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Ascendancy [CD + DVD]
Ascendancy [CD + DVD]

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5.0 out of 5 stars Triviums re-release, BUY IT NOW!!, 15 Mar. 2006
This review is from: Ascendancy [CD + DVD] (Audio CD)
there is a bonus DVD included in the package, with live footage videos and also videos that they have released along side previously unreleased 'Washing Away Me In The Tides' which is definately worth a listening to. the CD is amazing and deinfatly a well worth buy here a little track by track :
‘The End Of Everything’ was a contrasting way to start the album, its soft, subtle sounds prepare you for what your ears will shortly be experiencing, piano, guitar, and an eerie, gothic vocal backing.
‘Rain’, this is a great song, full of solos, full of the classic guitar. After that soft intro, you hear this, heavy, a contrast to the previous song.
‘Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr’, the drumming is the first thing that kicks you, and yes, it does kick you, this song is amazing, it features in the menu for the Roadrunner United DVD and grabs your attention. If you like guitar shredding then this is perfect for you metal fans out there
‘Drowned And Torn Asunder’ has a soft, slow riff to start with portraying Heafy’s vocal skills as pure heaven, which has made this song one of the most memorable.
‘Ascendancy’, the title track, and in its place it is perfect, the guitar was stupidly good, it has a slightly different feeling to it; the rhythm variates more from verse to chorus with different tempos.
‘A Gunshot To The Head Of Trepidation’, is a masterpiece of its own, again it has some stunning, and crowd-pleasing changes in speed, and a variety in tonal features, especially when the second part of the verses kicks in. There is a sense of teamwork shown in this song which is evident when the guitarists and bass play together as one.
‘Like Light To The Flies’, has a Metallica feel to it, old style heavy metal, straight in with a rampagent sound and thins out to a more melodically tuneful line in the chorus. When this song was originally recorded they still had the original bass player, though there is no audible difference as the trademark duo of Heafy and Beaulieu keep the style going. This song is a lot more powerful than most, with a slow and loud guitar solo, which is also possibly one of the longest.
‘Dying In Your Arms’, is the UKs favourite hit and not only that but mine. The softer sounds produced by tha band clearly show the extreme ranges of what they can do, comparing this with lets say the Decieved. the guitar intervals sounds divine and even the small pharases of screamin could not wreck the song.
‘The Deceived’, this is possibly one of the heaviest songs, at least in the verses anyway, with non-stop double-bass playing and an extremely heavy bass line that sounds like the lowest key on a grand piano. The chorus is one of the most memorable, different to the song but awesome.
‘Suffocating Sight’, this song has a fairly heavy intro and then you hear the song fully kick, very seriously. The drumming suggests unnatural ability and the verses are inspiring. You will be given time to breath in the catchy chorus, which will make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck when accompanied by the guitar at the end.
‘Departure’, has a slow beginning corss oving rhytms within the time signature. Its has a very soft beginning, but later on as it picks up and gets going, the drums, vocals, and guitars meld together into a masterpiece. The chorus is perhaps one of the nicest and most awe inspiring. Heafys vocal quliaties are amazing, you can hear the full extent of his voice, from strong and harmonic to the more gruff metal qualities
‘Declaration’, one of the better songs for drumming, this song is the longest, running in at seven minutes. What better way to end an album with a song that exploits all of their abilities in such a great way
There is no question this band have progressed so far and most likely to carry on either further. Each member noticeably tries to keep the other members involved, and they are very good at pleasing the crowds of people who have come to love them. All fans can do now is buy tickets, and await The Crusades

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