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British Transport Films Collection Vol. 10 - London on the Move (2-DVD set)
British Transport Films Collection Vol. 10 - London on the Move (2-DVD set)
Dvd ~ Various
Price: 11.06

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5.0 out of 5 stars An interesting and informative collection, 18 Sep 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This varied collection has a more focused approach than the previous nine volumes which make up the excellent British Transport Films Collection [DVD] with London transport under the historical spotlight here. But there's much more than just the sight of drivers and conductors in trains & buses going about their business in this collection. The films also offer an interesting insight into the varied work carried out behind the scenes, with the work of the likes of maintenance & catering staff also in the spotlight.

These British Transport (BTF) Films cover the timeline running from 1951 to 1983, and follow the often complex task of keeping the capital's various forms of transport on the move. Some films provide an insightful look at the organisation & co-ordination behind the scenes, shedding light on what is often taken for granted, yet is far more complicated than a ignorant layman like myself ever imagined. Some films do possess a colourful, travelogue feel & are often a charming but informative way to unwind.

The remastered picture quality on the fourteen films (including the bonus feature) is generally good, there are no subtitles. Also included is an illustrated 12-page booklet with an introduction from Patrick Russell, along with full details of the films and credits. When including the bonus film, the collection has a running time of over three-and-a-half hours. The two discs & booklet are stored in a single-size DVD case. I have included a list of the titles along with a few details below....

*ALL THAT MIGHTY HEART (1963/colour/24 mins)....A dawn through to dusk look at the various passengers using the capital's rail & bus services, including a visit to the zoo, along with an evening visit to the theatre.

*OUR CANTEENS (1951,B/W,12 mins)....In this staff training film we also see the canteen ladies preparing & serving up hearty nosh for the transport staff.

*ONE FOR ONE (1964,B/W,24 mins)....A detailed account of the meticulous overhaul & inspection of London Transport's bus engines carried out by the workforce at Chiswick Works.

*THE NINE ROAD (1976/colour/20 mins)....A look at bus number 9 on one of the busiest bus routes in the capital, following the bus crews, organisation & maintenance teams through the long working day, as the bus travels along it's route between Liverpool Street and Mortlake.

*CINE GAZETTE No.14: DO YOU REMEMBER? (1955,B/W,9 mins)....A look at the sorting & returning of lost property on the capital's transport system.

*LONDON ON THE MOVE (1970/colour/14 mins)....A look at the increasingly complicated task of keeping London's transport system running efficiently in 1970, and the increased investment in automation & CCTV.

*UNDER NIGHT STREETS (1958,B/W,19 mins)....The nocturnal maintenance work carried out by the 1100-strong workforce on London's underground lines.

*POWER SIGNAL LINESMAN (1953,B/W,15 mins)....A training film for Power Signal Linesmen, showing routine maintenance while also providing an emergency response to various faults.

*OMNIBUS 150 (1979/colour/16 mins)....An history of the London Omnibus, from the 3-horse omnibus introduced in 1829, through to the hi-tech Daimler Fleet Lines.

*CINE GAZETTE No.10 (1951,B/W,10 mins)....Three short films in one: "Chiswick on The Skid Patch" - a visit to the bus drivers training area to see the cars from the 1951 London Motor Show at Earls Court. Then "Overhaul at Acton" - the stripping down, cleaning & renovation of London Transport's tube trains, followed by "Food Production Centre" - a blink-and-you'll-miss-it account of the preparation for the feeding of 100,000 transport staff for 1 week.

*MOVING LONDON (1983/colour/17 mins)....A retrospective look at the modernisation & expansion of London transport over the previous 50 years.

*AFC: AUTOMATIC FARE COLLECTION AND YOU (1969/colour/4 mins)....Part-animated film showing passengers being guided through the automated fare collection systems in Hammersmith station.

*OVERHAUL (1957/colour/17 mins)....London's fleet of 8,000 buses are put through an advanced overhaul at Aldenham. Dismantled & refurbished before returning to serve the public.

*BONUS FILM - MOVING MILLIONS (1947,B/W,16 mins)....A Central Office of Information (COI) film, aimed at an overseas audience. A simple account of the work of London Transport.

Tales of Tomorrow 1 [DVD] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]
Tales of Tomorrow 1 [DVD] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]
Dvd ~ Leslie Nielsen
Offered by supermart_usa
Price: 6.48

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3.0 out of 5 stars Pioneering sci-fi TV series, 17 Sep 2012
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Having recently read that this early 1950's show was TV's first sci-fi anthology series, a trailblazing precursor to the likes of "One Step Beyond" and "The Twilight Zone", curiosity then got the better of me & I immediately ordered my copy. The productions, while setbound, have an unpolished, play-like quality along with a low-budget & dated appearance (were any of the episodes broadcast live?). The series does have it's moments, some stories do have intelligent & interesting ideas at their core, some less so. Certainly interesting is some of the high-profile guest stars the series attracted (see below). While the historical significance of the series is what tempted a fan of vintage anthologies like myself to take a look, fellow fans of the genre may also fancy taking the plunge. If that's the case, just don't expect the overall higher production values & quality of later series like the one's I've already mentioned. At least Image Entertainment have taken the trouble to preserve these episodes for posterity.

The black & white picture and sound quality while never good, is for the most part still acceptable. There are no extras or subtitles. This Region 1 release will NOT play on a R2 player, so be prepared. Minus the adverts, each episode runs for around 25 minutes. PS: in the market for a luxury 50's carpet or a shiny new watchband?.....then the cheesy 5-minute sponsor's ad-breaks in each episode will either delight or irritate you!

This 2-disc set includes thirteen, 1st season episodes, which are as follows (with a few details).....

*VERDICT FROM SPACE....An archaeologist accidently triggers an emergency signal to an alien invasion force... Can he stop the beacon or is the Earth doomed?
Starring Lon McAllister & Martin Brandt.

*BLUNDER....In the name of science, a researcher is willing to risk losing the Earth's oxygen in an experiment.
Starring Robert Allen, Ann Loring, Phil Faversham, Alan Drake, Michael Keene, Julia Bing, Jean Alexander & Will Hussong.

*TEST FLIGHT....A wealthy industrialist hires an inventor who claims he can build a motor that will fly a spaceship to another planet.
Starring Lee J. Cobb, Vinton Hayworth & Cameron Prud'Homme.

*SNEAK ATTACK....A drone aircraft carrying an atom bomb lands at Denver's airport.
Starring Zachary Scott, Barbara Joyce, Theo Goetz, Royal Beal, Richard Shankland & John Seymour.

*FRANKENSTEIN....Dr. Frankenstein creats a monster from body parts of the dead.
Starring Lon Chaney, Jr, John Newland & Mary Alice Moore.

*WHAT YOU NEED....A ramshackle store is inhabited by a strange, eerie force.
Starring Billy Redfield & Edgar Stehli.

*AGE OF PERIL....In the future, 1965, an inventor teaches crooks how to beat a lie detector.
Starring Phyllis Kirk, Dennis Harrison, Don Briggs, John McGovern, Maurice Burke, Skedge Miller & Phil Minhoff.

*FLIGHT OVERDUE....A female test pilot sets off on a dangerous mission.
Starring Veronica Lake, Walter Brooke, Lenore Shanewise & Thom Conroy.

*WORLD OF WATER....A researcher discovers a miracle that turns everything into water.
Starring Victor Jory, Nita Talbot, Logan Field, Merilee Ruick & Maude Scheerer.

*THE LITTLE BLACK BAG....A doctor's bag from the future holds many secrets.
Starring Vicki Cumming & Joan Blondell.

*ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD....A visitor from the future has a time machine on his wrist.
Starring Esther Ralston, Jack Warden, Don Hammer & Lewis Charles.

*THE MIRACULOUS SERUM....A serum makes it possible for a person to live forever.
Starring Richard Derr, Louis Hector, Peggy Allison & Lola Albright.

*ICE FROM SPACE...Ice from outer space freezes the entire Earth.
Starring Edmond Ryan, Paul Newman (in his first professional acting job), Raymond Bailey, Michael Gorrin & Sam Locante.
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Police Dog (1955) [DVD]
Police Dog (1955) [DVD]
Dvd ~ Joan Rice
Price: 12.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars A Copper's best friend, 10 Sep 2012
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This review is from: Police Dog (1955) [DVD] (DVD)
While pursuing a burglar through dimly lit backstreets in Kentish Town, the colleague of PC Frank Mason (Tim Turner) is shot dead. Determined to bring the killer to justice, Mason then becomes a police dog handler. While lodging at the home of his girlfriend, Pat (Joan Rice) Mason's increasing attachment to his new partner (Rex the 3rd) causes mounting resentment from his girlfriend. Eventually, with funds running low, the fugitive killer decides to break into a factory, which leads to a showdown involving Mason & his four-legged crimefighting companion.

An Eros Films presentation directed by Derek Twist, this is a simple and pleasantly undemanding 70-minute, 50's B-movie, with it's warmly dated backdrop of cosy domestic scenes, while also following the loveable Rex & his handler through the dog's training programme accompanied by some chirpy incidental music, heart-warming stuff. About the only thing missing is an appearance from Jimmy Hanley (which may give you a good idea of what to expect!) The performances are OK from the good supporting cast. John Le Mesurier stars as the Inspector, while the always impressive character actor, Charles Victor appears as the Police Sergeant. Further down the billing we have horror legend, Christopher Lee starring as one of Mason's fellow PC's (who doesn't get on too well with dogs!) Sexy blonde bombshell, Sandra Dorne also stars as the killer's mouthy moll.

A nice little black & white movie to unwind with on a rainy afternoon. The picture quality on this remastered Simply Media (Renown) release is generally good, the sound is OK. There are no extras or subtitles.

Wonderful London (DVD)
Wonderful London (DVD)
Price: 18.55

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5.0 out of 5 stars Interesting silent collection, 8 Sep 2012
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This review is from: Wonderful London (DVD) (DVD)
Produced by Graham Wilcox Films, and directed by Harry B Parkinson & Frank Miller, this is a fascinating collection of silent vignettes produced in the 1920's, an interesting historical & informative account of life in London at the time. This collection covers a varied cross-section of London's inhabitants of the era, including the rich & poor as well as the immigrant population. The films also offer a glimpse at the social attitudes of the time, as well as providing a fascinating guided tour around the capital. Over 20 films were produced, and this release features 12 titles (when including the special features) which gives an overall running time approaching two hours.

Here is a list of the titles with brief details....

*BARGING THROUGH LONDON (11 mins)....A journey through the capital via the Regent's Canal. From the docks in Limehouse before finishing in Paddington Basin.

*COSMOPOLITAN LONDON (10 mins)....A look at the various cosmopolitan inhabitants of London.

*LONDON'S SUNDAY (8 mins)....While paying a visit to the Gaiety Theatre & Petticoat Lane's Sunday market, we also see the well-to-do riding in Hyde Park.

*FLOWERS OF LONDON (10 mins)....A look around domestic gardens & florist shops.

*LONDON'S FREE SHOWS (8 mins)....Various free entertainment provided by the likes of pavement artists and Punch & Judy, as well as a fire brigade demonstration.

*LONDON OFF THE TRACK (10 mins)....A look at various views lying behind the more familiar facades of London's streets.


*DICKEN'S LONDON (12 mins)....A look at the London locations which provided the setting for a number of the author's works.

*LONDON'S OUTER RING (12 mins)....A look at various sites & buildings around the outskirts of London.

*LONDON OLD AND NEW (8 mins)....A horse-drawn bus tour, taking in buildings old and new.

*LONDON'S CONTRASTS (12 mins)....The man with the horse-drawn bus turns up again, in a film which compares the West & East End old and new.

*KNOWN LONDON (11 mins)....A tour of London's most popular visitor attractions.

*ALONG FATHER THAMES TO SHEPPERTON (11 mins)....This pleasure boat trip takes us from Canbury Gardens to Shepperton, taking in the houseboats of the wealthy along with some familiar beauty spots.

The included 24-page booklet is an informative guide to the production & background of the titles. This restored collection includes a number of tinted prints which required extensive & time-consuming restoration work due to the fragile condition of the source material, which was occasionally damaged and required delicate handling. The end results see some damage remaining, with some marks etc, along with some missing frames (some films feature shots taken from other titles, which is due to the original editing). But when taking into consideration the age & quality of the original prints, I reckon the picture quality is mostly impressive. Along with familiar silent movie intertitle narratives, these films also include newly recorded piano accompaniments provided by John Sweeney.
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Cat and Mouse [DVD] [1958]
Cat and Mouse [DVD] [1958]
Dvd ~ Lee Patterson
Price: 12.97

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4.0 out of 5 stars Decent British B-movie thriller, 4 Sep 2012
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This review is from: Cat and Mouse [DVD] [1958] (DVD)
Based on a story by Michael Halliday (John Creasey - "Gideon's Way") and produced, written & directed by Paul Rotha, this is an unspectacular but decent little B-movie thriller. Produced by Anvil Films, this 1958 movie is a morose tale of blackmail & suspicion which occasionally manages to provide the odd moment of mild suspense. If there is a bit of a documentary feel to proceedings, look no further than the influence of Rotha's early British documentary pedigree.

Ann Coltby (Ann Sears) is the daughter of a convicted & executed killer. The unfortunate Ms Coltby finds herself at the mercy of blackmailer, Mr Scruby (Hilton Edwards) who is desperate to lay his hands on the diamonds stolen by Ann's father. While believing she has killed her blackmailer, in steps Rod Fenner (Lee Patterson). Revolving around a mostly domestic setting, what follows is a mostly dialogue-driven psychological drama (hence the "Cat and Mouse" title) with the odd twist in the script, with Fenner holding Ms Coltby against her will while pursuing his own agenda.

Vancouver-born Lee Patterson was a familiar staple of many British B-movies of the era, and he certainly looks the archetypal 50's villian here, a brooding & brash imposing figure, sporting a black leather bomber jacket & carefully coiffered barnet (definitely NOT the type you would want to meet up a dark alley!) - a good performance. In a relatively brief but effective appearance, the ever-reliable Victor Maddern stars as the detective attempting to piece together the case. The performances are OK but IMHO this is Patterson's movie. For fans of vintage British B-movies I would say this is worth a look. The remastered black & white picture quality on this Renown release is good, there are no extras or subtitles.

Adventures of the Scarlet Pimpernel - The Complete Series [DVD]
Adventures of the Scarlet Pimpernel - The Complete Series [DVD]
Dvd ~ Marius Goring
Price: 16.77

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5.0 out of 5 stars They seek him here......., 2 Sep 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Is there no end to it?.......The Adventures of Robin Hood....William Tell....Sir Lancelot, etc, etc. And now "The Scarlet Pimpernel" gets the ITC treatment, in this complete collection of eighteen, 25-minute individual tales of swashbuckling derring-do, which were originally broadcast in 1956. Along with all the other good performances in the series, distinguished actor, Marius Goring is excellently cast in his dual-role, seamlessly switching between the dandyfop Sir Percy Blakeney and his more dashing & heroic alter-ego, the Scarlet Pimpernel - the rescuer & toast of those beleaguered Gallic aristo's living under the shadow of Madame Guillotine in Robespierre's revolutionary France.

The rest of the regular cast includes Patrick Troughton (as Sir Andrew Ffoulkes), Alexander Gauge (The Prince Regent), Stanley Van Beers (Chauvelin, Minister of Police), Lucie Mannheim (the Countess la Valliere), Maureen Connell (Melanie, Princess de Monsantes), and Anthony Newland (Lord Richard Hastings). The series also attracted a number of familiar guest stars (see below).

This is yet another typical early ITC swashbuckling TV series, the simple but charming tales are very much in keeping with fellow ITC costume dramas such as "Sword of Freedom" and "The Count of Monte Cristo". The black & white prints used for this collection are mostly very good. There are no extras or subtitles. The inside of the DVD case features an episode synopsis, and this is what you get....

*THE HOSTAGE....The Scarlet Pimpernel must rescue the Baroness Suzanne de Fleury and her son from Chauvelin's clutches - a task which must be achieved without revealing the Pimpernel's alter-ego, Sir Percy Blakeney.
Guest starring Robert Shaw & Yvonne Furneaux.

*SIR PERCY'S WAGER....Sir Percy is always ready to make a wager. However, betting on the outcome of the Pimpernel's latest escapade could be dangerous - and even cost him his freedom.

*THE PRINCESS....Having rescued her from the guillotine, why should Sir Percy be so glib when introduced to the latest lady at court, the Marquise de Manton? At the time of her rescue she was a servant girl. Now she is a court favourite. How?

*A TALE OF TWO PIGTAILS....Why has Chauvelin returned to England to spend some time at the court of the Prince Regent? Sir Percy must discover the reason: the Pimpernel's life could depend on it.
Guest starring Peter O'Toole & introducing Maureen Connell.

*THE LADY IN DISTRESS....Chauvelin uses the Pimpernel's strong sense of chivalry to bait a trap with the beautiful Cecile as the prize. Informed that Madame Guillotine awaits her pretty neck, Sir Percy plans a rescue....
Guest Alfie Bass.

*SOMETHING REMEMBERED....Answering an appeal from the Comtesse de Fleury to bring her brother Jacques to safety from France, the Pimpernel finds his activities brought to a standstill when the lad refuses to leave his sweetheart.
Guest William Franklyn.

*THE ELUSIVE CHAUVELIN....In his strangest mission yet, the Pimpernel must rescue a young man accused of being the Pimpernel - and discover whether Chauvelin was behind a plot to plant the false avenger in France.
Guest Christopher Lee.

*THE SWORD OF JUSTICE....Hearing that the Scarlet Pimpernel is being impersonated in France by an Englishman who is robbing and murdering French aristocrats, Sir Percy sets a trap to catch the imposter.
Guest Brian Wilde.

*THANKSGIVING DAY....Why should an American who desperately needs the Pimpernel's help challenge him in a duel to the death? Sir Percy must find a way to protect his second identity and protect the man, at the same time.

*SIR ANDREW'S FATE....How can a wax effigy of the Pimpernel lead Chauvelin to the original? Sir Percy's reputation for elusiveness is put to the test with this latest threat to his existence.
Guest Ivor Dean.

*THE AMBASSADOR'S LADY....Lord Richard Hasting's eye for a pretty girl places him and Sir Percy in the spotlight - and right under Chauvelin's nose. Will the gossip prove to be their undoing, or can the Pimpernel save the day?
Guest William Franklyn.

*THE CHRISTMAS PRESENT....It's Christmas, but Sir Percy has no time for festivities: he's busy helping a group of children escape Chauvelin's clutches, and to keep them amused during their flight, he tells them a story...

*THE FLOWER WOMAN....The Comtesse la Valliete, who has long been Chauvelin's spy at the English court, has a change of heart and joins Sir Percy. Or does she? Can he really trust her with his secret?

*THE IMAGINARY INVALIDS....Hearing that the daughter of Rothstein, an old enemy, is being held by Chauvelin and the ransom demand is high, Sir Percy sets out to see that it is never paid - at least, not to Chauvelin!
Guest John Laurie.

*ANTOINE AND ANTOINETTE....Finding themselves spending their honeymoon in a rat-infested prison cell, Antoine and Antoinette pray for deliverance. It arrives in the shape of the Pimpernel - who sets out to teach Chauvelin a lesson.

*THE WINGED MADONNA....The Abbey of Nanterre has been plundered by Chauvelin, and its monks lie dead. Sir Percy decides to force Chauvelin to say his prayers.

*GENTLEMEN OF THE ROAD....Sir Percy notices a beautiful woman showing an unusual interest in the Prince Regent's affairs and is unconvinced by her replies to his questions. Perhaps it's time for the Pimpernel to show his true colours.
Guest Conrad Phillips.

*THE FARMER'S BOY....By giving one of Sir Percy's agents false information, Chauvelin hopes to lure the man he suspects to be the Pimpernel into the open. He achieves his aim - but is astonished when a 'simple minded' farmer's boy arrives at the court.
Guest starring Roger Delgado, Michael Ripper & Ivor Dean.

Another enjoyable release from Network.
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Classic Sci Fi TV: 150 Episodes [DVD] [2009] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]
Classic Sci Fi TV: 150 Episodes [DVD] [2009] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]
Dvd ~ Warren Tufts
Offered by supermart_usa
Price: 10.32

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5.0 out of 5 stars Another Mill Creek Potpourri, 24 Aug 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
***This Region 1 release will play on a R2 DVD player***
Phew....this is one bumper collection!. Far easier to list the contents than give a detailed episode by episode breakdown (see below). The collection includes the odd cliff-hanger cinema series, along with one-off pilot episodes which never developed into a TV series. Made up of mostly 50's material, for fans of the genre this is a collection of generally low-budget TV productions, a kaleidoscope of the familiar, not so familiar & the obscure (with some ad-breaks remaining intact!)

The picture & sound quality is variable - occasionally flaky but generally OK/acceptable (the prints used for the Republic Pictures serial "Radar Men From The Moon" are good, IMO the best of the collection). There are no subtitles. With the overall running time of this release (over 60 hours) along with what I paid out (around 13) I would say this boxset represents good value for money. While already owning a couple of Mill Creek collections, yet again it's the same packaging: The 12 (single-sided) discs are stored in individual paper/plastic sleeves. A small booklet with details of the titles is also included.

Here is a list of the titles, all titles are in black and white unless stated (running times are approximate).

*CAPTAIN FATHOM (Animated series).
Three episodes (1965/colour/20 mins each).

Twenty-four episodes (1955, 26 mins each).
Starring Roy Steffens & Bruce Haynes.

(1954-58, 60 mins).
Starring Michael Rennie, Cedric Hardwicke & Lowell Gilmore.

One episode (1959/colour/20 mins).

One episode (1959, 50 mins).
Starring Harry Townes, John Agar & Edward Platt.

Fourteen episodes (1953-54, 25 mins each).
Starring Steve Holland, Irene Champlin & Joe Nash.

Two episodes (1953-62, 29 mins each).
*Let It Rain - Starring Cloris Leachman, Ronald Reagan & Lillian Bronson.
*The Ballad of Mender McClure - Starring Vincent Price & Thomas Mitchell.

One episode (1953-54, 29 mins).
Starring Wright King, Cliff Hall & Pat Peardon.

Four episodes (1946-52, 26 mins each).
*Just What Happened.
*Curtain Call.
*Man With a Watch.
*Passage Beyond.
Starring John Howard, Otto Kruger, Ralph Clanton & Francis L. Sullivan.

Eighteen episodes (1959-61, 25 mins each).
*The Clown. *The Dark Room. *Night of April 14th. *Encounter. *House of The Dead. *Epilogue. *The Stone Cutter. *Contact. *The Gift. *Bride Possessed. *The Burning Girl. *The Premonition. *Forest In The Night. *Reunion. *The Haunting. *Emergency Only. *Goodbye Grandpa. *The Riddle.

Twelve episodes - complete series (1935/total running time: 4 hours).
Starring Gene Autry, Frankie Darro & Dorothy Christy.

Twelve episodes - complete series (1952/total running time: 2 hrs, 47 mins).
Starring George Wallace, Roy Barcroft & Clayton Moore.

Twenty-three episodes (1954, 26 mins each).
Starring Richard Crane, Scotty Becket & Sally Mansfield.

One episode (1955, 25 mins).
Starring Tom Helmore, Paula Raymond & Frank M. Thomas.

(1958, 56 mins).
Starring Richard Derr, Jeanne Neher & Dan Mullin.

*SPACE ANGEL (Animated series).
Nine episodes (1962/colour/20 mins each).

*STAMP DAY FOR SUPERMAN (Public information film).
(1954, 17 mins).
Starring George Reeves, Noel Neill & Jack Larson.

(1959, 25 mins).
Starring Edmond O'Brien, Joanne Woodward & Evelyn Ankers.

One episode (1958, 28 mins).
Starring Anton Diffring, Richard Bull & Don Megowan.

Six episodes (1951-53, 23 mins each).
*Test Flight. *Verdict In Space. *What We Need. *Age of Peril. *Blunder. *Sneak Attack.
Starring Lon McAllister, Robert Allan & Lee J. Cobb.

(1960-62, 50 mins).
Starring Boris Karloff, John Newland & Oscar Beregi Jr.

Twelve episodes - complete series (1936, total running time: 3 hrs, 45 mins).
Starring Ray "Crash" Corrigan, Lois Wilde & Monte Blue.

One episode (1952, 25 mins).
Starring Sheldon Leonard, Barbara Whiting & Bob Sweeney.

2006 Us Open Men's Final: Federer Vs Roddick [DVD] [2011] [US Import]
2006 Us Open Men's Final: Federer Vs Roddick [DVD] [2011] [US Import]
Dvd ~ Roger Federer

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3.0 out of 5 stars Superb match, but......., 20 Aug 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
First things first - this is a 5-star encounter between two great rivals. With both players possibly at the peak of their powers, the match lived up to all expectations. Federer's supreme shotmaking against the powerful serves & testing groundstrokes of the battling Roddick kept the outcome in doubt until the fourth set, before the brilliance of Federer finally overcame the dogged resistance of his determined opponent.

For anyone whose tennis diet is made up exclusively of the Beeb's annual coverage of the Wimbledon championships, this release, taken from the CBS coverage may come as a bit of a culture shock. You don't miss a single point, so no problems there. You also get a few words from the 2 players before entering the arena, while post-match coverage concludes with a few words from the winner & loser before the trophy presentation. BUT...there are a few things you may wish to consider before buying: the picture quality is closer to VHS than DVD....The change of ends have been edited out (which for me personally isn't a problem as I always skip them anyway)....NFL latest scores occasionally pop up along the bottom of the screen....The incessant chatterbox commentary from the commentators, which include Dick Enberg & John McEnroe (which even continues during some of the points!) may be a bit of a trial. Personally I don't regret buying it as the price was OK (around 7)...anyway its better to have it like this than not at all I guess!

The Last Journey & Return of a Stranger [DVD]
The Last Journey & Return of a Stranger [DVD]
Dvd ~ Godfrey Tearle
Price: 14.30

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4.0 out of 5 stars A couple of interesting 30's melodramas, 18 Aug 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
While always on the lookout for new releases of vintage movies, I found two interesting & entertaining melodramas here, that both in terms of style & performances are very much of their time (the mid-30's). I was already well-acquainted with THE LAST JOURNEY (thanks to BBC 4 a few years ago). In director Bernard Vorhaus's well-paced and engaging drama, Julien Mitchell stars as steam train driver, Bob Holt, who is faced with a combination of his unwelcome forthcoming compulsory retirement & a festering suspicion that his wife is having an affair with his fireman. The mounting feelings of anger and resentment finally push the bullish Holt over the edge. The scene is set for a dramatic final day's work for the gun-toting Holt, with the driver taking the train on a non-stop high speed journey, racing through bewildered stations accompanied by his terrified fireman. The central story is interwoven with various sub-plots involving a motley collection of disparate train passengers, which includes a male/female pickpocket team, and a newlywed couple with a desperate love-rival in hot pursuit. Mitchell's performance is occasionally over-ripe but the dramatic high-speed special effects are rather good. Considering the age of the movie, (1935) the remastered black & white picture and sound quality on this Twickenham Film studios production is very good (the product blurb is correct). The movie is 62 minutes approx.

Directed by Victor Hanbury, the Premier/Stafford production RETURN OF A STRANGER is an obscure but interesting little 1937 melodrama starring Griffith Jones in the lead role, here he plays James Martin, a young chemist who elopes with his wealthy boss's daughter (played by Rosalyn Boulter). While staying at an hotel, Martin eventually goes on the run after becoming the prime suspect in a case of murder. Fleeing to South Africa, Martin continues in his chosen profession until a laboratory explosion leaves him scarred. After a few years of enforced exile, Martin decides to return to blighty, determined to clear his name. Nicely-paced, with both an equally decent script & performances, I found this movie to be a pleasant way to pass 69 minutes. Yet again the remastered black & white picture and sound quality is very good. There are no extras or subtitles.

No Title Available

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4.0 out of 5 stars Pretty effective for my family, 16 Aug 2012
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While already owning a TENS machine & a PAIN GONE pen I decided to give this a go, as it looked like a convenient alternative. My mother suffers chronic & acute pain from spinal arthritis while I get pretty bad muscular pain in one of my forearms now & again. In my case, the pain has been removed while my mother's excruciating pain has so far been reduced (not totally removed) to a more comfortable level after a number of applications.

While having to keep the two treatment heads in continual contact with the skin, I can foresee problems applying this to more hard to-reach areas (in such cases its handy to have a helpful friend around!). The device has 3 pulse frequency settings, while the intensity is adjustable in 16 increase/decrease steps, along with an on/off vibration setting. I found the included conductive gel to be very effective, as well as odourless & easy to clean away after use (not using the gel can lead to skin irritation or skin burn). The beauty of this device is the fact that you cannot overdose on it, so it can be used as often as you like. The included booklet features a number of warnings, which include...

Do NOT use the Pain Doctor:
*With a pace maker.
*On the carotid arteries in the front of your neck.
*Over the heart.
*While driving.
*During the first 16 weeks of pregnancy.
*In and around your eye.
*Directly over metal implants.
*On wet, sensitive, numb or broken skin and damp surroundings.
*When suffering or having suffered from epilepsy.
*On open wounds.

Best of luck if you decide to give it a go.

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