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Johnny Walker (Battersea, United Kingdom)

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5.0 out of 5 stars Wonderful book, wonderful series!, 12 Aug. 2008
This is a wonderful and beautifully presented series. I highly recommend it. Although some of Peanuts comedy has dated, the vast majority is still as sweet and charming as ever. If you love Calvin and Hobbes, this where it all began. A joyous collection.

Y: The Last Man Vol. 9 - Motherland
Y: The Last Man Vol. 9 - Motherland
by Brian K. Vaughan
Edition: Paperback

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4.0 out of 5 stars Good stuff! Y keeps on trucking, smart, thrilling and funny as ever., 28 July 2008
I don't know why people aren't satisfied with Vaughan's explanation, if you ask me this book is a big improvement over the last volume. The whole Y journey is fantastic and this is no exception.

If you've got to volume 8, you have to read this one, so it makes criticism kind of moot. But it's not as bad as others are saying, in fact the writing here is as entertaining as any of the other volumes, whether you like the final explanation or not.

Philips HF3463 Wake-Up Light With Radio Alarm
Philips HF3463 Wake-Up Light With Radio Alarm

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4.0 out of 5 stars Works, but a bit of a lot down, 20 Jan. 2008
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I'm pleased to say that this outrageously expensive lamp DOES work a treat and I do feel a difference waking up to it each morning (and it does wake me up).

Unfortunately, as many have pointed out, it does not feel like £100 well spent. It is constructed entirely of cheap plastic and has possibly the worst user interface of any household device I've ever used. However, it is possible to get used to the annoyingly loud "clicky" buttons and confusing design and now I've gotten used to its quirks, I can use it without any problems.

The light emitted is bright, but not painful, which is nice. It uses a 100W light bulb (which doesn't look special in any way, I might add) unlike the Lumie dawn simulators which only use 40w and 60w bulbs (I don't know how effective such low wattages can be).

Oddly enough, despite Philips advertising their alarm clock with the slogan "Wake up naturally with light, instead of unnaturally with sound", it is impossible to turn off the noises that accompany the light. Turning the volume to '0' only makes it quiet. Unfortunately, the pre-installed sounds in this £100 lamp sound terrible, tinny and loop around every five seconds. There's also a tinny sounding radio if you'd prefer.

Despite these flaws, I'd still recommend it as it does actually work. Shame on you Philips for releasing a product whose universal reaction upon using it is "eurgh". You'll get used to it and enjoy it, but it's not the most immediately lovable piece of technology you can buy.

PHP and MySQL for Dummies (For Dummies (Computers))
PHP and MySQL for Dummies (For Dummies (Computers))
by Janet Valade
Edition: Paperback

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2.0 out of 5 stars Severely lacking for the beginner with little practical advice, 21 Oct. 2006
I picked up this book because I have enjoyed and found other 'for Dummies' books useful and friendly. Sadly I found this book to be poorly written and excessively dry (especially for a 'Dummies' book).

The author takes an excessive amount of time explaining the basics of PHP and MySQL and does so poorly, (you get the impression that she was a bit lost trying to explain them), while at the same time skipping over practical information and advice. The first two chapters left me with more questions than answers, and this is coming from somebody with a background in Computer Science and Software Engineering!

If you're looking for a practical, easy to understand, step-by-step guide to getting PHP and MySQL set up and running on your computer, then this definitely isn't it. The author spends far too much space explaining all the possible permutations of web-servers that you might possibly have, in a very theoretical way, whilst providing very little practical advice for the rest of us on a home computer.

The author also provides absolutely no explanation of how to use an existing database (for example, from Microsoft Access) with SQL and PHP, but instead only explains how to create one from scratch.

Also, I'm surprised that the author recommends the user learns HTML4, instead of recommending its successor XHTML. In this day and age, HTML 4 should not be mentioned to beginners, let alone recommended.

That said, there are some good tutorials at the end of the book, (like creating a "members only" website), but if you're looking for something to give you a solid grounding in PHP and MySQL I wouldn't recommend this.

I'm very disapointed in this book as it didn't fill any of the criteria I wanted from a PHP and MySQL tutorial, namely *practical*, real-world application, and instead seemed entirely too focused on theory.

Teach Yourself PHP with MySQL
Teach Yourself PHP with MySQL
by Nat McBride
Edition: Paperback

13 of 13 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars A great tutorial for beginners! Simple and easy to understand., 21 Oct. 2006
I picked this book up on an impulse, wanting to learn more about MySQL and PHP for a website project I have planned. Being new to computer books I bought one from this (apparently) lesser-known series, but I'm pleased to say that I've found it so far to be an extremely well-written and useful guide.

Around the same time I also bought PHP & MySQL for Dummies, thinking that it would probably be better and more informative, especially based on my experience with other 'For Dummies' books. But after trying to get through that, I ended up coming back to this slim tome which managed to sum up a clear introduction to MySQL and PHP in 10 small pages, where the 'For Dummies' book had taken 20 large ones and had left me with more questions than answers.

This book takes a very practical and down to earth approach, walking you through each step, and explaining as it goes. I've found it to be clear, concise and easy to read - everything you want from a tutorial! The author knows how much information to give you, and how to quickly get it across without bogging you down. It does expect you to have some HTML knowledge, but beyond that it teaches you everything.

I was especially impressed with the step-by-step guide to installing PHP on your home computer, and the immediate examples it gave to help you understand how PHP works.

(The 'For Dummies' book on first tutorial skipped a LOT of information and assumed you knew important things, while hammering home uninteresting and obvious things instead. I felt like it was missing a chapter!)

The author makes it clear that this book is only an introduction to PHP and MySQL, but he goes on to explain that once you understand the basics you will be well-equipped to help yourself: Having a solid understanding of the common uses of PHP and MySQL will take you a long way to making you self-sufficent.

There are lots of resources for PHP and MySQL help on the internet, but if you don't understand what you need help with, you won't understand the answers you are given, so it's important to have a good grounding, which is really this book's aim.

A large part of the book is dedicated to practical advice on using PHP, and the use of MySQL and PHP together is reserved for the last three chapters.

I recommend this book for those looking for a clear tutorial to teach themselves PHP and MySQL. It's not a reference book and it doesn't go into obscure examples, but if you're new to the subject and want to learn quickly and easily, then this is for you!

Home Of The Free Indeed
Home Of The Free Indeed
Offered by SourceMediaUK
Price: £2.97

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5.0 out of 5 stars Unbeleivably underrated!, 21 July 2005
This review is from: Home Of The Free Indeed (Audio CD)
I'm not really into "undergound" music. I know there's got to be really great bands out there that I don't hear, but I don't have the time or the inclination to seek them out. I can't be bothered, to put it bluntly. If they're really as good as everyone says then they'll eventually hit the big time, right? Right?
Well I stumbled across this little-known band after my music-loving housemate accidentally left a copy of the album in the my playlist. I spotted it immediately as something I knew I didn't have, but imagine my surprise when I listened to it and found that I not only liked it, I LOVED it.
As far as I'm concerned JAN MAYEN are as good as any band going, and I'm not exaggerating. Listening to their album is like listening to the Strokes' album for the first time, it just clicks perfectly. But for some odd reason there's no hype surrounding these guys, I seem to be the only person I know who's ever heard of JAN MAYEN!
This is why I'm writing this review. If I can just one other person to listen to this excellent album, then it's worth it. People should be hearing their music on the radio alongside The Killers, Interpol and the White Stripes. I have no idea how music of equal calibre can be ignored when you should be getting sick of their music from over-play on the radio! Do yourself a favour and give this album a try.
If you like agressive indie rock, then I promise that you will find something here. I love this album, others should too!

The Huge Book of Hell
The Huge Book of Hell
by Matt Groening
Edition: Paperback

3.0 out of 5 stars Good but not great..., 27 Dec. 2003
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: The Huge Book of Hell (Paperback)
Certainly NOT the best bits of Matt Groenings hilarious and satirical comic. Too much Ackbar and Jeff and not enough Bongo and Binky :(

The Map of Tolkien's Middle-Earth
The Map of Tolkien's Middle-Earth
by Brian Sibley
Edition: Paperback

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2.0 out of 5 stars Why is this so bad? :(, 27 Dec. 2003
I had hoped, with the purchase of a large map, that it would include LOTS of details (it has the space after all) and would be painted very nicely. Instead the map is surrounded by too large (but nice) paintings and is missing details from smaller maps included with the books.
This leaves large blank areas which are dull to look at (there's no terrain detail here, it's just one bland color with trees on it), no indication of the type of land contained.
It's as if John Howe really didn't care about this project at all :(
Still, what IS there is MUCH easier to read than the small maps included with the books (not least because of it's colorization and that you can reference it quickly without having to mark your page and turn to the back of the book).
Just a shame it wasn't better. A definitive (and prettier) map of Middle Earth is yet to be made :(

Let's Go 2002:USA & Canada
Let's Go 2002:USA & Canada
by S. N. Ganguly
Edition: Paperback

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5.0 out of 5 stars Extremely useful little book!, 8 May 2003
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Every guide book like this is limited, there are always places you find when travelling that you can't find anything about and equally it's sometimes annoying when there isn't a clear "STAY HERE" for a particular town... but that's one of the joys of travelling! On the whole this book did an amazing job of compressing a gigantic country into an easy to read guide.
Also, I found that other people would use my guide as much as me! (Surely a good sign!)

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