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The Lovers! [DVD]
The Lovers! [DVD]
Dvd ~ Richard Beckinsale
Price: 5.00

5.0 out of 5 stars Well done Network., 1 Mar 2014
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This review is from: The Lovers! [DVD] (DVD)
I always liked the Lovers when it was on tv as a series years ago. I fancied Beryl, (Paula Wilcox) but she was so typical of the girls us boys used to encounter in those days. Didn't they just run rings around us, keeping us guessing and...making us work so hard? Anyway, that's the fun with this one, poor old Geoffrey is at his wits end trying to please Beryl. It's all the funnier because it's so accurate, that's how dating was then. Beryl does herself no favours because she upsets herself in the meantime, waiting for Geoffrey to phone after she has split up with him again. Even her mother tells her to get a move on. Well I and all the other guys will sympathize with Geoffrey and the women will be on Beryl's side. But, here we are, us men, trying to be adorable and for some reason unknown to us we always get it wrong. I had a good few laughs in this one and it seemed to be over so quickly.

Excellent picture and sound quality, and it is nice to see the old British Lion logo at the start. I'm giving this release five stars so it's very, very good. It COULD be perfect though. Network say it is presented in the original aspect ratio but if you select the feature from the main menu it will play in a cropped 1.78:1. The 1.37:1 has to be accessed from the special features. So, Network, the original aspect ratio version needs to be the default in future releases.
On the cover it says the movie was originally classed as an AA certificate by the BBFC. It would be nice to see that original certificate at the start of the movie. I remember AA was a bright blue card with AA in white numbers in a black box. So come on Network put these old certs on there and take us back in time to when we saw these movies in the cinema.
Lastly, lose the slim cases, personally I don't like them, the spines are too thin and you can't see them so well on the shelf. I like the full width cases, but of course that's just my opinion.
If Nework did these three things, especially the BBFC certs I for one would consider this release perfect. - You've got my trust and admiration now Network, along with many others I'm sure, so don't mess up and let us down in the future. Keep, the movies original, no pan and scan, no giving us shortened or censored versions, and remember those certs..and we'll love you for it.

Petticoat Pirates [DVD]
Petticoat Pirates [DVD]
Dvd ~ Charlie Drake
Price: 8.42

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5.0 out of 5 stars Aspect Ratio ok, 25 Feb 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Petticoat Pirates [DVD] (DVD)
I must apologize to Network for unfairly judging their comment to another reviewer concerning the aspect ratio of this movie. After having checked I find that it is correct and that all the letters of the names of cast members are present on the frame. I have uploaded a customer image for others to check out.

It's great to see Charlie again after all these years. This film is fifty two years old at the time of writing and it looks really good. So well done Network for releasing these old British films. I'd like to see the original BBFC certificate on the start of them all, perhaps this is something you could consider. I have seen it done on one or two releases so I don't think it would break any laws concerning misleading the public if the classification has changed. It would be a nice, nostalgic touch. Anyway, I'll give this movie five stars now because it does look so good.
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Day The World Ended [DVD]
Day The World Ended [DVD]
Price: 7.72

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1.0 out of 5 stars However you look at it this is crap., 9 Feb 2013
This review is from: Day The World Ended [DVD] (DVD)
This film was made in Superscope, a widescreen system that had the same aspect ratio as Cinemascope, 2.35:1. It says on the cover that it is in Superscope. Well a real mess has been made of this transfer. Here's how you have to view this disc... If using a widescreen tv set it to 1.37:1, the picture comes on at 1.78:1, that is it has a black border all the way around. That's the wrong aspect ratio to start with. After the titles the picture flicks to 1.37:1. This of course is even worse because it now becomes pan and scan and you are missing 50% of the picture because the sides are cut off. It's noticeable in many shots with people who are speaking missing off the edge of the screen. Then when the end title comes on the picture flicks again, this time to the correct aspect ratio of 2.35:1 - only your tv is set to 1.37:1 so there is again a black border all the way around and you have a tiny picture in the middle of your screen.
This is just NOT acceptable. If they are going to do this sort of hatchet job then we should at least be warned by a notice on the cover. I wish reviewers would ALWAYS mention this sort of thing so the rest of us know to boycott the product. OK, I know, there are people out there who couldn't give a fig but I know from reading many Amazon reviews that many do care.
Aside from that the print is not very good anyway, there's a lot of lines, scratches pops on the soundtrack etc. It's also very grainy and unsteady. More than once I saw an instantanious flash of coloured blocks on the picture too - don't know what that's all about.
The film itself was directed by Roger Corman. Now there's a bloke who should have had his movie camera confiscated at an eary age for the good of the rest of us. I know many people appreciate his later Edgar Allen Poe adaptions but these early horror movies were so bad he must have been having a laugh at his audiences. As usual the creature doesn't turn up until the last five minutes. Doesn't it just agrannoy you when the hand is so obviously a rubber glove? They couldn't even be bothered to do some hand make up. The head is just a rubber mask with eyes and a mouth that don't move. This creature has horns that wobble!
I've said before that I usually love these old sci fi, horror pics because they are so bad but this one is just so crap it's annoying. Crap movie, crap tranfer. There's just one word for this and that's CRAP! - Sorry for the bad language guys but this has annoyed me. I'm fed up now, I'm going to have a cup of tea. Humph.

Samson and Delilah All Region
Samson and Delilah All Region
Dvd ~ Hedy Lamarr
Offered by MagicoClassicMovies
Price: 11.99

3.0 out of 5 stars What's the quality like?, 3 Jan 2013
There are many versions of this movie out there with many different covers so, this review is of the Asian release with the predominantly green cover, Delilah in the top left corner with Samson looking up at her from the bottom right.

I wanted to know before I bought this movie what the quality of picture and sound was like. Well, I'm sorry to say it's not good. It's not really bad, I must say I've seen a lot worse out there being peddled as official releases but it's certainly not what we've come to expect as DVD quality.

The movie, surprisingly, starts with an overture and that word appears on the screen. It can be seen by this that the colours are weak and lack lustre. The letters seem unevenly focused, some in, some slightly out of focus. This sets the standard for the movie itself, it's not very clear but the quality seems to vary slightly throughout the movie as does the sound. The volume is not constant and sometimes it goes so quiet it's difficult to hear the dialogue. The end title seems clipped a bit too short then it's into the exit music. One reviewer said the Paramount trade mark is not present at the start and he's quite right, it isn't there but copyright ownership changes so often and new owners may have removed it, I don't think it means the movie has been cut otherwise.

Made in 1949 before the introduction of Cinemascope it's presented in the academy aspect ratio of 1.37:1. The menu is in English and you can get rid of the Korean (or whatever they are)subtitles by pressing the button on your remote.

Everyone has their own opinion as to what is good or bad quality of course but for me this release is watchable, it's nuhhh, OK. It'll do until we get a better edition.

I got mine cheap on e bay so there is no Amazon verified purchase for me here on this one.

Island of Lost Souls [Masters of Cinema] (Dual Format) [Blu-ray] [1932]
Island of Lost Souls [Masters of Cinema] (Dual Format) [Blu-ray] [1932]
Dvd ~ Charles Laughton
Offered by bestmediagroup
Price: 9.93

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5.0 out of 5 stars Boy are we lucky., 28 July 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
With the same euphoric enthusiasm as Colin Clive who shouts, "It's alive," in the 1932, "Frankenstein" we can shout, "I've GOT it, I've GOT it, I'vegotit, I'vegotitI'vegotit. Wuh huh huh huurr." After all, this has been one of the most elusive and difficult films to get hold of.

I just want to add my voice to the other positive reviewers on here and praise Eureka for the wonderful job they have done transferring this movie to DVD. Apparently there is no original camera negative in existance so it just goes to show how close we came to losing this picture for good. The booklet included in this edition tells us all too briefly how this print was assembled from various 35 and 16mm elements. I must say I would liked to have seen a longer documentary on how they sourced and restored the existing prints to make this new one. Have they now managed to make a new negative from the old positives? I would have liked to have seen the condition of the reels and what they did to get this to the wonderful, pristine version that it is. I can't play the blue ray version because I don't have a player but I can certainly vouch for the DVD which is good enough as it is.

Excellent work Eureka. Now, if you can just get us, "London After Midnight."
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Colossus of New York [DVD] [1958] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]
Colossus of New York [DVD] [1958] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]
Dvd ~ John Baragrey
Price: 10.62

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5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent science fiction., 28 July 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
You've heard this so often before - I saw this film as a kid and... Well, so often we get to see these films once and then they seem to disappear, not to be seen or heard of again for years. That is such a shame because this one is deserving of regular screening.

The usual thing for the period this was made in, the mad scientist has something locked in his lab in the basement, the not very willing assistant telling his girl that something has come up and they'll have to postpone their date etc. In this instance it's the father of a scientist killed in a road accident who puts his brain into a giant robot and brings him back to life.
First we see the brain connected up to a maze of wires. This scene is unnerving because it's atmospheric quality, the dark basement, the realisation that the brain may be thinking and feeling and living. But when we first see the robot brought to life for the first time, when we see what it sees, a snowy, fuzzy picture of the scientist slowly coming into focus and the tinny voice it hears it gets really creepy. Then, when the robot struggles to speak in a raspy, scraping voice with the electronic buzzing and humming in the background it chills the blood. When it screams in agony the sound it makes is that of a strangulated, tortured soul. There in the shadowy light, its eyes glowing in the dark, it's one of the eeriest scenes I have ever seen. It certainly spooks me. And it all works so well because it's in black and white. This is a film that would not benifit by the use of colour. I've often heard it said that monochrome can be more atmospheric than colour and it's certainly the case in this instance.

I LOVE this sort of science fiction. As I've said about, "The Earth Dies Screaming," the use of old electronics, white noise, snowy interference, humming and buzzing seem to evoke an apprehensive unease. It just seems so alien, so cold, so unnatural. I donno, maybe it's me, but I find it all so CREEPY - in a delightfully delicious way of course.

I had an old VHS copy of this film that I bought on e bay some years ago and, although it was an official release the picture quality was appalling. That copy has now gone in the bin because this DVD released by Olive Films is really very well done. The picture is sharp and clear with good contrast. It looks like it's had a good makeover. Aspect ratio is 1.85:1. There are no extras whatsoever and, sorry to say, it IS region one encoded, so, if you don't have a multi region DVD player you wont be able to view it. It's quite a short film at 70 minutes but it is just SOOOO worth it with one of the most realistic movie robots ever.

I thoroughly enjoyed this one and I recommend it to b picture sci fi buffs. Great stuff.

King of Kings [DVD] [2009] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]
King of Kings [DVD] [2009] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]
Dvd ~ Jeffrey Hunter
Offered by supermart_usa
Price: 4.82

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5.0 out of 5 stars Handsome Jesus, 4 May 2012
It has always been well known that Hollywood is not particular about getting the facts right and this film is no exception. For the whole truth and nothing but the truth concerning our Lord Jesus Christ you should read your Bible.
This film however, could serve as a good introduction to Jesus and what He came to Earth to achieve. The main points of the life of Christ are pretty accurate and in my opinion Jeffery Hunter gives a good portrayal of the character of Jesus if not what he looked like. The Bible tells us nothing about what Christ looked like but we can be certain it wasn't like Jeffery Hunter. He would not have had blue eyes and it was frowned upon for men to have long hair in those days. So, Jesus probably had a dark complexion, brown eyes and short hair. Again, His height we know nothing about. Personally, I would suspect that He was quite tall because He would need to be seen by all the people He spoke to.
All the scenes with Barabbas, with the exception of the fact that he was released in place of Jesus, is entirely fictitious. The Bible tells us nothing about Barabbas before or after this event. It is safe to say too that it is very unlikely that Judas would have had any interaction with him because if that were the case the Gospels would have mentioned it. So, in short, at least half of this movie can be disregarded as untrue.
Having said all that though, I LOVE this movie. I love biblical epics and the way they were produced back in the sixties. This one has the overture, intermission and exit music as it should, but unfortunately they have once again put those words up on the screen when it should be black. Darn 'em.
The music by Miklos Rozsa is simply fabulous. The rousing swells of the orchestra and choir go so well with the majestic titles, golden block capitals against a slowly changing sky.
Then we have Orson Welles's narration as he tells us that, "most irreverent Pompeii set himself down."
Robert Ryan is well cast as an angry John the Baptist as is Brigid Bazlen as Salome, the wonderful Frank Thring as Herod and Rita Gam as Herodias. You can feel the emotions in the scene where Salome dances for Herod and the glint of evil mischief in her eyes as she asks for John the Baptist's head on a silver platter. Herod's disbelief at the request and Herodias's look of all consuming jealousy is all so powerful.
A note of Catholicism is introduced when Mary Magdalene, (Carmen Sevilla) goes to see Mary, (Siobhan Mc Kenna) and asks her to speak to her son for her. Mary looks up and says, "intercede."
Then there is Hurd Hatfield as Pontius Pilate with a high pitched, scraping voice so perfect for a arrogant, self important villain.
Jeffery Hunter is quiet and measured as Jesus and conveys compassion and authority. I have read though that his speech was dubbed over in post production by himself because it was not authoritative enough.
Unfortunately we do not see any of the more overt miracles in this movie but then, it focuses more on the message of Christ than on the spectacular. The sermon on the mount is very well done with Jesus moving about among the people just as I have imagined He would have done. The words of Christ are beautiful and the cadence of Hunter's voice here conveys them in a very moving way.
"King of Kings" was not made in Cinemascope or bog standard Panavision as they all are today. It was filmed in Super Technirama 70, the aspect ratio of which is 2.21:1. I think the aspect on this DVD looks more like 2.35:1 but it's such a small difference that it's hard to be sure.
A good thing about this DVD from Warner Bros is that it is NOT encoded for region one even though the cover and Amazon say it is. I have found that a lot of Warner Bros releases from the USA are not region one encoded. Some are, but a lot of them are not. Warners are to be commended for not subscribing to this stupid practice.
The extras on this disc are, the original trailer and some disjointed newsreel footage of the premiere.
This is a truly gorgeous film, I wish I could give it more than five stars.

Psycho (1960) [DVD]
Psycho (1960) [DVD]
Dvd ~ Anthony Perkins
Offered by FLASH
Price: 6.98

3 of 7 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Like Haydn's "Surprise" symphony., 3 May 2012
This review is from: Psycho (1960) [DVD] (DVD)
When I was in school our music teacher told us a story about the composer, Joseph Haydn. It seems that he observed that the people of his day would nod off when listening to long passages of music. He decided that he would write a symphony that would include loud passages now and then to suddenly wake them up, hence the name, the "Surprise" symphony. "Psycho" is like that. It's really a rather slow moving film. I don't mean that in a bad way. There's not a lot happening but it keeps your attention. The viewer becomes intrigued and wonders where it's all leading. Then there's a shock. And after a while there's another shock, and so on.
I'm not sure that it's fair to judge a 52 year old film by todays social and cultural standpoint. Attitudes have changed a lot since 1960 and the films made today would make "Psycho" look like a childrens bedtime story. But I think that if there are any people who have been living in a cave on Pluto for the past half a century and haven't seen or heard anything about the plot, who see it for the first time and who do not expect the notorious shower scene then it will give them quite a start. Once you've seen it though, it doesn't have the same impact on repeated viewings.
It's a good film but it's more than the shock sequences, which are over in seconds, it's a mystery thriller concerning the enigmatic Mrs. Bates. The horribly insane, shreaking music is the most apt I have ever heard in a movie. It fits the subject matter so well that it is simply genius. I have to say that I enjoyed this movie when I saw it first many, many years ago but I think I've seen it too often to really appreciate it now.
Unfortunately they have cropped the picture to make it widescreen. "Psycho" was made in the academy format of 1.37:1. This meant that Hitchcock was required to put up a black line at the bottom of the picture when Marion soaps herself in the shower to hide some of her cleavage. Of course, with this 1.85:1 cropped version we don't see it. I wish they wouldn't meddle with the aspects this way. They don't HAVE to force everything into widescreen. Otherwise, the picture quality is good...that's good, not brilliant. The only extras on this edition, the one with the red cover with a close up of Marion's screaming face, are the original theatrical trailer where Hitchcock gives a tour of the set, some written on screen production notes and a filmography of three of the stars.
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The Lost World [DVD]
The Lost World [DVD]
Dvd ~ Wallace Beery
Offered by simply-well-priced
Price: 14.99

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3.0 out of 5 stars Just a few grizzles., 13 Aug 2011
This review is from: The Lost World [DVD] (DVD)
Just so there is no misunderstanding this review is for the Eureka release, the one with the yellow background and an artists rendition of three of the characters on the cover.

Back in the 60s, before the Czech version was discovered in Prague I had an 8mm, five reel version of this film and I remember it well. On viewing this version I see that the missing footage consists of chunks of action taken out here and there, parts of scenes and in some cases, single shots. For example, the scene where the party fells a tree to cross the gap at the top of the plateau was present in my film version but the shot where Professor Summerlee stoops midway across to pick up a bug was missing. Also the scene where Challenger is bending trees down to use as a slingshot to hurl boulders at dinosaurs was present but the shot of Summerlee being thrown through the air was not. It seems that the missing scenes were taken from the best part of the film rather than the long winded first half. There seems to be no rhyme or reason for abridging it in this way. When we read in the printed notes that all known prints and negatives were destroyed in anticipation of a sound remake it just defies belief. Why DESTROY all prints just because they intended to make a new version? - Crazy.

Well, I must say that this is a good quality transfer nicely presented with all the different coloured tints restored, my 8mm version was black and white, and correct projection speed. It's good to see all the missing footage replaced, although apparently, this version is still not fully complete. Well, we never know, the last remaining elements may turn up someday in the future.

My grizzle with this version is that they have not used the original main titles at the start or the original dialogue title cards. The title captions appear too new and clear with a different grain to the film itself. They don't seem part of the film but more like modern intrusions, digitalised stills, interuptions if you like, instead of part of the running film. The main titles are superimposed over a long shot of the plateau and again look too modern and not in keeping with the age of the film. They are also too long and credits have been added that were not present in the origial. I know that the extra footage was discovered in the Czech Republic and that it probably had Czech titles but surely the original titles could have been sourced, they are on the shortened, English versions out there. And, if they MUST include extra credit information they should do it after the final fade out of the movie.

For those of you who may be concerned about the racist treatment of the Zambo character as mentioned by another reviewer. This version has been sanitised and the title card in which Zambo's speech is depicted as that of an uneducated southern black man does not appear, he now has impeccable English. I remember the offending script was included in my 8mm film.

It's my experience though, that Eureka always gives good quality and they strive to locate the best and most complete versions possible and they are to be commended for that. They are releasing the Charles Laughton version of, "Island of Lost Souls" later this year and I'm very much looking forward to that.
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Hypnotic Eye [DVD] [1960] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]
Hypnotic Eye [DVD] [1960] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]
Dvd ~ Jacques Bergerac
Offered by supermart_usa
Price: 9.44

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Hypno Magic, 1 Feb 2011
This is an unusual film, a little bit different from what usually see in this genre. There has been several incidents where beautiful young girls have disfigured themselves for no apparent reason. One washed her face in acid, believing it to be soap, another pushed her face into the rotating blades of a fan etc. When a detective visits a stage hypnotist and one of his female friends gets up as a volunteer he gets a clue as to what is going on...but why?

The cover of this DVD, which seems to be a representation of the original poster for the movie, boasts that it introduces something called Hypno Magic. We are not told what this is but I'm suspecting that it is simply very close shots of the hypnotic eye which flickers rapidly. A word of caution here, if you look at this too closely you'll end up getting hypnotised yourself - and don't look at it at all if you are subject to epileptic fits! It really messes with your eyes.

This is one of the Warner Bros, "Archive Collection" which are manufactured on demand on DVD-R recordable media. Someone told me that this form of disc is not as stable as the factory discs produced in the usual way. It seems they can degrade, whether this is with use or just over time I'm not sure but if looked after the discs will probably last for many years. I don't know why Warner Bros are producing them this way, it certainly seems to be bumping the price up. There's one on British Amazon at the time of writing for [...]! Why don't they release them in the usual way? Well, I suppose we should be glad this obscure stuff is being released at all.

Once again, it's a pity they have cropped this movie to make it widescreen. There are a lot of very close shots of faces and, as a result foreheads and chins are cut off. It makes the frame seem very claustrophobic and overcrowded. Picture and sound quality are excellent though and it's not region encoded. Some may see the twist at the end coming but I enjoyed this one. I'd give the movie five stars but because of the high price and cropping of the picture the DVD gets four.

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