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rugosapowermetalband (West Yorkshire UK)

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A Game of Thrones Art Sleeves: House Baratheon
A Game of Thrones Art Sleeves: House Baratheon
Offered by The 13th Floor
Price: £5.74

5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing Sleeves!!!, 31 Mar. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I Love these card cases I use them for my pokemon cards. If i ever get into any other card game id still use game of throne card sleeves because they look awesome!! Problem that some people may not like is certain cards don't fit exactly right like pokemon cards are a tad smaller than the sleeves but its not that noticeable. And its better to be a tad bigger than to small for cards to fit! Another trouble is certain card companies don't like other card sleeves been used for their tournaments. I got pulled because I was playing a pokemon card game with my starks and they wouldnt allow me to play with them. It cheeses me off that product placing and deck playing gets that ridiculous you cant use the sleeves you want. Can understand when you have naked ladies on a card sleeve. But when you dont and its nothing offensive what is the problem with these gaming companies???

Endless Forms Most Beautiful (Digibook)
Endless Forms Most Beautiful (Digibook)
Price: £9.99

1 of 3 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Honest opinions!!, 31 Mar. 2015
There are many reviews here that say a lot of truths. In regards to vocals overall I think Floor did a great job. But there is some truth to her sounding a bit bored at times I guess. I also agree its a sin them not using Marco as much as they used to. I mean hes a great choice to back up to add extra depth. I can understand and do agree with the argument he would be boring if used all the time. But he is been underused, and using him to sing goofy style singing is plain stupid. Don't get why he seems to be used for that.

My biggest worry was would Richard Dawkins spoil it for me. I don't particularly like him. Not because I don't agree with some of his views (Long story why.) Thankfully he wasn't preaching in his narration and he didn't say anything vicious or anything you could disagree with, he actually worked well (especiallu in The Greatest Show On Earth) and didn't sound like a dick!

In regards to songs ive listened to the album a few times and I am gaining a few favourites, liking songs like Weak Fantasy, Endless Forms Most Beautiful and The Greatest Show On Earth. Which brings me to a song I wanted to review, The Greatest Show On Earth. In a way its like 3 or 4 songs stringed together. Without been too critical it does kind of give a good snapshot of the album overall. The song on its own isn't exactly something you'd say 24 mins of brilliance but as many have said different emotions. You listen and hear interesting riffs. But then sections were it sounds lazily linked up. But then amazing riffs that don't seem to go anywhere but still leave an effect!!! Its all worth a buy and listen defenately but it does leave you with mixed feelings. In a way I agree and disagree with comments been left on the overall album. The main comment is it could have done with more old style riffs going somewhere. I get the feeling why people think this but I don't think that was ever the idea. I think it was made to be like a snapshot of riffs and various emotions and in a way it does work and is interesting. But I think choosing this route has killed it as an album many old school nightwish fans would come back to!

Pokemon Plasma Storm Theme Deck(Druddigon/Giratina)
Pokemon Plasma Storm Theme Deck(Druddigon/Giratina)

5.0 out of 5 stars Five Stars, 16 Feb. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Fun decks great item cheers :)

Age of the Joker (2 CD, Digipack, Limited Edition)
Age of the Joker (2 CD, Digipack, Limited Edition)
Offered by sierrabogart
Price: £6.00

3.0 out of 5 stars Poorist offering in recent times, 24 Jun. 2014
Firstly I thought Id mention the two Edguy albums between age of a joker for a comparison. I believe most people will own all Edguy albums. But they maybe some Edguy fans whom like the comparison to Later Edguy albums and may have bought much of the classic Edguy albums and wanna know whats best past 2008 - 2014. I have done 3 reviews on Edguy, one on Tinnitus Sanctus, Age Of The Joker And Space Police.

Firstly I recommend buying the two disc you get more studio album and its deffo worth it! But the overall album is rather weak in my opinion. There are some cool songs like Two Out Of Seven (Ladies im probably a 2/7, aka 3/10 its tragic!) I do like that song and it feels like its one that stands out as a comedy and cool song! Robin hood would have also been awesome if it didnt feel like it dragged. I feel the first 5 tracks drag unfortunately. And so much to after Two Out Of Seven you don't really bother listening much and so it doesn't feel too memorable. Cum On Feel The Noize Is a great cover too!

In a short summery this album is worth getting for a really few tracks, if not only for one. If its between any other album and age of the joker get the other album!!

Tinnitus Sanctus (Special Edition) (2CD)
Tinnitus Sanctus (Special Edition) (2CD)
Price: £11.52

4.0 out of 5 stars Not as bad as the next album age of the joker, but no way as good as Space Police!, 24 Jun. 2014
Firstly I thought Id mention the next upcoming two Edguy albums after Tinnitus Sanctus for a comparison. I believe most people will own all Edguy albums. But they maybe some Edguy fans whom like the comparison to Later Edguy albums and may have bought much of the classic Edguy albums and wanna know whats best past 2008 - 2014. I have done 3 reviews on Edguy, one on Tinnitus Sanctus, Age Of The Joker And Space Police.

Firstly I recommend buying the two disc if you like live albums cos the album does contain awesome stuff from 2008 and below! But if you prefer just the studio stuff buy the Single edition. The two disc does include one extra studio album song Aren't You a Little Pervert Too?! It is quite a cool song but i rated it on my player as nothing special and still agree its just meant as a little comical jam and nothing more, theres many on others like age of the joker and space police, though this one could be argued it is more USA related as opposed to space polices song England! The albums meaning Tinnitus Sanctus is also meant to be comical jab at religion. this is probably linked to the songs ministry of saints and sex fire religion. If your a musician Tinnitus is an awful low buzzing hiss in your ear usually the effect of a loud band practise or a loud live gig! However the affects can be temporary and usually not long time though it has been known and the affects are to be taken seriously if you suffer partially or long term from it. And living in a world were we over compress studio tracks definitely worth having your ears checked out if the case! Sanctus is : an ancient Christian hymn of adoration sung or said immediately before the prayer of consecration in traditional liturgies. Hence the person has Tinnitus but instead of hearing low frequency or high buzz is hearing christian hymns low buzz high frequency!

In regards to the album they are three songs that make this album worth buying. They are Ministry Of Saints, The Pride Of Creation and Wake Up Dreaming Black. They are a lot of reasonably well composed tracks that can leave a memorable impact too and listening to the album in one leaves a positive impact on you, but nothing as memorable as the classic albums. however you will find this to be a regular thing with the 2008 onwards edguy albums. Though they are some good tracks on this album along with Dragonfly, Sex Fire Religion and Speedhoven

In a short summery this album is worth getting along with space police. If its between The last three albums Space police is the best but this is a close 2nd following age of the joker!!

Game of Thrones: Music From the HBO Series, Season 3
Game of Thrones: Music From the HBO Series, Season 3
Price: £14.65

5.0 out of 5 stars Its One Of The Best Soundtracks!!!, 24 April 2014
Firstly the composer of the Series Ramin Djawadi has done a really awesome job to the Game Of Thrones soundtrack. This is one of the best ones out of the series so far. Many themes have now been added into bigger songs and played in bigger ways as opposed to the first soundtrack from season 1 where you had the equivalent of 29 ideas, (but that includes parts that were reused and played in different ways, and some which may only play for 1 and a half minute!) The thing is that some people don't realise is its like Mother Of Dragons her theme has appeared on all three soundtracks just in different ways! As her force grows in the series we hear it in the music different ways, and this is what really good composers do! I do think they maybe some point to more scenic music becoming a little less in game of thrones this maybe true but its the natural progression on whats going on into the show! Look at Season 1 soundtrack we got all these lovely pieces saying the king is coming to winterfell. But from Season 3 you have progressed to a all out war and chaos everywhere. There isnt time for music and fighting (As Much) Its a time for fights and talking. And that's why you will get less music like that! But overall this season has a really awesome soundtrack and its great amazing ideas in the pieces!!!

Music Inspired By The Life and Times of Scrooge
Music Inspired By The Life and Times of Scrooge
Price: £16.40

0 of 1 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Some Great Compositions!!!, 24 April 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Firstly I was very interested in hearing this album. As a keyboardist and composer myself Tuomas has been an inspiration in my young days, but more to my older days an interest. I am a Nightwish fan, but also a fan of movie compositions such as Howard Shore, John Williams, Hans Zimmer, Ramin Djawadi etc. So when it came for Tuomas writing a soundtrack I wondered were would he stand on stereotypical Hollywood Soundtrack composers more than his works compared to Nightwish. Reason been is its a different game writing orchestral soundtracks than writing a female fronted metal music!

Not that it bothered me much but I don't know anything about Scrooge Mcduck. I can't say i've ever come across a story about him from Disney and I don't even know were you would find out about him. At first I thought Scrooge Mcduck was Donald Duck but I don't think it is. I would like to have known more about the history before listening to the soundtrack but I went on listening for the music and the adventure. It may bother many people buying this soundtrack that its based on a Disney character but unfortunately theres a lot of music based on all sorts of characters so I don't see why it should be such an issue!

So they are some really good things to say about the music on this soundtrack. The first track that i heard off the upcoming album was A Lifetime Of Adventure. I really liked it. Although it was definitely the overall composition including vocals from Johanna Kurkela that made it a great song. However I presumed that the composition was wrote to fit around the vocals and not be the main center of the piece and it worked! In regards to the overall album they are some pieces based in the same way as The Lifetime Of Adventure like Cold Heart Of The Klondike and The Last Sled but theres more areas where the vocals aren't just the main part to the song. There are some really great parts that do make you feel adventurous and give that feeling of Scotland and the big wide openness and amazingness of it! (Been partly Scottish I get the feeling of looking over Scotland mountains and feeling adventure!)
Glasgow 1877 and Into Te West give this feeling more stronger than other songs. My favorite been Into The West! Duel & Cloudscapes is the only song that feels Disney, but in fairness it has some bashful parts which make it sound interesting and like you are high up on clouds. Its a rather nice song! Goodbye Papa has an amazing piano part a bit repetitive but a lovely feel!

In regards to the vocals in this album. There are some areas where vocals are included. Although its an album not heavy with vocals. There's an instrumental CD with this album and I don't think id ever listen to it because I think were vocals are they need to be there! I can't imagine listening to certain songs without vocals really! Although I'm glad that option is available its till good you can if ya want! There's nothing wrong with the vocalists on this album! The main female vocalist Johanna Kurkela is awesome!! A really clever and amazing choice! Toni Kakko could have been an exception for me. I do love his earlier work but found him later to become less interesting, but he appeared awesome on here! And the other narrators were also great!

My slight criticisms to the overall album is that there are some parts were you feel a bit like the song could have done more instead of repeat the same motif (a motif is like a riff for you guitarists!) One song that i express this annoyance with is track 4 Dreamtime. Maybe that's the idea been a dream but its just rather boring and not entertaining. I may sound like a hypocrite but the same thing happens in Goodbye, Papa with the same piano line. Its a really nice idea in the composition line but I feel he saved the repetitiveness of that song because after repeating the same motif for 2 mins he didn't repeat it and finally added something interesting, and a really nice build up to it too! My other criticism could be where is the minor sad epic songs?? Though I forgive that because I wasn't expecting it but maybe something epically cool and dramatic could have been very cool!

PS may I just saw I aint Jon Burr the Harmonica player! (Though I'm glad to hear of another musician sharing my name! :P)

Words Of Silence
Words Of Silence
Price: £12.76

5.0 out of 5 stars Great New upcoming band From Hungary!!!, 19 April 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Words Of Silence (Audio CD)
Although its hard to judge what the future holds in a bands official first album the band Sorronia have made a strong first album! The album is rather short at about 35 mins but its full of strong songs that are inspirational and don't leave you feeling disappointed!
Firstly we start off with a well written intro, sometimes you have some bands that get used to writing intros and after a while they get boring. But this Intro is a great lead up to the Second track (Fallen Angel) which has it all and a really nice prologue at the end! Track 3 (Enemy Of Yourself) is presumably the bigger track that people most likely have heard and decided on the merits on weather they are buying the album. Its an awesome song and you will remember it in your head constantly! Its one of them songs you constantly get drawn to to listen to, but if you can tear yourself away you will find some other really good highlights on the album! Lost In Falling, Shattered and Leave It Behind are other good ones that follow the brilliant introduction to the bands potential! One disappointing fact is the end. It feels very sudden. I hope when they write the next album they look to have a nicer ending but overall as a first album it leaves you left with excitement for the next installment!

May I also say with the news that my band Rugosa will be playing with these guys in Leeds UK November 20th (if all goes to plan!) Not only makes me feel honored to be playing with a great awesome band. But the fact that I will get to see them live!!! Cannot wait!!

Human Contradiction (Dig)
Human Contradiction (Dig)
Price: £19.38

2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars You will love it or hate it (most likely depending on what your looking for!), 15 April 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
They are many reviews on the internet one side very strong loving this album and one side hating this album. I believe if you loved we are the others then you will feel this album is awful/not a great listen. If you didn't like we are the others much, then it seems this album maybe a perfect match and not disappoint you. When I say this its not in any bitterness to any opinion, but this is what it seems to be. The two albums appear to counter balance in the overall power and feelings but when i say this it has nothing to do with the skill the musicians have.

Also it has nothing to do with Delain members and their composing abilities because they are reasonably good (although I would argue they aren't good in having songs that take on a different style, such as Delain don't right big long epic songs!!)

Having listened to the album for only a week I must say I wasn't blown away as I was expecting. As discussed from above I was a massive fan of We Are The Others and so due to this I felt a little disappointed. But there are some good tracks on it! I had listened to track 2 Your Body Is A Battleground for many weeks run up to the album release and though I hoped it was the weakest track on the album after spending time listening to it I have grown to like it. I saw them live two days after I received this album and they played Track 7 Army Of Dolls live and I remember when hearing it live feeling it was too long and boring, but its a very different Delain song and as silly as it sounds after a few listens catchy and a highlight to this album. The track Scarlet is also a highlight with a ballad on piano and vocals this also stands out as a strong one here. In regards to the extras the live tracks sound basically the same as the recorded versions, except for Sever! Its recorded by one of the members doing Marcos vocals in growls, some people will like it some will hate it and some like me find it awesome just to hear a different vocal take on a popular classic Delain song!

Other things in the album left me a bit disappointed was I found various tracks like My Masquerade, Sing To Me, Lullaby, The Tragedy Of The Commons songs with potential that just weren't reached! I also found in this recordings Marco not really doing much for this album. On previous Delain albums (Lucidity, April rain) It felt like his presence was good in the mix and that if no one sang his lines it would affect the song. But in regards to Sing for me and your body is a battleground it doesn't feel like you would miss him as much as you would in other songs! And it does feel like anyone could cover the duty and you wouldn't be bothered.

In regards to Track one and three, (Here Come The Vultures, Stardust) there great but not Delain classics in my opinion, and certainly some better songs that tower these two. Also theres two Orchestral Delain songs on the album. I love songs been made orchestral, but was not keen on the choices! I think something like nothing left or A Day For Ghosts or We Are The Others or something. But that's a personal opinion!

I hope you find this a fair review! And I love this band and it is hard to say weather I would recommend this album but because I know its more personal opinion on why I'm negative about this album I do recommend you give it sometime and listens! Buy it! there an awesome band even on 'a bad album!'
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The Theory Of Everything
The Theory Of Everything
Price: £15.55

5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic Ayreon standard album!!, 29 Jan. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I thought 4 songs with no chorus might leave a bit of a prog choir but it's really fun and exciting to listen to! I like the third track loads!! But all are great!!! Christina's parts stand out and for guys Marko's part are great!!

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