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R.I.P.D.: Rest in Peace Department [DVD]
R.I.P.D.: Rest in Peace Department [DVD]
Dvd ~ Ryan Reynolds
Price: 5.00

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4.0 out of 5 stars R.I.P.D, 12 Sep 2013
I have to agree with some people, yeah the film was a bit meh at times.
But it was definitely funny and comical at times too.
There was good humour, Jeff Bridges was hilarious, 'She billygoated me'
That had me cracking up.
Reynold is actually pretty good in the fun/serious role too.
I'd give it 4 stars and could easily watch it again.

Snitch [DVD]
Snitch [DVD]
Dvd ~ Dwayne Johnson
Price: 4.70

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5.0 out of 5 stars Snitch, 12 Sep 2013
This review is from: Snitch [DVD] (DVD)
Out of all that's been released in the last 6months this for me is the hidden gem.
This is about the lengths that parents will go to for their kids, even the average joe citizen.
I'm interested in finding out a bit more about it since it's based on actual events.
Dwayne Johnson shows again that he's more than just an action man and the casting of Barry Pepper as the lead DEA agent was a nice surprise.
Pepper is an immensely underrated actor who i'd love to see in more things.
Another good surprise was Susan Sarandon, playing a less than likeable character for a change.
I'll be getting the Dvd of this one for definite.

Black Ops: The Complete Missions
Black Ops: The Complete Missions
Price: 3.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Matt Lynn Black Ops, 3 Aug 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I've read all the Death Inc series and i'm a big fan of Steve and the guys.

If you're new to Lynn and his books then i totally recommend the Death Inc series.

But wow i did not expect the complete awesomeness Black Ops is.

Alex and Jack work for Unit 5, a place where soldiers can get a second chance at soldiering and life if they survive the 1 year of mandatory service.

The problem though they're expendable, Unit 5 will give them up if they need and they'll martyr them too.

We see Alex and Jack grow through these short stories and they become a good team.

Hope to find another out real soon, definitely worth reading.

Seventy Times Seven
Seventy Times Seven
Price: 4.19

4.0 out of 5 stars Seventy Times Seven (Hardback), 3 Aug 2013
This is one of those books that you read the blurb of and decide yeah ok.

The funny thing is it actually has so much more to offer, i'm shocked at how much i enjoyed the book.

I read the blurb, checked out some reviews and thought yep i do fancy the sounds of it.

This was better than i thought it would be, it really does have enough chops for a sequel (and a movie).

Looking forward to getting stuck into the next in the series.

It's definitely worth reading if you're in two minds about it, i thoroughly recommend it.

Movie 43 [DVD]
Movie 43 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Hugh Jackman
Price: 4.59

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1.0 out of 5 stars Fantastically crap, 1 July 2013
This review is from: Movie 43 [DVD] (DVD)
Just avoid this, i thought since it was the guy who made There's Something About Mary and Shallow Hal that it'd be good.
It really isn't at all, there was a couple of sketches that were ok but the movie itself is just complete rubbish.
That's 93 minutes i'll never get back again, could've been spent on much better things!!

The Expatriate [DVD]
The Expatriate [DVD]
Dvd ~ Aaron Eckhart
Price: 5.48

4.0 out of 5 stars The Expatriate.. 3 and a half stars.., 27 May 2013
This review is from: The Expatriate [DVD] (DVD)
I've noticed people say this isn't as good as Taken and the Bourne movies, but this didn't have the budget they did for starters. (It's better than Taken 2)
The story is good, the action is good.
I loved that he wasn't a super spy who was practically invincible he was all bloody and beaten, you only saw that at the end of taken and we didn't see it in the Bourne movies really (I love the trilogy but don't include Legacy).
I would advise people to give it a try, don't expect miracles, but just enjoy the story.

Hit Me
Hit Me
by Lawrence Block
Edition: Hardcover
Price: 16.59

5.0 out of 5 stars Keller's back!, 27 Mar 2013
This review is from: Hit Me (Hardcover)
This has got to be one of the long awaited sequels that everyone's been waiting for.
I can only talk for myself in that respect and planet Keller is in my top 3 series characters.
I love that we get to know Julia and Jenny as well as the usual dark humour we get from Dot and Pablo.
I keep hoping that Block will do a few more Keller outings because the Bourne Series still sells and they are terrible now.
I've no doubt these characters still have a few more GOOD novels left in them.

Fingers crossed Mr Block also thinks so, because this was another great read.

Bodi-Tek Abtek Belt - Pink
Bodi-Tek Abtek Belt - Pink
Price: 25.15

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1.0 out of 5 stars These Do Not Work!!!!, 23 Mar 2013
This review is from: Bodi-Tek Abtek Belt (Sports)
What Are Ab Belts?

There are a number of ab belts on the market today that claim to allow users to slim down without even breaking a sweat. How? According to most ab belt manufacturers, users put the ab belt around their middle (or other muscle groups they'd like to tone) for ten minutes and the belt does the work. The claim is that electrical stimulation causes the muscles to contract, achieving the same result as hundreds of sit-ups. Best of all, according to the manufacturers, you can wear the ab belt anywhere as a quick fix to a flabby body.

The belts are marketed under a large number of brands, including Fast Abs, the Ab Tonic and Ab Energizer. Typically, the belt looks something like a cummerbund that is powered by a lithium battery. Some come with some kind of toning gel that comes with it, which reportedly maximizes results achieved with the device.

Are the Manufacturers' Claims True?

Are the ab belt manufacturers' claims too good to be true? Sadly, yes. While ab belts are based on muscle stimulators that do cause muscle stimulation and contraction, achieving the phenomenal results touted by the manufacturers of ab belts would require more power, more time - and a lot more pain. It is possible to tone up muscles with muscle stimulation. However, these types of results require a high amplitude, strong stimulus and long duration. In other words, you could get benefits, but it would take longer and hurt more than just doing the exercises.

A 2001 University of Wisconsin study commissioned by the American Council of Exercise on an ab belt called the Ab Doer tested volunteers who used the Ab Doer for eight weeks. According to the study, there were "no significant changes in weight, body-fat percentage, strength or overall appearance. In order for the belts to work they would have to be cranked up to a level beyond what most people can tolerate."

In 2002, the FTC filed false advertising complaints against the manufacturers of ab belts, stating that AB Energizer, AbTronic and Fast Abs device manufacturers were selling false hope, not real solutions. Among the false claims:

The devices caused fat loss and inch loss.
The devices provided "six-pack" abs.
The use of the ab belts is equivalent to 600 sit ups or crunches.
Health Risks Associated with Ab Belts

According to the FDA, the Ab Belts may NOT JUST be worthless, they could be harmful. The device was never approved by the FDA and are actually associated with a host of potentially harmful side effects, including:

Potential interference with planted devices such as pacemakers and other electronic devices
Localized redness, swelling and inflation where the belt was applied
The potential to cause cancerous lesions
Potential harm during pregnancy
The FTC included charges against the three manufacturers that they not only claimed that the product was completely safe, but that they failed to warn consumers about the true risks of ab belts, including those listed above.

The Truth About Toning Your Abs

The truth is, there is no quick, sweat-free, easy fix to chubby abdominals. Many factors come into play in the appearance of your abdominals including genetics, water retention, diet, body fat and muscle tone. You have control over some of these factors. Others may be overcome by hard work.

Getting a "six-pack" of rock hard abdominals takes a combination of diet and exercise. But even lowering body fat may not cause your six-pack to pop out. In some people, especially women who are hormonally predisposed to extra adipose in the belly region, one must achieve an extremely low body fat percentage before the six-pack shows.

In order to make your abdominals the best they can be, maintain a healthy body-fat percentage through diet and exercise and perform exercises that strengthen the muscles of your abdominal region.

The Bottom Line

There is no quick fix for flabby abdominals. Any manufacturers of products that claim a quick, easy, painless and sedentary way to tone up your muscles are only looking to help you lose fat in one region - your wallet. Steer clear unless you're only looking to part with cash - not belly fat.
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A Good Day to Die Hard [DVD]
A Good Day to Die Hard [DVD]
Dvd ~ Bruce Willis
Price: 3.70

6 of 9 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars Die hard is dead!, 10 Mar 2013
This review is from: A Good Day to Die Hard [DVD] (DVD)
I've noticed people have given 5 stars!!
This movie is a one and a half star movie at best.
Another movie of 2013 i was sorely sad after watching, don't go out and buy it when it's released.
Wait until its been out for a few month and you can pick it up in a charity shop for 1.
I know what you're thinking surely this guy jests, but nup tis that bad

Lethal People (Donovan Creed 1)
Lethal People (Donovan Creed 1)
Price: 0.89

4.0 out of 5 stars 1st of the series., 27 Feb 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I've just finished reading this about 20mins ago, i was out shopping with my girlfriend and was walking around phone in hand completely immersed in it.
Actually lost my girlfriend a few times because of this.
This story is a lot of fun and i really liked Creed, Quinn and Callie. I enjoyed reading about his feelings of Addie, it would've been too easy to make him a heartless killer.
Thought Quinn was great too, who doesn't need a horror giant in their lives?
I'll be moving onto the 2nd of the series as soon as possible.

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