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Singles Collection 1979 - 2012
Singles Collection 1979 - 2012
Price: £14.72

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5.0 out of 5 stars WET ME STRIDES, 24 May 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I purchased this Killing Joke cd singles collection totally by chance,just bored and browsing.Obviously I have heard the name but up until this point never heard a note.Well from the moment Nervous System the first track kicked in I was quite simply floored by the immediacy of Joke.Blown away.
Musically,brilliant.Lyrics,amazing.Jaz Coleman within two songs rushed straight into my all important[though completely redundant to you]top five frontmen.There is a rather bitter,unfair review here calling this comipilation a cynical cash in,that review is shortsighted and unfair.And selfish.Not everyone has their whole catalogue already,not everyone was born in the 60s.Singles Collection is a GREAT readymade introduction to Killing Joke,i for one can already see an obsessive purchasing of previous work.Anything that opens up avenues for people to welcome and enjoy music they have not come across before should be encouraged,this is what helps bands build a legacy.
Oh I certainly don't mind a band who have worked hard on good work getting a few quid and from where I am standing with my little knowledge have not maybe received the credit due.To my sensibilities Joke should be a stadium band.
A great cd that I am happy to have taken a punt on and you will be if you are considering it.They just don't make bands like this anymore,bands that have something to say,bands that sound important,like they mean it.
I have written this only after reaching track 10 on cd one,a track called Eighties.
Love it.
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The Child Of Lov
The Child Of Lov
Price: £9.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars SUNSHINE IN A BAG, 11 May 2013
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This review is from: The Child Of Lov (Audio CD)
Child Of Lov first came to my attention whilst receiving a new music trophy at the NME awards.The whole career trajectory from web hype to magazine shoots is so quick nowadays artists get awards BEFORE albums are even out on the shelves.
I suspect the excitement has simmered now with regards to Lov.,the chase is over,the albums out,we know what the dude looks like.Nevermind Child Of Lov is interesting with or without the hype.
Anyway back to the award,up he strolled,silly clothes,jacket draped arrogantly over the shoulder and in a completely contrived display of enigmatic hubris muttered "thankyou" and flounced off.All very Prince at BPI awards 84.
I have to mention musical references,its boring but neccersary.Two words D'Angelo and Prince.First track Call Me Up could've come straight off Voodoo.If you are going to have references Prince and D'Angelo are pretty,pretty cool.Its all filtered through Lovs style obviously which seems ridiculously fully formed for such a new artist.You get the feeling this guys been daydreaming about being a pop star for a little while.Just seems effortless.
Damon Albarn produces a few tracks as well,you can feel his presence.Say what you will about Albarn but the man is gifted.
My favourite track is the funky Heal,replete with Lovs falsetto....Give Me is a real bass stonker,Living The Circle and Go With The Wind are cool too.
This is a great debut album,ideal for summer,ready made for skinny jean wearing hipsters,indie kids,sad guys like me who will probably barbeque sausages in the garden with this album playing.
You can "chill"[if you must] on a beanbag while surrounded by "distinct" aromas.
Thank you.

Child Of Lov/Martijn William Zimri Teerlinck
Sad news.Respect dude.
March 31,1987-December 10,2013.

Salò or the 120 Days of Sodom [DVD + Blu-ray] [1975]
Salò or the 120 Days of Sodom [DVD + Blu-ray] [1975]
Dvd ~ Pier Paolo Pasolini
Price: £9.25

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3.0 out of 5 stars NECESSARY ILLUSION, 9 April 2013
First things first i wasn't a "crying gibbering mess" after watching this film.Nor do i think you will be either.This is not "more dangerous then Ebola" a pathetic cheap comment.Erm...all this show boating and "scariest thing ever" is lame,underselling the movie. Here are a few thoughts.....

1.Pasolini was a cool dude

2.Bloodhounds,violent film fans,b movie freaks,shock lovers need not apply.You will be disappointed.At face value Salo simply doesn't work.Its a movie tied with context.
3.One strand is about consumption[the infamous poo scenes],the body as commodity,the use of power,voyeurism.Its a film you watch,read about it,learn to appreciate i suppose in its motivations.
4.There is absolutely no character indentification really to speak of unless you think along the lines of whether you would join in with the president etc.What would you do?The victims are presented as people who surrender to the theatre of power.
Pasolini making some comment on the masses.
5.The reviews that scream about the "shock",the "horror"...hmmmm.To some this may cause a morbid curiosity,an itch to stracth,a test to pass which is cool and normal but i am just trying to save you the disappointment.
6.Absolutely nothing wrong with violent films,freaky b movies.I love them.This is more Sight And Sound then Fangoria.
7.Bless Pasolini but his death,being kicked to death by a male prostitute stinks of something politically motivated by the powers that be.
8.Pasolini is my idea of a authentic artist.
9.Like all the true momments of genuis work i cannot decide whether Salo is really bad or really good.Its certainly vivid.
10.Ask me in a year.

Alan Partridge - Mid-Morning Matters [DVD]
Alan Partridge - Mid-Morning Matters [DVD]
Dvd ~ Steve Coogan
Price: £6.50

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5.0 out of 5 stars THIS TEA TASTES OF CHICKEN, 31 Dec. 2012
Hands down the best gift i got this year was Alan Partridges new dvd.Its just bone crunchingly funny,violently funny.In this series its kind of back to basics,Partridge in a studio,few guests and a mic.Thats it.Thats all you need.Coogan is at the point with Alan where he can just inhabit this character,you do wonder who is playing who!Every look,glance,chew....its all about the nuances and its wonderful.The script is brilliant,sharp as a knife crammed full of quotable lines.I watched it all in one sitting.
I cannot do this dvd justice,all i would say is if you are kind of thinking about purchasing it there is no need to quibble.Just get it.Coogan is an immense talent and this character has provided me with laughs that border on the profound for how long is it now?15 years...?Spine hurting laughter...tears down the face laughter.Its got it all...the tragedy,the pathos,the slapstick....Partridge is an odious borderline pyschotic but boy do i love him.Coogan is a word to make you proud to be british.Essential.

Pete Townshend: Who I Am
Pete Townshend: Who I Am
by Pete Townshend
Edition: Hardcover

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1.0 out of 5 stars ONE CLICK INDEED...., 28 Dec. 2012
Recieved this as a gift on xmas eve and as i have stuck to my bed stuffed with the flu managed to read it in a couple of days.In many ways i wish i hadn't.I am not a major Who fan but am partial to a bit of Who Are You,My know The Who as a band most certainly have their place and well...Keith Moon,he was THE MAN.Total legend,a proper rock star.Thats how i kinda thought of Townshend when i approached this autobiography,my image of him was his windmill arms,jumping in the air guitar legend.No nonsense.Make his a double sir.
Well what i got was a whining,self important yacht buying multi millionaire rock star who laughably talks about buying mansions like you know all of us do it.This man,contrary to what he believes is far from the working man he places himself next to....
1.As you can see most of the reviews here are 5 star jobbies written by what i think are Who know if Pete wrote the ingredients of a ketchup bottle you would see the 5 stars.My review is for the more disconcerning reader who may fancy this book.
2.I felt i was reading two books.What Pete wrote in an effort to look an o.k bloke and reading between the lines where Townshend emerges as quite the neurotic,deeply troubled man haunted by flashbacks.At one point he says "i am probably bisexual"....then never mentions it again.I think that sentence reveals more about Townhsend then the resulting 500 pages.A veritable Freudian banquet.And this bloke likes to talk.About himself.How he felt.How he saw it.How he planned it.How he....yes...yes its an autobiography but other people got what a sentence?
I never once thought Townshend would have more in common with the vapid,self obsessed celebrities of today then the classic rockstars of yesteryear.
Its quite pathetic really.
3.But surely The Who were a rock n roll nightmare,tvs out the window,rolls royce in the swimming pools...hmmm yeah those stories are folklore now,the reader gets a bit but what we mostly get is Townshend moaning about missing his wife.Or falling in love with some ditzy blonde he meets for two minutes.Rock n roll indeed.
I couldn't quite shake the feeling that the members of The Who actually irritated Townshend as time progressed.It was alright for him of course because he gets all the publishing to buy his boathomes,his home from homes....he endlessly lists his aquisitions.John and Roger were struggling a bit to play the mortgage,ask Pete to do a tour...and its very,very difficult for Townshend to come to an answer,thrown into the turmoil of possibly playing stadiums all over the world earning millions.Painful.
4.The elephant in the room....we know what it is don't we?Townshends computer habits.Which landed him on a certain register.Of course he wasn't looking at the most disgusting images known to,no,no!Silly you....he was RESEARCHING....on a QUEST TO SAVE US FROM INTERNET PORN.
And when he went on a site he PURPOSELY WENT ON A SITE where he knew where he was going to be caught.Our man of the people wanted to show how the evil banks are involved therefore punching his credit card details in with his bony little fingers.
I mean thank god Townsie looked into this subject,thats what we need.Not specially trained proffessionals who work their socks off trying to clampdown on these animals.No we need middle aged rock stars out there.Please.I didn't believe ANY OF IT.The man was caught.Red handed.Laughably he hire a "private detective" in surely what would be a case of conflict of interest.It all reminded me of the crying victim mentality of fellow surfer Chris Langham.
5.What you get in this book is ENDLESS CHAPTERS on Petes truly woeful,lamentable "projects".By all means tell me about Tommy,Quadrophonia...but not your cyberspace crime dramas or street operas.I was falling asleep reading this dross.
6.No word of a lie on the jacket sleeve it reads THE MOST EAGERLY AWAITED ROCK MEMOIR OF THE CENTURY.
7.My advice is if you want an anecdotal,funny,enjoyable read go for Keith Richards autobiography.This is a clunky,meandering biography.A rock memoir can never be BORING.And this one was.Some of it is actually insulting to be honest.One of the worst books i have ever read.
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Untouchable: The Strange Life and Tragic Death of Michael Jackson
Untouchable: The Strange Life and Tragic Death of Michael Jackson
by Randall Sullivan
Edition: Hardcover

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4.0 out of 5 stars IGNORE THE PROPOGANDA, 9 Dec. 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Good golly there is a breed of Micheal Jackson fans that are militant,aggresive and worse of all in denial.On this review page this is demonstrated with wall to wall negative reviews which i believe firmly are written by people who have not even read the book.
Whats ironic is the heavy handed techniques of these fans who bully and cajoule people who may have enjoyed this book.Using tactics there messiah would consider abhorrent.Now there is no excuse for factual errors which this book does include but this does not invalidate other information that has been provided in affadavits and that we the public have the obsessives cling to these breadcrumbs which really are small feed compared to....say Jackson dangling his baby from a window,thinking its acceptable for someone to take a persons child and stay in a seperate hotel room from said childs parents,blowing obscene amounts of money,staring into a camera and telling viewers with a straight face that "i have only had two operations on my face".Oh,not forgetting the "lovely" family such as his father who would whip him,La Toya who held a press conference to denounce her brother as a criminal,his "loving" brother recording a song where he disses his brother.The list of calamities that the public,fans witnesses with their OWN eyes are in numerable enough to kind of make other pick points irrelevant.
You think his kids were naturally conceived?????????PPPPPLEASE!
Actually a chapter i just read about Jacksons time in Ireland really painted a touching portrait of Jackson as a responsible,caring father who craved normalaty for himself and his children.Jackson was a genius.A flawed,complex genius.I LOVE his music,in his art he was untouchable,his humanitarian work second to none but you know there was issues.All the cries of "tabloid trash!!!"FrankDelilo planted stories in the press for jimmys sake!!!!!!!
I refuse to believe Jackson was some simpleton,this guy was SHREWD,maybe not in the later years but early on he knew his stuff.He did not really talk in that girly way.Untouchable has its flaws BUT it is a good,salacious,intriguing read...another view among the multiple others on one of the most successful,talented performers of our time.A real page is out of order for people to just one star something when some clearly have not read the book and just disagree because Jackson is not portrayed as an angel.Thats the thing that struck me in this book,Jackson was just a person.
A person dragged from pillar to post,who went thorough massive highs massive lows.Put it this way i am glad i ignored all reviews on this.
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Ill Manors [DVD]
Ill Manors [DVD]
Dvd ~ Riz Ahmed
Offered by westworld-
Price: £11.03

7 of 16 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars BRUV,I BEG U..., 6 Nov. 2012
This review is from: Ill Manors [DVD] (DVD)
1.First off hats off to Plan B for having the gumption,ambition to make a try in these days to make a statement is worth something considering most artists are most likely to roll over on their backs,wanting the industrys slimy,corrupt hands to tickle their bellies.Who sit tweetin whilst re releasing thier year old debut album with two extra tracks thus ripping off their fans.
2.Ill Manors soundtrack is "phat","sick" bruv.Though i do contend that title track Ill Manors occupies a grey area.Socio political statement or aggresive celebration?I know for me the track induces a testoroene fuelled kick.It makes me want to throw a brick through Greggs window.
3.Judging from the other reviews i CANNOT help thinking a lot of them we're written from educated people slummin it in "the hood" from the benign safety of their leather armchair,slurping an oakey red...perhaps having a few tokes on a crudely rolled jazz cigarette.No doubt feeling "down wiv it" the way your 40 something divorced uncle may.
4.Ill Manors yeah its visceral,some nice shots but its TOO LONG...there is kind of pop video interludes which compromise and rob the films intregity.
5.The script kinda reads at times as Only Fools And Horses meets Lock,Stock in a brawl outside the obligatory kebab shop with Kidulthood.
6.Yes,yes by all means examine social infrastructes,governments betrayal but please does every character have to have the most predictable background that explains their ruthless,violent,shameful behaviour?Truly these people live in a godless world with no morality.....the price of everything the value of nothing.
An avoidable fact is some people just become criminals,some people just are evil.It exists.
So if we we're to put this into an equasion of sorts bad background=a right to be abhorrent.
Victims of the holocaust,victims of abuse,victims of disarsters,illness....believe it or not there are thousands of examples of people who have transcended their pasts,living lives in a respectful way.Fair enough tell someones story no matter how vile they are but boy make sure you have something better then a corny,sentimental flashback to validate the sheer ugliness.
7.The language is AWFUL.Unfortunately a number of the characters are so vile you just couldn't care less.A number of times i felt let this guy swim in his own bile.
8.Three words Nil By Mouth.
9.The film would've been better i feel if a little was seen of the other side,the beuracracy,the job had its foot locker robbed nike clad feet stuck in the mud.
10.I do not care what anyone says there is an element of violence fetish,a grudging acknowledgement of respect paid to these lovely young citizens.
11.RESPONSIBILITY.What happenned to this word?Take responsibility for your actions.Right.Wrong yeah.Battering,robbing people WRONG.Bettering yourself RIGHT.
12.Hows about a film about someone from an East London estate who is doing well,keeping their head down?
13.Two words The Wire.

Good Don't Sleep
Good Don't Sleep
Price: £8.83

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5.0 out of 5 stars EUREKA MOMMENT HITS LIKE A COP CAR, 31 Oct. 2012
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This review is from: Good Don't Sleep (Audio CD)
I only stumbled across Eyptian Hip Hop last week in the nme,i liked their look and suitably hip,aloof interview stance.I just purchased the album on this intuition and what a cool band.I find it amazing how young these dudes are.Manchester just delivers when it comes to bands don't they?An incredible rich vein to be tapped from.Theres always this off kilter thing about them.
Eyptian Hip Hop are my idea of a good hip indie band that produce great music...the album is elegant,mysterious, washes over you,i can hear a bit of Ariel Pink,tin drum era Japan,Foals...beautifully ambient stuff,but not in that horrific coffee table way.This band is going somewhere and with an obligatory shrug its up to you whether you are going to join them.They are not going to be tweetin,chuckling with Fearne Cotton,guesting on Celebrity Juice.Good old fashioned indie ethics at a time when bands sell their withered black souls to starbucks,i pods or roll over for radio 1 waiting for them to tickle their bellies.No.In fact when the hype machine wanted to start feasting off them upon their arrival 2/3 years ago the band positively slapped its face.They got dumped from their major label for taking too long,immediately stopped playing the tune that bought the parasitic praise in the first place then emerged with songs over 7 minutes.My type of band indeed.
I love all the tunes fromTobago to Yoro Diallo to Strange Vale.These are the guys guitar music needs not the awfully,awfully dressed top shop indie of The Vaccines a band who are about nothing,sing songs about nothing,say nothing.Eyptian Hip Hop will please you,disappoint you...maybe even annoy you.
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Michael Jackson: Live At Wembley [DVD] [2012] [NTSC]
Michael Jackson: Live At Wembley [DVD] [2012] [NTSC]
Dvd ~ Michael Jackson
Price: £7.79

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5.0 out of 5 stars THIS IS IT, 25 Sept. 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
AWESOME,AWESOME,AWESOME.There was a point during Jackson performing Billie Jean i literally thought the man was going to set fire to the stage.This guy was the DON,the King.This transcends performing,the man seems to be controlling time and space.I had endorphines pouring into my brain watching this dvd as Jackson beats his audience into submission with excellence.Its hit after after way on earth am i going to see a better artist then this ever,it blew my mind.The concert felt like a journey.....i am most of the time a cynic who sees his glass as half empty but boy do i forget all of that whilst watching Jackson.
The man was entertainment on legs.Pure talent.There has been a lot of conjecture about the quality of picture,its FINE....obviously sourced from vhs tapes but i couldn't give a fig.I thought the filming was great,at times inches away from the King.I loved all the songs,all the performances...this for me as a performance is bigger then five stars.Say what you want about Jackson,put him on a stage,in front of a mike,a camera....ya finished.
I watched Jackson in an interview from around the Thriller days and he said he wants his work to be magic,he achieved that.A visionary,an artist,a magician......the king.
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Combat Shock [DVD] [1984]
Combat Shock [DVD] [1984]
Dvd ~ Rick Giovinazzo
Offered by UK_Media_Offers
Price: £7.91

11 of 12 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars YOU TALKIN TO ME?, 21 Sept. 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Combat Shock [DVD] [1984] (DVD)
Whats really cool about Arrow's releases of cult titles,goo flicks,cheesy horrors is how by buying one title it can introduce you to another.I first came across director Buddy Giovinazzo in an interview segment on the Street Trash dvd where he was standing by a bin.I had seen Arrows release of Combat Shock whilst i was plunging amazon for more former vhs marvels but kinda overlooked it thinking it was a Rambo knock off.
What it actually is is a gritty,cheap movie concerning an ex vietnamsoldier character based on the band Suicide's terrifying number Frankie Teardrop off their classic debut album.Released in 84 by Troma its a meandering,grubby movie.Put it this way it starts off with flashbacks to Vietnam with half exploded bodies to only get even MORE bleak.
Frankie lives in a filthy apartment with a nagging wife and screaming deformed baby,its all very kitchen sink stuff with a great big nod to Eraserhead,the place literally hums with paranoid claustrophobia.Frankie embarks on a day wondering the streets looking for a job bumping into junkies,pimps with the backdrop of a beautifully dilapidated Staten Island,i mean the screen virtually stinks.No one looks like they have seen the inside of a bathroom for a year or two.I really liked the soundtrack....the clamped out car alarm style synths.
Buddy made this movie whilst still a film student so it is very basic but what redeems the film is the potency of the story,its rather serious subtext of what traumatised soldiers come back to and where they go.Its a film that whilst there are wars can stay relevant.
Some of the narration is hamfisted but i always try to see the ideas rather then the execution.Especially in a movie with budget limitations.I would say the deformed baby may have been a mistake,it would have been infinitely more powerful if the baby wasn't.Arrow have added a few nice extras,i really enjoyed seeing Buddy's early shorts including Mr.Robbie with Maniacs Joe Spinell and Jonathan Of The Night.You got a really good documentary that unfortunately is only half an hour but i love seeing the assorted film fanatics rave and seeing the inimatable Jim Van Bebber chainsmoking.
You will already know if you will like Combat Shock.For me it was a curiosity piece which has its place.I like Buddy Giovinazzo hes a cool bloke,i recently read a novel he wrote called High Times In Crack City which was cool.More please Arrow...
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