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Streetwise: The Complete Manual of Personal Security and Self Defence
Streetwise: The Complete Manual of Personal Security and Self Defence
by Peter Consterdine
Edition: Paperback

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5.0 out of 5 stars A very rare treat, 20 Mar. 2008
As a teacher of personal protection classes, I have been unfortunate enough to see some absolutely terrible books on self defense. These kinds of books advise victims of violent attack to attempt to perform techniques which people who have been training in martial arts for years can't pull off! As a martial artist myself, with over 13 years of training, I can recognise the effort it takes to perform some self defense techniques advised in other books. The techniques shown in this book take advantage of natural insticts and gross motor skills so that anyone can perform them. There is a fanstastic example in Streetwise of a woman trying to fend off a knife-wielding maniac by wrapping her coat around her arm. This is obviously shown as an example of the rubbish which is out there. As Peter says in the book, if you have had time to put your coat around your arm, you could have run!
The techniques in this book are quick, effective and simple, there is none of the completely ludicrous rubbish that depends on decades of training.
Although the physical side is obviously useful to know, where this book shines is the psychology of attacks and how to recognise potentially dangerous situations. As the infamous Mr Miyagi once said, the best defense is not to be there in the first place! Even topics such as the adrenaline dump, tunnel vision and loss of fine motor skills are covered.

Overall, a very thorough and useful book, both for an instructor and student of personal protection.

Devil May Cry 4 Limited Edition (PS3)
Devil May Cry 4 Limited Edition (PS3)

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5.0 out of 5 stars a damn good game, 9 Mar. 2008
= Fun:4.0 out of 5 stars 
As some people have already said, a review of a demo or even worse, of a game that no-one has actually played is totally useless. Therefore I thought I would write a review of the actual game, having completed it a couple of times.
This game is pretty much more of the same in terms of previous games in the Devil May Cry series. This being said, it is not a bad thing at all because there was nothing wrong that needed changing! The introduction of Nero is not just an addition of a new character with exactly the same moves, playing as Nero is very different to playing as Dante. Nero's devil arm changes the way you approach combat, especiallu boss fights. I won't say too much but you will have great fun trying out his attacks!
Dante has also changed a bit as well. All the old favourites are still there so the die hard fans won't be disappointed but all of the styles from DMC3 are not available on the fly, which is great. Being able to change from gunslinger/swordmaster to trickster just at the touch of a button becomes very very useful! Dante also looks incredibly cool! I personally found him a tad annoying in DMC3 but he is officially a dude in DMC4!
Another good part of DMC4 is that the difficulty is considerably toned down from the 3rd installment. Te 3rd was challenging, at least I thought so, but some of the bosses were so difficult it just got frustrating! In DMC4, the enemies are still challenging, more from the AI demonstrated by multiple enemies than the difficulty of individuals and the bosses can be difficult too, but not to the point of wanting to put your fist through the TV!
The graphics are great, the story line is predictible but good and the game play is as good as previous games. All in a brilliant addition to the series.

Hand Built By Robots
Hand Built By Robots
Offered by Qoolist
Price: £3.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars A very promising newcomer, 12 Oct. 2007
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Hand Built By Robots (Audio CD)
I bought this album on impulse after seeing an advert on TV and I'm now very glad for my impulsive nature! All of the other reviews already posted have hit the nail right on the head. This album is fantastic: good vocals, solid beats and rythms, what more could you as for?
I agree with the Amazon product description, it is very much a "sitting round a campfire" style of music, but I just happen to love that style!
Having read other reviews explaining the way he plays i.e. fairly complicated guitar work and doing the drum beats himself by slapping the guitar, my respect for him is huge. As a guitarist myself, listening to the tracks and trying to figure out how he's doing it brings it home. I wouldn't pass up the chance to see him live!
If you like this style of music or just want some good old fashioned good unpretentious music, give this album a go!

Ninja Gaiden Sigma (PS3)
Ninja Gaiden Sigma (PS3)

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5.0 out of 5 stars what a game, 8 July 2007
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Like many people I suspect, I was mortified when Ninja Gaiden was not released on the PS2. A mate of mine had it on the X-box and it was fantastic. When I heard that Ninja Gaiden was to be released on the PS3, I was as excited as a child on christmas day.
Having read some of the reviews on the game, I was a little apprehensive but I must admit, I absolutely love this game. Just the right level of difficulty i.e. challenging enough for it to be rewarding and insanely cool moves and general imagery.
One very strange part of the game is actually Rachel's chest! It has a mind of its own and seems to wobble even though she is standing completely still! Adolescent boys must love this game purely for this reason.
Several people wrote that this game is just a remake of the original Ninja Gaiden with a few additions and improvements and they're not wrong. But this is no bad thing if you are not one of the stupidly rich people who can afford to have both an X box and a PS2/3. For those of us who only have the one system (oh woe is me), a remake of this great game on the PS3 is a breath of fresh air. The only gripe I have on this great game is the fact that all the characters besides one or two seem to come from California. It would be nice to have some of the supposedly Japanese characters not being yanks!

Spider-Man 3 (2 Disc Special Edition) Limited Edition Sleeve Design and Slipcase (Exclusive to [DVD] [2007]
Spider-Man 3 (2 Disc Special Edition) Limited Edition Sleeve Design and Slipcase (Exclusive to [DVD] [2007]
Dvd ~ Tobey Maguire

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3.0 out of 5 stars Decent but a little disappointing, 1 July 2007
Like a lot of people, I went to see this film after seeing its predecessors expecting it to be great. I must admit I was a little disappointed. That being said, I was still entertained!

The main problem with this film is that they tried to squeeze too much into it, even if it is a long one. Three major villains, none of which really get the attention they deserve. This counts especially to Venom who, in my humble opinion is the best of the Spiderman villians. The scenes in which each of these villians appears are done well but I can't help but think that they would have been better off picking one major villain, maybe keeping the new goblin in purely because it was hinted at previously, and developing that one baddie to the full.

Giving credit where credit is due, the origins of the said baddies were very true to their comic counterparts, especially Venom. J Jonah Jameson as always was fantastic although sadly underused. There are several funny moments, the main one being Peter Parker strutting down the street doing hip thrusts!

One final gripe. Kirsten Dunst. She started very well in the first film and apart from becoming a human stick insect as the films went on, she just becomes more and more irritating. I would not have complained if they had recast the part of Mary Jane Watson for the third film (and maybe the second as well).

All in all, it is worth seeing this film as it is good but you may be left feeling slightly cheated. I hope they don't do a fourth as it would be a blatant money-grabbing exercise.

Dog Soldiers [DVD] [2002]
Dog Soldiers [DVD] [2002]
Dvd ~ Sean Pertwee
Offered by qualityfilmsfromuk
Price: £6.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars A classic!, 7 Jun. 2007
This review is from: Dog Soldiers [DVD] [2002] (DVD)
Before I get to the film, just want to point out the stupidity of some of my fellow reviewers. 1: don't give away the entire plot!! Just plain inconsiderate and 2: if you know anything about popular myth, werewolves procreate by either mating or simply biting a victim who then turns into a werewolf themselves. Also, some are just born as is. Hence the idiocy of asking "if there's only one, how do they procreate?"

Right, rant over. This film is an absolute british classic. The story is very simple, not supposed to be looked into deeply by the incessantly anal reviewers out there. British troops, trapped, being attacked by werewolves. Bing. Bang. Bosh.

Highly enjoyable, mainly because of the humour (for me at least), some of the lines are just genius! The werewolves themselves are not exactly realistic but considering this is a low budget film, they look great. I'll leave it there as I don't want to ruin it (unlike some idiots) but I will say this: if you liked 28 Days later of The Descent, buy this, it's well worth it!

No Title Available

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4.0 out of 5 stars Haven't played it so can't really say too much!, 30 May 2007
= Fun:4.0 out of 5 stars 
Like many people who have written reviews about this game, I haven't played it so mine will be based on previous installments of Tekken!

Firstly, how anyone can say that Soul Calibre is better than Tekken and claim to be a martial artist themselves is either lying or doesn't understand different styles of martial arts! As someone who has trained in several styles for over 13 years, I think Tekken is one of the most realistic fighting games out there. You can win by button bashing with certain characters, yes but to use any of the characters properly you need to use tactics and timing. Some characters lend themselves to button bashing: the capoeira fighters Eddie and Christy for instance, purely because capoeira is a style where any technique can flow into another! This isn't a fault of the game, it's a characteristic of the fighting style!

Soul Calibre is the ultimate button basher, not in the least bit realistic. One technique rolls impossibly into the next, no tactics involved whatsoever.

Anyway, rant over! I expect Tekken 6 to be a fine game based on its predecessors. I hope I'm proved to be right!

Deja Vu [DVD]
Deja Vu [DVD]
Dvd ~ Denzel Washington
Price: £3.15

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4.0 out of 5 stars original and thoroughly enjoyable!, 16 May 2007
This review is from: Deja Vu [DVD] (DVD)
Most people have seen a variety of time-travel films, most of which cover the same type of plot: some form of accident occurs, the main character finds a way to travel back in time to prevent it. Bing bang bosh.

This film does have elements of this classic formula but it also introduces a whole new factor: trying to influence the past from the present. I won't say too much as I don't want to add any more spoilers to the ones that have already been posted but I will say that it has something more than most films of its kind.

This is definitely one to turn your brain off for because if you try to get your head round it, especially if you have a scientific background like me, you will go mad! When it comes down to it, the feasibility of the concepts introduced in the story aren't important because it's science fiction!! FICTION being the operative word.

I only didn't give this film 5 stars because in my opinion no film is perfect enough to deserve 5 stars but this one is close. Just sit back and enjoy one of the best time travel films since Back to the Future!

Pirates Of The Caribbean - The Curse of the Black Pearl (The Lost Disc Special Edition 3 Disc Gift Set) [DVD]
Pirates Of The Caribbean - The Curse of the Black Pearl (The Lost Disc Special Edition 3 Disc Gift Set) [DVD]
Dvd ~ Johnny Depp
Offered by Leisurezone
Price: £2.33

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5.0 out of 5 stars what a film, 9 Mar. 2006
When I heard that hollywood was making a film based on a disneyland ride, I didn't hold my breath with excitement. I was pleasantly surprised when I actually watched it though!
A thoroughly entertaining film, one of the only ones which I seen with Orlando Bloom in it where he doesn't come across as a complete girl. Worth watching just for Johnny Depp, he is magnificent! Although I'm sure the ladies in the audience appreciate him in this film for other reasons than I do!

The 40-Year-Old Virgin (XXL Version) [DVD] [2005]
The 40-Year-Old Virgin (XXL Version) [DVD] [2005]
Dvd ~ Steve Carell
Offered by Qoolist
Price: £1.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars the best film I've ever seen in my life, 9 Mar. 2006
As you can probably tell by the title of this review, I like this film! I can't believe that other reviewers have given it one star! The acting is amazing, which can be appreciated especially if you've seen the star in other films. The supporting cast do a fantastic job as well.
This film is a definite no brainer but who wants to have to think all the way through a film? I found it absolutely hilarious and just thoroughly easy to watch. I can't really explain why I like this film so much but I have watched it twice in one day in the past.
My opinion obviously isn't always shared as a few of my friends don't like it at all so all I can say is watch it and see what you think for yourself!

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