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Sony Universal All Round In-Ear Headphones for iPod, iPhone, MP3 and Smartphone - Black
Sony Universal All Round In-Ear Headphones for iPod, iPhone, MP3 and Smartphone - Black
Offered by British_Bargains
Price: 7.59

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2.0 out of 5 stars Sound was reasonable but didn't last long., 10 July 2012
I bought these headphones some months ago after my previous Sony buds began to disintegrate. For the few months that I had them I noticed that the sound quality was reasonable for the price- my music collection ranges from the 60s to the present day and, while some of my albums came across fairly tinny and distorted, others sounded better than I've ever heard them.

However, after just a few months of enjoyment, I started experiencing technical difficulties. The sound-quality of the left earpiece decreased dramatically, followed a short while later by the right, and eventually the whole left piece fell to bits and the cable fell out. Now, I use my headphones quite frequently- typically an hour a day- and although they were reasonably priced, I really had hoped that they would last longer than this. A shame really.

En Vivo! [Blu-ray] [2012]
En Vivo! [Blu-ray] [2012]
Dvd ~ Iron Maiden
Price: 9.97

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5.0 out of 5 stars A fabulous live document, 25 Mar 2012
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It's fair to say that we've had quite a few live videos from metal's finest over the years, from 85's classic Live After Death to 09's excellent live/ documentary film Flight 666, but I have to say that En Vivo! is a cut above. To put it briefly, this is a tremendous performance in a massive venue before a fanatical audience, coupled with spot-on editing and production to make a truly tremendous package.

The concert opens with a heart pounding build up through the first half of Satellite 15... The Final Frontier, showing the band and crew prepare for the show while ecstatic fans fill Santiago's Estadio Nacional, before Maiden take to the stage and launch into "The Final Frontier". As the excitement continues through "El Dorado" and "2 Minutes to Midnight", it's made perfectly clear that this is a band on fire- an immense performance which puts groups half their age to shame. Each member is on top form, with Dickinson in particular giving an overwhelming show, turning challenging numbers such as "The Talisman" into astonishing spectacles.

The setlist itself is a masterpiece of ebb and flow, with the smooth intros of "Dance of Death" and "When the Wild Wind Blows" erupting through to high paced numbers like "The Trooper" and "The Evil That Men Do". Being The Final Frontier World Tour, there is a large amount of newer material here, but that is absolutely no excuse for complaint- recent tracks fit comfortably between old favourites remarkably well, a true testimony to the band's consistent song writing prowess. In any case, if you really can't give the new stuff the chance you know it deserves, then you really should have bought Flight 666 instead.

The editing present is wonderful. In the past, Maiden videos were subject to almost dizzying cuts by Steve Harris, but those days are long gone. Andy Matthews, who also cues the video screens in all the band's live shows, adds a fresh perspective to the live footage, showcasing the concert with split screens which, while not being at all intrusive as first feared, gives the viewer all the action without cutting every millisecond to another shot. On top of this, the soundtrack is possibly Kevin Shirley's best live mix to date.

As usual with Maiden videos, it is accompanied by a massive supply of extras, the highlight of which is the "Behind the Beast" documentary. For years I've been praying for a proper behind the scenes doc, showing just how each concert is really put together, from post-production to every show night, and am happy to say that this hour and a half long film goes beyond my expectations. Where Flight 666 spent all of its time on the band and their fans, this film instead shows the crew in action, a massively important part of the tour completely overlooked in the past. Another first for a Maiden doc is footage of the band in rehearsals and the stage set being built from concept to production rehearsals. If this isn't enough, there's another fascinating documentary going behind "The Final Frontier" promo video.

To sum up, this is probably the best concert video I have ever purchased. Each minute is thrilling and is the closest to actually being at the concert as it is possible for a film to be (and I should know having seen the band live dozens of times).
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An Acoustic Night At The Theatre
An Acoustic Night At The Theatre
Price: 10.62

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5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent listening, but leaves me with some worries..., 14 Nov 2009
When this CD was first announced, I had suspicions that this album would just be an easy way to make money money from another live tour in order to bridge the gap between the last DVD and the next studio album, but then you have to realise that this was a genuine tour, lasting the best part of a year, and with still more dates to come. This, and the fact that it contains some excellent acoustic songs makes the CD not only justifiable, but essential.
I really don't think I can say enough good things about the live material. Seeing as WT have a lot classical elements in their music (this is obvious from their use of orchestral backing on their studio albums), it may seem easy to play this material acoustically, and without much change to the sound, making this tour a lazy step. On the contrary, the acoustic sound changes the music almost entirely and, although I wouldn't say the changed songs are superior to the originals, they offer a completely new perspective on the tracks and give you versions you can really unwind to at the end of the day. I also admire the songs that WT have selected for the CD, choosing more under-rated classics which work beautifully in the acoustic setting, than the more obvious hits such as Ice Queen and Mother Earth (it's good to finally see a live album without these songs). Overall, it's very much a shame that WT have only taken their acoustic theatre shows to Belgium and The Netherlands as it would have been great to see it in the UK.
On top of the excellent live songs, they have also added a new studio acoustic song 'Utopia', which has unnerved me slightly. The song itself is quite good, although very different from WT's typical sound and probably something you'd expect more as a B'side rather than a single. Although it's far more likely that WT either wrote an acoustic song and thought it would fit better on this album/ didn't want to put it on a new album of heavy material (they have been writing for the new studio album since the start of the year) or they thought they'd write a new acoustic song in order to justify another live release, I have this nagging suspicion this may be some indication to a new direction the band is taking. Hopefully my suspicion will be wrong, just as I was about this CD being a quick moneymaker, but I would be most disappointed if WT did take this direction as I honestly do want to hear some more heavy material (where The Heart of Everything left off) and think that they have covered the acoustic/ classical genre enough now after the acoustic shows and the Orchestra concert DVD (staying in it for too long will get quite tiresome and people will lose interest).

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