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Bachs Bottom
Bachs Bottom

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4.0 out of 5 stars Bach's Bottom Extended and Remixed., 23 Jan. 2010
This review is from: Bachs Bottom (Audio CD)
These recordings were among the first Chilton made after the dissolution of Big Star. Actually most Big Star members contribute to the album. Even Chris Bell has a brief solo on the 1993 reissue on the track "All of Time". In addition, Big Star acquaintances like Richard Rosebrough (drums), Andy Hummel (Keyboards), John Lightman (bass), along with producer Jon Tiven (guitars) are recurring characters on the recordíngs. Only Jody Stephens of the original Big Star line-up seems to be missing.

The best recordings, both sound like Big Star and have the Big Star qualities. "Close My Eyes," "All of the Time", "Free Again", "Jesus Christ" and "Singer Not the Song" and to a certain extent "Take Me Home and Make Me Like It" are welcome additions to the Big Star catalog.

The rest of the tracks sound more or less sound like unserious rehearsals and have much of a bootleg touch. Loose jams mixed with studio chatter.

The best recordings come a natural extension of "Sister Lovers" and even though half of the album can only appeal to hardcore fans, the best is so good that you ( as a Big Star fan) would not do without it.

For this 1992 reissue Jon Tiven has remixed and made new overdubs. In most cases this is done well, although I prefer the tracks without count-ins and studio chatter.

Moreover the great 1977 single "Bangkok"/"Can't Seem to Make You Mine" along with other rare studio-outtakes have been added.

The Very Best Of The Merseybeats
The Very Best Of The Merseybeats
Price: £5.49

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4.0 out of 5 stars Well-compiled Collection, 14 Jan. 2010
The Merseybeats were not among the most original bands to some out of the Liverpool area in the early 1960's. Their recorded output is also rather limited ( one album and less than a dozen singles ), but most of it actually very good and pleasant listening.

This well-compiled collection contains all their singles A's and B's, a couple of album tracks + a live-track. Most of their singles were nice pop-ballads of which some did pretty well in the charts in 1964. One their strongest recorded vocal performances is the single "I Love You, Yes I Do", which could easily be mistaken for a Beatles song from the "Please, Mr. Postman" era.

The group were supposedly also a fine live-band which the track "Long Tall Sally" seems to confirm. Like many other Liverpool bands they were not able to maintain their popularity and they disbanded in early 1966. The two lead-singers Tony Crane and Billy Kinsley reunited in the duo "The Merseys" and they recorded a string of uneven singles through 1966-68. Only the first, "Sorrow", lived up to their early fine moments.

This CD is really nice listening and their music does not sound out-dated like that of many of their contemporaries like "The Swinging Blue Jeans" or "The Dave Clark Five".

Besides the outstanding "I Love You, Yes I Do", songs like "Milkman", "Really Mystified", "Last Night", "See Me Back" and the Elvis Costello covered "I Stand Accused" stand out, but with a few exceptions this is an overall very consistent collection.
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Procol Harum, 40th Anniversary Edition
Procol Harum, 40th Anniversary Edition

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5.0 out of 5 stars Has Never Sounded Better!, 25 Dec. 2009
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Procol Harum has deservedly been hailed a classic many times, and it is no surprise that there is demand for the optimal sound on these timeless recordings. Salvo has rteally done an excellent job and in my ears, these numbers never sounded better. The singles "A White Shade of Pale" and "Homburg" with b-sides are, of course, along with other interesting bonus tracks, several of which has never previously been published.

An early instrumental version of the hit, "Pandora's Box" is a bit of a finding. The same applies to "Understandably Blue" - a ballad by Gary Brooker which has never previously published. "Alpha" is a fine blues out-take and certainly a worthy addition.

Fine informative liner-notes.
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Abbey Road
Abbey Road
Price: £9.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars What an Album!, 26 Nov. 2009
This review is from: Abbey Road (Audio CD)
Many superlatives have been said about The Beatles 'final album "Abbey Road" and there is no doubt that the praise is deserved and that the album is among the Beatles' very best. After the partial uninspired "Let it Be" sessions the group decided to end their cooperation with a really worthy release.

Lennon, who was perhaps the one that was most tired of the role of a Beatle, contributed by two powerful blues-inspired songs "Come Together" and "I Want You". On both tracks the group really demonstrates tight competent playing, and this new remastered release is a true pleasure to listen. Espcially the close vocal harmonies and inspired guitar playing by both Lennon and Harrison all over the album.

Harrison's two songs on the album both belong among his strongest compositions. "Something" became a hit single and "Here Comes the Sun" is a classic that has been recorded in countless cover-versions.

McCartney's "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" and "Oh Darling", both fine songs in their own right, have probably also been some of the most criticized. "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" to be silly and a little too "old school". "Oh Darling" might seem a bit like an anachronism, with its strong inspiration from old R & B tracks such as "Raining in My Heart".

Ringo's "Octopus'Garden" appears somewhat as a children's song, but it is actually a nice melody that is both very well arranged and well produced.

Lennon appears on the last number before "Abbey Road - Suite" from his soft side with "Because", which has some very nice vocal parties.

The rest of the album consists mainly of shorter numbers which are inventively more or less tied together. In reality it is probably the "Abbey Road - Suite", which does that one never really gets tired of this album. The suite includes an abundance of delicate pieces of melody, beautiful vocal harmonies, dazzling instrumental playing and not least, it appears unusually inspired. From "You Never Give Me Your Money" to the last stanzas of "The End" one is so much enthralled by the Beatles. There is no doubt that many groups have been strongly inspired by the way this band were able to bind different genres and melody pieces together into a meaningful whole.

Without saying too much, there is probably little doubt that the 10CC and Badfinger (Wish You Were Here) have retrieved much inspiration on this album.

As mentioned earlier, the new version remastered is true joy to listen to, and the release cannot be recommended too much.

Honeybus Old Masters
Honeybus Old Masters
Offered by dutchtoni
Price: £28.74

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5.0 out of 5 stars Six Songs From the Unreleased "Recital", 4 Oct. 2009
This review is from: Honeybus Old Masters (Audio CD)
Honeybus only released only album (Story 1970) during their active years as a band from 1966-1975. One more album ( "Recital") was ready for release in 1973 for Warmer Brothers, and test-pressings and sketches for a cover were made, but eventually it was decided not to release the album.

This collection has 6 songs from the still unreleased album, along with a lot of other previously unreleased recordings, made after leader and main song-writer Pete Dello's return to the group around 1971.

Pete Dello wrote the group's two outstanding singles ""Do I Still Figure in Your Life" and "I Can't let Maggie Go", both included here, but decided to leave the group while "Maggie" was still riding high in the charts. Dello did not want to tour, and preferred to concentrate on recording and writing songs. He released one great solo album ( "into Your Ears" ) in 1971, which sound a lot like Honeybus. Dello was not in the group while they recorded the album "Story", but band members Ray Cane and Colin Hare took over and wrote good songs, for the album, which was artistically quite good, but eventually sank without a trace. Only the title track from the album is included here.

A big shame really that "Recital" was never released, and all the other rare tracks here document that the group easily could have released one or two more solid albums during the early 1970's.

Most of the rare tracks featured here were also included on the fine 2 CD collection "She Flies Like a Bird" from 2002, but as far as I know the 6 "Recital" songs have not yet been released elsewhere.

A great release, which may be hard to find, but really worth going for - a shame that the notes are so sparse. It would have been interesting to learn more about the background for great recordings such as "Texas Gold" and "Hear Me Only".

Diamond Dogs
Diamond Dogs
Price: £8.29

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4.0 out of 5 stars End of Bowie's First Golden Era, 2 Sept. 2009
This review is from: Diamond Dogs (Audio CD)
Diamond Dogs was the last great album of Bowie's first golden era of what is often referred to as glamrock. This term may give rise to negative associations, which would be deeply unfair in Bowie's case. He stood in the early 1970s for some of the best and most progressive music in this genre.

After the "Diamond Dogs" he radically changed his style with the album "Young Americans" and even though the subsequent, more techno-like albums are highly praised, he never rocked more convincing than on his great early 1970's albums.

Title track is a fine rocker in the style of "Suffragette City" from "Ziggy Stardust" and "Rebel Rebel" has one of the best guitar riffs in rock and roll history. Both numbers were chosen as singles.

The suite "Sweet Thing / Candidate" is another highlight on the album.

More mainstream is the rock ballad "Rock'n Roll With Me", although certainly also one of my personal favorites. The number "1984" was originally conceived as a title number and appears almost as a movie-themed track with its energetic funky riffs.

The record probably works best when heard in its entirety; several tracks don't work very well outside the album context and the album therefore probably cannot be included among Bowie's very best.

last exit
last exit
Offered by Fulfillment Express
Price: £8.20

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4.0 out of 5 stars Mason's Last Traffic Album, 8 Aug. 2009
This review is from: last exit (Audio CD)
"Last Exit" was originally thought as a farewell album from Traffic, as the band had split just prior to its release. Later when Steve Winwood was working on his first album, both Chris Wood and Jim Capaldi helped backing him, so eventually it turned out to be a new Traffic album; and Traffic was reborn. This time without Dave Mason, who had already been walking in and out of the band several times.
Dave is only partly present on this album. "Medicated Goo" and "Shanghai Noodle Factory" was recorded late 1968 without Mason. The 2 live tracks "Feeling Good" and "Blind Man" are also Winwood, Capaldi and Wood alone.

"Just For You" is more or less Mason solo. "Withering Tree" had already been released a B-side. The instrumental "Something`s Got a Hold on My Toe" is probably a studio outtake from the sessions for their second album.

As for the music; The new songs "Medicated Goo" and "Shanghai Noodle Factory" are great . "Withering Tree" and "Just For You" are classic Traffic. The live-tracks are interesting, but the sound is not so good as could be wished for. The instrumental "Something`s Got a Hold on My Toe" has probably just been included to add to the playing time.

I would have preferred some more singles-tracks like "Paper Sun", "Hole in My Shoe", "Coloured Rain", "Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush" and "Am I What I was, or Am I What I Am". This would have made the album much better, and the album could have completed the first era of a great band.

Best of
Best of
Offered by horizons-usa
Price: £12.00

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1.0 out of 5 stars This is NOT Badfinger!, 8 Aug. 2009
This review is from: Best of (Audio CD)
This is certainly not Badfinger. Joey Molland gives versions of the hits and a few of his own Badfinger songs. None of these versions come anywhere near the originals in quality. It's really hard to say much positive about these recordings.

Buy the original albums instead!!

Ayla - The Best of Flash & The Pan
Ayla - The Best of Flash & The Pan
Price: £7.13

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5.0 out of 5 stars Most Satisfying Compilation!, 23 Feb. 2009
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
"Flash and the Pan" was a studio-project by songwriting team and producers Harry Vanda and George Young that helped by ( unexpected ? ) chart succes turned into a regular 5-piece band. With some line-up changes the band recorded 6 albums during 1978-92 - all with the duo Vanda and Young as songwriters and producers. The duo had also been key-members of 1960's band the Easybeats, who had a world-wide hit with the single "Friday on my Mind".

Though the chart-success of Flash and the Pan was relatively short-lived, most of their albums have been continually available and various compilation have also been released.

Maybe apart from the final ( so far ) album, all their original records feature consistent great catchy original songwriting, skilled musician-ship, clever production and a lot of charm and humour. So obviously if you're unfamiliar with the group any compilation will be attractive.

This most recent compilation I'd consider the most satisfying; not least because it features no less than 19 tracks.

The music is great, but maybe I was little disappointed that one of their finest songs, "Nights in France" still hasn't not been picked out for a compilation; in fact it seems that it's the same tracks that tend to be chosen; the hits are logical choices, but there are overlooked songs from their last 3 albums which would have made fine additions. Moreover the rare b-side "Your Love is Strange" still hasn't made to a CD release.

The liner-notes are relevant but sparse.

Still, conclusion: If you're unfamiliar with this group this CD is highly recommendable.
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Too Old to Rock'n'roll : Too Y
Too Old to Rock'n'roll : Too Y

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4.0 out of 5 stars Never Too Old to Rock'n Roll!, 13 Jan. 2009
The 1970's was an extraordinary productive and fruitfull period for Jethro Tull ( 12 studio-albums!!).

Some of these are derservedly regarded as rock-classics, such and "Stand Up", "Thick As a Brick", "The Minstrel in the Gallery" and "Songs From the Wood". The rest of them are simply very good rock-albums. This album obviously belongs to the second category.

"Too Old to Rock'n Roll" is a concept album, telling the thought-provoking story about the old rocker, Ray Lomas, who had become too old to rock'n roll, but the again becomes hip, when the trends in music and fashion suddenly change.

Like on all Tull albums there are some terrific songs and melodies here. The playing and production is as always impeccable. The title track is for me the stand-out strack, and songs like "Crazed Institution", "Pied Piper", "Chequered Flag" and the bonus track "Strip Cartoon" are other highligts.

The album also contains a fine cartoon version of the story - good to make a quick over-view of the storyline.

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