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Joanna Trollope's A Village Affair [DVD] [1995]
Joanna Trollope's A Village Affair [DVD] [1995]
Dvd ~ Sophie Ward
Offered by Digizoneuk
Price: £15.90

5.0 out of 5 stars A Great Drama!, 21 April 2013
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This is a ground breaking drama which deals with lesbianism in a small British village. The cast is stellar with Sophie Ward, Kerry Fox, Nathanial Parker, and the great actresses Barbara Jefford and Claire Bloom. "A Village Affair" is truly a great drama which has aged like fine wine. Don't pass this DVD. It is superb and very realistic. Great direction, acting, and a great film. I highly recommend it.

Broken English
Broken English
Price: £17.35

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5.0 out of 5 stars Marianne Faithfull's Bold Comeback Revisited, 24 Feb. 2013
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This review is from: Broken English (Audio CD)
Marianne Faithfull had a lucrative career in the mid-60s. I enjoy her recordings from that era very much. When her label pulled her single with "Sister Morphine" as the b-side, she was fed up. Decca did not want her singing about drugs even though she wrote the lyrics to the song. An album of covers entitled "Rich Kid Blues" was recorded in 1971 but wasn't released until 1980. A mid-70s recording contract with NEMS followed but "Dreamin' My Dreams" contained some weak tracks and the album was revamped and re-released as "Faithless". The only single that became a hit was "Dreamin' My Dreams" in Eire. Marianne Faithfull got a band together and "Broken English" was an amazing comeback for her. Her voice had deepened. It was a lived in voice with a cracked larynx but she knew how to emote with it. This two disc set is great! The second disc provides the songs as they were going to be released with a different backing track. It is very good. "Sister Morphine" was to be included but it just didn't fit in with the other songs. A 10 minute video directed by Derek Jarmen is included and the 12" versions of "Broken English" and "Why'd Ya Do It" which were played in dance clubs. This album deserves to be honoured. It was ground breaking and brought Marianne Faithfull back to recording on her terms. She is a great artist and this album has aged like fine wine.

Gotta Sing, Gotta Dance
Gotta Sing, Gotta Dance
Price: £5.90

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5.0 out of 5 stars Twiggy: A Great Interpreter of Songs, 28 Dec. 2011
This review is from: Gotta Sing, Gotta Dance (Audio CD)
Twiggy is among my favourite singers. She has always sung with warmth and feeling. She knows how to deliver a song and the tracks from the soundtrack "If Love Were All" are excellent! Twiggy and Harry Groener make a great team singing Noel Coward's beautiful songs. "Someday I'll Find You" is just beautiful. The speaking part by Harry Groener has been removed from the original soundtrack which narrates the story of Gertrude Lawrence and Noel Coward. This album is a real treat with 19 excellent songs from the 20s and 30s and Twiggy is absolutely wonderful. "A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square" is really a beautiful rendition and so is "If Love Were All". The first 6 songs were recorded especially for this album and they are all quite good in evoking the sound of the 1930s. "Don't Tell Him What Happened to Me" and "Painting the Clouds With Sunshine" are favourites from the new recordings. Track 19 truly reminds me of recordings of the 30s with the orchestra playing the song and the singer adding a brief but wonderful vocal. The song is "I'll String Along With You". Twiggy's vocal is perfect! She reminds me of The Boswell Sisters on this track. I do have the soundtrack to "If Love Were All" and her album, "London Pride" but knowing that there were new songs on this album, I had to have it. Twiggy can sing all types of styles of music from 80s dance music to country to such gems that are featured on this album. Twiggy is really a great singer and she knows how to interpret songs making them her own. Don't miss out on her latest, "Romantically Yours". Twiggy is really a great singer. This album is proof of that.

Romantically Yours
Romantically Yours
Offered by Direct-Offers-UK-FBA
Price: £2.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Twiggy: A Great Interpreter of Songs, 30 Nov. 2011
This review is from: Romantically Yours (Audio CD)
I have always loved Twiggy's singing ever since she made her musical debut in "The Boyfriend". Her two mid-70s albums were on my turntable a great deal and I do regret that the third album, which was recorded in Nashville, was never released. I don't understand why the public has not embraced Twiggy as the great singer that she has been since the 70s. She has done country, excellent pop music in the eighties, and has appeared on Broadway in the hit musical "My One and Only". She has appeared off-Broadway in the late 90s in "If Love Were All" and she was magical as Gertrude Lawrence.
Twiggy has always been a marvelous interpretor of songs. She proves that trait on "Romantically Yours". She never covers a song trying to sound like anyone else. Her voice is strong, with great control and emotion. When she sings, one feels the songs.She chose a mix of favourite classics along with more modern songs. Her band creates a continuity of sound to the album. It is lush, beautiful, and classy! The opening number is a true stand out; "Waterloo Sunset" invites the listener in to really listen. Twiggy is in fine voice and lends her warmth and sincerity to the listener on all twelve tracks. "Blue Moon" is hauntingly gorgeous. It is sung with such feeling and it seems as if it were a new song. "Right Here Waiting" with Richard Marx deserves to be a hit. The two sing together perfectly. "Heaven" is just that: Heaven! It is beautifully sung. Twiggy sang "At Seventeen" on her TV show "Twiggs" and time has not lost the feel she puts into this rendition.
I only know the song "Only Love Can Break Your Heart" from Elkie Brooks' soulful version. I love Ms. Brooks'recording but Twiggy gives a tender and heartfelt feeling accompanied by her daughter Carly. The result is wonderful. "Angel of the Morning" is another stand out track.I love Twiggy's fresh sound on this song. Her version is strong, tender and full of warmth.
This is not a lounge album nor is just for "older" people. Twiggy chose excellent songs and her band is great bordering on a jazzy style. The only fault of "Romantically Yours" that is ends too soon.
I am hoping for a follow-up album already although this is a very new album. A smooth country album would suit Twiggy's gorgeous voice perfectly. I have no hesitation to give this album, and the artist herself, a five star rating. I hope EMI gives this album the promotion it deserves. Twiggy is not just a good singer; she is a great singer. I'm grateful to EMI for recognising that fact. May more Twiggy music follow this album!
I highly recommend this album without any reservation. Thank you Twiggy for returning to singing. It is where you truly belong. Buy this album and find out for yourself. You won't be dissapointed!

The Little Matchgirl [DVD]
The Little Matchgirl [DVD]
Dvd ~ Twiggy
Price: £5.50

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5.0 out of 5 stars Twiggy and Roger Daltry Shine in a Superb Musical, 14 Oct. 2011
This review is from: The Little Matchgirl [DVD] (DVD)
I am delighted that this excellent production is now on DVD. It has charm, pathos, and is charming without being at all too sentimental. The matchstick girl gives a marvelous performance (I don't know her name). Both Twiggy and Roger Daltry give marvelous performances. Twiggy, once again, proves that she is an adept actress. She stays in one's mind after the watching this film. She has the opportunity to sing and she has a truly fine singing voice. I am glad she has an album coming out soon and I am delighted that she is returning to recording.
"The Little Match Girl" was aired in the States but tapes fade and I will purchase this DVD. It is well worth it. I cannot recommend this highly enough. It is such a compelling production. I have seen it many times and I will watch it again once it is released on DVD. I do wish that the 1981 production of "Pygmalion" would be released on DVD because Twiggy also received stellar reviews for that performance. She steals evey scene she is in in "The Little Matchgirl".
But this because you won't regret it. I give it five stars without hesitation.
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Madame Sousatzka [1988] [DVD]
Madame Sousatzka [1988] [DVD]
Dvd ~ Shirley Maclaine
Price: £8.18

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5.0 out of 5 stars Shirley MacLaine's Finest Role...And Twiggy's Great!!!, 25 July 2011
This is a truly marvelous film which takes place in London. Shirley MacLaine is superb as a piano teacher to an Indian boy who has inherent talent. Madame Sousatzka lives for her music not having made it as a concert pianist herself. This film has an international cast and they blend together in John Schlesinger's film. Twiggy plays an aspiring singer (and she is a fine singer in real life) whom the boy is attracted to. Twiggy's real-life husband, Leigh Lawson, plays her lover and agent. Dame Peggy Ashcroft is superb as always as one of the tenants of the building that is slated to be torn down. Schlesinger focuses on Madame Sousatzka with all of her idioscrincies and flaws. She looks down at Twiggy as a sexy pop star yet the tenants of the building, which represents a slice of London's life, meet for a party in Madame Sousatzka's apartment.
The script is great and I have not done a good job in describing the film above. There is a man in the building who is "homosexual" who does get bashed on the street. He fits in with the entourage of stars in the film and is not presented as any sort of outcast. Although the primary focus is piano teacher and student, this film brilliantly shows us the piano student's mother who struggles to pay for her son's lessons. We see, much from Madame Sousatzka's perspective the other tenants of the building yet we form our own views of them aside from her opinion.
This is a wonderful film that tragically was overlooked in the U.S.A. I loved it then and it is Shirley MacLaine's finest role of the 1980s. Twiggy is a true stand-out in this film providing her with the best role she had since "The Boy Friend". She really is a fine actress with star quality. Dame Peggy Ashcroft is as brilliant as always. I do wish this film were available on NTSC but I did buy it on PAL since my machine plays both formats. I highly recommend this superb film. A group of us went to see it when it first came out and we all loved it. I know that the tearing down of the building Madame Sousatzka lives in is a metaphor of life moving on and it is done very well with subtlety and not as some director's hitting one over the head with a metaphor! John Schlesinger is far too fine a director for that technique. The building is a character in the film in a sense.
Madame Sousatzka is superbly written, directed, and the cast is absolutely marvelous. May this film be released in the States. It is a beautiful film!!!

Im Kiki Dee  The Fontana Years 19631968
Im Kiki Dee The Fontana Years 19631968
Price: £9.86

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5.0 out of 5 stars The Beginning of a Great Artist: Kiki Dee, 10 Feb. 2011
Kiki Dee ought to have been a star much earlier than 1973. These recordings are excellent and reflect the music of the era. Kiki Dee had the talent at a very early age. She sounded more mature than her age and she had fine phrasing and control. She belonged up there with Dusty, Lulu, Sandie, and Cilla as one of The Brit Girls. While Lulu derides her early recordings and Elkie Brooks absolutely hates her 60s recordings, Kiki Dee accepts her work as a learning experience. Fontana did little to make her into a star and leant her out as back-up session singer. This was important since Kiki Dee worked with the late great Dusty Springfield who admired Kiki Dee's talent and Kiki Dee was in awe of Dusty.
The one clunker on this CD is "Doctor in Clover" which was for a film of the same name. Otherwise the songs are fine and it is baffling that none were hits! Kiki Dee had a better voice than either Sandie Shaw or Cilla Black. "Why Don't I Run Away From You" is rousing and has great production values. She puts her all into "Excuse Me" which is a torchy ballad. "You Dont Know How Glad I Am" is a superb uptempo song.
Kiki Dee has always excelled at ballads such as "Patterns". She sings with such feeling but she can also rock with the best of them as she did in the 70s.
Kiki Dee is, in my opinion, an underrated singer. In the States, she is known for "I've Got the Music in Me" and "Don't Go Breaking My Heart". She has done ballads, pop, rock, techno and she continues to make superb music with Carmelo Luggeri. All of her music has been reissued and all of it is really great. Only a shelved album, "Two Sides to Every Story" needs to be remastered and released. I am grateful to RPM for making these early recordings available. Kiki Dee is a truly great artist. May she continue to record! She is as good as she ever was and as long as she sings, I will be listening! If you enjoy 60s music, don't neglect to buy "I'm Kiki Dee: The Fontana Years". It's a GREAT CD!

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