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Bloodborne (PS4)
Bloodborne (PS4)
Offered by Level99Games
Price: £26.65

5.0 out of 5 stars Fear the Old Blood, by the gods fear it, 11 April 2016
This review is from: Bloodborne (PS4) (Video Game)
I love the Dark Souls games, a set of brilliantly crafted titles that get every aspect that people look for in games spot on. And here comes along Bloodborne, developed by the same team and directed by Miyazaki himself. It uses an almost identical formula to the souls games in the gameplay and level design, except it has a different setting and a few tweaks to the combat system. It's so undoubtedly similar, coupled with the fact its made by the same people I have come to the conclusion that yes, Bloodborne is a souls title IMO. Is it as good as the other souls titles? No (maybe its better than DS2) and I'll get to why later, but for now just understand that Bloodborne is an incredible game, with beautiful scenery, amazing visual design and some of the best third person combat ever created in a video game.

Instead of the average Dark/Demons Souls fantasy setting, Bloodborne goes for something much more intriguing, its a mixture of Gothic horror and lovecraftian design that makes it one of the most interesting looking games I have every played. You'll fight a wide variety of different enemy types from other hunters like yourself, to screeching beats to even giant mushrooms birthed from the cosmos that shoot lasers at you! Yeah its a weird bunch. The gameplay has been drastically changed, you now have no shield, you are no longer burdened by armour weight, infact there isnt really any armour, its all, its all leather attire and cloaks, this means the game is much faster, you now quickstep when locked on, and each weapon can change its shape at the press of a button meaning you can change up your combat in a heart beat. There is a regain system where after getting hit
you have a limited amount of time to attack back and regain some of that health, this provokes of more offensive playstyle, there are now guns, but instead of using them to deal damage, if you time a shot correctly you can stagger an enemy and do a violent visceral attack that does a chink of damage. You can now charge a heavy attack, if you do this on an enemies back, this will also stagger them. Another change is that now, as the title suggests, every attack sends blood gushing all over the place.

The story, just like Dark Souls, is very mysterious, leaves a lot to interpretation and is normally buried behind item descriptions and NPC dialogue, dont expect narrative, its a story that YOU as a player have to decipher. The basic idea is that you are a hunter, you have traveled to a city called Yharnam, where a beastly scourge has taken over everything, its is your job to hunt these nightmares and uncover the mysteries of where the scourge came from. There are many videos on the story, its really interesting and I would recommend checking them out.

Bloodborne gets its level design spot on, every densely packed area links back up some way or another, there are always multiple paths to take, shortcuts to find, secrets hidden behind every corner, but they all lead to the main event of the area, the bossfight. Just like Dark Souls the bossfights in bloodborne can be epic, they can be terrorizing, they can even be sad and powerful as you realize what it is your trying to kill. The music in this game is incredible, the music actually makes some areas and bossfights. I really suggest going to listen to the soundtrack, its unfathomable that this game didn't get best soundtrack of the year

I have some complaints though, well they aren't really complaints as to things that I personally think makes Dark/Demons Souls more enjoyable games. First off, Playstyles, what I love about Dark Souls is the many ways you can play, theres tonnes of different character builds that change the experience almost completely. You can be a greatsword wielding knight, a speedy rouge armed with throwing knives and scimiters, a cleric who uses his faith to cast miracles, a pyromancer who uses fire spells to burn his enemies or a sorcerer who uses many different spells to dispatch enemies Plus a few more .You can even combine builds, have a rouge like speedy dude, who wants to try his hand at a bit of pyromancy ect. All these different builds will require different playstyles and for you to find different NPC's and paths that will lead to ways you can become stronger in that playstyle. For example a sorcerer will have to find an npc that sells spells, and follow their questline to unlock even more ways to dispatch those who stand in your way. This is what gives Dark Souls an incredible replay value. Sadly this is not the case in Bloodborne, there is not really any options other than a character who uses a strength weapon or a skill based weapon. And in most playthroughs its Ludwigs Holy Blade or gtfo . In the base games theres a mere 15 weapons, theres normally double that in the first hour of a Souls game. In terms of armor there's not really much to to choose from, your best of going through the game with the first hunter set you get, they have the best stats anyway. Once again, not really a criticism, as this is what the game was going for but in the Souls games there is just so much you can equip your character with. There is some arcane in Bloodborne, there are a few spells that require investment into the stat, but they are not really worth it. A couple weapons require Bloodtinge leveling but ......why? You can go through the game with the first weapon you get, it you level it enough. There is not much replay value in Bloodborne (except to witness its brilliance again), ive been through it about 4 times and I've had enough. I'm currently playing through DS2 on a seventh character.

Other than that, Bloodborne is still an incredible game. Is it challenging? Yes Is it unfair? No. Give it time, and you'll find yourself in one hell of a game.

Destiny: The Taken King - Legendary Edition (PS4)
Destiny: The Taken King - Legendary Edition (PS4)
Offered by SelectGames
Price: £24.95

2.0 out of 5 stars What Destiny should have been at launch? No somethings still not right......., 10 April 2016
Destiny was one of the most hyped up games in existence, so much money and time supposedly went into it, with a whopping 500 mil budget and teasers starting to emerge way back to Halo 3:ODST . Developed by non other than the team that brought us Halo, a hallmark for FPS gameplay and story telling. This was going to be it, the game that would surpass all other shooters, a brilliant open world adventure where you could explore the entire solar system, meet other players, trade items, go on quests together all taking place in a huge variety of gorgeous sci fi locations with thousands of interesting foes to defeat and most of all, an incredible story with characters and people you would grow to love. This was going to be the game.

Sadly we got something else....

We got a measly 4-6 hour campaign with barley any narrative, characters or anything that told us what we were doing. With linear corridor missions that had us doing the same thing over and over again. We got a game that didn't reward players for their hard work but punished them with an infuriating RNG loot system. We got a grand total of 4 areas to play through, in which half of the missions involved backtracking through areas you've already been through only this time to go a bit further. We got little patrol missions that had you doing exactly the same thing in the story missions except with even less context and dialogue. We got a tacked on, unbalanced pvp section that was barley worth playing. We got no player to player trading system. We got NOTHING that they promised us, the game they gave us was a lifeless husk barley held together by its fun gameplay and decent visuals. We did not get the adventure and experience they promised us. Its clear to me, and many others that Destiny is nothing but a system, a system to make as much money as possible with as little effort and cost. I've heard about the Destiny that was before, I've heard about people who played a game that was very different to the one we got, Ive heard of this Destiny that had a story. I've heard of the Destiny before Activision cut it into pieces. That destiny sounded a lot more like what they told us it would be.

The two dlc's were overpriced garbage, nothing was added to the story and the mission design was the same. Very little content for £15 each, what a joke. It has been found that people managed to glitch into areas in the DLC's before they were released, this shows that the content wasn't even an addition, it was already there, you were just locked out of it, and they key was your money.

The Taken King had slightly better content, but is it worth its ridiculous price tag? No its not. One new area and 8 new story missions (that still suffer from the mission design problems in the base game) a 3 new sub-classes is all that is contained in the Taken King. Yes there is definitely an improvement over the base game, but Destiny is still not the game that we were promised.

Then this comes along, £28 for EVERYTHING is right! I would actually pay more for everything! Although they completely ripped off everyone who bought everything already (which comes to ever £100)!!!!

I love you Activision

Dark Souls (Xbox 360)
Dark Souls (Xbox 360)
Offered by LTLE

5.0 out of 5 stars Give it time, persevere and youll find your self in one of the greatest games ever created, 7 Dec. 2015
This review is from: Dark Souls (Xbox 360) (Video Game)
Some people describe video games as art, if I were ever to "exhibit" a game as art, it would be this one. For me Dark Souls will always stand out as one of best games ever created, other people will die 7 times at the first boss and throw it away so they can go play a hand holding game like Call Of Duty because their mind can only handle shallow experiences.A lot of people look at Dark Souls and see nothing but an absence of explosions. Dark Souls is different to nearly every other game I have come across, in this game theres no minimap which tells you were to go and what to do, theres no objective markers, there is nothing that helps you. I like this, instead of walking from one marker to the next, you have to explore the world, find the items you need, pull the lever that opens the door leading out, you have to work out a strategy to dispose of the undead blocking your way, this makes the world feel real and engaging . In Dark Souls, YOU have to progress, YOU need to do it yourself, after finding out what the hell it is you need to do! I prefer this to your usual "Press x to complete game" crap that we get a lot of these days. Saying that there is NOTHING that helps you figure out what do do is not what I mean. By that I mean theres no highlight the pathway, objective marker filling your hud , its just you and your inventory. Dotted throughout each level there will be hints towards where you need to go, weather it be suggestive dialogue from an npc, or the slight pointer in an Items description there will be SOMETHING. Lets talk about what this game is most known for, its difficulty. Before you dismiss the game because your a casual gamer theres something you need to know, The difficulty in Dark Souls is a different type of difficulty to most games(I am not exactly a "hardcore" gamer, and I have beaten the game and its sequal multiple times ). Its not luck or skill that will get you through the game, its TIME. Dark Souls will punish you if you make a mistake, if you have the time and perseverance to learn the games tricks, to predict what it will throw at you next, if you have the patience to die over and over again just so you can correct your mistakes and move a step closer to victory every time, you will see Dark Souls for the wonderful masterpiece that it is. It handles its difficulty well, and uses it to grip you, get into this game and you will have trouble putting the controller down, youll want to have one more shot at the areas boss, youlll want to attempts the swinging death traps again,youll want victory because you need to know that what lies on the other side, what items you might find where it will take you next. Lets talk a bit about the games lore. The lore of Dark Souls in really interesting and can be hard to grasp at times and is normally intertwined into item descriptions and npc, a lot of the lore is open to interpretation . It revolves around cycles, a world that has been rampaged by an undead curse (Boil it down and dark souls is pretty much a zombie apocalypse!) where people sacrifice their humanity so the world can live a little longer. SPOILER ALERT In the end you either sacrifice yourself to keep the world intact a little longer and the cycle goes round again or break it free of its suffering and let it fall to darkness. The story is very criptic, supernatural, almost biblical in some ways.
Yeah, dont worry im going to go into more detail. In the begging of the Dark Souls universe it was a grey age of rocky crags, inhabited by everlasting dragons (Dragons or "Drakes" play a huge part in the story), with this age, a flame was born and with it,light and dark, heat and cold blah blah and the first beings that represented humans, but they were nothing but mindless shells(hollows). Within the flame 4 lords souls were found ,and the beings that owned them Gwyn The Lord of Sunlight, Nito Lord of the undead, The witches of Izalith and the fourth one I believe was THE dark soul though im not sure, and that went to an undeveloped, furtive pygmy, so easily forgotten, he was left in darkness and later became something else. The Lord souls gave the beings humanity and intelligence, with this they were able to challenge the dragons. They won and built a new kingdom above the battle scared land. "But as they say on the undead pilgrimage, the fire fades and only darkness will remain" The fire cant last forever, and as it diminished the life force of humanity diminished, in desperate times a mistake was made where a curse that returns you to a hollow state appeared, what was supposed to save the world brought it to the brink of destruction, Gwyn sacrificed everything he had even his own humanity to keep it burning a little longer. You as an undead have the job of fighting your way to the first flame, ending Gwyn the you have a choice weather to sacrifice yourself to the fire and keep it burning or let the world fall to darkness. I may have missed out many things and got things wrong, but thats the general idea. You've all heard the other selling point for Dark Souls, design. I'm not just talking about how every single grotesque, intriguing thing you come across has been painstakingly designed down to last detail with brilliant artists and minds behind it, I'm talking about how each area, flows into the next one, how each area links back up in some way the level design is incredible, I haven't seen anything like it in a game before. Dark Souls's gameplay is tailored perfectly to the design of the game, although the setting and nature of the game is undoubtedly dark fantasy, the combat is simple and realistic, a strong attack and a weaker attack, you can block and parry with a shield. There's no jumping 7 meters in the air, wielding a sword 4 times your own body weight and spamming it unrealistically fast. There are some exceptions however, the game has its fair share of massive greatswords, and there is sorcery in the game, however you will see the strongest characters struggle to wield the bigger swords, ans the sorcery is handled as nice and simply as possible, you have a catalyst and you can cast spells with it. Its an almost perfect representation on how combat would work in a dark fantasy universe.

If you dont have patience, or time, Dark Souls will eat you alive. If you have those, be willing to put time into this game, what youll find is one of the most rewarding experiences ever, set in one of the most engaging worlds ever created. Prepare to die


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