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Groundsman  13-inch Bassine/ Cane Broom with Handle
Groundsman 13-inch Bassine/ Cane Broom with Handle
Price: £8.39

2 of 4 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars A complete no-brainer purchase..., 16 April 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This was one of those Amazon purchases that feels like a complete giveaway!
Having received the broom, it's weight & the quality of the wood used are immediately apparent. I had thought that the bristles would be either too soft or too inflexible to do a good job. I was wrong on both counts as it's one of those brushes that you can almost feel sticking to the floor as you push it around... It is highly efficient & clears outside debris with the minimum of effort.
I find myself wondering how a profit is made at £8.39? The flagged delivery is 2-4 weeks, although (as is often the case with Amazon) I received an email after a few days saying that it had been dispatched sooner than expected.
The very next day a 24 hour courier struggled up the path with a massive 5ft x 2ft x 1ft box... The broom was cradled within surrounded by a mass of grey packing paper. I couldn't believe that someone had packaged it like this & surely the 24 hour courier cost of this cost more than the actual broom cost??? It was really a pretty comical to receive it like this (it is a "super-saver free delivery item), not that I'm complaining!
One of those purchases that is a complete no-brainer... Look no further.

Nilfisk C110 4-5 PC Xtra Compact High Pressure Washer with Patio Cleaner
Nilfisk C110 4-5 PC Xtra Compact High Pressure Washer with Patio Cleaner
Price: £77.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Great bit of kit, 9 April 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This is my first pressure washer, and although I have used it quite a few times & in quite a few different ways, I cannot compare it to any other make.
It is very easy to assemble, all that is actually required being to snap the wheels into place and clip the jet hose together.
During first use, the power of the jet surprised me a little, as get your hand anywhere within 6 inches of the spray & although I wont say it actually hurts, it is like being thumped with something blunt.

My first task was washing the car. In comparison with a garage jet spray, it was really not too far off. There is a detergent bottle to put car shampoo in (I used tesco's cheapo brand), and this clips on the end of the lance. As the car shampoo I used doesn't froth very much, it only appears on the car (when spraying) as a very light froth. Although I kept the shampooing part down to a minimum, it did still use well over half the supplied container (maybe 300mls) of the shampoo. I usually only used about 100mls when washing the car by hand, so it is wasteful. Having said that, the job was very easy, over in half of the usual time AND the car ended up pretty clean...
There is a video of someone using this washer on their car on Youtube with an aftermarket foam applicater lance, which seems to work fabulously. I may well get one too (Amazon won't allow web links, but just go to Youtube & put "Nilfisk Snow Foam Lance" into the search bar).
I reckon it scores 8/10 for car washing.

My next task was cleaning my block paved patio...
I started off blasting all of the moss out of the cracks between the block (3 years worth). It was a lot more time consuming than I expected, but the power of the Nilfisk was well up to the job. Be careful, as any dirt or kiln-dried sand can backfire into you eyes (you might consider safety glasses). I didn't think that the patio cleaning attachment would be much cop at cleaning the moss out of the cracks (I was reserving it for a final clean), but thought Id give it a go as it does take ages with the jet... I was pleased to find that the patio cleaning tool was actually slightly quicker at removing the moss & debris than the jet was. All the attachment is is basically a shell with a stiff brush going right around the edge. The water is sprayed out via 2 jets that spin underneath. Although it does work pretty well, it would have been better if the attachment had been constructed of thicker (more sturdy) plastic. This is due to it actually flexing pretty badly as you push down on it, with the result that the spinning jets do occasionally hit the patio (with a rat-tat-tat noise),,, I do believe that this attachment could quite easily break if you were a little heavy handed. For something that costs £30 to replace, you might expect a little better quality... At least this attachment is included in the package. It did take quite a while to clean just a 25 square metre patio, but it really does now look as good as new. The patio attachment is pretty flimsy, though, so 7 out of 10 for patio cleaning.

Next I spray cleaned some hardwood patio furniture before treating it with linseed oil. The furniture had sat untouched outside for 3 years and was looking pretty sorry for itself. The Nilfisk was totally fantastic at cleaning this,,, It was really satisfying to see the dirt & mildew power away, and a coat of linseed later it all looks almost as good as new... 10 out of 10 for general cleaning.

I also used it to clean the house windows, and there were no problems there whatsoever. It does a fab job as long as you finish off by getting all of the excess water off with a proper window blade rubber. Without it, you still get lots of dirty water marks. It reached the upstairs windows from ground level no problem. 9 out of 10!

The price is pretty fab for what you get, and other reviews seem to suggest that it is a very reliable machine. Reviews on Amazon & elsewhere do clearly suggest that it is the best make to go for & certainly better value than Karcher. I can certainly confirm that I am extremely pleased with my purchase.
As it comes with a couple of needles to unblock the jets (if they do get blocked) I did expect to have to use them by now (especially after the patio clean, as dirt & debris flew everywhere), but not so... I guess jet blockage must therefore be (thankfully) quite an unusual eventuality.
Apart from the slightly flimsy patio attachment, my only other moan is that the mains cable is just too short (although it's not too much bother to use an extension).

This is a cracking all-in-one pressure washer at a really competitive price.

UPDATE: I won't bother with the snow foam lance, as it's £30 at the very cheapest (ouch)!!!
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Einhell BG-SA 1231 Dual Purpose Scarifier and Lawn Rake
Einhell BG-SA 1231 Dual Purpose Scarifier and Lawn Rake
Price: £84.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Mean Machine., 8 April 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Before buying this product, I suggest that all prospective purchasers have a go at effectively scarifying just 10 square metres of dead moss infested lawn using a traditional lawn rake & elbow-grease... Just that small area (I can assure anyone) would take at least an hour to scarify completely, be extremely hard graft and produce more moss than anyone would have thought possible...
I've been there, and didn't really want to be there again.
Due to this exact reason I had since philosophically ignored any moss, accepting its inevitability as a fact of life. Because it has been so goldarned wet in the UK over the last couple of years, the moss levels have sadly reached new heights! A combination of the wettest 12 months in living memory and record-breaking high water tables again had me considering the unthinkable... "More moss than lawn now", thought I... "now where's the blinking rake"?
I then had a complete eureka moment, thinking to myself that maybe there was a tool out there that could help me in the hideous task. The following bit of Googling indeed confirmed that there was a thingummy called a scarifier,but which one should I choose? I did decide not to hire one, as I also read that the big industrial hire machines are apparently very effective, but very difficult to push back & forth. I was therefore to be the proud owner of a smaller such beast, although I didn't want to shell out the best part of 100 quid on something that would turn out to be a lemon so set about checking out the reviews for various machines.
The best 3 by far (it seemed) were by Bosch, Black & Decker and a this model by a producer I had never heard of before.... A quick skim of the reviews confirmed that Einhell were in fact a very well-respected German engineering company (as are, of course, Bosch).
Third place in my fevered mind quickly fell to the Black & Decker, which (many reviewers stated) suffered different quality issues. The Bosch also had quite a few reviewers stating that the scarifying tines very quickly broke, with promises by Bosch to replace them for disgruntled customers going unfulfilled for some time... The Bosch really didn't sound to me much of a better prospect than the (apparently) cantankerous Black & Decker...
Taking a deep breath, I then clcked the purchase button on Amazon saying goodbye to 89.99 hard-earned beer-tokens in exchange for the Einhell. In the hope that it wouldn't turn out to be a chocolate-teapot, many prayers & silent offerings were made to the horticultural Gods as I waited feverishly for the arrival of my new toy...
My faithful old rake seemed to be taunting me every time I passed it in the garden... It almost seemed to be saying; "you haven't seen the back of me by a long chalk, chum...".
My new machine arrived just 2 days post-order. I had prepared by treating my lawn with some excellent good-value iron-based moss killer one week previously (message me below if you want to know what brand), and my 600 square metres of once-pristine lawn now looked a scorched & barren wasteland..
With shaking hands & in a cold sweat bought on by visions of the perfect summer (playing croquet in my starched whites on a pristine green carpet whilst sipping fruit-cup... well I can dream), I assembled my new mechanical beauty with just the aid of the included Allen-Key & an old Phillips screwdriver.
Despite reviews stating assembly of the scarifying rotor to be a bit of a faff, I found it really no problem at all...
The big moment had finally arrived. Wheeling my sleek blue machine before me into the garden, I felt much like Russell Crowe walking into the arena ready to do battle despite insurmountable odds..... You can imagine the anticlimax, then, when I realised that the old 'leccy cable was just far too short by a country mile & that I would need to employ a sizeable extension cable. This then being procured, I fitted the moss collection box & commenced operations.
Far from being difficult to push, the spinning tines actually help to pull the machine forward as you walk. Thankfully I had chosen the very highest setting (there are 4), as clearly whoever designed this machine was preoccupied with achieving "scarification" in the most explicit & emphatic sense possible. If there is any dead matter or moss in the grass, the Einhell quickly devours it....
Actually, it doesn't actually "devour it", because my next discovery was that the waste collection box must be purely for looks, as it collects a small amount of detritis, clearly thinks enough is enough, then proceeds to barr entry to any further vegetation.
I ploughed on regardless, which really is quite an apt description. Large hillocks of extracted crud then littered the "lawn"...
The end result does however look far worse than the reality... This scarifying malarchy is definitely not for the weak hearted, as your lawn will look far, far worse before it looks better.
The scarification also takes a lot of the green tips of new grass, making it seem that it is removing grass as well as moss (etc). The scarification end result for me did look pretty barren & bare, but please bear in mind that my "lawn" contained far more moss than actual grass. The brownish looking roots to the existing grass however do remain, and will grow back along with newly sown grass.
I suggest that 6-9-6 fertiliser is used to treat the soil before you lay down your chosen seed lawn repair (which can be purchased from a four-letter-word internet site along with the actual seed for a very reasonable cost indeed)...

As for my lawn-rake? As I feared, it will be some time (if ever) that we will part company... This is not however a fault of the Einhell machine, as it appears that the waste collection boxes are equally dire on other scarifiers too. I quicly dumped it in the shed for use as a garden weeding bucket, as even if it did work (and fill) correctly, you would be emptying it every 2 minutes... I do not joke when I say that I removed 20 compacted large green wheelie-bins of crud out of my largeish garden.
Much easier to rake it up after anyway.

Conclusion (joking aside):

The Einhell scarifier is an excellent bit of kit. Care must be taken to be conservative with the tine-roller height, as even at its highest setting it is ruthlessly efficient.
I did not lose one tine during the entire job (which took 2 days from scarification to feeding & seeding, but would have otherwise taken an eternity & basically killed me).
The "aerator" definitely does not "aerate" the soil, as it just seems to deeply scratch the surface. I don't see how it could help drainage either. It does however seem to do a good job of final scarification & does seem to get bigger weeds out too. I found it useful for completely removing vegetation in areas I wished to completely seed afresh. You could actually use it at it's lowest & most aggressive setting almost as a rotivator (you really could, as a few repeat runs with it clears EVERYTHING out of the soil).
Please do not be put off by my tale of the aggression level of this machine, as my lawn was hideous & the surgeons knife must sometimes cut deep to effect a cure (so to speak). It is easy to achieve finesse with it if you use the higher settings and do not go over the same area 2 or 3 times (as I did).
I also found that better scarification occurs if you pull the machine backwards (because as the tines enter the lawn you increase their leverage by "going against the grain"), if that makes sense.
I firmly believe that the toughness & efficacy of this machine (despite its shortcomings) makes it the definite best choice for sorting out any lawn.
I reluctantly slash off one star (4/5) due to the "aerator" not living up to its title AND the lead being too short and not as visible as it could be for safety's sake (it is black & really should be orange). Take care not to run over it (like Gubbins here has already done... twice). Luckily it didn't mangle the thick plastic cable coating too much, and I have lived to tell the tale....

Sorry that it was such a long review, but I feel that this machine deserves it.

PS: Just a word of warning if dealing with heavy moss infestation: Wear full length trousers.
I wore shorts & the horseflies that emerged from the damp moss was beyond belief & the females have a bite far worse than mosquitos (they love a damp moss environment, are apparently rife after all the wet weather & supposedly need mammal blood to aid their egg production). You don't really feel them at the time, but my legs were a mess the next day & I could hardly walk from the pain!
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Large Duck Egg Blue Blossoming Tree Canvas artwork 4 pieces multi panel split canvas completely ready to hang hanging cord attached, hanging template included for easy hanging, hand made printed to order UK company 40" width 28" height
Large Duck Egg Blue Blossoming Tree Canvas artwork 4 pieces multi panel split canvas completely ready to hang hanging cord attached, hanging template included for easy hanging, hand made printed to order UK company 40" width 28" height
Offered by Canvas Interiors
Price: £24.99

5 of 6 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Yes its beautiful, but is unoriginal & maybe smaller than you might think..., 28 Mar. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
When looking at the written dimensions of this very pretty canvas arrangement, you might be forgiven for thinking that it would absolutely dominate a wall...
I did, and on the basis of other completely valid & very positive reviews took the plunge at over thirty quid delivered. In my minds eye, I felt that the dimensions would be perfect for the wall over the headboard of our king sized bed. In truth, it ends up taking up total wall space (excluding the gaps) of only half a square metre... The equivalent of a canvas measuring around 80cms x 63cms, for example.
If you are as much of a skinflint as myself, you might feel it possible to pick up something quite a bit bigger for this kind of price. Price is clearly not everything, however.
I know it sounds silly, but the gaps seem (in my eyes at least) to also make it appear to look even smaller than its physical wall presence (if that makes any sense at all).
The other thing I would point out about it, is that it is not Van Gogh's beautiful "Almond Blossom", but is clearly trying to copy the beauty & feel of the original piece. I did know this before I purchased it, and was still happy to purchase as it is still very lovely, and definitely has a slightly more oriental style about it than Van Gogh's piece.

That's everything I could think of against it, here is my opinion of the positives:

1) It is a quality item & really well made. The printing layer on the canvas is so thick as to almost obliterate the linen surface of the canvas (unlike some canvases that are printed very thinly). The frames are very rigid, and unlike many other canvases which have a small metal bracket to hang them, each piece has a more traditional (taught) string instead.

2) Ok, its not a copy of the Van Gogh & is clearly trying to emulate it, but it is still very beautiful & does not feel any less of a piece for its unoriginality... Because of the abundance of canvases that can be purchased of VG's original, then in some ways this piece might actually be argued more exclusive.
Despite being smaller than I thought (my fault, as the dimensions listed are totally correct), it still looks amazing against a plain painted wall (ours sits on a matt deep purple painted wall & looks fantastic).

3) Everything is included... Hanging hooks & nails and even a rolled-up paper pattern that makes it easy to hang it all perfectly & symmetrically. It was delivered within a couple of days & extremely well packaged.

So on the whole, a very nice & original piece indeed. I did very nearly give it 3 stars (instead of the 4) as I do feel that it is a little overpriced despite its obvious quality. Having said that, perusing the prices of similarly sized (and single canvas) copies of the original work by Van Gogh, then the price is perhaps not too far off the mark.
Based upon my overestimation of it's size I did initially think it quite a bargain, but in balance I guess you are pretty much getting what you pay for...
It's a nice thing & I really shouldn't be such a cheapskate!


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5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic TV, Fantastic Price., 14 Mar. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I couldn't find any reviews for this LED TV but purchased it all the same, based upon the excellence of the Cello 16" TV/DVD I had already purchased from Amazon.
I paid a fab £175 all-in, which no other TV combi seemed to come close to in terms of value at the time.
So what's it like...?


1) Only one... It looks exactly like "brushed steel", but is in fact plastic. Doesn't matter as it still looks great.


1) Fab picture.
2) LED econony, very thin & light.
3) PVR... Record programmes with a USB mmory stick.
4) Great sound modes & not at all tinny.
5) Full HD... I had previously only had an "HD ready" set, but watching HD catch-up nature documentaries on cable TV on this set has really been a revelation. I had nearly bought a similar priced plasma set, but believe that plasmas cannot be HD (correct me if Im wrong).
6) Great viewing angles. I find that the picture remains visibly perfect even when viewing at 45 degrees to the screen.
7) DVD is multi-region AND plays all disc variants (DVD, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVDRW, CD, CD-R, CD+R, CDRW) excepting blu-ray, so home produced DVD's & CD's are fully compatible
8) Despite its size it has a 10cm x 10cm VESA mount (not the usual 20cm x 20cm), which is probably down to the new LED (low weight) technology. Much easier to fit & the bracket is less obtrusive.

This is my second experience of a Cello PVR LED TV combi, and I'm happy to say that I feel I have got a great deal yet again.

Oaks Lighting Cotton Coolie Shade 16-inch Beige(Shade Gimble supplied seperately)
Oaks Lighting Cotton Coolie Shade 16-inch Beige(Shade Gimble supplied seperately)
Price: £15.00

4 of 6 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars A Large Good Value Shade, But Has a Fatal Flaw...., 14 Mar. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I decided to buy this shade on the basis of looks and value for money... Just over £7 delivered for a 16" shade cannot be bad, and on that basis alone I am happy with it...
So why only 3 stars?
The problem with the shade is that it can only be fitted with a "gimbal" that is not supplied...
Call me a layman when it comes to lampshades, but I had never in my life even heard of a gimbal... Loads of Google searches later, I was then only very slightly wiser to what this "gimbal" was, and how it might fit.
My research had led me to believe that the shade probably still had the standard circular metal bit with 3 prongs attached to the actual shade (that fits into the lamp rose, or sits on top of the actual bulb), and that this "gimbal" thingummy would just raise it higher above the bulb... I therefore thought that the shade was still potentially useable as is.
The delivery was next day... Top marks there, as the delivery cost couldn't have been that far off item cost...
So can the shade be fitted to ANYTHING (pendant light or lamp) without this "gimbal" doofer????
Well.... NO, IT BLINKING WELL CAN'T!!! It has a similar to "normal" 3 pronged metal ring suspended within the shade, the trouble being that the said ring has the circumference of a grapefruit (not the few cm's needed for a standard table lamp).
All was not lost however, as I have simply fashioned & fitted a standard sized lightbulb rose mount from an old coathanger lovingly bent to shape & glued to the existing fist-sized ring. This now sits perfectly on top of my round low energy lightbulb.
It looks pretty invisible & I am happy, but others may well not be so happy unless they have been pre-initiated into the secret "order of gimbals" (I made that up by the way)! :)
I feel sure that all the "gimbal" veterans out there will be shaking their heads sagely at my schoolboy error, to which I counter thus...
How come just about every large store that sells lampshades (B&Q, Argos, Homebase, Tesco, Asda... ad infinitum) sells them all with the standard inset rose-mount, but all of the decent sized ones on Amazon seem to require a flippin' "gimbal"? I now believe that "gimbals" are basically the "posh" way to go about assembling a lamp, so why do I need one for a plain shade costing just seven quid (and why do all the decent looking shades on Amazon seem to need one)????
If it had the STANDARD fitting, it would have been 5 stars...
Sorry about the moan (for all I know most people out there may know exactly what they would be getting with this item). I just feel it important to emphasise the exact nature of this lampshade to those who don't...

Oh yes, thanks for the "unhelpful" vote from whoever left me that! I'm pleased that that person is clearly perplexed as to why anyone should have difficulty in appreciating the need for a "gimbal"!!!
Could it be someone linked with the item's sale, I wonder?????
Speak up, please (it's far more sporting than "hit & run").
Id love to hear why you consider my advice poor as concerns the greater majority of UK buyers....

Croydex Coast Textile Shower Curtain, 1800 x 1800mm
Croydex Coast Textile Shower Curtain, 1800 x 1800mm
Price: £15.46

5.0 out of 5 stars Great quality., 13 Mar. 2013
I bought this on a four-letter-word auction site for a couple of quid less than here, and feel that I got a great bargain.
It doesn't come with any rings, so make sure you've got them... Otherwise it's obviously a very vibrant, yet tasteful marine design.
The quality is the very best. I've had these textile shower curtains before, although ones I've had in the past have been thinner than this, and have allowed some spray through if the shower jet hit them directly. It did never seem to be a problem, however.
This one is much thicker & appears to have a denser weave so allows no water through. The hem does stick to the bath rim & tiling well when wet (if need be in your particular situation).
It is very stiff out of the wrapper but hangs beautifully nevertheless. I'm certain it will be more supple after I've machine washed it.
What more can be said about a shower curtain.
A good buy for under fifteen quid.

Welcome Chime Door Bell Motion Sensor Wireless Alarm
Welcome Chime Door Bell Motion Sensor Wireless Alarm
Offered by Tcity
Price: £3.34

7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Detects light changes and NOT a passive infra red detector (despite looks)., 4 Mar. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I reckon I should be definitely awarded a coconut for the most original use for this little detector chime (read on)...!

I was tired of setting my new house burglar alarm off in the morning...
Wandering downstairs, bleary eyed, I could never remember that I had set it the previous night in "home protection mode"... 110 decibels down our street every morning at 8am was doing nothing to endear me to the suburban populace....
Enter the "Welcome" chime/door bell sensor, which I thought when I purchased it was a PIR (detecting infra-red, NOT light changes)...
Why did I think that....? The spherical detector screen has been made to look exactly like a PIR (so I thought that it was one)...
Never mind.
I basically fitted mine at leg-level to the stairs bannister, just one step down. It therefore alarms immediately on anyone starting to descend the stairs. The idea is that on hearing it, the descender (is that a word?) can associate the noise with a reminder to turn the house alarm off before entering the downstairs alarmed house zones.
It sounds good in theory, and I can now confirm works very well in practice.
The single problem is that it will not work in the dark, as it simply detects sudden small changes in light in a direct line to the face of it. In my case this means that was I to fumble my way down the stairs in the dark (for whatever reason), then it's 110 decibels for the long-suffering neighbours at 3 o'clock in the morning (what a treat for them).
Let's just hope I apply logic (some hope) & turn the landing light on....

So, excepting that lot, what's it like....?

1) It's really very small & light! It doesn't look hideous even when mounted with the supplied swivellable (is that a word too?) ball-joint bracket thingummy. I found that I could mount mine without this though (with just 3 tiny self-adhesive velcro dots)... It really is very light even with the 3 aa batteries fitted.
2) Despite its diminutive proportions, it certainly makes itself heard... Plenty loud enough...
3) An alternative choice is thankfully available to the standard (setting 2) chime of "ding-dong".... followed by a very cheesy sounding spoken "HALLO...WELCOME"!
Simply turn to setting 1 & any of 30 (yes THIRTY) mainly toe-curling tunes can be selected (via the black push-button).
Having a laugh annoying my family by playing every tune (from the classic "Old McDonald had a Farm", to the traditional Christmas "The First Noel") I understandably settled on a simple (but snappy) "bing-bing-bong", as too much of a good thing can be bad for your sanity.
The large choice of tunes is a fun aspect, it has to be said.
4) There is an "off" position for when it is either just too annoying or not actually needed.
5) It's infallible (you cannot get past it without it alarming), and does not false alarm in normal use.
5) It's very good value for money!

1) Well... I guess I have already discussed the one negative.... It is not a PIR despite trying to look like one....
Because of this it will not detect anything in the absence of any light, and will also alarm should you turn lights on or off...
Call me harsh & miserable, but I'm knocking off one star for it's subterfuge (trying to look like a PIR when it isn't).
Apart from this it is a fab but cheap bit of kit & I recommend it unreservedly.

No Title Available

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Better looking & more reliable than LED dimmables., 4 Mar. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I tried several dimmable ultra low energy (new techniology & VERY expensive) bulbs on a 3 bulb lighting feature, only to find that they flickered slightly, did not produce a pleasant or bright enough light and/or failed very quickly...
This despite buying & fitting the appropriate low wattage dimmer switch...
My conclusion was therefore that dimmable ultra low energy bulb technology is still firmly in its infancy, and it is still better (at the moment) to stick to old school technology if wanting a cost effective, quality & reliable dimmable lighting feature.
These phillips dimmable low energy warm white candles are at least better than standard bulbs at saving the old 'leccy, and really do look the full 40w (as opposed to most ultra low energy LED bulbs comparitive brightness levels that their respective manufacturers always seem to overstate).
They also look pretty good, giving out a true "warm white" hue.
This is also a great price for 10... There are cheaper unbranded ones out there, but the I have only used three so far AND they are all still burning away weeks post-purchase without issue... I have known halogen bulbs blow within a week in the past, so am happy that these are the best quality.

PS: The original £99-99 (none discounted) price tag is a bit of a laugh isn't it? Quite who would fall for that one I'm not too sure...
I have also noted that the entire (delivered) cost has risen by 33% since my purchase... I've seen this happen before & it does seem likely that there is a process that automatically increases an items pricing in line with sales numbers.
For anything over around £1-60 delivered per bulb for a bulk (ten-pack) purchase, I'd shop around.

HQ Fixed Wall Bracket for 14-32 inch LCD/Flat Screen TV - Silver
HQ Fixed Wall Bracket for 14-32 inch LCD/Flat Screen TV - Silver

5.0 out of 5 stars Cheap but SOLID & everything included!, 4 Mar. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Once this bracket is fitted to a brick or block wall, that is where it's staying. Six massive screws & rawlplugs (supplied) ensure this.
It is only recommended for TV's up to 32", but when considering new ultra-light LED TV technology, I reckon the sky's the limit.
This is one hell of a strong bracket for the money.
Everything is included... even the screws to mount your TV to the bracket. You just need a 10mm masonry bit.
A handy touch is that to remove/refit the TV, all you do is lift the tv out of the wall mounted "cradle". There is a screw fitted that can lock the tv into the bracket "cradle" (I presume an anti-theft measure), but there is no point doing it up if fitted in your home... There is no way thie TV can come away without fully lifting the TV vertically up, and gravity does the rest.
Nice & slim too, so your TV looks really natural on the wall.
Do consider that you will only have about 2cms clearance between the TV & wall, so consider if your HDMI/ power cables will protude enough to stop the TV being mounted.
If they do, just search "angled" power cable/HDMI cable (etc) on that famous four lettered auction site... Angled cables are designed to fit far more flush than standard cables. I needed to replace the "kettle" power cable for my TV, for example. The angled one I purchased for a few quid (delivered) fitted perfectly with a couple of mm spare.
A very sturdy bracket with everything needed to fit it.

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