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Where Eagles Dare
Where Eagles Dare

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5.0 out of 5 stars Simply the best, 23 July 2004
This review is from: Where Eagles Dare (Audio CD)
The Ron Goodwin score is as terrific as the film- gripping, inspiring, and beautifully crafted. Jerry gets it on screen as well as on CD. Boys' Own soundtrack for the lovers of the stiff upper lip.
If you can get this edition used then do (it is currently out of print). Another compilation is on its way as well. Dont miss it!!

Where Eagles Dare  [1968] [DVD]
Where Eagles Dare [1968] [DVD]
Dvd ~ Clint Eastwood
Price: £5.74

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5.0 out of 5 stars Terrific Stuff!, 9 Mar 2004
Epic war pic where Richard Burton and Clint Eastwood manage to unmask most of the German spy network in England, slip Jerry the wrong plans for the second front, kill the leading members of the Abwehr in Southern Bavaria, and destroy half of the local Wehrmacht- all in a little over two hours. Terrific score by Ron Goodwin, great action sequences and a commanding performance by Burton give this the "must see" imprimateur. Meanwhile it's obvious why the Nazis lost the war- since they rate one worse than Imperial Stormtroopers in the "can't hit the broadside of a barn" shooting stakes. Our plucky Allied troops more or less shoot themselves out of anywhere and anything....
However the radio call-sign "Broadsword calling Danny Boy" is now part of British folklore; the cable-car sequence is unmatched in spectacle; and the whole film makes you cheer up and feel better about the world. For once the Brits are portrayed as cooly proficient rather than public school chumps. What with the Yanks playing second fiddle, it's almost like the good old days ....

Middleton's Changeling [DVD]
Middleton's Changeling [DVD]
Dvd ~ Ian Dury

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1.0 out of 5 stars Truly dire, 17 Feb 2004
This review is from: Middleton's Changeling [DVD] (DVD)
I don't know what they thought they were doing in this 20th century revival of Middleton's 17th century play, but whatever it was, it failed. The acting is dire, the production concept peculiar, and Ian Dury and Billy Connolly both jar. Apart from the occasionally interesting use of lighting and camera angle, this is a film with almost nothing to commend it. I would find something else to do with your time ...

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (Special Extended DVD Edition) [DVD] [2002]
The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (Special Extended DVD Edition) [DVD] [2002]
Dvd ~ Elijah Wood
Price: £10.46

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5.0 out of 5 stars The Best Film of the Trilogy, 9 Feb 2004
Yes, it's true. Return of the King may win more of the Oscars as the culmination of Peter Jackson's magnificent cinematic achievement, but history will in fact adjudge "The Two Towers" as the greatest of the three Rings. If Fellowship was a road movie and ROTK was a friendship film, then Two Towers is an unadulterated war movie of heroic proportions. Peter Jackson said he based it on "Zulu"- and we can see why. It has a dramatic intensity and flow which none of the other films quite share. Good against evil are so sharply contrasted that you could cut your fingers on them. TTT also has the best score Howard Shore has produced. And it has the best dialogue.
The screenplay explains (with barely disguised contemporary resonance) what we are protecting in Western civilisation when we defend ourselves against those who would wish to destroy it. When Sam tells Frodo that there are "some things worth fighting for", when Merry tells Pippin that there "won't be a Shire" unless they do something about it, when King Theoden laments that "the sun has gone down in the West" this film could be entitled not the "Two Towers" but "the Twin Towers". It is Miltonic in its scope. It is cinema as art.
Yes, one may quibble about certain Entish details, and I know that the Elves weren't supposed to be at Helm's Deem, and that Faramir is a little undeveloped, but does this matter? Not at all. The Extended version is better than the original, but does not need to make such a quantum leap as Fellowship managed with its EE. However it will be a film that is seen as a landmark in cinema. A trilogy which may never be bettered. And a reminder of what we are all here for.

Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan - Directors Edition (Two Disc Set) [DVD]
Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan - Directors Edition (Two Disc Set) [DVD]
Dvd ~ William Shatner

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5.0 out of 5 stars A far far better thing than they have ever done before ....., 20 Aug 2003
This is undoubtedly the best Trek movie of the series- as any self-respecting fan will tell you. The "Motion Picture" sacrificed plot and characters for hi-tech gismos. Star Trek IV is for the tree hugging and sandal wearing classes, and is ultimately daft. Nos. V and VI are uneven. Only Star Trek III (Search for Spock) comes close.
Why is this? Essentially because the triple character lock of Kirk, Spock and McCoy drives this film with such astonishing force. It was the comedy, friendship and loyalty of this trio which made the original series fizz (and demonstrates why the newer off-shoots are so much wasted celluloid). The duel between Kirk and Khan is an old-fashioned conflict on the high seas, brilliantly delivered by the direction of Nicholas Meyer. Political correctness is banished. Kirk is the incisive super-hero we all want him to be. The death of Spock has immense pathos (knocked only slightly by the curiously out of place rendition of "Amazing Grace" on the bagpipes). The book-ending of the film by Dickens' "A Tale of Two Cities" tries to create an intellectual hinterland. Anyway it is a cinematic triumph.
The DVD version is well executed- and the extras are excellent. Nicholas Meyer can sometimes be insufferable, but the commentaries are worth listening to. Why couldn't all the movies have been like this? The original crew series could have run into double figures. We might never have had to listen to Jean Luc and his mates.... What's wrong with a ship's captain of pensionable age....?

Star Trek: Nemesis [DVD] [2003]
Star Trek: Nemesis [DVD] [2003]
Dvd ~ Patrick Stewart
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £2.73

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2.0 out of 5 stars The sad nemesis of this great series, 15 Aug 2003
Oh, I am clearly old and fusty. However I must confess never really getting the various newer off-shoots of the great Star Trek series of the 1960s. The original characterisation and plot themes were so strong that Kirk, Spock and McCoy carried all before them. The Next Generation was scarcely a chip off that old block. Indeed they foundered and sank in a sea of mushy political correctness. Are there no bad empires/nations any more? We all want to fight the Klingons!!
Nemesis is no better. Woeful character interaction and ham plot. Great special effects- but it is difficult to care for any of these cardboard characters. The series has definitely reached the end of its run. Bring back Jim Kirk in his wheechair I say. Anything is better than having to listen to a "ship's counseller" or Data trying to be empathetic. And who is that "No.1"? Someone retired from the cast of Baywatch? Please!

Star Trek 1
Star Trek 1
Offered by rbmbooks
Price: £45.26

5.0 out of 5 stars Outstanding RPO production, 15 Aug 2003
This review is from: Star Trek 1 (Audio CD)
This is the original soundtrack to buy. Glorious reproduction of Fred Steiner's original incidental music. Indistinguishable from the original, and the best of any of these CDs. Why arent the more modern series as good?

Star Trek Vol. 1: NEWLY RECORDED
Star Trek Vol. 1: NEWLY RECORDED

5.0 out of 5 stars Outstanding, 15 Aug 2003
This is a must for any Star Trek fan. The incidental music from the original series was one of its unsung strengths. Indeed in my view the series was partially made by it, and Fred Steiner deserves better recognition for what he achieved. It is far better than any in the modern series- which I just don't get anyway.
The RPO have created this quite outstanding reproduction of the music from 4 episodes- The Corbomite Manoeuvre, Charlie X, the Doomsday Machine and Mudd's Women. Beautifully undertaken, it cannot be told apart from the original. Get it!!

The Silmarillion Gift Set
The Silmarillion Gift Set
by J. R. R. Tolkien
Edition: Audio CD
Price: £20.40

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5.0 out of 5 stars By the light of Iluvatar!, 11 Aug 2003
Excellent audio version of what many have found to be a difficult Tolkien masterpiece. Martin Shaw is an outstanding narrator. His tone, colour and dramatic ability give life to a literary form which could appear little more than a mystical reworking of the book of Deuteronomy.
No hesitation in recommending this. For all Tolkeenies, it gives wide and convincing backdrop to the events pre-dating the War of the Ring. If you have not read it before, I would suggest having a copy of the book to hand as well. The biblical lists of names can be baffling without such assistance- even with the best of storytellers .....

Classic War Movie Themes
Classic War Movie Themes
Offered by music_by_mail_uk
Price: £3.86

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1.0 out of 5 stars War movie themes can be hell, 11 Aug 2003
I know my war movie themes. I grew up with them. I own most of them. At their best (usually via the original soundtracks) they are stirring, nostalgic- and evocative of a time when chaps were chaps and Britain was thoroughly top nation. Then came the '70s and it all went to blazes.
Anyway, this collection must have been produced in the 1970s, although it claims to have been performed in 1997. With an abysmal synthesizer driven melody, it pillages the original grandeur of the themes with a truly atonal form of "shlock and awe".
This CD should not be bought. It has no merit beyond trying to perform them at all. The Eastbourne Pier Orchestra meets Status Quo- and dies .....
Sorry chaps. It's straight back to Blighty for tea and buns with this one. War is hell, but this production could be worse. Come back Vera Lynn, Geoff Love, Ron Goodwin et al .....!!

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