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CYW Urbanz Zip Multi-Device Stereo Headphones (Green)
CYW Urbanz Zip Multi-Device Stereo Headphones (Green)
Offered by SORK-LTD
Price: £19.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Great alternative to Leapfrog headphones, 6 Jan 2014
My 4yo son got a Leapster Explorer GS for Christmas and as we travel to see family a lot thought headphones would be a nice addition. The reviews of the Leapfrog headphones were poor, so after some searching I came across these.
They are perfect and we're very pleased. My son has a large head (I buy him 7-9yo hats) and on almost the smallest setting these fit perfectly. On my younger son they still sit nicely and on their largest setting they fit an adult and are very comfy. The metal band is very robust, with the rubber band to sit against the head and make them comfy. Adjusting them is very easy and smooth. I tested them myself and they sound great (I have the bass turned up on my device and the sound was very rich and much better than with the Sony in-ear headphones that came with my device). I like the cord, as because it is coiled means that my son pulling away or dropping his system etc. would not result in the cable pulling out roughly - an important feature for kids headphones I think. As a bonus, the colour is very bright and eyecatching - they match the Leapfrog console perfectly. I would recommend these to any child or teen (or woman or small-headed man!).

XStunt Marble Race Deluxe Junior Starter Edition includes 29pcs (14 building pcs and 15 marbles)
XStunt Marble Race Deluxe Junior Starter Edition includes 29pcs (14 building pcs and 15 marbles)

3.0 out of 5 stars A great way to test the water, 15 Nov 2012
= Durability:3.0 out of 5 stars  = Fun:3.0 out of 5 stars  = Educational:4.0 out of 5 stars 
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
As any parent with a house full of broken/unused toys and an empty bank balance will know, you get to the point where buying new things sometimes comes with a free dose of pessimism.
A marble run for my little boy though was something I really wanted to try out though. But problems were: cost, how long would the set stay complete, marbles + younger baby brother.

I needent have worried. He loves it, it is still in one piece and it is his 'baby's nap time toy'. I have purchased the Galt Super Marble Run as a result. For a fiver this was a great way to test the water.

As a marble run in it's own right? If your child is old enough to grasp this then it's small size does not offer enough possibilites to keep it fresh and exciting for long. If they are younger, then the tiny non-standard marbles that look like bubble gum balls would be a hazard. Add to that, this is a cheap set. The pieces don't fit together perfectly and the marbles often fly off before the end. If you build it as shown in the picture it is nice and stable though).

To me it is no more than a trial set, for those who don't have friends with sets to road test. And the quality doesn't make me want to buy the full kit. But it's done it's job and made a little boy happy, now to be even happier when he gets his huge Galt set.

Disney Mickey Mouse Transparent PVC Back Lunch Bag Kit
Disney Mickey Mouse Transparent PVC Back Lunch Bag Kit
Offered by VISTA ENT
Price: £8.43

4.0 out of 5 stars My little boy loves it, 15 Nov 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Gave my 3yo choice of 4 and he picked this one, for preschool.
Came today and he loves it. It has a transparent back which some reviewers elsewhere on Amazon don't like, but I don't have any strong feeling about it, it looks fine.
The bag is lovely quality with a handle.
I can't comment on the bottle as my son's preschool provide water or milk in cups and I don't like cheap plastic sports bottles anyway. It seems Poundland quality-ish to be honest. I plan to fill that space with a small insulated food box.
The catch on the box is a little tricky but also feels a bit flimsy. My heavy handed son has already become annoyed at it and had a good haul at it. However the box contains a tray, offering a small top compartment, perfect to pop a couple of oat cakes or a rice cake in for his morning snack.
Overall i am happy with the purchase and the price. Wouldn't have paid more (I paid £8, it is allegedy worth £12)

Android Photography: A Guide to Mobile Creativity
Android Photography: A Guide to Mobile Creativity
by Jolie O'Dell
Edition: Paperback
Price: £7.93

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3.0 out of 5 stars Far too much about online sharing, 9 May 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
After a run down of some good camera phones, this book moves onto some basic photography tips which I found quite useful. However I am an amateur! I didn't find that the tips were specific to shooting from a camera phone, which surely is the point of this book??
The book briefly discusses a fair number of photo editing apps, aimed at special effects rather than taking a good photo first time. I thought that discussing one or two apps in greater depth would have been more useful, as I'm no further forward on how to make the most of them, I just have a load of app names knocking around my head now! For instance she describes the first app reviewed as the best, yet it only gets a paragraph or two! They show photos edited with the app, but next to what settings were used it just states 'custom'. So what have I learned that I couldn't learn by searching the app market and using trial and error?!
As mentioned in the title if my review, a great portion of the book goes into sharing photos and videos online, licensing advice, writing blogs etc. Completely useless to me as I just wanted to take better photos with my phone. I understand that sharing is a large part of modern life, however the title or description of the book didn't lead me to believe that almost half of this small, text-light book would be tailored for online socialisers and bloggers.
In summary, if you are a beginner and what you want is to take photos, edit them in arty and often cliched ways, then post them to various online Communities then this book is for you. However it's nothing you can't find out online for free, so I wouldn't pay £6.79 again, let alone the full RRP of £9.99.

Dirt Devil  DUC015 1900-Watt Bagless Upright With Turbo Brush, Hard Floor Brush and Anti Allergy Brush
Dirt Devil DUC015 1900-Watt Bagless Upright With Turbo Brush, Hard Floor Brush and Anti Allergy Brush

2.0 out of 5 stars Broke after just over a year, 3 Oct 2011
This was recommended to us and was on sale. I loved that the handle folded down as it meant we could store the hoover under the stairs. It is reasonably lightweight (but not cheap feeling) with lots of attachments and did the job. A general problem with it is that it doesn't have a release switch to go from standing to angled for use, it just falls back when you pull it. From that point of view it isn't safe to have around kids unless you have a cupboard to store it in.

Just over a year later the suction had started seriously deteriorating despite us looking after and maintaining the filters, drivebelt etc. well. Finally it just went beserk, melted through a drivebelt and the roller brush stopped turning as 2 parts had melted together slighty. Also the on/off switch had become intermittent (perhaps this was caused by the the folding handle feature affecting the wiring?).

Dirt Devil customer services were uninterested as we'd had it for (just) over a year and said our only option was to arrange a service technician. Hardly worth it for a hoover that cost us £60! I was aware that there was only a year's warranty, so had actually only phoned to order a replacement roller brush, but their spares department basically only sell filters and attachments. So they were trying to get me to pay for a service technician, yet claiming they didn't carry the part I needed?! Somehow I wasn't going to agree to that. So the hoover is now a write-off after 13 months. Great!

Obviously this is potentially a one-off, so for anyone still considering this hoover, get an extended warranty if available just in case! And if it hadn't broken I would've given it 4 out of 5.

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