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Leisure Heritage GR6GVKP 60cm mini range gas cooker with FSD, metal splashback, black
Leisure Heritage GR6GVKP 60cm mini range gas cooker with FSD, metal splashback, black

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1.0 out of 5 stars Nothing good about this cooker!, 16 Dec 2013
This is a very poor quality piece of kit that does not work well in any way.

The main oven regulator seems to have broken - there is no way to light it, even the pilot light does not light with a taper and the button pushed in. This is the second time it has broken.

The top oven struggles to get hot and cooks very unevenly, as does the grill.

The hob burners are not very controllable, and you cannot simmer, even on the smallest one as another reviewer has stated.

The hob igniters work erratically at best.

The regulator knobs are plastic and flimsy and are losing their metallic lacquer after two years of light use.

You cannot open the top oven/grill with your left hand while holding something in your right hand because of the way the handle is positioned.

My mother bought this cooker and saved the original receipt. I noted that a three year warranty was included with the product, but the distributors refused to honour it despite the best efforts of my local retailer because the warranty had not been registered.

My retailer was surprised and disappointed to discover this as they are a local company who try to do the right thing, but obviously the manufacturers have realised that this product is very poor and have decided that they cannot afford to actually honour the warranty on this sub-standard product.

IOMAX Car Cassette Adapter - Black
IOMAX Car Cassette Adapter - Black
Offered by Nexons Electronics
Price: £6.99

3.0 out of 5 stars Works fine but phone signals interfere LOUDLY with music occasionally, 9 Dec 2011
If you use this device with a mobile phone, theN like me you might get loud buzzes and beeps periodically as the wire that connects the device to the tapedeck picks up your phone transmissions.

I would think this is fixable with a ferrite bead on the wire, which is a standard feature on most electronic peripherals these days.

I am going to try fitting one and see if it solves the problem for me.

Premium In Car Holder Windscreen Suction Mount & Charger for Apple iPhone 3G / 3GS
Premium In Car Holder Windscreen Suction Mount & Charger for Apple iPhone 3G / 3GS
Offered by FlashMart
Price: £4.49

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3.0 out of 5 stars Phone holder works ok BUT "iphone charging is not supported with this accessory", 9 Dec 2011
The charger DOES NOT WORK on my iphone 3gs which gives the message "charging is not supported with this accessory" and indeed does not charge. The phone works fine with all my other chargers.

The phone mount works pretty well, holds my 3GS steady without needing to remove a small back-case that I have on it. For the price i paid of under GBP 5 delivered, I am happy with it.

Note however that the mount does not offer you much freedom in adjusting the pitch or angle, so if your car has a very steeply raked windscreen it might be hard to get the device mounted and angled towards you properly - it might end up pointing down at the dash!

Guide to Bees and Honey
Guide to Bees and Honey
by Ted Hooper
Edition: Paperback

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5.0 out of 5 stars So far, excellent!, 12 July 2008
Nicely written and highly informative by someone who evidently has an immense amount of experience and knowledge and who is happy to share it without ever becoming dogmatic.

I am a beginner to be-keeping and this book is giving me a great combination of directly applicable advice and an overview of how it all works together.

Buying Property in Romania - The Truth, Facts and Essential Steps for Investing in Romanian Real Estate
Buying Property in Romania - The Truth, Facts and Essential Steps for Investing in Romanian Real Estate
by Alex Pintea
Edition: Paperback
Price: £9.99

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2.0 out of 5 stars Readable, but possibly not quite worth the price, 9 July 2008
I picked up one or two things from reading this book but I would say it is worth slightly less than I paid for it.

It is generally light on substantive information and packed with estate agents' fluff which means it raises far more questions than it answers. This is perhaps to be expected as the author is an estate agent. Moreover, the book serves at least in part as an infommercial for his Romanian real estate business, so it would perhaps not be in his interest to inform the reader so well that they could enter the Romanian property market independently.

Most of the word-count in the book is taken up with generic advice that applies to buying a property anywhere, and has little or nothing to do with the particular questions one might have about the legal and technical risks and procedures for buying in Romania specifically, these topics being given the briefest of treatments. That said, the lack of information and the flow of the writing makes it a light read that you can get through in a couple of hours.

Along with the general lack of meaning and detail, I noticed at least one important ommission, the book gives the bare minimum of information on the rules and conventions governing how properties can be described for sale (or rental) in Romania... what about the way that square footage is calculated for flats? The answer is not as straightforward as the uninitatied might expect, and it is not in this book!

There are also a couple of questionable pieces of advice, the strangest being that one should spend several hundred euros and countless hours doing the various setup steps for buying a Romanian property before even visiting the country, just in case you see something you like on your first visit.

Having just visited the country for the first time, I can confidently say that no amount of homework can prepare you for Romania, which is a wonderful and diverse country, and that the best thing to do on your first visit is to

A. have a very open mind AND
B. leave your chequebook safely at home!

I do hope to invest in Romania, it is a lovely place with lovely people, but this book is of very limited help being mostly fluff, it is worth a read and you may be happy if you bought it, but it is slightly overpriced to say the least.

One should also note that the above reviewers who have given the book 5 stars seem to have never reviewed anything else and they use a turn of phrase that sounds like something straight out of a sales brochure... I leave you to draw your own conclusions!

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