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Aerolite® Extra Large 32.5 Inch Black Expandable 4 Spinner Wheels Luggage Suitcase Bag
Aerolite® Extra Large 32.5 Inch Black Expandable 4 Spinner Wheels Luggage Suitcase Bag

4.0 out of 5 stars Durability beast, 16 Feb. 2013
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I've dragged it over 10 miles moving heavy loads from my old flat to my new house. I've taken it to Iceland, across the Atlantic twice and on trips across America. It's been through all weather conditions and across terrible pavements and roads, but it powers on. The outside material is thick and durable, the zippers reliable and the frame sturdy. The wheels still spin and it is reasonably easy to manoeuvre. The size is enormous, ranking amongst the largest suitcases you might typically find.

Downside: Being so big, it's a bit on the heavy side at around 6kg. It also only has a handle on the top and right sides, so lifting from certain angles is slightly less easy, though still far better than other discount bags with only a top handle.

In conclusion, I would highly recommend this bag as a reasonably priced massive suitcase for heavy travelling, as long as you understand that when fully packed, it can tend to surpass 23kg if you pack gifts. This would be a particularly superb bag for those who pack nice clothes as suits/coats/dresses go in nicely without too much need of folding/rolling.

Apple iPod Touch 8GB 2nd Generation
Apple iPod Touch 8GB 2nd Generation
Offered by TheBuzzer
Price: £139.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Don't buy a Nano, and especially don't buy any other brand. This is the premier portable media device., 21 Jan. 2009
Next to the iPhone, the iPod touch is one of the greatest handheld devices ever conceived. I wouldn't call this an MP3 or even an MP4 player, because it is so much more. The iPod touch combines a portable media player, a portable gaming device, a PDA, a net-tablet/netbook, a VOIP phone, an internet radio, an ebook reader, and even a musical instrument in to one very thin, very beautiful, and very intuitive device.

As a PMP, the iPod touch is fantastic. The built-in speaker might not be of audiophile quality, but it is one of my favourite features. I am now able to listen to music while doing things that wouldn't permit me to wear my headphones, and I don't need a docking station to do so. Also, the new Apple Genius playlist compiler works very well, and I find myself using it all of the time. Video quality is top notch as well. I definitely appreciate the ability to switch between the filled-screen and uncropped modes. The iPod touch handles skipping through long parts of video without lag, which is also impressive.

As a gaming device, the iPod touch has really impressed me. The processor of the iPod touch 2G is far more powerful than the PSP (though the graphics card isn't quite as good) and because the touch relies completely on its flash memory, games load in seconds compared to wasting half of your flight waiting for the dismal loading times on the PSP. The graphics are far above expectations for an iPod, and can even rival some decent PSP games. iPod touch games are also far cheaper than comparable PSP and DS games. The biggest drawback is obviously the lack of buttons, but touch games overcome that with unique methods of game input (touch, motion, sound, etc). In my opinion, the iPod touch is like a cross between a PSP, a DS, and a Wii when it comes to gaming.

Additionally, the iPod touch is a good net-tablet. The internet loads quickly, and most sites work just as they would in the normal Safari browser. I have yet to come in to problems with the lack of flash/java support, as many web developers create iPod/iPhone versions of their sites to circumvent problem. I'm sure flash and java will be supported in future updates, so it's only a matter of time anyway. Typing with the onscreen keyboard really isn't as bad as many are suggesting, and auto-correction can now be turned off if you don't like it (though I think it is brilliant).

Some nice PDA features are pre-loaded on to the iPod touch, and you can download many more off of the App Store for free. The calendar is one of the better mobile calendars I have used, and it is much better than the one that was first launched for iPod touch in 2007. By far though, my favourite PDA app is Mail. It works just like the Mail app in Mac OS X, and it can read Word docs, PDF files, Excel spreadsheets, Powerpoint shows, and all of the iWork equivalents. It checks your Mail periodically and will alert you to new messages (you can adjust/turn off this feature). Contacts can be entered as well, and you can add pictures for your contacts. I like how you can specify the country of the phone number by adding the country code, and it will automatically put the spaces in the correct places.

Other features on the latest iPod touch include the VOIP phone functionality (free 3rd party app required), though you'll need to purchase a compatible microphone. Other free 3rd party apps add internet radio; pianos, guitars, flutes, and drums; and an ebook reader which is also capable of buying new books on the internet.

I've had my iPod touch 2G for a while now, and I am still constantly impressed by its excellent functionality.

And yes Apple, it is the "funnest" iPod ever.

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