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Pandora's Box
Pandora's Box
Offered by Fulfillment Express
Price: 9.52

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2.0 out of 5 stars What NO VOCALS Oh dear guys... if it is not broke dont fix it!!!, 18 July 2011
This review is from: Pandora's Box (Audio CD)
Humm... well let me start by saying that i'am a blue stone fan!i gave a 5 star amazon review for worlds apart.
And a 4 star review for messages so it's with a heavy heart i give pandora's box a rather limp two stars.
Well firstley not only are the vocals of the three girls from the last two albums are missing ,but there are no vocals at all on this album.
This ,i at least belive has a chain reaction for the rest of the album, the soundscape's still pleasent enough but as they have nothing to play around with the vocals missing.The music just kind of sounds bland and uninspired and just kind of limps to the end of each track,and come off sounding more like unfinshed demo's of whats to come ,than complete tracks.

This seems to be a trend with the artists i like ,from enigma to delerium ,conjure one and era etc.
Are all going down this path of little or no vocals in there release's, and i'am left feeling a bit cheated or disapionted as a fan.
What's happened to colabration with other artist's and making beautyful music together!!
but on the flip side poor old blue stone seem to have a tight contract releasing ablum every two years let's hope this is just a forgiveable blip and they be back on track next time!

Offered by Fulfillment Express
Price: 10.18

4.0 out of 5 stars LIFE SIGNS !, 18 Feb 2011
This review is from: Exilarch (Audio CD)
After conjure one's vocal heavy last album extraordinary ways,seemed to upset the purists,but personley,
I was more than happy with them,rich soundscapes are great but sometimes i do forget that the music is there.
And adding vocals has me singing along which to me gives another layer to the wonderful textures,so i was wanting more again.

Then a good 5 years later comes Exilarch there are 5 vocal tracks on this album they are
1,like ice 3,zephyr 6,the distance 7,i dream in colour 9,run for cover .
The rest are perfectly pleasent instrumental(without someone singing)tracks of lush fusion music.
If your familar with rhys fulbers work on delerium or his earlyer albums then you'll know what to expect here.
Of rich layering of electric bleeps and twinkles sweeping along a transending musical lines that send you into a chillout trance then when he adds angelic vocals it just equals for pure bliss.
So if like me you enjoy the rich sweeping elecronic music WITH vocals here are some recommendations of my best discoveries over the last couple of years of hunting down this style of music!

BLUE STONE worlds apart,like a outerbody trip across the universe through time and space(well i liked it)anyway better review hereWorlds Apart [Us Import]

OCEANLAB sirens of the sea,well if you like to sunbathe by the beach all day let this lovely music complement your tan ,with lyrics talking about the sand, sea and sun etc link hereSirens of the Sea

HYBRID disappear here,think nameless citys of grid like constuction of dirty cold glass and steel, but what's this warm sunlight breaks through the gray clouds hits the window hurts your eyes but warms your face.umm yes well a bit like that but musicaly of course, with sad but hopeful lyrics. link hereDisappear Here: Widescreen Edition

Anyway hope you enjoy some if not all of them, thank you!

The 8th Plague
The 8th Plague
Price: 7.12

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1.0 out of 5 stars arrhhh my ears!, 17 Jan 2011
This review is from: The 8th Plague (MP3 Download)
No not another great spaced out hybrid album as linked by amazon but a horrorable rachet of white noise
enough to blind your sence's and make your ears do these people get comissoned,awful

by Francis Ford Coppola
Edition: Paperback

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4.0 out of 5 stars THE COSTUMES ARE THE SETS-coppola on dracula, 19 Oct 2010
This review is from: Dracula (Paperback)
Firstley the book it's self is very large and(sadly)thin,with a lovely satin seen dust cover.
Showing dracula's ruffled up blood red dresscoat agaisted a black background,inside the book.
Starts with a quick synopsis of the film and how coppola and ekio collaboration come about.
As coppola originaly wanted just costumes to be the sets with a black backdrop of nothingness.
Behind the actors and a handful of props placed around them(although the studio hated the empty background idea and it was later droped by coppola for more conventional sets before filming begun)

With this in mind ekio threw her self in to the project and produced some of her best work in which she won
best costume designer after the films release ,and her design's is what this book is all about.
Almost every costume is presented in full colour close up,filling the very large pages on one side on it's opposite side is small paragrath's interview style of what coppola wanted and what ekio gave him.
As they discuss the cosumes the heavy use of symbolism,of danger,of fantasy it's evocative and erotic,poetic use of imagery and artistic surrealism to create an almost dream like state in the viewer mind.

I may make it sound heavy but this is intreasting stuff ,when it got delivered i made a cup of coffee.
Put the dracula soundtrack on sat back and fully enjoyed the book from it's large pictures of the costumes to what coppola and ekio had to say about only dissapointmet came from what was'nt included like lucys cherub dress she die's in,(not the white wedding dress she was buryied in)is missing just a small pencil sketch is shown.

Also dracula rules cafe costume with the leaves on it never gets a discussion and little things like that really.
But all in all a highley enjoyable read and would recomend it to fans who want a deeper insight to ekio work.
If this is a bit pricey for you(this is the most i ever spent on one book 55 i paid)there is a making of dracula
which gives a quicker look costumes and the idea's behind them as it mainly focuses on just the film it's self, but is a lot cheaper Bram Stoker's "Dracula": the Film and the Legend (Newmarket Pictorial Moviebooks)
Hope this helps ,i thank you.

Return to Innocence
Return to Innocence
Price: 11.95

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4.0 out of 5 stars DISCOVER EDEN, 28 Sep 2009
This review is from: Return to Innocence (Audio CD)
With there flower fairy angel looking up to the moon surrounded in a sea of stars and the album sleeve.
Talking of lost stories and forgotten times of myth and magic etc etc, but what you get is something else.
Think more along the lines of sipping cocktales in some classy black and white bar in paris, france.
Seem to sum this album up to me, not such a bad thing mind , just maybe a bit misleading.
And much more new age then a musical journey back to mysic times like the cover makes out.

The songs are all very light and fresh sounding , also very modern and up beat with a lean towards.
Frenchy lounge/bar music,but with more lyrics and a bit better quality and not so much chillout.
While the female voices joyfully and playfully sing out to catchy clean bright songs.
There not really any bad tracks or outstanding one's ,well i didn't find myself hitting the skip button anyway.
All in all a very pleasent listen that impoves with plays , hope this helps

Offered by Fulfillment Express
Price: 9.67

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5.0 out of 5 stars THERE PLAYING WITH YOUR EARS AGAIN !, 18 Aug 2009
This review is from: Messages (Audio CD)
With two albums already under there belt bluestones new album messages.
Offers a slightly different take on there previous work, the punchy yet spacey beats
And intracate bleeps and twinkles ,while still there.Have been pulled back a lot witch causes it to lose something i think,and results
in a much softer and simpler musical line so there three singers can swoon ,doop da da.
Humm and even chant as well as sing on top of bluestones new style soundscapes.

So if worlds apart was like being taken on a journey across the universe.
while it had you nodding your head to it's enigma style beats.
Messages will have you swaying it, from side to side this time around.
With there angelic beautiful hypnotic vocals call to you from a far.
like messages from the havens,along soft musical vibrations.
in short very pleasent but i do miss there punchyer style of worlds apart.
Anyway if you enjoy this kind of quality music.You my also enjoy,
Oceanlab :sirens of the hereSirens of the Sea
Also, balligomingo : beneath the surface ,link hereBeneath the Surface
Both of these are great albums and not one dud track in sight so give them a try if you like this,
i give this album 4 out of 5(must of clicked 5 stars above but amazon will not let me change it)
Any way hope this helps

Gravity of Love
Gravity of Love
Offered by MMT-UK
Price: 12.36

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5.0 out of 5 stars THE BEST CHILLOUT SONG EVER !, 7 Aug 2008
This review is from: Gravity of Love (Audio CD)
To me at least ,this is enigma's ultimate chillout song to date .
sung by brit singer and enigma regular ruth ann boyle who also has.
A great album out called "what about us"(download through i tunes only) witch makes the most of her. Ghostley yet epic vocals and is made by the forces behind enigma, anyway.

This single should have the following three tracks on it listing are:
1 radio edit 3.58
2 judgement day club mix 6.12
3 dark vocal club mix 6.36.

And is also worth hunting down ,and if you like this style of music as in.
English lyrics cutting through chant and epic sweeping music, check out
the following artists are almost identical feel and quality.

(Epicon by GLOBUS)very epic and dramatic chant you hear in movie trailers(Also think carmina butana o'furtuna style as you can hear in the gavity of love song).
with sweeping music and english lyrics cutting through on most tracks in a mainly soft rock style this music aims to stir your hereEpicon

(LESIEM)german chant group with modern spacey music all lyrics are in english and on every track and are mostly sung and written by maggie reilly of the "moonlight shaddow" fame and goes for the big spacey chillout feeling and is the closest i've found to the style of the gravity of love song all there albums are good but start with hereAuracle

(ERA)a french chant group with modern music ,with english lyrics cutting through on 'some' tracks and goes for an upbeat feeling of here
Very Best of Eric Levi
Feel free to post me a commet if you like what you hear or have anything to add , hope this helps.


5.0 out of 5 stars GLOBUS+SIMILAR ARTISTS REVIEW AND LINKS, 2 July 2008
This review is from: GLOBUS / EPICON (Audio CD)
If you love soft rock with passionate vocals and the dramatic and comanding music and chant you hear in movie trailers.
Then welcome to the invigorating world of globus as they blend the two,
style's of music to spectacular effect and complexity.
With the lyrics telling of love and loss,hate and war ,life and death, hope and freedom.
And with all the guest vocalists going for that "top of the mountain style" power ballad.
It all blends perfectley with the emovite peaks and crescendos of the chant and rich sweeping music.
And was worth every penny.
if your still unsure check out there Website,it's got music videos etc to watch and samples to listen too.
just type "globus music" in to your search engine.
And if you find you like this hunt down the following artists there, almost identical in quality and style to globus as in ENGLISH LYRICS,with DRAMATIC CHANT some where along a rich/sweeping SOUNDSCAPE.

(LESIEM)is chant and music with english lyrics cutting through on every track and is big on the lush and sweeping chillout feeling,with main vocals and lyrics by scottish singer/song writer maggie reilly of the "moonlight shaddow"fame.Although has some other male and female guest singers,(still sung in english)a great german chant group with a modern but rich sound and a slight ENIGMA vibe to it.There's three albums so far there best one to start with is auracle ,link hereAuracle

(WITHIN TEMPTATION)Is a mixture of female operatic vocals,dramatic chant globus style,heavy metal and a slight medieval vibe, not being a heavy metal fan i was'nt sure i'd like it.
But have'nt stop play there ablums since, as the heavy metal stays in the background allowing there main female singers vocals to be front and centre(all lyrics sung in english) backed up by the dramatic chant .
Start with THE SILENT FORCE link hereThe Silent Forcethen THE HART OF EVERYTHING Link hereThe Heart of Everythingand MOTHER EARTH link hereMother Earth
as these have the most chant runnig right through them.

(ERA)is chant and music with english lyrics cutting through on "some"
tracks and has a modern upbeat feeling of well being.reminding slightly
of the lord of the rings score.i'd start with the best of ,link hereVery Best of Eric Levi

So please do yourself a favor and check them if you like this,hope this helps.ENJOY!!

Secret Of Seduction [German Import]
Secret Of Seduction [German Import]
Offered by rbmbooks
Price: 23.25

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3.0 out of 5 stars maybe truly for the enigma obsessed, 15 Jun 2008
Well ok i see a lot of people seem to love this so i'll be kind as possible.
If your a casual enigma fan wanting to pay a 10+ to continue your journey i would'nt bother here's why.
well the very little lyrics on this album and really only one complete song the very last bonus track .
There's proberley about 40 sentances altogether (no i did'nt count)spoken at you rather than sung for or to you.
In either german ,spanish or english and made soley by enigma's right hand man gens gad who does the background shapeing to michael cretu(enigma)visionary masterpeace's mr cretu has nothing to do with this.
As you'll hear when the music plods aimlessley along ,the samey enigma formula with only a few.
Truly fresh twist's and turns along the way, but still never actualy breaks free from it's self.
And i do feel like i've heard it all before like a bunch of enigma filler tracks.
Pleasant but not 'out there'was my over all feeling on this and surely missing the magic (mr cretu input)that makes it nothing much more better than elevator music.
And for me at least,had almost no stand out moment's with each track blending in the next just to repeat it's self.
If you loved enigmas a posteriori album but wish it was stripped back a lot and had even less lyrics and most where in german or spanish then you've found it,
but for the not so easly pleased ,this proberly is best left to the truly
enigma obsessed.


3.0 out of 5 stars it's era, but not as we know it !, 15 Jun 2008
This review is from: Reborn (Audio CD)
Well first of all like the other reviewer said if your new to era, dont
start here.
Any ho,back to era REBORN ,reborn there's your first clue there's been some changes,and sadly not for the good .
if your looking for chant with music and english lyrics cutting through
well there's about 2 tracks these are the best ones,dark voices and sinfoni deo.
The first two tracks reborn and players have chant but no lyrics as such just 'ok' ethnic worrbling through out.
And all the rest have either english lyrics with very little or no chant at all.Or chant with no english lyrics cutting through.
What the hells all that about,but to be fair all the songs are good in there own right but,it just not era as i know it .
Oh well there hope for the next lesiem album .
And if your a fan of these two artist check out EPICON by GLOBUS ,link hereEpicon
there almost identical and a must buy if you like lesiem and era.
Hope this helps.

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