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Ice Breakers Sugar Free Sour
Ice Breakers Sugar Free Sour
Offered by American Sweet Store
Price: £1.69

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4.0 out of 5 stars Very Nice, Very Expensive, 10 May 2014
This review is from: Ice Breakers Sugar Free Sour
Some of my favourite sweets, not too unhealthy either as they are sugar free - although it does contain artificial flavours (which may affect attention/activity in children), if that's a concern for you. They're very sweet, so I'd only recommend these if you have a sweet tooth or you're a fan of sour sweets.

My only gripe would be the price. They're very expensive, whether you get them online or from the high street, and you don't get much for the price. I appreciate that they're imported and last a fair while if you eat them like you would eat mints - occasionally, not all in one go - but the cheapest I have found them is £1.90 at Tesco and that's only for 42g, which is a bit overkill.

Plantronics GameCom 780 Open Ear Gaming Headset with 7.1 Surround Sound
Plantronics GameCom 780 Open Ear Gaming Headset with 7.1 Surround Sound
Offered by total digital stores
Price: £54.00

4.0 out of 5 stars Beautiful Sound, Bleeds Quite a Bit, 29 Dec 2012
I received a pair of these for Christmas (what would we do without wish lists?), and I love them! They're comfortable, the sound quality is fantastic (especially the 7.1 surround sound), the BUILD quality is fantastic (good materials, definitely built to last) and they're even nice to look at. A few minor issues, however, which I shall discuss later on...

Praise the sound. I bought myself Far Cry 3 shortly after I got these, and that's a game with lots of sound - guns, movement, animals, jungle ambience and a whole lot of wub-wub-wub (the music isn't dubstep, but has a lot of bass). I can safely say I had a huge smile on my face for the entirety of my play time, because these really made the game immersive and the audio was just as beautiful as the graphics. I was also voice chatting with my friends while I played, and my voice was very loud and clear (they weren't lying about the "noise-cancelling" bit)! But that leads us to the problems.

1. Sound bleeding. Which isn't a huge problem, but partnered with a super-sensitive microphone...
Bam. All my friends could hear me gunning down pirates, tigers and cassowaries almost as loudly as I could. With this headset, when you're listening to something remotely loud, your friends are listening to it too (and themselves; this creates echo) - inevitably, I became quite unpopular. There are two ways of fixing this, but they both degrade your experience - turning down your microphone sensitivity (so the other people can barely hear you), or turning down the game/music volume to the point at which it's more or less muted. Or, just don't talk to people.

2. Initial discomfort.
This isn't a permanent problem by any stretch; the headset fits comfortably on my head and around my ears and is padded very nicely. But your ears will ache after prolonged use (outside, not inside) because the headset seems to squeeze quite a bit. However, this soon wears off as the headset loses some of its initial strength.

3. Windows 8 compatibility.
If you're running Windows 8 like I am, you'll notice that the disc provided with the headset does not run. This is easily resolved by opening the disc in the file explorer, right-clicking setup.exe, clicking "properties", "compatibility", then setting it to run in compatibility mode for Windows 7. After that, it should run and install normally.

4. USB only.
No jack. So unless you're prepared to manually ruin your warranty and start welding things and changing it all, you'll only be able to use this with USB-enabled devices (so if you're considering using these with your phone or MP3 player, think again).

Overall, I'd happily recommend this headset to any gamers out there who are looking for something of good and affordable quality, or want to try out surround sound. But if you're looking for something with a jack instead of USB, or you like to frequently participate in voice chats, this isn't the headset for you.

ASUS VE247H 24 inch LED Widescreen Full HD 1080p Support with HDMI 2ms Response Time Splendid? Video Intelligence Technology
ASUS VE247H 24 inch LED Widescreen Full HD 1080p Support with HDMI 2ms Response Time Splendid? Video Intelligence Technology
Price: £121.30

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5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic Monitor, Fantastic Price, 29 Dec 2012
I've had this monitor for a few months now, and it's still in perfect condition, so I thought I'd finally give it some praise here on Amazon.

First and foremost, the overall build quality is fantastic - the monitor itself is very sleek and shiny, and incredibly adjustable! It can be shifted in all directions, but cannot be lifted up/down (so if you're incredibly tall or your desk is quite low, you may want to place it on top of something to keep it at eye level).

The picture quality is also fantastic; it easily matches that of much more expensive monitors, as everything is very bright and clear. Like other reviewers, I found that the factory default brightness and contrast settings were too high, but after much fiddling with it, I found my ideal levels (brightness: 30, contrast: 60, but it's all down to personal preference of course). There are a number of picture modes available, but I just stick to the default (they all just look like increased brightness to me, theater mode hurts my eyes). Regardless, there is a wide array of settings to adjust, so everyone can find their ideal picture. Native & maximum resolution is 1920x1080, but you will most likely need to update your graphics drivers before it displays correctly (either through Windows Update or from the graphics card's manufacturer's website).

The built-in speakers are fine for video games (gunshots, footsteps, etc. all sound fine), but if you want to play any games with a lot of noise or you have intentions of listening to music, I'd recommend getting yourself some external speakers.

NOTE: There's a fair chance that this monitor will come with a dead/stuck pixel. As another reviewer quite rightly said, "you think it won't happen to you and then it does". Truth! I read that review, and when I received mine, it had a bright red pixel in the middle of the screen. After failing to fix it myself, I sent it back with no problems and received a new one the next day, so very good service there. Initial delivery was also very quick (about 2 days).


+ Excellent, sharp image
+ Very adjustable
+ Sleek
+ Lots of settings

. Speakers aren't great but aren't bad either
. There is a chance you will have a dead/stuck pixel, but if you don't, it will probably stay that way (and if you do, replacements are quick and easy)

- The firmware's interface is quite counter-intuitive
- Cannot be moved on the y-axis

Overall, I would definitely recommend getting this monitor. I didn't find the cons bad enough to take away a star, since the screen itself is brilliant and so was the service. Plus the value for money is excellent - you get what you pay for, and a little bit more in some respects (but not in others, e.g. sound).

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