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Larsons Book of World Religions and Alternative Spirituality
Larsons Book of World Religions and Alternative Spirituality
by Bob Larson
Edition: Paperback
Price: 13.33

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1.0 out of 5 stars A hate preaching christian terrorist's perverted, racist view of worlds religions, 15 Aug 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I must start off by saying that I have always been an avid student of comparative religion. However, I am absolutely horrified, physically sickened and outraged after reading this evil, racist book penned by none other than the son of satan himself. I am well aware who the racist hate preacher and criminal (bob larson) is. Blob Larceny is without a shadow of a doubt a racist hate preacher, a criminal and a total charlatan (in short, your garden variety christian fundamentalist). Here in the UK, anyone who preaches in the same way as Larceny is guilty of race hate and religious hate crimes. Although in usa, christian and zionist hate preachers/terrorists manage to evade prosecution with such ease. In fact, they even manage to evade the label of 'hate preacher', 'terrorist', 'fundamentalist', etc with great ease. Sadly in usa (and even in europe), this despicable label is reserved only for muslims regardless of the fact that they are innocent, law abiding citizens (who are under constant attack from the racist, zionist controlled media). No doubt this is an indictment of the american and european'justice' system.

I am also fully aware that this christian terrorist resides in Arizona (on Native American Indian land) despite his seething contempt for the indigenous and legitimate heirs of the American lands. Yet again, another indictment of the christian definition of 'love and equality' and the american 'justice' system. In this, the parallels between bob larson and the zionist settlers in the illegal, terrorist state of israel are astounding (and not in an endearing way).

I am equally familiar with his fraudulent 'works', particularly those regarding 'exorcisms'. In fact he visited the UK in 2013 for a television documentary where he, his reprobate shiksa teenage daughter and her equally reprobate teenage shiksa buddies were exposed as charlatans and complete imbeciles. I am also aware that only Brynne is his daughter and the other two reprobates are her close friends. They are indeed reprobates (Oxford dictionary definition as 'undisciplined person') as they continue to behave in a grossly undisciplined and irresponsible manner. I find it despicable that they fraudulently label themselves as exorcists and spiritual healers. They are clearly brain washed and mind numbingly stupid. Legally, they are adults and therefore responsible for their own actions and idiocy. Subsequently, they cannot be regarded as nave pawns and puppets and should thus be exposed to legal prosecution on grounds of fraudulent advertising and extortion/racketeering (same goes for their grand poobah). Digression aside, I will come to his fraudulent book regarding exorcisms at a later date. But right now, I will focus on this work of evil that he has the bare faced audacity to call a book of comparative religion.

Right off the bat in the contents page, you will see all belief systems alphabetically named EXCEPT christianity and judaism (although he has generously targeted various minor christian cults but not the main christian cult). No doubt he feels christianity and judaism to be perfect and legitimate religions (although he did not extend the same courtesy to the third and quite frankly, only legitimate monotheist religion, Islam). So there are two issues to be autopsied here (the supposed theological legitimacy of christianity and judaism and also the inherently, evil/racist and criminal predilections of bob larson).

Perhaps this uneducated, uncivilised racist idiot did not want to expose the shortcomings of christianity and judaism (their holy books are replete with errors, violence and racism). At the last count, the bible has 50,000 errors. Here are a few -

The making of images forbidden (Ex 20:4)
The making of images commanded (Ex 25:18,20)

Slavery and oppression ordained (Gen 9:25/ Lev 25:45,46/ Joel 3:8)
Slavery and oppression forbidden (Is 58:6/ Ex 22:21/ Ex 21:16/ Matt 23:10)

God is the author of evil (Lam 3:38/ Jer 18:11/ Is 45:7/ Amos 3:6/ Ezek 20:25)
God is not the author of evil (1 Cor 14:33/ Deut 32:4/ James 1:13)

God is warlike (Ex 15:3/ Is 51:15)
God is peaceful (Rom 15:33/ 1 Cor 14:33)

Robbery commanded (Ex 3:21,22/ Ex 12:35,36)
Robbery forbidden (Lev 19:13/ Ex 20:15)

Lying approved and sanctioned (Josh 2:4-6/ James 2:25/ Ex 1:18-20/ 1 Kings 22:21,22)
Lying forbidden (Ex 20:16/ Prov 12:22/ Rev 21:8)

Killing commanded (Ex 32:27)
Killing forbidden (Ex 20:13)

Contrary to what christian fundamentalists are taught, the bible is clearly NOT the word of god, since it is replete with inexcusable errors. It has been written by the hands of deceitful imbeciles and charlatans. Judaism is no better (actually, it is far worse). Look at this -

Shiksa - the jewish term for a gentile (non-jewish) woman, from the root word 'sheigetz', meaning 'abomination' or 'whore'.

Shikselke - A gentile (non-jewish) little girl, meaning 'little female abomination'.

57a Gittin, London, soncino press, page 261, translated by M. Simon 1936. 'Balaam (Jesus) is raised from the dead and being punished in boiling hot semen. Those who mock the words of the jewish sages and sin against israel are boiled in hot excrement'.

talmud sanhedrin, baba mezia, 114a-114b. 'Only jews are human. Gentiles are animals'.

babylonian talmud. Funk & wagnall's jewish encyclopaedia, 1907, gentile, page 617. 'Even the best of the gentiles should be killed'.

talmud, moed kattan, baba mezia, 114a-114b, soncino edition 1935, talmud sanhedrin. 'If a jew is tempted to do evil, he should go to a city where he is not known and do the evil there'.

talmud yebamoth, 98a, soncino edition, 1936. 'All gentile (non-jew) children are animals'.

talmud sanhedrin 105a-b, page 717, soncino edition, 1935. 'Balaam (Jesus) fornicated with his jackass'.

57a Gittin, talmud sanhedrin, pg.261, soncino press 1936, translated by Simon M. Trans 'jewish priests raised balaam (Jesus) from the dead and punished him in boiling hot semen'.

talmud sanhedrin, 52b, pg.356, soncino edition, 1935. 'Jesus was lowered into a pit of dung upto his armpits. Then a hard cloth was placed within a soft one, wound round his neck and the two ends pulled in opposite directions until he was dead'.

talmud sanhedrin 106 soncino 1935 edition & jewish encyclopaedia, balaam, pg.469. 'Hast thou heard how old balaam (Jesus) was?. Bloody and deceitful men shall not live out half their days. It follows that he was thirty three or thirty four years old'.

This racist, christian hate preacher (is there any other kind?) fully endorses the absurd pagan notion of the trinity. This belief has absolutely no basis in the original teachings of prophet Jesus (peace be upon him). This practice was taken from pagan roman and sumerian texts and dropped into christianity (no thanks to 'saint' Paul whom I call satan Paul, as he single handedly destroyed the original teachings of christianity).

This is the inherent problem with the trinity. Pray tell, how can one entity be three different entities at the same time?. The christian clergy give the example of water, as it can exist as liquid, solid and steam. However, what these morons fail to understand is that it does not exist in the three different states at the same time!. Another problem with christianity is that this belief of the trinity actually puts christianity outside of the fold of monotheism. A religion has to satisfy three criteria in order to be classed as a genuine monotheist religion. These three criteria are -

1)`Maintaining the unity of Lordship'
2)`Maintaining the unity of the names & attributes of the Almighty'.
3)`Maintaining the unity of worship of the Almighty'.

Christianity and judaism horrendously violate all three aspects. But let me move onto the racist, hate preaching, brain washing propaganda of Blob Larceny. This monster has absolutely no respect for other religions (or even religious figures for that matter). In one chapter he mentions his 'holiday' in India yet refers to Indians as 'wretched beings'!. The best example is his malicious review of Islam, which panders to many (if not all) racist american/christian terrorist predilections. See-

"Separating Islam from it's Arabic culture is impossible", pg. 269

"It is an intolerant faith that has impeded progress and repressed women", pg. 269

"They are fair game for missionary efforts, financial pressure (oil embargo) and jihad", pg. 269.

"September 2011, terrorist attack on usa, instigated from 19 fundamentalist muslims from the Arab world", pg. 269

"Islam began with the mystic visions of a non-descript camel driver named Ubu'l-Kasim (later known as Muhammad)", pg. 269

"During travels, Muhammad engaged in lively conversations with jews & christians. From these encounters he learned the theological concepts that were to later influence his teachings", pg. 269

"The pantheon of deities Arabs worshipped included angels, djinns and a supreme god called Allah", pg. 269.

"Muhammad was afflicted by a strange disorder that caused him to foam at the mouth and fall into unconscious trances. Christians might well wonder in retrospect whether such phenomena reflect the symptoms of demonic possession as represented in the bible. Muhammad himself questioned whether the seizures were divine or devilish, but his wife encouraged him to ignore such considerations", pg. 270

"Gabriel choked Muhammad into submission", pg.270

"Muhammad promised green meadows, rivers of wine and beautiful virgins to the faithful", pg. 270

"To raise funds for his spiritual quest, Muhammad sanctioned plundering expeditions that raided caravans. Even during his native land's traditional month of peace, his followers mercilessly attacked innocent citizens". pg. 270

"Filled with religious zeal, muslims spread Islam to India, North Africa and Spain", pg. 270

"Islam does not accept the virgin birth of Christ or the scriptural accounts of his miracles", pg. 270

"Most muslims go through prayers in a mechanical manner", pg. 271

"The month Gabriel SUPPOSEDLY delivered the KORAN to Muhammad", pg. 271.

"Other beliefs include using a 99 bead rosary to recount the unmentionable names of Allah", pg. 271

"19 Islamic terrorists attacked WTC and Pentagon", pg. 275

"All muslims hated americans and whether they intended to put that belief into practice by participating in suicide bombings or other terrorist acts", pg 275.

"Christians shouldn't let the hatred of a few stop them from showing the love of Jesus to muslims in their midst", pg. 725.

"All muslims have a sacred mission: to bring the entire world under Allah's dominion by force of persuasion", pg. 275

"Allah demands a codified system of submission but he offers no immediate forgiveness of sins in return. The certainty of salvation known by Christians (john 3:36, 5:24) is but a vague hope for muslims", pg. 277.

"Christians cannot accept the authority of the Koran because it seeks to supplant the bible", pg. 275.

I have to say, I am absolutely disgusted by this hate preaching, racist monster who has the bare faced audacity to call himself a man of faith.

All of the above statements he has made in his fraudulent book are taken from racist/terrorist christian/zionist sources (and are inherently false claims!). To add insult to injury, this racist imbecile has not given any proof whatsoever (from unbiased peer reviewed sources) to support his fraudulent and scurrilous allegations which is no doubt fuelled by his underlying racist christian predilections.

For the record, muslims do believe in the virgin birth (there is a whole chapter in the Quran dedicated to this. See Surah 19 'Mary'). Unlike christianity (which is historically synonymous for violent, blood thirsty conquests, illegal invasion of sovereign lands, looting, plunder, gang rapes of young girls through to mature women, forced conversions, racism, slavery, genocide, ethnic cleansing and executions) Islam is not an intolerant faith at all.

How does he intend to show the 'love' of christians to muslims?. By raping and murdering muslim teenage girls and women, just as the terrorist american soldiers are doing in Iraq and Afghanistan (where they regularly partake in 'weekend rape rallies')?.

Also the fraudulent allegation of using the name Ubul Kasim is an old trick used by christian and zionist terrorists/hate preachers to defile the legitimacy and lineage of prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and it is absolutely despicable that the christian terrorist blob larceny referred to this prophet as a 'non-descript camel driver'. It is even more reprehensible that this christian terrorist has the bare faced audacity to claim the prophet used to suffer from epileptic fits and demon possession!. Yet this christian terrorist has given no proof whatsoever!. This is a fraudulent accusation hurled by zionist and christian terrorists for the last 1400 years.

The harsh fact is that christianity and the bible is NOT the word of God. The original teachings of prophet Jesus (pbuh) have been completed perverted since the meeting of the council of Nicea. Blob Larceny is a cold blooded and ruthless christian terrorist, a most vile and racist hate preacher and merciless criminal. It beggars belief that this monster has evaded the law for so long. He richly deserves to be arrested and executed, or at the very least incarcerated for the rest of his evil, misbegotten life.

They Shall Expel Demons: What You Need to Know About Demons - Your Invisible Enemies
They Shall Expel Demons: What You Need to Know About Demons - Your Invisible Enemies
by Derek Prince
Edition: Paperback
Price: 6.00

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1.0 out of 5 stars Absolute tosh, 12 July 2014
It didn't stop demons from possessing and killing him!. Anyone who believes in this Christian fundamentalist BS deserves to be possessed and sent to the fiery nether realms.
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Corsair CC-9011030-WW Carbide Series Air 540 ATX High Airflow Cube Performance Windowed Computer Case - Black
Corsair CC-9011030-WW Carbide Series Air 540 ATX High Airflow Cube Performance Windowed Computer Case - Black
Price: 98.95

4 of 5 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Innovative design, great airflow but disappointing build quality, 12 July 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Corsair cases are just like American cars. Some of them are very pretty to look at but when it comes to build quality and reliability, they totally suck balls. I have a high end AMD gaming rig (FX-9590 and a pair of Sapphire R9-290's in Xfire). I have been looking for an upgrade (for a few months now) to supersede my ageing Coolermaster storm trooper. What I am ideally looking for is a case that is a full tower, has excellent build quality, has a huge cabin that can easily house current and future large sized components, that offers great air and liquid cooling options, can be mounted on wheels and will fit under my desk.

I am pretty shocked to find that modern cases are lacking in these features and aesthetics (whatever happened to the Akasa Venom toxic black and CM-HAF932?). In the end, I got fed up and ordered this Corsair 540. It arrived well packaged. When I prepped it for installation of pc parts, I was somewhat disappointed with the quality of materials used. For example, the skeleton mainframe is made of steel, but it is a thin grade steel as it was bending/flexing when I was screwing in my coolermaster jetflo fans. The side panels are made of thin grade steel, so there is a fair bit of flex to them. The outer shell of the Corsair 540 is all plastic. The top and front panels are detachable and when I test them, they do have a fair bit of bend/flex in them, as they are constructed of thinner (cheaper?) grade plastic.

This is in stark contrast to my CMST which is made of heavy duty steel and plastic. No bend or flex in side/top panels whatsoever. The Corsair 540 only comes with one front filter (bearing in mind the price tag and number of vents, it should have five filters). In contrast, my CMST has front, top, bottom and side filters.

This Corsair 540 embodies the Gestalt principle that 'the whole is greater than the sum of the individual parts'. When the side, front and top panels are examined individually, they are quite flimsy, but once they are attached to the metal chassis, they blend together to give a cumulative rigidity (but still nowhere as strong as my CMST or my earlier CM-HAF932. That thing was built like a tank).

Another problem is that the SSD cage is made of detachable plastic trays with push/pull clips (it is meant to be a tool free rig). When I put my SSD's into the trays/cages, the plastic clips just pop out of place so the SSD's don't stay in their fixings. Still another problem is that the built in HDD connector/wires are faulty because it is not picking up one of my HDD's. I disconnected both of my HDD's from the built-in slots of the case and reconnected my HDD's using my own sata and power cables and they worked perfectly. Clearly, Corsair are using mediocre power and sata cables/connectors.

It is an annoying hassle. I shelled out 105 for this case and I should not have to faff around fixing things. Also, there is no mounting place on the back tray for my HDD's which is why they are in the front at the bottom (it blocks airflow to my bottom GFX card). Perhaps this slipped through the net with the Corsair design team. A lot of USA Amazon reviewers have also said how flimsy and fragile the SSD and HDD trays are (as they break easily).

There is also a massive disparity between the amount of free space available at the top of the chassis (above the motherboard), where there is a lot of space, I presume for radiators and then at the bottom, where there is very little space and breathing room for my 2nd GFX card because the area is blocked by the dual position HDD rack - again lack of design coherence on part of Corsair design team.

But I have to say, the design of the case is very good. It has been split into half. The front half is where your motherboard, cpu, cooler, GFX card and soundcard go. It is not blocked by HDD cages so the front fans can get air right to the components. All of the ugly wires, cables, psu, SSD's, optical drives are in the back half. So it doesn't clutter up the cabin and all your 'showy' components. The best part is that all the cool air from the 3 front fans get right to your mobo, GFX card, etc. So unlike my CMST (which has awful cable management in the cabin and blocked airflow from the front fans due to the huge HDD cages), the Corsair 540 does keep my high end components really cool.

So the storm trooper has much better build quality (even the plastic is tough as hell) BUT airflow and cooling is not so great (and it h as been struggling to keep my gaming rig cool during the hot summer weather (even though I am using nine high performance fans)

On the one hand the Corsair 540 is worth keeping due to great cooling (it keeps my cpu within 55c and my GFX cards within 65c when running very intensive benchmarks like 3D Mark. But on the other hand, the build quality is not so great and I doubt the case wiring, etc would even last the 2 years warranty period. Corsair are known for slightly below average build quality yet top end prices (and very pretty cases).

I took some photos of my rig and emailed them to my brother (with mention of some of my concerns). I also emailed him the Amazon link of the Coolermaster HAF-932 Advanced case (a revamp of the older case). My brother preferred the CM-HAF932 Advanced case. I'm not surprised because when I look back at all the cases I had, the HAF932 was definitely the best one. I should have purchased the HAF932 Advanced a month ago (when it was selling on Amazon for 96), but I made the mistake of overlooking it because it was a rehash of an old case. In the end, I made a bee-line back to the HAF932 Advanced because it satisfies my criteria and also offers excellent airflow (4x120mm fans on the LHS panel to keep my GFX card, cpu, etc cool).

This Corsair 540 is going back. I will get a full refund. Bearing in mind the sub-par build quality and chronic lack of dust filters, I believe this case is over-priced by at least 30 (rrp should be 75). In all fairness I have worked with pc cases for 70 (CM693) that have a far superior build quality than this Corsair 540. TBH, I should have known better than to try a Corsair case again (18 months ago, I purchased the Corsair 600T. It was like 80% cheap plastic and I was shocked because it was bending under the weight of my rig). It went back to Amazon after only 2 days.
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Transformers: Age of Extinction [DVD] [2014]
Transformers: Age of Extinction [DVD] [2014]
Dvd ~ Mark Wahlberg
Price: 12.50

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3.0 out of 5 stars Meh..., 7 July 2014
Saw this film today and it is a rehash of the three previous films. It also lacks the heart and soul of the previous films, even though they had their flaws (no thanks to a certain someone!), they were still entertaining. It is a travesty since Mark Wahlberg put in a good performance but it still fell short of his other films such as pain and gain. However, I suspect this was due to shortcomings in the plot. Got to admit, he was a desperately needed and far superior heroic character then Shia Lepoof. A travesty that the man-child Michael bay did not take Mark Wahlberg in the first three films.

You really don't see many of the autobots from the previous films. No twins (from the 2nd film, I really liked them!), no arcee, skids, dino, sideswipe, wheeljack, wheelie, ratchet, roadbuster, leadfoot. The only 'originals' are Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and brains.

Best of all, no more obnoxious, whiny, mind numbingly annoying Shia Lepoof and his equally obnoxious yahud parents. The biggest annoyances and failures of the first three films were Lepoof and his parents. He single handedly butchered those films.

There were some new characters such as the billionaire inventor geek 'Joshua' (initially presumed the bad guy). He played a bigger role later in the film. We see another sinister black ops government agency and two new and very deadly foes (one of whom has risen from the ashes and was the arch nemesis of Ultra Magnus in the original comic series).

Lots of fights/action scenes and the boring family moments (some of which was remedied by amusing bickering). Even then, there was something missing from the recipe as it didn't satisfy like a good bum burner curry should. The ending took a very interesting turn as we saw the main protagonist make a dash for the heavens whilst his nemesis made a dash for the forest (and who promised to meet his rival again). So I suspect there will be two intertwining stories in the next film.

We also got to see some surprise insights at the start of the film with a brief glimpse of the 'creators' and the revelation that Transformers were engineered and not created/born. However, the film seemed a bit schizophrenic in parts, particularly at the start where it kept jumping form prehistoric times to new age to different geographical locations.

We also see the 'discovery' of a rare metal called 'Transformium'. I found this quite amusing as it seemed to be a parallel to the newly discovered element 115 (discovered in 2004 and called Ununpentium). BTW, interesting history to element 115 as it was apparently given to us rather than discovered (a physicist in 1989 revealed all info in press conference about this element but was ridiculed. But in 2004, other physicists discovered he was right as this element had all the atomic properties he said it did).

Anyway digression aside, there were some sneaky references to 'terrorism' and 'its not their land' verbal diarrhoea. No doubt some dirty yahud trying to peddle his racist predilections within the film. To conclude, it was an okay film but nothing to shout home about. My advice to you is just sit it out until it is available on bluray. Trust me, save your money for something else (like the new rise of the apes film and the new galaxy guardians are whatever it is called). BTW, did I mention that Galvatron has risen from the ashes?.

AOC U2868Pqu 28 inch Widescreen LED Monitor (80m:1, 300 cd/m2, 3840 x 2160, 1ms, VGA/DVI/HDMI/DP/USB)
AOC U2868Pqu 28 inch Widescreen LED Monitor (80m:1, 300 cd/m2, 3840 x 2160, 1ms, VGA/DVI/HDMI/DP/USB)
Price: 466.12

1 of 6 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Great monitor BUT, 1 July 2014
There is no way in hell I am paying 510 for it. Amazon Germany are selling it for 440 (I think cost of shipping will be an extra 15 or so but it will still be a damn sight cheaper than here in the UK) and because UK is a member of the EU, there is no import tax/duty. Unfortunately, Amazon Germany at this time is not shipping to the UK. I spoke to a nice lady in Amazon Germany and she said the policy may change. She advised me to keep checking every now and then.

I checked USA Amazon and they do not have the AOC U2868PQU. They do however have the Philips 288P6LJEB (ultra HD 4K monitor). Same specs as this AOC (built for gaming so 1ms response time, etc). It is selling for $608 (355.55!). It was a no brainer so I added it to my basket. However, with cost of shipping and import duty/tax, the cost went up to $800! (467.83!). It is still a damn sight cheaper than anywhere in the UK although I am not happy that the price was hiked up from $608 to $800.

Forgot to mention, even though I don't own this AOC 4K monitor, I have seen it in action and the picture quality when gaming is ridiculously amazing (it blows my 144Hz BenQ XL2411T out of the water). I initially wanted a 1600p monitor but they are so rare and so stupidly expensive (the cheapest one is by Hazro at overclockers for 600). Many 1440p monitors are selling for between 350-500 (1440p is only somewhat better than 1080p). Don't waste your money on a 1440p or 1600p monitor. I cannot understand why they are so expensive. You may as well buy a 4k monitor (similar price bracket).

EVGA NVIDIA GTX TITAN Z Graphics Card (12GB, 768 Bit, DDR5, HDMI, DVI-I, DVI-D, DP, PCI-E)
EVGA NVIDIA GTX TITAN Z Graphics Card (12GB, 768 Bit, DDR5, HDMI, DVI-I, DVI-D, DP, PCI-E)
Price: 2,585.23

3 of 22 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars A very expensive failure., 28 Jun 2014
I will try to make this short. I do not own a Titan Z. I actually own a pair of Sapphire 290 TRIX in Xfire (I recently upgraded form a pair of Zotac 770GTX-SLi). But I do have a gaming buddy who against everyone's advice purchased the Titan Z for 2400 (instead of the AMD 295X2 at rrp of 1000 for the MSI brand). In gaming benchmarks, my pair of Sapphire 290 TRIX (568!) at stock clocks give almost identical mean FPS as the Titan Z at stock clocks. In crysis 3, the Titan Z gives an average of 94 FPS at max game settings whereas my pair of 290's give an average of 93 FPS (in crysis3, my 2x290 frame rates range from 66FPS to 120FPS). The Titan Z is over 4 times more expensive than my pair of Sapphire 290's, yet it gives notably lesser performance.

AMD have been keeping quiet about how powerful the 290 really is. It apparently has a total of 3072 stream processors (the extra processors were turned off in the 290/X). AMD recently declared they will be releasing an improved version 290X that will take down the 780Ti. The 290X+ will have all 3072 cores activated (and will have higher core clock and vram frequency). AMD will also be releasing the 390X in November 2014 (brand new 20nm architecture, 7GHz ram speed, stacked DRAM, over 4000 processor cores and 6GB onboard memory).

Up until recently, I was always an Nvidia fanboy, but over the last 12 months I have gradually lost my patience wrt Nvidia's extortionately high prices (for very little performance gain) and unfettered skull duggery.

In the past, I did not like AMD GFX cards as I felt they were not good enough. Now that they have the Hawaii gpu with custom coolers, AMD have turned the tide. AMD offers much better value for money compared to Nvidia. However, the only downside to AMD GFX cards is that they tend to run hot (but not the 295x2 with it's custom liquid cooler which doesn't go above 65c) and the sometimes buggy drivers that cause minor glitching during gaming. AMD needs to sort out these two relatively minor issues and then there will be absolutely no reason to favour Nvidia over AMD. See my comments page for the links of new 290X+ and of the 295x2 trouncing the Titan Z.
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Sapphire AMD R9 290 TRI-X OC Graphics Card (4GB, HDMI, PCI-E)
Sapphire AMD R9 290 TRI-X OC Graphics Card (4GB, HDMI, PCI-E)
Price: 280.00

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Great gaming performance and benchmarks BUT........, 19 Jun 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
There are some niggling issues which quite frankly are a pain in the ass to deal with (for example heat issues, some software issues particularly having to disable ULPS - see below). Back in January 2014, I needed a new GFX card for my high spec gaming rig (I had a 7990HD but I wanted to sell it on because that thing was too hot). Ideally I wanted 2x780GTX but the prices were so stupidly high and after much online research I decided to go for a pair of Zotac 770GTX from Novatech (which was available at offer price of 240 plus 3 free games). I got 6 games in total which I sold on ebay for 60, bringing down my outlay to 420. Read my Amazon review of the Zotac 770GTX (great value for money and my SLI rig trounced my previous Palit 780Ti in performance and price). However, my intention was to use the 2x770GTX-SLI as a stop gap until prices of 780GTX come down. Alas, 5 months on and the cheapest 780GTX I could find was a good quality Zotac for 340 (again Novatech). I was going to go for it but then I saw a special offer on Amazon for the Sapphire TRIX R9-290 for 284. That is 56 cheaper than the cheapest 780GTX. So I went for it and bought two. Both 290's arrived next day but one turned out faulty (defective Hynix RAM). I RMA'd it for a replacement, which arrived three days later.

As mentioned by other reviewers, the 290's are of good build quality. But no-one has mentioned the underside, which should have a metal back plate. This one does not. However, upon close inspection, the metal plate is actually found internally (the pcb is attached to it, so it is giving internal rigidity and the hefty heatsink is attached to the other side of this internal metal plate). The 290's are very good performers (similar benchmarks to stock Titan Z and that thing costs 2300 and I am getting almost identical FPS to Titan Z in crysis3 maxed out settings), BUT the 2x290's put out a huge amount of heat. My Alpenfohn K2 mount doom heatsink was absorbing ambient heat not only from my FX-9590 but also from the two 290's, so it was quickly overheating to 71c and BIOS safeties was shutting down pc (no doubt, current hot weather had large role to play in this, as even my 2x770GTX were hitting high temps of 70c-80c).

I also decided to check the specs for the stock fans that came with the K2. Only 61CFM each!. So I ordered the latest 3000rpm industrial fans from Noctua (21 each). Both fans arrived yesterday, installed and wow, massive drop in cpu temps - 37c idle, with boinc/seti in background is 43c-46c (whereas with Alpenfohn fans was 55c-58c). With boinc/seti running in background and playing crysis3, cpu was 54c-58c. All with MSI afterburner fan speed at 20%.

I also noticed massive reduction in 290 glitches whilst gaming (reduced stuttering, white patches, etc). Clearly heat output has adverse effect on 290 gaming and benchmarking performance.

But in a nutshell, the 290 even as a single card was giving very good FPS in gaming. In Xfire I am getting solid 80FPS in crysis3 ultra settings (often FPS shoots up to 100-146FPS). Compare this to my 2x770GTX-SLI which was giving 60FPS in crysis3 ultra settings (with a high of 88FPS). I am very pleased with the 2x290's but the catalyst software can be a headache to deal with. You also have to disable ULPS in regedit (otherwise it interferes with GFX card fan speed and burns out motor). Took quite a few hours trying to figure out how to disable ULPS (please see my comments page on how to disable ULPS).

Here are my benchmarks -

R9-290 Xfire:

score = 7562
graphics score = 9056
physics score = 8647
combined score = 3119

3D Mark Sky diver:
Score = 28851
Graphics score = 58552
Physics score = 9307
Combined score = 17439
CPU: Before = 52c. After = 68c.
GPU1: Before = 55c. After = 64c.
GPU2: Before = 41c. After = 53c.

Score = 3178
FPS = 76
Min FPS = 25.9
Max FPS = 122.2

Score = 2224
FPS = 88.3
Min FPS = 25.2
Max FPS = 173

My Zotac 2x770GTX-SLI:

score = 5856
graphics score = 6701
physics score = 8583
combines score = 2418

Score = 2912
FPS = 69.6
Min FPS = 25.7
Max FPS = 123.9

Score = 1655
FPS = 65.7
Min FPS = 21.8
Max FPS = 158.6

The 290 series are very good cards and if you are willing to deal with software and heat issues every now and then, it's a reasonable compromise (but you can resolve heat issues, as I finally managed to).

Yes, Nvidia cards run noticeably cooler and software is more stable (with better perks) but prices are stupidly high for 780GTX and 780Ti (This sapphire 290 TRIX was 56 cheaper than the cheapest 780GTX and only 54 more than the Zotac 770GTX which is a rebadged 680GTX!).

You can also get similar real life gaming performance with a single card or significantly better performance with a pair of 290's for a damn sight cheaper than a 780Ti. Let me put it this way, my pair of TRIX 290's cost me 568, whereas an MSI 780Ti costs 510 and the Asus directCUII 780Ti costs 540 (and the Zotac 780Ti costs 530).

Dont forget, I sold off my pair of Zotac 770GTX, so I recouped 370. Therefore my pair of 290's cost me 198. Almost forgot to mention but I am getting similar benchmark scores with my pair of 290's (568!) compared to Titan Z which costs 2300!. So the Titan Z is over 4 times more expensive than my pair of 290 TRIX.

Initially Nvidia were demanding a price tag of 3k for the Titan Z, but after benchmarks of AMD 295X2 were published, the Titan Z release date was delayed by 5 weeks (it was too late for Nvidia to recall stock for fine tuning and modifications) so the only thing they could do was decrease rrp to 2300.

Plus Nvidia cards are no good for crypto-currency. Will try my hand at it with these two 290's as I would like to recover the initial costs. I read online that AMD are releasing a new GFX card this summer to take down the 780Ti. Also, AMD are releasing the new gen 390X in November 2014 (it will have 4000 stream processors, 20nm architecture, 7GHz VRAM speed and I think a total of 6GB stacked VRAM).

In the past I always preferred Nvidia GFX cards as I felt AMD were just not good enough. Since the release of the Hawaii gpu with custom coolers, I am pleased to say that AMD GFX cards are now good enough to challenge and take down Nvidia (and a damn sight cheaper too!).

UPDATE 1: 23/06/14 - I read a month ago that AMD is planning to release an upgraded 290X (one that will topple the 780Ti). Well it seems the rumours are true. Apparently, AMD never disclosed how powerful the 290/X really is. It actually has 3072 processing cores! (the extra cores have been disabled but will be enabled in the 290X+). It has been calculated that this 'all cores activated version' will even bring down the Titan Black. See my comments page for the article.

UPDATE 2: Tuesday 01/07/14 (7.30pm). Okay, some weird things have been happening with these GFX cards every so often over the last 2 weeks, but twice today. Sometimes when gaming, I noticed that when I run FRAPS whilst gaming, I am only getting 30-40FPS with both cards. Very odd. I usually turn off the game and restart my pc. Then I get proper FPS (in crysis3, ultra settings I normally get 86-94FPS, but it often shoots up to 140FPS). However, today, I was running 3D Mark diver and about 1 minute into the benchmark, the screen mysteriously just went black. I switched off my pc. Did some other things and came back after 30 minutes. Only 15 minutes ago I was just surfing the net and for some reason, the web page just crashed, screen went black and then some white dotted lines came across the screen. This does not sound good at all. Will have to trouble shoot. I hope it is something simple and fixable. As a comparison, in the 5 months I had my pair of Zotac 770GTX-SLI, I never had any problems with them. From the very first day, they worked brilliantly.

UPDATE 3: Tuesday 15/07/14. I was able to identify and resolve the strange glitches and crashing of the 290's. It was due to heat!. I had them in a Coolermaster Strom Trooper case (poor cable management as all the cables are congested in the main cabin and diminishes airflow. Also the two huge HDD cages block airflow from the front fans). I finally resolved this by getting the CM HAF932 Advanced. Great airflow on front, top, rear, bottom and side. I placed 4x120mm CM jetflo fans (2000rpm/95CFM each) on the side panel so they blow air directly on to my 290's. Had it up and running for 7 days now and I have not had a single problem with my 290's. So yes, the 290's are very good performing cards but heat build up can cause issues.
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NF-F12 PPC 3000 PWM
NF-F12 PPC 3000 PWM
Offered by NOCTUA -Designed in Austria
Price: 21.49

1 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Very impressed, 18 Jun 2014
I purchased an Alpenfohn K2 mount doom air cooler, last year from ebay (new/unused for 28 incl p+p when places like overclockers were selling it for 65). Love it, great cooler. Kept my FX-8350 nice and cool between 32c-35c. Then in September I upgraded to the FX-9590 and the K2 kept it cool at 39c-42c. In January 2014, I bought a pair of Zotac 770GTX to put in SLI (ideally I wanted 2x780GTX but they were too expensive so I decided to go with these in the interim).

Two weeks ago, I found a great bargain on Amazon for the Sapphire Trix R9-290 at 284. So I bought two (5 months on and the cheapest 780GTX was Zotac for 340, so the 290 Trix was 56 cheaper). Problem is whilst these bad boys are very good performers, they put out a lot of heat. I found when gaming, especially crysis3 my gpu's would go to 70c and 80c, cpu would overheat to 71c and BIOS safeties would shut down pc. I also got a lot of artefacts, stuttering, freezing when gaming with the 290's (never had any issues with the 770GTX-SLI)

No doubt summer weather has significant effect on pc temperature. I decided to go for a Coolermaster Nepton 140XL AIO liquid cooler from Amazon. Worked great for first day (Boinc/seti running in background and playing crysis 3, my cpu would hit 55c). But the 140XL started playing havoc with my ZXR sound card and Asus Crosshair V formula Z motherboard. Spoke to CM euro tech support and the tech guy was flummoxed. He said probably electrical issue with pump. Had to RMA.

I went back to my Alpenfohn K2. This time I decided to check the stock fan specs that came with the heatsink. Only 61CFM each!. No wonder my cpu was overheating. A friend told me about the Noctua NFF12-3k rpm. Unfortunately too expensive on Amazon because third party retailers selling for inflated price of 25 (p+p is extra!). So I had to buy from Scan for 20 each. Arrived today, installed. Using Asus AI suite and standard fan mode, cpu at 37c (with Boinc/seti off). With Boinc/seti running in background, cpu was 46c (with stock Alpenfohn fans cpu was 55/56c).

With boinc running and playing crysis3, this time no crashes, no gpu stuttering or artefacts due to heat. Played 15 minutes easily and cpu was 64c, gpu1 was 70c and gpu2 was 65c.

I am well impressed with these Noctua NFF12 fans. Ideally, I wanted the 14cm-3k rpm fans but no one had them in stock, so had to settle for these NFF12. But they have worked brilliantly. It goes to show, you don't need fancy and potentially fickle AIO liquid coolers. You just need a good quality heatsink and a pair of Noctua 3k-rpm fans. These fans are expensive but a very worthwhile investment bearing in mind performance and if you intend to keep them for long term use (which I do). They also come with 6 years manufacturer warranty.

I have used other fans before like Akasa venom which claim to be 108CFM but when I put my hand over them, I cant feel a damn thing. The only two fans worth their weight in gold are these Noctua NFF12/14 (109 and 144 CFM respectively) and the coolermaster jetflo 120mm fans (95CFM) but the jetflo fans cant be fitted on a air cooler heatsink!. I am using the CM jetflo as case fans and these Noctua NFF12 as cpu heatsink fans and I can feel the turbine fan blades pushing gusts of air for both brands of fans. Highly recommend these two models/brands (especially the NFF12).

PWM Fan Splitter Cable 4 Pin Plug to Twin Male 4 Pin Sockets 30cm
PWM Fan Splitter Cable 4 Pin Plug to Twin Male 4 Pin Sockets 30cm

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5.0 out of 5 stars Far better than the Akasa 5 way pwm splitter, 27 May 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Unlike the Akasa 5 way pwm splitter, this thing actually works. I can set my fans at user, silent, standard or turbo mode and this pwm cable works perfectly as it allows me to control the fan speeds through the above mentioned settings. I also purchased the Akasa 5 way pwm splitter and that does not work at all, despite the fact all of my case fans are 4-pin pwm Coolermaster Jetflo fans. The Akasa splitter only allows the fans to run at full pelt (and it is incredibly loud/noisy). It literally sounds like a hoover in my pc. I will be returning the Akasa cables for a full refund. I am going to order more of these Kenable 4-pin pwm splitter cables.

Robocop [Blu-ray] [2014]
Robocop [Blu-ray] [2014]
Dvd ~ Joel Kinnaman
Price: 12.99

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1.0 out of 5 stars Not as good as the original and peppered with american racism/terrorism, 21 May 2014
This review is from: Robocop [Blu-ray] [2014] (Blu-ray)
I saw this in the cinema on the first day it was released. I truly regret wasting my money on this racist tripe. The film opens with a news feed of American terrorism in Iran (fraudulently called 'peace keeping mission'). Just as in the first and second Gulf wars (1991 and 2003), this illegal, american terrorist invasion was just a proving ground to test their latest killing machines. What better test area than to in Arab lands and brutally murder Arabs/muslims to test the efficacy of the latest war mongering yankee murder machines?. Long story short, the murder bots also butcher civilians including a young boy. Of course being an American company, omnicorp suffers absolutely no legal repercussions.

Story then turns to yankee hero cop who is recruited without permission as a test subject in the Robocop program. Not much else to say really. Good cgi, some good Robocop versus android fights. The film was a bit slow and boring but I suspect it is laying the ground via storyline and character building for later iterations/sequels. Don't bother buying it. Just rent it. Not as good as the original.
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