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J. Rogers (England, United Kingdom)

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Jason Manford Live at the Manchester Apollo [DVD]
Jason Manford Live at the Manchester Apollo [DVD]
Dvd ~ Jason Manford
Offered by Discs4all
Price: £2.44

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5.0 out of 5 stars Lova the accent, 4 Oct. 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Saw Jason Manford on 8 Out Of 10 Cats (Fantastic show!) and decided to buy the DVD. When a new DVD comes out I will buy it, love them.

Beaver Falls - Series 1 [DVD]
Beaver Falls - Series 1 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Samuel Robertson
Offered by b68solutions
Price: £4.35

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5.0 out of 5 stars Absolutely Fantastic!, 1 Sept. 2011
I'm an 18 year old teenager and I absolutely love this show, there's going to be some boring 45 year old guy who's going to review and say its bad, but this show is aimed at my age and I love it. I really want a second series but I suppose I'll have to wait till next year to find out. Please E4, from the bottom of my heart, commission a second series!

The music is spot on, the acting is fantastic. Easily the best show on TV.

Comment Comments (3) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Jul 24, 2012 10:11 AM BST

Repo Men
Repo Men
by Eric Garcia
Edition: Mass Market Paperback

5.0 out of 5 stars Bought this for..., 7 Feb. 2011
This review is from: Repo Men (Mass Market Paperback)
I bought this for my dad because he doesn't have an Amazon account. He says he's very happy with his purchase.

I can't believe the movie of this got such bad reviews on RottenTomatoes.


PhotoSEL LS21E52 Softbox Studio Lighting Kit - 2 x 85W 5000lm 5500K 90+ CRI Bulb 40x60cm Softbox
PhotoSEL LS21E52 Softbox Studio Lighting Kit - 2 x 85W 5000lm 5500K 90+ CRI Bulb 40x60cm Softbox
Offered by PhotoSEL
Price: £119.99

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Definite Buy!, 30 Dec. 2010
I ventured onto Amazon and bought an entire home professional video kit (These lights, brand new camera, boom mic and boom mic pole) They came to little under £1000 which was easy for me.

I found the setup of these lights extremely difficult because there were no instructions, I simply turned my laptop on and looked at the image on the amazon product website... and what can I say, I have only one setup at the moment while I write this review because simply the amount of light one produce is amazing. I lit my entire living room up with just one, the best part about these I found being that they tower about everything else which is brilliant.

Before I purchased these I used a small desk lamp with a piece of tracing paper sellotaped to the front of it (It was awful) I couldn't get the desk lamp to sit anywhere and I came onto Amazon and bought these.

I'm now waiting on my shotgun/boom pole mic and new camera then I'll be ready to film what I want.

I was going to give this 3 stars because of the setup but after spending almost an hour setting the first one up I'll be able to do the second one in less than 5 minutes. Also, when you put the support rods in, there's a corner which has one that opens up, leave that one for last because it's difficult to get in otherwise.

One small problem, I've just tried to set the light up and one of the straps that hold the bars in place (the straps at the corners of the silver cover), one is busted open, that entire light is now unusable. I gave my other one to a friend to borrow and now I cannot make a video today.

Pink Big Fun and Bright Fancy Dress Sunglasses
Pink Big Fun and Bright Fancy Dress Sunglasses

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3.0 out of 5 stars Fun for when needed, 28 Dec. 2010
If you're going to fancy dress then this is cool, if you're going sunbathing I suggest getting a proper pair of sunglasses.

I bought these for fancy dress myself and unfortunately during the night I dropped them and they broke (My fault).

Lone Star Super Cowboy 12 Shot Pistol
Lone Star Super Cowboy 12 Shot Pistol
Offered by Ace Novelties
Price: £14.99

32 of 36 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Simple and fun, 28 Dec. 2010
= Durability:4.0 out of 5 stars  = Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars  = Educational:1.0 out of 5 stars 
I bought this for myself after completing Red Dead Redemption. I'm a big kid basically.

I used that toy (UNloaded) in jokes, as in "I'm sure we can come to some... arrangement *points gun*" - Everyone burst out laughing.

I was surprised when it arrived and it was actually metal, the delivery was fast and the toy can with standard packaging, however did not come with the caps needed, no worries on my part thought as I only bought it for fun and not to actually shoot.

When ordered you get what you see in the image, a brown old west gun that you can flip a catch and the barrel slides down in order to load the caps, simply flip it back up, spin the cap holster and you're off.

Before you put the caps in or even use the gun make sure to take out the red cap at the end of the barrel, although I'm sure everyone will.

This is my favorite design of gun, I'm also a fan of the "Wild West" so I loved it shape and size.
Comment Comment (1) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Jan 28, 2013 9:04 AM GMT

The Big Bang Theory - Season 4 [DVD] [2011]
The Big Bang Theory - Season 4 [DVD] [2011]
Dvd ~ Johnny Galecki
Price: £8.04

12 of 21 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, 20 Dec. 2010
I first saw The Big Bang Theory (Season 2) when I came home and found my friend watching it, I thought it was a typical American sitcom... how wrong I was.

The Big Bang Theory is simply amazing, amazingly written and even better in acting. The charectors are very well developed and a fourth season is just amazing. I mentioned this to my christian grandmother and had to add the "...American comedy" so that she didn't get it confused with the begging of the universe (She gave me a devilish look).

My favorite episode so far is the one with the big spider, that was hilarious I totally balled up when I saw it, fantastic work. The best part was the spider was real.

10/10 - Definitely buy

Stereo Condenser microphone with dual condenser capsule and strong ABS plastic b
Stereo Condenser microphone with dual condenser capsule and strong ABS plastic b
Price: £13.99

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Good for..., 23 Aug. 2010
I bought this microphone purely because I was making a short film which required the actor to sit at a table with the mic just out of shot. Sadly the mic didn't pick up very well and it requires the subjects mouth to be directly infront of the mic.

I was suprised at how small the mic itself was and the stand its on doesn't help atall, but greatfully I have a tripod which extends 6ft high so I attached the mic onto the tripod.

There are two on setting that I think mean "st" - Stereo and "mo" - mono. The mic picks up sound from only one direction, and the area I work in can get quiet noisey.

I think the mic will require a sound "boost" in Sony Vegas to get the subject properly noticed. I subsituted a boom/shotgun mic for this one, which I really shouldn't have done. Get it i you want, it's your money and choice

2012: Doomsday [DVD] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]
2012: Doomsday [DVD] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]
Offered by WholeFilmsMarket
Price: £89.00

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars If only if..., 21 Aug. 2010
We are the one of the unlucky lot who managed to come across this film and thought why not, what harm can it do. Well this is were the fun... never begins.

Films as we know are ment to have a beginning, middle and end, as well as a nice little love/thriller story that keeps us enticed to the very end, this film on the other hand kept me enticed for another totally different reason.

The film has absolutly no plot what-so-ever, I would have found it more exciting to watch fish trying to mate for an hour and a half, the worst thing about this film was that the actors, crew and director all thought they were doing a cracking job of making a worth while film, in the behind the scenes that I forced myself to watch against my will the actors themselves even said they thought they had done a brilliant job of making the film their own.

I was so absolutly horrified by how bad the film was that I actually felt sorry for the film makers, to be dragged in to make something noone else would enjoy, the worst of all is the fact that someone actually gave the director the funding to make this rubbish. The graphic on the front cover should give you an inkling to how bad the film is, no to mention the atrocious music the film uses.

So, in conclusion. If you see this film glaring it's morbid eyes at you from a distance, take the film to the checkout to see just how bad films can be AND still be sold in a top-notch supermarket. This film has re-written the way films are now made - yer right.
Want to get rid of it after torturing yourself through it? Wrap it up in some nice wrapping paper - that probably cost more to make than the film itself - and give it to a friend for christmas as a present, hear the screams of rage come through your letter box.

Lost in Translation [DVD] [2004]
Lost in Translation [DVD] [2004]
Dvd ~ Bill Murray
Offered by Telstar Entertainment
Price: £3.14

2 of 4 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Hit or Miss?, 19 Aug. 2010
Definetly a hit! Lost In Translation can be seen in two ways and two points of view, boring and bland, and soft and entertaining.

LIT features around Bob Harris who is out in Japan to shoot a whiskey commercial, on his journey to and fro various locations mainly inside the hotel he encounters Charlotte (Scarlett Johansson) a young woman out in Japan with her all-engines-go husband. The two cross paths in the hotel where not much of a word is said, this is where it gets interesting, Charlotte is to be frank... bored of her life with her husband, then the adventure begins.

For the first time in film history there is no sex involved, this film is perfect just the way it is. Yes there's a kiss at the end, in the middle of Japan to say "Bye" but theres no physical intamicy between the characters, which I think keeps the characters unique. Most people think that in the end they will get together and have a life together, but they don't. Mainly because they have lives elsewhere, this film acts as company on a boring business trip. Ir definetly gets my recommendation.

Beautifully crafted film, and very well developed charactors

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