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hellfire club
hellfire club

4.0 out of 5 stars Burn in hell!!!, 25 May 2004
This review is from: hellfire club (Audio CD) Tobias Sammet-Avantasia!!! In my humble opinion one of the best metal projects ever made in the last years. And now its the new album of Edguy, the band. Of course, the voice of Tobias is unmistakable and dominates the album, just as usual. But lets get to the tracks:
1.Mysteria: "Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the freakshow!" the track keeps its promise, your boxes vibrate when the full sound hits you and you feel energy in every riff and note.
2.The piper never dies: an exceptional midtempo-song, it goes on for ten minuts and never gets boring! The changes in tempo, harmony and the lyrics written in typical edguy-manner make it an experience you want to drown in....
3. We don't need a hero: Faster than "the piper never dies" with a chorus that winds its way through your brain and just keeps stuck there!
4. Down to the devil: again a fast song, still very melodic and with the usual devil-allusions, but in a somehow positive way. The guitar-riffs really do sound cool and you can hear the fun the band is having!
5. King of fools: the first single, and its perfect for it, as it units all the qualities of a good edguy-song: a melody you won't forget, the unmistakable brilliant voice of Tobias and the Lyriks with contents you can identify yourself
6. Forever:AAh, the first ballad! Beautiful and sad, still with a strong chorus and orchestra!
7. Under the moon: The lyriks have again some biblical and religious content and the song itself is one of the faster ones, it really rocks!
8.Lavatory Love machine: the obligatory fun-song! Lyrics you've got to laugh about and joy swinging in every tone, thats just edguy at their best!
9.Rise of the morning glory: By use of orchestra and and very fast guitars it's still a remarkable positiv song that invites you to sing along and feel happy
10. Lucifer in love: This is a rather "special" intro, I personally think it's weird, but listen to it yourself
11.Navigator : One of the best songs of the album, very melodic and with hard good guitars and a change towards the end so that it never gets boring!
12. The spirit will remain: another ballad, only Tobias sammet and an orchestra, which creates a very special thoughtful atmosphere,suported by the lyrics and Sammtes incredible expressive voice
13. Children of steel: The old song with which edguy applied for a contract, but in a new design. Still rocks!
14. Mysteria: Another verion of the opener, but with Mille, the singer of another band, that rocks even more!
A great album with lots of "catchy tunes", rocky guitar riffs and an unbelievable Sammet - so just what I expected! I can't wait to see them perform this live, that'll be incredible. You've got to listen to it!

by Paul Zindell
Edition: Mass Market Paperback

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4.0 out of 5 stars A good "teenage" novel, 25 May 2004
This review is from: Pigman (Mass Market Paperback)
"A teenage novel" - "A novel written for teenagers just like you"- This had already a deterrent effect on me. But "The Pigman" is different. When I started reading, full of suspicion, I got dragged - unwillingly- into its spell.
"The truth and nothing but the truth" - the book begins with an oath. The two narrators high school sophomores John and Lorraine weant to tell their story in what they call a memorial epic. Alternately, the two friends explain their situation, how they don't like school and have problems with their parents and with themselves. Doing prank calls in their free time, they get Mr Piganti on the line, and at first pretending to be charity people, the youths and the old man become friends. They nickname him the "Pigman", as he collects all sorts of pigs.
The novels language is, given the fact that two students tell the story, not very formal, but it's still natural. Especially the change of narrator gives a deep insight of the thoughts and emotions of the two main characters and about the development of the relationship with Mr Pignati. Tension is aroused and by using many images the author makes it interesting to read.
It's a sad story, but the themes like responsibility, trust, relationships between the old and the young and becoming adultsa would indeed interest young adults. It's a good book, so why only four stars? Well, it's just that it's not the best book I've ever read (there's still lord of the riongs to compete with*g*).
But don't let yourself get deterrd by "tenage novel" and read it. It'll be worth it.

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