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Sennheiser PC363D Surround Sound Gaming Headset
Sennheiser PC363D Surround Sound Gaming Headset
Price: 206.00

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3.0 out of 5 stars Disappointed, 1 Mar 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I live in the United States and ordered this headset from Amazon UK because it wasn't available for sale domestically at the time. I decided to pay the extra expense based on the positive reviews of this headset and its predecessor, the PC360. I was really looking forward to receiving the headset, thinking I would get years of enjoyment out of it. After using it extensively for ~2 weeks I decided to return it. I'll give a brief description of my experience and the things I did and did not like about this headset.

Things I liked
Comfort - The headset is extremely comfortable. I have a very hard time finding a headset that I don't find extremely uncomfortable because I have a large head, wear glasses, and have plugs in my ears. Depending on the design most headsets either push the top of my ear into my glasses, drive my earlobes and plugs into my neck, or both. The cups on this headset are large enough, perfectly padded, and shaped just right that I experienced no discomfort whatsoever even after a full day of use.

Sound clarity - The 363D sounded excellent. I don't consider myself to be an audiophile by most people's standards but I do have extensive experience with high end gaming headsets. The 363D provided crystal clear dynamics and tonal distinction, particularly at the high and mid range. The surround sound functionality worked admirably in the games I tried it with (a variety of popular RPGs, MMOs, and shooters).

Microphone - The mic sound amazing. That's really all that can be said about the mic. This headset has the clearest sounding mic of any headset I've ever used, including the set I bought to replace this one.

Things I didn't like
Lack of bass - While the clarity of sound provided by the 363D is top notch, the low end is gratingly weak. For some applications or even some people's personal preferences this may be acceptable but in my case it served only to severely damper my immersion in the games I was playing and I felt the need to use a different set of phones entirely for listening to most genres of music. It actually became a distraction, and this is the biggest reason I grew increasingly disappointed with my purchase.

I'll note that I tried using both my dedicated sound card and onboard sound thinking that my integrated sound card may be interfering with the headset's USB dongle. There was no discernible difference between the two. This could be a pro for users who don't already have or want a dedicated sound card as you won't be missing out by not having one.

Software - There really isn't any. For a top-of-the-line headset to offer no settings beyond what amounts to "Surround sound on" and "Surround sound off" is absurd. There are no EQ settings, no mic modulation, no level balancing, no adjustments of any kind. You can choose stereo surround or one of the surround sound modes and that is it. It's clear that only the absolute bare minimum effort and attention was given here and it really shows. The software would seem lackluster on a budget headset but to be included with a product at this price level is completely unacceptable.

If you were primarily using this headset for voice communication the mic and sound clarity would be hard to beat. If you were using it strictly for competitive gaming the sound clarity, functional surround sound emulation, and comfort would likely trump the shortcomings. For the gamer like myself who wants a single headset for a wide range of uses including VoIP, online gaming, offline gaming, watching movies late at night, and listening to music while working on other projects this particular headset just doesn't hit on enough cylinders to justify the hefty price tag.

I'm not a shill for any company and I don't want to risk automatically invalidating the rest of my opinion by mentioning the specific product I settled on but I can say with confidence that there are competing headsets (some more expensive, some significantly cheaper) that, though they may not beat the 363D on every individual bullet point, they do provide a significantly better overall experience and better value for the money spent.
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