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Live From Austin, Texas [DVD] [2008]
Live From Austin, Texas [DVD] [2008]
Dvd ~ Texas Tornados
Price: 12.69

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5.0 out of 5 stars "Thank You" Doug, Freddy, Flaco & Augie!, 27 May 2006
What an enjoyable DVD! The group is in fine form in another wonderful Austin City Limits production. It is a shame such a talented artist as Doug Sahm passed away suddenly at 58 years of age (Sahm died November 18th, 1999). The song list is outstanding in this October 16th, 1990 show. I'm a big fan of the individual members past hit standards (i.e.: "She's About A Mover", "Mendicino", "Before The Next Tear Drop Falls") but found myself truly enjoying "Dinero", "(Hey Baby) Que Paso" and the rockin' "Adios Amigos". If this genre of music is what you enjoy then you will not be disappointed. I was not a fan of this style till I discovered these guys years ago.

Picture Quality: 5 Stars
Audio Quality: 5 Stars
No Bonus Features

Everything Is Illuminated [DVD] [2005]
Everything Is Illuminated [DVD] [2005]
Dvd ~ Elijah Wood
Price: 12.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Great Job Liev Schreiber!! A film that grows in reflection..., 27 May 2006
This was truly a hidden gem! Visually stunning, a beautiful touching story and some wonderful acting. Ukranian born Eugene Hutz was an excellent choice to play Alex, the "tour guide" of this movie. 33 year-old Hutz's only prior film credits were a movie "short" and a documentary in 2004 (he is better known as the singer, lyricist and visionary of the acclaimed gypsy punk rock band 'Gogol Bordello'). This comedy/drama will keep you fascinated for the entire 105 minutes. The deleted scenes are also very enjoyable but would have been a bit "overboard" on the comedic side. Elijah Wood is very good as the solemn, google-eyed American who embarks on this journey through the beautiful Ukranian country side along with Alex, Alex's Grandfather & their dog "Sammy Davis Jr. Jr.". As U.S. critics "Ebert & Roeper" reported on this movie, "Two Thumbs Up" (Roger Ebert gave it 3.5 out of 4 stars).

This movie begins in goofiness and ends in silence and memory. One of the best movies of the past year.

Living With War (U.S. Version)
Living With War (U.S. Version)
Price: 6.64

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4.0 out of 5 stars A rough-hewn production that serves to highlight the powerful lyrics..., 16 May 2006
Neil Young fans have grown to expect topical albums from him. His political vacillations are legendary. Young has written songs concerning the Vietnam war & the Nixon administration ("Ohio", "Ambulance Blues" & "Campaigner"), the Reagan administration & nuclear weapons, Aids, the Gay community and the Bush Sr. administration. Now he has written his most current concerns. Neil calls this collection his "metal folk protest" album. As many critics have mentioned "Young and his label are treating this as if it's some sort of breaking news bulletin, the urgency of this is somewhat strange, given that the album doesn't appear to be inspired by recent events".

The CD is classic Neil Young. "Shock and Awe" is a vintage Neil Young tune anchored by a compelling melody and politically charged lyrics. The tune that has garnered the most public attention is "Let's Impeach The President". The only real negative I have with this set of songs is that this is almost like a continuous attack on the current administration (primarily George "W") in the same musical beat. The songs are interesting and well written but should not be compared to your typical "concept" album such as the Beatles "Sgt. Peppers" or the Who's "Tommy" that are individually diverse musically. The one change of pace is the final choir number "America the Beautiful" that is an interesting bookend to this powerful CD. I don't see any of these songs being one that will stand the test of time (i.e.: "Ohio", "Rockin' in the Free World", "Southern Man") but it will stir up some critical feedback from the public and politicians of today (both negative & positive) and should be discussed for some time to come.

"Living With War" may make you mad as hell which is pretty much the point. Welcome to Pop Culture Sen. Barack Obama (mentioned in the song "Lookin' for a Leader")!

Disraeli Gears - Classic Albums [DVD] [2006]
Disraeli Gears - Classic Albums [DVD] [2006]
Dvd ~ Cream
Price: 8.63

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4.0 out of 5 stars Muscular & Funky....Cream's Masterpiece, 25 April 2006
Of all the video products out on Cream, this is by far the best. The music from this all-time classic album is 5+ stars. Once you view this, you get a whole new perspective on the album and its individual songs (much like other "Classic Album" series DVD's). I now enjoy my CD of this landmark album that much more after listening to the story behind songs such as "We're Going Wrong", "World of Pain" and "SWLABR" ("she was like a bearded rainbow"). It was primarily the songs that were not as famous that amazed me on this program. Most of the primary players that were involved in the making of this album are fortunately still alive and on hand to discuss their memories (including the talented artist that created the famous album cover). Eric's introduction to the "wah-wah" petal helped make "Tales of Brave Ulysses" a favorite back in 1967. It was also interesting to hear about some of their influential peers (Clapton mentions "The Loving Spoonful" as one). They have pulled together some great classic black & white and color footage on this DVD. The bonus track for "Tales of Brave Ulysses" is an incredible fully restored color vintage performance!

Audio: 4.5 stars

Video: 5 stars (new footage); 3-3.5 stars (old footage)

Bonus features: 5 Stars

If you enjoy Cream, late 60's rock or any of the "Classic Album" DVD's you won't go wrong. Well priced too!

A Night At The Opera - Classic Albums - Sp Ed [DVD] [2006]
A Night At The Opera - Classic Albums - Sp Ed [DVD] [2006]
Dvd ~ Queen
Price: 16.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars A Brilliant Mix of Hard Rock, Pop, Opera, Music Hall Camp & Tradional Folk, 23 April 2006
This is a wonderful addition to the excellent "Classic Albums" collection. This was truly a ground breaking album in late 1975 and is broken down on this DVD in order of the original track listing. I am consistently pleased with the quality of sound and video of the "Classic Album" DVD's (this being my 4th; the others: Pink Floyd, Deep Purple & Stevie Wonder). This, like the others brings back key individuals that helped to make the album a success and a notch above others (i.e.: original engineers, music critics, fellow musicians and DJ's). They describe how no synthesizers were used for their sound. Multi-tracking, piano flourishes, a harp, a ukulele, and multi-layered guitars all combine for a great and unique sound.

A few highlights:

* A frustrated Freddie Mercury taking out his aggressions lyrically on their previous management in the opening song "Death on Two Legs". They had been taken advantage of financially previous to this album.

* A tale of the very shy bassist John Deacon who contributed very few songs in his career but they were critical and outstanding ones to the group. Brian and Roger tell of how he sheepishly introduces "You're My Best Friend" to them and Freddie. Of course they loved it and Freddie making it a classic vocal with John on keyboards.

* "'39". A "great" Brian May song that he revisits in great detail and sings in a new full acoustic version and in some original archived footage. This has always been one of my favorite songs by anyone but never realized it was about space travel. Now I know why it has some similarities to the Moody Blues "To Our Children's Children's Children" album also about space travel a few years earlier in 1970.

* "Love of My Life". Also one of my personal favorites and an incredibly beautiful song. This was a song Freddie had written about a "woman" he loved which it also explains in pictures. Not only is there some great footage on this but also some great bonus footage of him (appears to be at Wembley where he sings acoustically to a few 100 thousand people. What an incredible performance and performer! A MUST SEE! Also a touching new acoustic version by Brian on this track too.

* In depth details on "Bohemian Rhapsody". Music video footage, sound board separations and great archival live performances.

* Audio: 5 stars (new footage & studio recordings); 3-4 Stars (old footage)

* Video: 5 Stars (new footage); 3-4 Stars (old footage)

* Bonus Features: 5 Stars

Song List (as presented here):

* Death on Two Legs (Dedicated to ...)

* Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon

* I'm in Love with my Car

* You're My Best Friend

* '39

* Sweet Lady

* Seaside Rendezvous

* The Prophets Song

* Love of my Life

* Good Company

* Bohemian Rhapsody

* God Save the Queen

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