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Jochen Peiper, Justice Denied
Jochen Peiper, Justice Denied
by David G. Williams
Edition: Paperback
Price: 17.77

1.0 out of 5 stars Very poor indeed and from a "historian"?, 28 Aug 2014
Appallingly poorly written. In places it reads like a poor O Level history essay and at others like he has just transcribed bare notes without any thought. Also, I have never come across a published work which contains such ridiculous and breathtakingly careless amounts of typos. There are so many of all kinds it beggars belief - every paragraph! And, it appears that punctuation is a complete mystery to the author. I was so frustrated with the thing I threw it away. If self published, please spend some valuable time proof-reading!

The Wanderers (Ken Wahl) english cover
The Wanderers (Ken Wahl) english cover
Dvd ~ Ken Wahl
Offered by wmdservices
Price: 16.69

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5.0 out of 5 stars "The Wanderers" is superb. A must see for all ages AND related Social Historians of gang and social culture in NY, 7 Mar 2013
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I've watched this film since 1980. I think it is so wonderfully well made and observed.

The acting is superb; the violence not excessive but still real and obvious - a little scary but still understated bearing in mind the reality of teenage gang violence in 1963 New York.

BUT the FILM IS NOT ABOUT GANG VIOLENCE! In my view it is a remarkable comment on the social inter-relations for the working class communites of all ethnic communites - "Joey's" family situation is actually terrifying - just meet his dad!

Still the character "Terror" of the "Baldies" gang is perfect but his adversaries (and real stars) are the members of the Wanderers gang Ritchie, Joey, Buddy and the infamous "Turkey". Where they end up is so interesting.

Fantastic soundtrack from the era. You must see this film.
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The Halifax Explosion and the Royal Canadian Navy: Inquiry and Intrigue (Studies in Canadian Military History)
The Halifax Explosion and the Royal Canadian Navy: Inquiry and Intrigue (Studies in Canadian Military History)
by John Griffith Armstrong
Edition: Paperback
Price: 20.97

3.0 out of 5 stars The Halifax Explosion in 1917 is not well known. Neither is the Silverton Explosion in East London. Take a look !, 7 Mar 2013
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I was in Halifax, Nova Scotia (Canada) in 1995. I knew that the Titanic dead where delivered here but I knew nothing of the munition ship collision and explosoin in the harbour 1917 that devastated the town of Halifax.

The results of the enquiry and following report was a bit ambiguous as to blame. But the British empire was at war and the Canadian navy was still developing.

Still, a good introduction to this tragic event. Remember, our women, children and other family memebrws who weren't at the front in WWI were still fighting.

Anyone interested in the social history of the first world war should include this in their enquiries - as well as the Silvertown munitions wors explosion in East London.

A Man for All Seasons - A Play of Sir Thomas Moore
A Man for All Seasons - A Play of Sir Thomas Moore
by Robert Bolt
Edition: Paperback

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5.0 out of 5 stars Extraordinarily Excellent, 7 Mar 2013
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Fantastic play. Just Fantastic. I read it so often and find myself re-considering a few of my positions on some of the issues.

Following Sir Richard Rich's apparent perjury against More, I love More asking the "court" about the new Seal Rich is wearing (a Seal of office and a great promotion which Rich proudly displays) and whether More may examine it. The court tells Morer that Rich is appointed Attorney General for Wales) and of which More states: "Why Richard, it profits a man nothing to give his whole soul for the world .... But for Wales???"

The point is ... ?

The Klansman
The Klansman
by William Bradford Huie
Edition: Paperback

1.0 out of 5 stars Amazingly Poor! What were Richard Burton & Lee Marvin thinking?????, 7 Mar 2013
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This review is from: The Klansman (Paperback)
In my personal opinon, an awful production. An awful sound and picture. A terrible script and no coherence in the screenplay.
The book was poor - ok Huie did a good job in his "Three Lives for Mississippi" but he doesn't translate in a novel.

The book is totally unconvicing as a novel. But I was curious to see the "film" because of Marvin (just after the excellent "Dirty Dozen" (?) and was intrigued about how on earth Burton could be a southern US WW2 veteran. Oh dear!

In my opinion, this is not worth watching nor is the book worth reading.

The Sign: The Shroud of Turin and the Secret of the Resurrection
The Sign: The Shroud of Turin and the Secret of the Resurrection
by Thomas de Wesselow
Edition: Hardcover

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2.0 out of 5 stars I don't believe the Author! Sorry friend.but I think it SHOULD be read!, 7 Mar 2013
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Basically, as far as MY understanding of the author's Shroud Theory goes, the bodily Resurrection of Jesus didn't happen at all (no empty tomb, just a rotting body and an intriguing cloth image). Instead, it is the images on the Shroud which, he argues, were percieved by the first century witnesses as a resurrection event. He argues that the images were not created by a physical Resurrection but, instead, made by a simple, natural reaction between the rotting body of Jesus and the linen Shroud itself. As a result, on my understanding of his arguments, it would therefore seem that Christianity is based on a mistake (or misunderstanding) by the first ones regarding their understanding of the Shroud images.

If the author's Shroud Theory is correct, then Christianity has no foundation - despite the images on the Shroud which, according to the author, occured naturally AND is the real reason for the initial conversions to the "Jesus Movement/Nazarene Sect ...".

The author recounts a very good summary of the history and research into the Shroud of Turin and believes it is the authentic burial Shroud of Jesus of Nazareth. He then states that the image on the Shroud is probably merely a natural event involving an "amino-carbonyl reaction" (a "Maillard" reaction) which appears to be essentially the result of the rotting flesh of Jesus reacting with the linen of the Shroud itself. Ok, no problem with that - I'm no scientist!

But surely there must have been at least a couple of other situations where first century Jews died late in the day just before Passover and their people had to go back on a Sunday morning to complete the process whereupon they discovered the same "natural" "Maillard" reaction on their loved one's Shroud ... but didn't claim it was a resurrection?

Ther suthor's Shroud Theory is that there was no BODILY Resurrection at all - the body was still there on the Sunday morning when Mary Magdelene and the other women return to the tomb to finish the proper annointing and burial of Jesus. He then goes on to explain HIS Shroud Theory that it is the image on the Shroud (not the bodily Resurrected Jesus himself appearing to them all) which the women and then the Eleven experience as the Resurrection. Clearly then, the fact that the body is still in the Tomb is irrelevant. The author's theory, it appears, is that it is the images on the Shroud - front and reverse - which are actually the "angels" that Mary encounters (presumably one facing her and the other with its back to her!!!!!!!!). These images on the Shroud, therefore, are how the fishermen disciples and ordinary followers eperience the Resurrection and that it is the Shroud images which make people believe that Jesus has risen from the dead.

What I find amusing is his argument that all the appearances of Jesus immediately after the terrible crucifixtion were actually just displays of the Shroud and the images on it. The bodily risen Jesus is, in my understanding of his opinion, a myth! OK, that is his opinion.

But on reading of this book, I was left with images of a "walking-talking" Shroud that both Mary, Peter and the others IMMEDIATELY ON EASTER SUNDAY MORNING, remove from the dead body of Jesus and, well, have conversations with AND, no less, is the object that "Doubting" Thomas inspects the wounds of to allow him to believe. Thomas, therefore, apparently, puts his fingers into the spear wound of the cloth (was there a hole in the Shroud?) and then bows down to the Shroud and addresses it as "my Lord, my God".

The author seems to dismiss a great deal of Gospel statements as clear fiction if they do not fit with his Shroud Theory.

Ultimately then, the Shroud is taken back from the FULL TOMB (Jesus' rotting body still being there - presumably moved aside so that they could get to the full Shroud) and take it home (I do hope Mary Magdelene and Jesus' family remembered to acctually complete the burial of Jesus' rotting body! - oh dear! Talpiot tomb issues here :-(!).

He argues that it is only the Shroud images which make the masses believe (based on the fishermen's and Paul's intellectual interpretation of the Hebrew Scriptures) and that it is those who are shown the Shroud images and declared apostles who can go out and tell the same story which ultimately converts the masses.

Paul, in his letters and description of his epiphany on the road to Damascus, is also, apparently, mistaken since, according the author, Paul was only in pursuit of the Shroud (which he believed was in Damascus) and that it was his physical encounter of the Shroud (presumably someone from Damascus, in full faith,took it to Saul on his journey believing it would act like some sort of superhero force field) that he really saw and ... err.. blinded him and made him convert.

Ultimately, the author's argument is, on my reading of this book, that Mary Magdelene, Jesus' mother and the other women AND Peter and the "Beloved Disciple" at the FULL TOMB and the Eleven (oh, and later, Paul and James) were convinced (after they had pulled the burial Shroud from Jesus' body) that Jesus had risen from the dead based only on their viewing of the images transferred to the Shroud. Also, that the appearance of Jesus in the "upper room" was also only an expostion of the Shroud to the cowering disciples. Ok, fine that is his opnion. Oh, yes, Jesus (i.e. the image on the Shroud) didn't actually eat any fish with his disciples. How could he? He was just a back and front (unidentifiable to them) image on a linen cloth.

I agree that many millions have been converted after sight of the images on the Shroud. Why not? My belief in God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit were reinforced in me when I first saw the famous negative photo of the image on the Shroud at about 10 years old. I really started to believed in God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the Resurrection of Jesus from then. I still do.

But I believe in the REAL bodily Resurrection of Jesus. I just do not believe that at the Tomb visit it was only the image on the Shroud that convinced the first ones when, according to the author of this book, the body must have still been there. I agree that LATER converts could and would have taken the images on the Shroud as convincing evidence of HIS Resurrection but, without REAL immediate evidence of this, the first couldn't have beileved it especially when the body was still there.

I apologise to the author if I have insulted him by this (private and non-scholarly) review. I haven't undertaken the extensive reasearch he has (as his notes and biblio clearly attest to). I just don't agree with his "Shroud Theory" (i.e. the Shroud itself) as being THE start of Christianity - not least because of his, in my understanding, reliance upon the "Mailland" reaction theory as the sole cause of the creation of the images on the Shroud. BUT I am totally open-minded and shall welcome constructive comments - especisally from the cited (in the book) biblical scholars and the author himself.

Finally, just to let you know, I still believe in the Gospel and the "Old Testament" and all other works (and people) that only wish love, peace and goodness upon each other.

Many thanks.

A Deeper, Darker Truth
A Deeper, Darker Truth
by Donald T Phillips
Edition: Paperback
Price: 16.23

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5.0 out of 5 stars Why don't the Americans get it?, 3 Dec 2011
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This review is from: A Deeper, Darker Truth (Paperback)
Yet another extraordnary independent review of the EVIDENCE which again proves the official lie!

Thank God there are still decent enough people out there who are noble enough and have the courage not to just simply let this disgustng lie live on!

This book follows the research of a man who, using state of the art scanning techniques, applies them to photos and videos of the Kennedy assassination and literally peels back the lies,criminal tampering and official deception.

Why is it that all you ever hear from the mainstrerm media is "Oswald did it alone, Oswald did it alone" when even a cursory look at the evidence by a real moron can see that Kennedy was NOT shot by a single lone nut assassin but was the vicim of the most disgusting state crime ever?

This book clearly shows YET AGAIN that Kennedy was hit by more than one gunman; by at least two shots from the front (including the fatal head shot); and at least two from behind. Also, there is clear evidence YET AGAIN of other bullet damage to the presidential limo as well as additional bullets hitting the curb and grass in Dealy Plaza. "Magic Bullet"? Come on! Only an idiot would believe that and the "official" state story - which would not have the tiniest of chance of EVER standing up in court of real law if it were tested. In fact, as a lawyer myself, I believe that the lawyers responsible for the Warren Report and the HSCA report should be ashamed of themselves. It is disgraceful!

Wake up America for pity's sake! Open your eyes! Your President was murdered by your OWN EXECUTIVE!
What are you doing about it? Why are you still in so much ridiculous denial?
Stand up and do something about - it is SHAMEFUL

BUY THIS BOOK AND SEE FOR YOURSELF. But then why should you need yet another book to convince you? The truth has been OBVIOUS since 1963!
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The Wanderers [DVD]
The Wanderers [DVD]
Dvd ~ Ken Wahl
Offered by Andthebeatgoeson
Price: 30.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars A True Classic in its own right, 2 Feb 2010
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: The Wanderers [DVD] (DVD)
The Wanderers is truly a marvelous film and one which is so underrated. It unfortunately keeps getting pigeon-holed into the "lads-lout-violence" movie genre when it clearly isn't. As a piece of drama it is enthralling; as a narrative on social history, it is fascinating; and as a piece of cinema it is a truly entertaining and fulfilling experience to watch. It captures a time and place with honesty, warts and all. The violence both threatened and actual is convincing and cringing but not blatant and always in context of the tough times and neighbourhood in which it is set. The plot flows almost to an expected tragedy but there is redmeption afterall for the protagonists. It is one of my all time top films - measured simply by how many times I have watched it and will continue to do so! The sound track is awesome with some of the great classics of the time. Opening with "Walk Like a Man" as the Baldies meet on their street corner never ceases to send shivers up my spine. A great film which deserves more praise.

A Man For All Seasons (Collector's Edition) [1966] [DVD] [2007]
A Man For All Seasons (Collector's Edition) [1966] [DVD] [2007]
Dvd ~ Paul Scofield
Price: 4.36

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5.0 out of 5 stars "Without Fault", 1 Feb 2010
As good as the original play was, the film version easily matched and surpassed it. Bolt's play is a wonderful piece of work, luxurious in language, scenery, tension and tragedy. Zimmerman's film captures that and more. Scofield's performance is more than worthy of his Oscar and yet all the performances are worthy of high praise indeed. Specifically Robert Shaw as the King, Leo McKern as Cromwell and John Hurt as the loathesome Richard Rich. No matter what you think about the political and religious motives of the characters, it is a truly gripping drama, flawlessly played out. Yet there is also the cutting wit of More to marvel at even when he is condemned to death: is Wales ever worth sacrificing anything for?

Another Country [DVD]
Another Country [DVD]
Dvd ~ Rupert Everett
Offered by rsdvd
Price: 4.85

4.0 out of 5 stars Truly Wonderful, 1 Feb 2010
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Another Country [DVD] (DVD)
I've seen this film many many times from when it was first shown in the 80's. The relationship between Everett and Firth is cuttingly absorbing. The scenery and backdrops just throw you into a 1930's idyll of protected public school and middle-class and upper-class morality - but underneath, the tension and repession of some of the characters' experiences leave this ready to burst at the seams. A mixture of idealism, repression, anger and frustration fills the scenes which hurl you along towards the inevitable tragedy - but interspersed with cracking lines: Judd: "You know, the thing I hate most about cricket? Its such a damn good game!". As a precurser to the Cambridge Spy scandal of the 50's and 60's, this is a great drama.

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