly put a pop beat to "Gangsta Love" and it sounds awesome. Kick-butt dance track. Rachel and Jo lead this one.
"Who Do You Think You Are?"-This song sounds haunting and sexy. Makes ya wanna drive your car fast and night and feel untouchable. Everyone takes a turn in this song.
"Do It 'Till We Drop"-You honestly can not sit down listening to this song. It will move you one way or another. Sounds mega different from any other song. S Club classic. Rachel and Bradley on this one.
"Hey Kitty Kitty"-Sexxxy with three xs! Hannah proves to everyone why she's on FHM in this song! Hehee.
"Dance"-Self-exclamatory. If you're not up already this song will make you "Dance". Bradley souls out this song.
"Secret Love"-Spanish song that breaks it down. Tina co-wrote this song and sings lead. This song will make ya wanna salsa!
"Greatest Love"-(gasp)I honestly don't like this song that much but I still like it. Maybe the fact that this is a cover from a Scene 23 song. (exactly.) But the chorus is repeated a bit too much in this song. Jo and Rachel take this one also.
"In Too Deep"-I love this song! Jon sings this one and it sounds great! It's a ballad that sounds awesome! You really feel this one, promise!
"Let Me Sleep"-Rhymes with "In Too Deep". Cool. This one's cool. Jo sings lead and this song sounds haunting. It's really awesome.
"Every Kinda People"-Jamaican me crazy! Because this CD has such variety! This song sounds like island music for real. Pass the brownie...? Good song...Jo leads this one...or "sings solo".
"Alive (Almighty Mix)"-It's good to any other remix...something that should only be played in a club...but still good.
If this review doesn't make ya wanna buy the it anyway. It has such a different variety of music...different voice on almost each song and even though released last year and the Club broke up...this type of music will be around for a while. This CD is very infectious and the changes in style will keep you interested or make a huge fan out of you. To me this was the best Club CD!

Funky Dory
Funky Dory
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: 2.69

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5.0 out of 5 stars Funky Dory is right!, 4 Oct 2003
This review is from: Funky Dory (Audio CD)
This is a good CD. You would have to know Rachel's background to really enjoy and realise the transformation that she has made from S Club to solo artist. This CD is so good. Rachel is very talented and her voice sounds very melodic in these series of songs. If this tidbit was not enough for you maybe a review of the songs will help a little bit.
"Sweet Dreams My LA Ex"-V. poptastic. A dance song that makes you wanna groove, tell an ex off.
"FunkyDory"-The title track of the CD which is good because this track changes musically and the lyrics are smart.
"Fools"-Sounds like a chic country song.
"Breathe In Breathe Out"-This song actually makes me think of a Kelly Clarkson song. Kinda guitarish.
"Glide"-Danceadelic, for real. You will definetly press repeat on this one. It's fast and the tempo keeps changing. Each time you listen to this song you hear something different. Bump this one in your cars!
"Heaven Has To Wait"-If anything this is a major track that half makes the album. The only ballad and very beautiful. This song will make you tear up and just enjoy's that pretty.
"Blue Afternoon"-I thought this song was v. creative. It makes you think of classy, 20s. It sounds like a song they would sing in a Big Easy Joint. It takes you back in time and makes you realise Rachel Stevens is v. classy.
"I Got The Money"-Self-exclamatory. She's got the money in this song.
"Little Secret"-Cute, catchy chorus that'll make ya wanna shake it.
"Solid"-Out of all the songs I'm actually not feeling this one. Maybe they needed another song to fill the CD?
"Silk"-I promise this song sounds like Prince! It is so sexy and seductive. It'll make ya wanna go straight to a club and be the spotlight to this song. V. original.
"Sweet Dreams My LA Ex (Bimbo Jones Club Mix)"-Also self-exclamatory. A dance song to get ya off yer feet if ya haven't been already!
If this awesome collaborations with help from song writers that have worked with Britney Spears and Janet Jackson don't make you wanna buy this least buy it for the pictures. It's no doubt that Rachel Stevens is gorgeous. Rachel's image+Good Music=10/10!

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