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Denis Leary - No Cure For Cancer [1993] [DVD]
Denis Leary - No Cure For Cancer [1993] [DVD]
Dvd ~ Ted Demme
Price: 7.50

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1.0 out of 5 stars SELLOUT CHARLATAN, 24 Sep 2011
Man...i doubt Denis Leary even smokes in real life.No Cure For Cancer is essentially a character piece with Leary presenting us with a "no holds barred"chain smoking,right wing all american gonzo tough guy.In truth more then anything Leary wanted a hollywood career,he is a lovey,making rubbish films,dating Liz Hurley.For about 10 minutes in the early 90s Leary was hip,then more people saw Bill Hicks and recoiled at the sheer plaigarism.Lordy it makes me reviewer states how he is upset as people are laying into Leary coz he stole material but maintains Leary was different because of "delivery".No,it don't work like that.It is shameful and appalling how Leary lifted chunks of material.If this was another artform such as music or a book lawyers and suits would've been flying.This actually raises interesting questions of what i suppose is "intellectual copyright".Bill Hicks for one was widely known to be outraged and No Cure For Cancer serves as a testament to an idiotic culture.Leary big mac'd the material,ditched the substance so whilst he preened on mtv Hicks played to small,pultry audiences.Leary the corporate rebel,who more then his comedy targets,was the epitome of a sell out.I mean its beyond comprehension Leary and Andrew Dice Clay....No Cure For Cancer works only if you are under 15,have NEVER HEARD,SEEN Bill Hicks and are of an unforgiving,laidback nature.I am not.I think its a travesty.

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy : Complete BBC Series [DVD] [1979]
Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy : Complete BBC Series [DVD] [1979]
Dvd ~ Alec Guinness
Price: 4.00

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2.0 out of 5 stars ONE FOR YOUR GRANDAD, 22 Sep 2011
Whilst i can certainly see that tv drama back in its day was a little more refined this series left me neither shaken nor stirred.I have the distinct feeling the recent movie version will be more suited to my googled mind,a far more digestible proposition then this rather austere tv adaption.I mean the programme is held in very high esteem as all the other reviewers suggest but i found it boring and rather long winded.The cast whilst very bbc and high pedrigee are an ugly,pasty bunch...old,balding,awful suit jackets,plum in mouth talking,chainsmoking.I would not dare insult Alec Guiness,he pretty much owns and carries the thing.Till about episode 5 i did not really know what was going on,the plot is dry,complex...lordy knows how the book reads.Plus it features lots of eating and slurping.Its all realism so the spies are the most unassuming looking chaps,who look about as lethal or stealth as a librarian with a book trolley.I know spies aren't all Bond glamour and girls but i prefer detonating watches to some old bloke with dusty files.So i think i will watch the movie.This is a programme someone of a more "vintage" year will like,probably remembering when it first transmitted.I am unfortunatly a desensitized viewer used to mtv edits,gratuitous violence,inappropriate nudity and threadbare scripts.
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New Brigade
New Brigade
Price: 11.76

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5.0 out of 5 stars STRAIGHT EDGE, 21 Sep 2011
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This review is from: New Brigade (Audio CD)
You can tell these boys have a wicked record collection,most probably all vinyl.Iceage are 4 wonderfully surly looking danish teenagers who from the sound of things are deathly serious and judging from the few things i have read espouse the beautifully old school ethics of a no sell out attitude.How nice to finally in reviewing a cd to use that word.Attitude....New Brigade is a bratty,snotty record a kind of synthesis of hardcore,british punk and an undercurrent of Joy Division.There is a definite gang feel to the band,album which is cool.Its a short,sharp adrenaline filled racket with great tunes such as White Rune,New Brigade great titles like Rotting Heights,Total Drench.Iceage are the kind of band you will know whether you like before even hearing them.I feel its just nice to hear a young band sounding important,almost cute in their adopted "we do not care" ethos.The whole premise of sell out is not even a critical matter nowadays,as an audience are expectations are pretty low...Jack White writes a ditty for Coke,Primal Scream flogging cornflakes,Dylan records albums for Starbucks,Lydon tweeded up,gurning for the camera melting butter round his big mouth.I say good luck Iceage,you believe in your racket keeping it oldschool.Top lads,top album.So while the missus plays the atrocious Bruno Marrs in the kitchen i'll be upstairs pogoing to New Brigade tennis racket in hand.

Again Into Eyes
Again Into Eyes
Offered by MasterDVD
Price: 3.88

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5.0 out of 5 stars PEACHES GELDOFS FAVE BAND PT.2, 15 Sep 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Again Into Eyes (Audio CD)
S.C.U.M piqued my interest when they emerged a few years back as a fashionita noise band along with The Horrors,a band i despise.To be honest i just liked the name at first which is from Valerie Solanos men hating "feminist" manifesto,which by the way is an unremmiting piece of garbage written by an ugly maniac.By rights i should hate this band on looks alone and the fact that singer Thomas Cohen is dating Peaches "i am goin to vomit"Geldof.Boy the other band members must be peeved as the press attention focuses in on yet another celebrity relationship.Loads of tabloid shots of the couple sat at the front of milan fashion shows,dawdling down Portobello Road in a fog of sandals,sarongs and sytrofoam cups full of mocchachinos,frapachinos...more likely iced tea.Also Thomas Cohen is a sickening poser,the pouting is out of control all leading to a rather pronounced punchability.But i gotta admit i loved this album.Self conscious,gloomy,big,annoying,portentous,fey....moody fringes and swaying.It has this early 80s quality of self importance which i dig like say Bauhaus or Japan.Plus stonking tunes such as single Amber Hands,Days Untrue and Whitechapel full of drama and ambition.This is a perfect album for the poetic 15 year old outcast who reads good books,a soundtrack to your romantic gloom.Equally its perfect for sad,32 year old,frustrated popstars like me who pathetically still read the n.m.e and think they are clever for spotting a bands reference point.A great british album and a great divisive,possibly annoying, band.At the end of the day i am jealous of these trendy singers....i want the sarong and styrofoam cup.
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Playing in the Shadows
Playing in the Shadows
Offered by b68solutions
Price: 3.89

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1.0 out of 5 stars TOP SHOP HIP HOP, 10 Sep 2011
This review is from: Playing in the Shadows (Audio CD)
Example is not exactly "straight up from the streets" more straight from the synagogue,a man who looks like a mannequin coming to life from the windows of River Island peddling synthetic shop floor top shop hip hop ideal for downloads and i pods.The man has as much danger,charisma as a deck chair wearing a wardrobe from the early 90s and an awful new flat top haircut from the 60s.This is cryogenic music for impartial people to play in peugeots,whilst running on a treadmill or for me a soundtrack to ultimate spiritual death.Its music for nice people that when you ask "what music do you like?" the reply is "a bit of everything",the type that voluntarily give up the remote control and go to pubs stinking of some metallic scent with white trainers.Drive thru stuff.Example tries to play it straight,i saw him on a recent tv interview sat on a couch arms and legs splayed out,acting the big man.No,no,no.You look like a rodent.And about as tough as sunday school.A naff album chock full of that awful trance production,monotone rapping and god awful lyrics.
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Happy Soup
Happy Soup
Offered by skyvo-direct
Price: 13.29

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5.0 out of 5 stars COOLEST DUDE IN THE WORLD, 8 Sep 2011
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This review is from: Happy Soup (Audio CD)
Baxter Dury is one cool,cool cat.Most of the time children of famous music artists who embark on their own career its normally a derivative affair soaked in nepotism.Well Baxter Dury is the exception,an individual artist with his own brand of narcoleptic,swooning lo fi pop.After a long wait Happy Soup is finally out and what an album.I am often quizzed about "what type of music do you like?" because i despise Artic Monkeys,Foo Fighters etc.Well Happy Soup pretty much encapsulates what i like.The ten tracks here are simple in execution with the customary savoir faire style of Baxter but also still retaining his sense of hip abstraction.Pretty much loved all the songs from Isabel,the hypnotic spoken word Leak At The Disco to the dainty mockney bounce of Picnic On The Edge.In an alternative universe Hotel In Brixton would be number one.Baxter Dury is a great artist making flawless indie music for those who find the mainstream garish,hollow and superficial.Also Baxter Dury albums are dripping in charisma and charm,you know a real "geezer" not some conveyer belt dullard.Buy all his albums at once.A dude.

Offered by b68solutions
Price: 2.35

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5.0 out of 5 stars JEDWARD RULE, 7 Sep 2011
This review is from: Victory (Audio CD)
JEDWARD our an embodiement of Andy Warhol aesthetics,so bubblegum,eerily asexual,a product of their environment and one of the great novelty acts around.Their performance of Ghostbusters on X Factor is for me one of the great televisual music momments i have ever seen.Their Vanilla Ice collaboration one of the great singles.People who despise them old,bitter,hackneyed,sweaty office bods only make these guys stronger.I hope Jedward become a conglomerate,their faces adorning sweet packets,deoderant bottles,a 24 hr reality show,dolls,fashion the world is their oyster.American Pie is the best movie in the world,Britney Spears the spiritual mother.Victory is a triumph of sheer musical indifference,L.A ambition and a belief in pop.Pop in its purest sense.Blimey in such ardous,morally bankrupt times its nice to see a couple of feather brained teens with iconically daft hairdos prance around as if they were in front of their mirrors.Not pre occupied with objectifying scantily clad gyrating "honeys" or gruffly rapping the virtues of drug dealing ak 47 carnage.It's garish,annoying pop music for little kids to jump on the sofa to drinking horrid colour fizzy drink demented with sugar rushes from multiple bags of Haribo.And there is nothing wrong with that.Ignorance is bliss.Good luck to Jedward,innocent teens having a great time.JEDWARD RULE...
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Ken Park (Uncut) [Import]
Ken Park (Uncut) [Import]
Dvd ~ Adam Chubbuck
Offered by IMSSALES
Price: 9.97

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4.0 out of 5 stars AMERICAN PIE, 4 Sep 2011
This review is from: Ken Park (Uncut) [Import] (DVD)
Strange issue censorship...i as a viewer am pretty much disconnected to appalling imagery.You know youtube deaths,torture porn not to mention emotional pornography from horrendous real tragedy books to senseless murders in the news.Not forgetting looting,corrupt politics,lying prime ministers,hoodie stabbings,the general absence of empathy,cyber bullying.The list is endless and i am rambling.First off i did not even know Ken Park was available to buy,good old Amazon hey.I bought my copy years ago off one those nice guys with ruck sacks,of a oriental persuasion who would frequent pubs do a mad dash round the punters before being chased out by the landlord.By the way where have all those guys gone?Weird.Best customer service i had,apart from amazon of course.Ken Park then is probably the most nihilistic movie ever chock a block with Larry Clarks eerie,morally questionable pre occupations of teenage dysfunction.bad parenting,skateboards.You could argue there is a presence of pitch black humour as in the scrabble scene.Harmony Korines script is unusually skeletal and you do get the feeling Clark is simply running amok.I am a big Larry Clark fan,i fell off my chair when i saw Kids and Bully and for fans of his work this is an obvious must.Legendary cinematographer Ed Lachman co directs,the imagery and colour of film is flawless.In terms of a more casual viewer it is best to stay away.At the end of the day it simply is about how you as a viewer see things.I mean Jason Biggs humping an apple pie is pretty revolting to me just as some of the scenes in Ken Park.This film is great to lend unsuspecting friends,their faces when returning dvd...priceless.So not Clarks best but definetley an aggresive,dark,gratuitious indie film.

Querelle [DVD][1982]
Querelle [DVD][1982]
Dvd ~ Brad Davis
Offered by ludovico_institute
Price: 4.99

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1.0 out of 5 stars SEE YOU LATER SAILOR....., 29 Aug 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Querelle [DVD][1982] (DVD)
This movie had the same effect on me as sea sickness,i felt nausea,cold sweats and a gross queasiness.Sometime's a movie will be a cult because it is unpopular and badly executed...hello Querelle.This film is AWFUL.Shot in a gross,tangerine light,a wobbly studio stage and worse of all a boss eyed confused Brad Davis.Davis was the ONLY reason i wanted to see this film,in the realms of forgotten talent and a star that could've been Brad Davis possibly wore the crown.His performance in Midnight Express is flawless,he had that Brando quality of being macho and sensitive,that unquantifiable charisma.Sadly the fame went to Davis's head,he obliterated himself with drugs,destroyed his career,alienating Hollywood until he was kinda discarded.By the time he sorted himself out he only did tv movie stuff,never really achieving what he could have then worse becoming almost a leper in Hollywood because he discovered he was ill with Aids...this was pre Philadephia before Tom Hanks taught everyone that you cannot contact Aids by touching someones hand or drinking from the same champagne flute.Actually instead of buying Querelle buy After Midnight a sort of biography of Davis wriiten by his wife.Davis had a horribly complex early life,put it this way i think his Mum made him "sleep" in the same bed.Oh yeah...the film.The acting is cardboard cut out,afternoon american soap sensuality,ridicolous ham fights,ugly foreigners and a current of planet sized pretension.I mean the story is actually alright about this shifty,amoral,morally corrupt sailor but it all falls flat in incredibly naff style over substance.The latent homoeroticism is presented sordidly,one particular scene had me wrenching.Another reviewer comments on the "eroticism" has all the erotic qualitys of two dogs fornicating down the park tongues flailing,legs jittering.Horrible.As a viewer you DO NOT CARE ONE IOTA about these flat,nasty characters.For Davis while i commend his spirit this movie might have well been called "How To Kill Your Career In Hollywood.Part One".It is one of the biggest examples in my memory of career suicide.Brad Davis,bless him kind of looks bemused wondering around the phallic sound stages.Obviously there are those masochistic Art Movie buffs who will think this bad breath of a film is a "flawed" masterpiece.NO.Just an awful,awful,awful movie.Bad.

Hobo with a Shotgun [Blu-ray]
Hobo with a Shotgun [Blu-ray]
Dvd ~ Rutger Hauer
Offered by HarriBella.UK.Ltd
Price: 5.66

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5.0 out of 5 stars PROPER GRINDING, 23 Aug 2011
Well Hobo With A Shotgun has won the not exactly prestiged position of film of the year in my book.The title alone is a wonderful conceit,certainly a viewer will not be under any illiusions when choosing to watch this movie.I am just loving how the video nasty aesthetics have ended up at the multiplex,on DVD.After the smug calamity of Tarantinos supposed Grindhouse effort here we have a properly realised exploitation flick.Rutger Hauer is great as the heroic vigilante Hobo,as is most effective in these knowing homage movies he plays it straight even adding a little pathos in what really is a disposable role.The movie is set in a hyper violent world kind of reminding me of Repo Man,in fact for movie junkies theres lots of touchstones from Troma to Re Animater.Its sickeningly gory,buckets of blood,decapitations and very nasty black humour indeed.Within the first five minutes a head is rolling in a street.The movie is shot wonderfully too.The actress Molly Dunsworth is a real cutie and holds her own amongst the flying guts,lecherous policeman and electrical equipment being used for the wrong purposes.This movie rolls around the dirt like a pig in mud with barely a moral in its bone from tramp fighting to scorched schoolbuses though it has to be highlighted its done in a very garish, cranked up Tom And Jerry style.The more disconcerning,shall we say boring,viewer should rent or buy another movie.A date movie?Probably not.But for all the semi pyschotic,straight to video bubble gum brained film geeks its a must.

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