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Superlux HD668B Headphones
Superlux HD668B Headphones
Offered by Appods
Price: 32.59

4.0 out of 5 stars believe the hype!!, 14 Feb 2013
Honestly, these really are fantastic, all of the positive reviews beforehand are spot on. granted, you arent going to get "the best" sound, but i tell you, its pretty damn close, and for this price, nothing short of a miracle.

ive used them with my colorfly c4 through the 6.5mm jack listening to the obvious formats of .wav and .flac and i have to say..... phenomenal

id been previously using pairs of skullcandy and a pair of cheaper range sennheiser's, also a pair of westone um1 IEM's for on the move, but these superlux really give the best all round balance clarity and "warm" sound of all of those. and this is out the box, without any of the fabled/genuine burn in people talk about.

of course, if you were to compare these to some grado's, the senn hd 650's or maybe some higher end akg's youd swing more in their favour of course, but you have to remember, for a small small fraction of the price of those previously mentioned cans, you get a VERY very good cheap alternative, with a most excellent sound to boot.

build quality was actually better than id expected, and they dont feel as flimsy, light or "cheap" as the skullcandy cans and thus far, ive had no real comfort issues at all.

Battlefield 3 (PC DVD)
Battlefield 3 (PC DVD)
Offered by Retro Online
Price: 12.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars review of the game, 29 Oct 2011
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
Personally, i couldnt care less about all the moaning about origin etc, i have nothing to hide, and there is nothing on my comp that it can find of interest anyway.

i love this game, multiplayer is ok i guess, very much like bf2 crossed with bfbc, so as you can imagine, exactly what was expected and needed.

but tbh, im more of a single player man myself, so ill talk about that.
May contain a small spoiler.

AWESOME. graphics are outstanding on highest settings, even if you want to crack them down for a lower end system they are still good, and it all runs particularly well at anything really (pending what your comp can handle at its highest)

little touches like the wet surfaces looking convincing, textures looking real, light refracting and reflecting. particle and destruction system is top notch.

the sound...OH the sound, its perfect, like previous titles, very realistic (yes i do state fact from experience) the distant whump of explosions, the crack and thump of rounds, the impact of high velocity sniper rounds without having heard the round going off in the distance, the different environments affecting the sounds effects (eg inside a room, wide open spaces, ouncing off surfaces etc brilliant.

the AI come out with some great lines too.

its very silly to say that a game is "realistic" but what i mean when i say that, is in the sense that medal of honour felt more "realistic" and believable than the cod games, which although i like, feel more like an action movie than a definite proper operation, which medal pulled off and so does this title. its almost more like a happy medium between the two (ie medal and cod)

i havent played the whole game yet though, still only up to SPOILER SPOILER: the first spetnaz mission" , but so far, so good, the f 18 mission, although very on rails i felt was brilliant immersion wise.

in fact the immersion throughout so far has been spot on and whenever ive changed character ive always remembered where im at the russian voice acting is also in russian, with subs, good touch but you have to read them in a firefight to know what they are saying...)

so far i love it and urge people to look past origin if they can.

go ahead haters, i dont care
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Empire and Napoleon Total War Collection - Game of the Year (PC DVD)
Empire and Napoleon Total War Collection - Game of the Year (PC DVD)
Offered by 4GamersUK
Price: 7.67

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4.0 out of 5 stars personally very enjoyable, 11 Mar 2011
= Fun:4.0 out of 5 stars 
got this on steam the other day, decent price and all the dlc etc. took a while to download but got there in the end.

both games are great, ive always loved the total war games, right back to shogun and pre ordered shog 2 the moment i was able, i played medieval, and med 2 and also the rome games.

i never got round to purchasing these two, as at the time my computer had started to show its age, however in the last couple of months i have bought a new one and am purchasing new games/new releases/games i missed first time round etc etc.

ironically though, im much "better" at these total war games, strategy wise. id always wanted to be better at the others (shog, medieval, rome),but my plans and strategies were very, how can i say....flawed.

however, the strategy of using the skirmishers, line infantry and field artillery seem to work so much better for me, i even defeated the ai napolean at waterloo on hard! my work in the world map part seems better now too...

anyway, game wise id say a total war fan will enjoy this, especially these versions as they come with all dlc, which i believe gives the games a more rounded and complete feel, as without them they apparently seemed a little... half finished/empty when they first came out.

graphically very nice, with napolean looking slightly nicer than empire. however they are notoriously badly optimized and although my comp runs them at 1920x1080 mostly on high/ ultra with all but ssao on, they still chug eventually in the middle of big drawn out battle with loads of units on the go. you can of course scale them down but i like my games "pretty" too.

they both feel a bit more "involved" on the campaign screen if you get my meaning? you feel more in there, part of the goings on and campaigning, im hoping shogun 2 will follow this trend and make the whole package a bit more fun and engrossing.

the peninsular campaign in napolean is fun, especially if youre a sharpe fan like myself and was raised on both cornwell and the sean bean series.

ive had no crashes or dramas with these, thats on a win 7 64 system

Grand Prix Legends (PC CD)
Grand Prix Legends (PC CD)
Offered by Zartek UK
Price: 4.97

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4.0 out of 5 stars legends!!!!, 28 July 2010
= Fun:4.0 out of 5 stars 
the precursor to NR2003 and ultimately Iracing, this game rocks.

you need to download the GPLS GPL installer, this patches it all up, improves graphics, better car skins and enables it to run on modern xp systems successfully. the graphics are still good enough today, especially to those of us who take substance over style ( to some degree, as obviously better graphics do help)

there are also 65 66 and 69 season mods too, to really get your teeth into and plenty of tracks, much like nr2003, there is still a huge community supporting this.

Richard Burns Rally (PC Gamer) (PC)
Richard Burns Rally (PC Gamer) (PC)
Price: 2.45

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4.0 out of 5 stars RSRBR2010, 28 July 2010
= Fun:4.0 out of 5 stars 
THE best driving sim.

get the ralleyesim RBR2010 mod and all the carpacks downloaded from ralleyesim, and youll never look back. cars from all eras, right up to today with loebs citroen, loads of extra tracks, and much much better graphics.

this then becomes the rally sim to own (it is anyway in vanilla, but RBR2010 makes it so much more)

yes the graphics arent amazing, but theyre very very good for a game of this age and the car physics engine is second to none, even GPL is unrealistic compared to this!!

GT Legends (PC DVD)
GT Legends (PC DVD)
Offered by Gameseek
Price: 4.33

4.0 out of 5 stars as usual, get modding!, 28 July 2010
= Fun:4.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: GT Legends (PC DVD) (Video Game)
people who may have seen a few of my other reviews, know i generally dont play the vanilla game, as the mod scene out there is awesome.

no change with this title im afraid, as with my gtr2, this has been modded to reach my prefered level of accuracy, with the power and glory mod.

what this means is, you can either:

install this and play it as GTL or

install GTR2 (which i assume anybody who is thinking of getting this will have) get this (you have to have the original cd for png) and download the png mod.

what happens then is, you have the gt legends game, but in the gtr2 engine ( better game/graphics engine, as this (GTL) was releaed in between GTR and GTR2) but not only that, it has better more realistic to the era physics and tyres and more authentic car liveries/skins.

ALSO..... you actually dont need to install GTL (and its inclusive starforce protection) winner!

you must have the original GTL disc though, as this is the only way the modders could legally create and use their mod, which is authorised by 10tacle and simbn.

so there you go, not really a review, more a helping hand in getting this game to a much higher standard, therefore running it in tandem with the awesome GTR2 (which also has a GTL-GTR2 mod, you can download, which will ALSO enable you to play the GTL the ORIGINAL way through GTR2)



4.0 out of 5 stars motoring heaven i would say, 13 Jun 2010
= Fun:4.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: GTR 2 (PC DVD) (Video Game)
my favourite type of game for pc, is a sim, its the main reason i got into pc gaming and gaming in general back in the early nineties, flight sims like f19 stealth, f29 retaliator, fleet defender kicking me off.

as the years rolled on, i still maintained my penchant for sims, and readily bought the next one, and the next one etc etc, never really fully devoting my attention to that new game and soaking it all in properly, as consoles arrived and other games and style of game stole my attention, real life also took its toll on my gaming world.

gtr2 was one such game where i bought, skimmed, and uninstalled in eagerness of trying the next "new purchase"

of recent times this has stopped, as i have made a genuine effort to rid my computer of "crap" and stick with my main first reason for pc gaming, th "realistic/hardcore" sim.

therefore, games like falcon were reinstalled, black shark, shiii (not strictly a "sim" but with LSHiii v5 installed, close enough) and an abundance of other great sims. dusted down my g25 and went to work

being both ex military, and a huge motorsport nut, the military sims, and the driving sims take up most of the hard drive space.
the driving sims on the hdd currently are:

nr2003 with a huge abundance of mods and cars installed, making it 2010 up to date.

arca sim racing, quite a brutally realistic oval racer too i feel, on or offline. couldnt get into iracing and the subscription idea sucks

race 07, touring cars are a good base for some great road racing

a modded up to 2010 season gp4, shows its age and some dodgy elements but some great physics and race strategy implemented.

richard burns rally with rsrbr2010 and all vehicles installed (from a car physics and realism viewpoint possibley THE best driving game ive ever played, all cmr games need to go and stand in the corner!)

and finally gtr2, with more mods and tracks than i can list. but i will say Knockhill and thruxton are 2 of my fave tracks! thruxton being literally only 15 minutes away too.

nr2003, im pretty good at,

ever since ,like 93 ,when i first saw days of thunder i have been mad on nascar. now granted the real nascar is nothing like that film, but nonetheless, i love it and the game, so this one has been a pretty permanent fixture, in whatever guise, all the way from the first one. (papyrus only of course, ea ones were pap) papyrus indycar racing was cool too, but its cheesy early 90's film wasnt quite as awe inspiring (think it was called chequered flag, not sure, google it, it had leilani sarelle in it and was quite badly and epic fail.)

the other games i enjoy but am not Quite as accomplished at.

GTR2, however, i feel has now become my new "GO TO" sim for driving, now that i have taken the time to get into it, have located an abundance of mods and tracks, and really get my teeth into it, im obssessed, im constantly thinking about the best racing line, whether i could take the second castle coombe chicane faster, which version of the pug 908 to take round le mans, do i fancy another few laps of the full 24 km nordschleiffe, can i find and download a version of "that track ive just seen them go round on top gear/fifth gear" and throw my v10 r8 round it?

the possibilities are almost endless, ive even got last years f1 season in there, dodgy ish physics granted, but still fun to take the mclaren mp4 24 round monaco or blast round the gilles villenuve (i did that this weekend as thats where the grand prix is running, only managed 1.17's though)

i cant believe i had just not bothered with this game up until recently. everything about it screams "CAR PORN FOR GEAR HEADS!!!"

this and RBR are the ones i play the most now, not just driving, but in general. ive not touched SH4 op monsun of late, havent even thought about freefalcon 5.5, steel beasts pro hardly gets a look in anymore (200 dollars!) and yankee air pirate 2, which up until recently was all i was rocking (love those phantoms), has just not even been run in 2 months.

you gotta have a wheel though,

you can MAYBE get away with a gamepad for nascar and arca and maybe even this one, but the wheel is the way forward, especially with the g25, as that force feedback makes the cars truely talk to you, you dont realise how integral a part of your driving it is until you drive without FFB and think, "i have no idea what this car is about to do....oh, off the track again/ive gone all lairy arse out fishtail again"

im sure there are negatives out there and or bugs etc, if there are though they dont really bother me as i have not noticed anything that really stands out, sure, someone is bound to, but you know what, its a pc game/sim, we should have come to accept those sorts of things with our games by now.

like most people, i dont have one killer game i play and play alone, for instance as ive mentioned before, there are other top racing games i play, and also various other sims, but this is definitely a keeper, and will remain at the forefront of my racing toolbag.

i must say that from what i can tell, the circuits in this just feel so real and just like i imagine the majority of them to be like. i know that the rockingham, thruxton, donnington and silverstone ones are (combination of standard and mod downloaded tracks) as i have had the pleasure of doing a few laps of each of those. silverstone was in a mini fair enough, but it was still a few laps.

with that in mind however, ive not played gtr evo, could be different/better? though i doubt it. and im guessing i WILL be disappointed at codemasters effort at F1 (no parade lap? no safety car...!!!???) but ill buy it anyway.

buy this game if you:

like sims in general
like racing in any form (four wheeled)
like to tinker tune and faff with your chariot
like to soak in the feel of real racing, with fairly decent immersion.
want nearly all types of motor racing in some form or other

dont buy this game if you:

get bored easily
want to just dive in with all aids on, you can, but whats the point? play GRID or NFS instead.
like the whole "toca race driver film game feel"
are a bit too much into using "NOS", blurry side vision, and "talking street"
you think need for speed SHIFT is a hardcore driving sim and colin mcrae rally is just like the real thing.

it doesnt even need a high end system really, not by nowadays standard. my 2 year old alienware lappy runs it perfectly, all full, and at 1920x1200. nice and smooth and fast.

while youre at it, get arca too, and RBR. serious, youll be in sim motoring heaven.

Wings over Vietnam (PC)
Wings over Vietnam (PC)

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4.0 out of 5 stars YANKEE AIR PIRATE, 16 April 2010
= Fun:4.0 out of 5 stars 
my review isnt really about WOV in its vanilla state, which isnt a bad game, but it truly comes alive, in the very real sense, when you purchase yankee air pirate 2, a "mod" that is based on real missions flown by real pilots in nam, made by those pilots, and gets a much needed graphic and atmosphere overhaul.

in a sense its kind of like the idea that kuma games was (if youve ever heard of them) but infinately better and more fun, the only thing going for kuma was its real world mission basing.

the cd comes in either its lone state or you can get it and WOV together from the website, up to you.

it comes with the first 15 missions, and you then download the following sets at $14 each, (whatever that is in sterling) you also download briefings from the site to go with each mission.

it has such additions as inflight refueling and a photo recce mod, so photo recce missions are much more fun and realistic, the ai is better, the skins of aircraft are better, the landscape looks more like nam, theyve even added their own models for aircraft too. pretty much any nam film or book youve seen or read, which is about a real happening, is in there as a mission. ashau valley, battle of la drang, broken arrow CAS missions, RESCAP missions, you name it.

bringing rockets and napalm down on "gooks" in the treeline right next to your troops calling in that airstrike by using the red smoke thats popped, or your FAC firing smoke(yes, theyre all modelled) is truly exhilarating, and very very hard. the first mission of the war,quang khe ferry, you take off from the uss ticonderoga, fly inland and search for some sampans on the river (a small feat in itself) and destroy them, aa is flinging up at you, flak, the works, i got blown out the sky on my second pass, but loaded straight back up and did it again.

this is truly a labour of love, by guys that were there and have given us something that doesnt glorify, doesnt bore but gives us a great amount of enjoyment, and also a little bit of learning thrown in.

carriers and airstrips have more things going on, ground crew are dotted about, theres more aircraft around making the whole thing just "breathe" a little more.

it even has helicopter missions in it, (no nam sim is complete without these) and for a sim based around plane flight models, it does these choppers quit alot of justice.

you should just check it out from its site or at sim hq.

i am in no way affiliated with this game just a huge fan, as it has made in my eyes ,a fairly drab "ok" sim, into something quite amazingly special. and nam isnt really an environment thtas ever really had much coverage in the flight sim stakes.

and being ex military myself, i love all the realism that goes in with it, but doesnt get boring or ridiculous.
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Silent Hunter 5 (PC DVD)
Silent Hunter 5 (PC DVD)
Offered by PNA247
Price: 2.50

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2.0 out of 5 stars get around the drm, 13 April 2010
= Fun:2.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: Silent Hunter 5 (PC DVD) (DVD-ROM)
i wont go over whats already been said numerous times, im upset i paid money for this.

one thing i will share though, is that i use a skidrow crack, which negates the need to be attached to the internet.

makes it a little less of a turkey, but not much

ooh, walking round the uboat is cool tho, get this feature in sh3 (of course not likely) with gwx etc and that would be perfect


further to my previous review, i have decided that this actually isnt as bad as everybody else is moaning about, after a few mods (loads, infact) from subsim are applied, from the good old mod community, its a hell of alot better, ok, its no gwx 3.0(sh3) or trigger maru (sh4) or op monsoon (again 4) but its getting somewhat closer to a more "traditional" silent hunter.

i now have a much more realistic game, with better crew, better morale system, nicer looking graphics and lighting, loads of other stuff, and the sh4 gui, instead of the gay console type one they first intended.

seriously, anyone who is moaning, get on the subsim site, and download every sh5 mod needed to make it better, its worth it.

Prototype (PS3)
Prototype (PS3)
Offered by b68solutions
Price: 18.89

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3.0 out of 5 stars shame, i was so hopeful, 15 Jun 2009
= Fun:3.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: Prototype (PS3) (Video Game)
before i start, im not going to slam the game, i really wanted to LOVE it, but i dont, but on the other hand it isnt dreadful either.

we all know the premise, so i wont go over that, i was looking forward to this game for a while, it seemed to have been in developement for a fair whack of time, and, like with any game that that happens to (stalker, prime example) there seems to have been a fair amount of changes and cutting room floor circumstances, compared to stuff we initially saw.

i was torn at the time id got this, as i had 2 other games i wanted to get already, ufc being one (which i also got) and infamous being the other (which, yep, i cracked and got all 3)

now, infamous is the pertinent one to mention here, as i saw very similar themes with them both (in general terms)

the "sandbox" open world map gameplay
a main protaganist, with a past and a background
said protaganist having fairly powerful and otherworldly ...erm..powers
branching mission based gameplay
everyones favourite skill of the moment "parkour" elements

you get the idea, however, they both had differing distinctive elements also, attracting me in equal measures, such as, prototype had a "real world" location, its darker, grittier, youre a bit "dark and mysterious" a human weapon, conspiracy masked in intrigue etc etc

infamous has an interesting good/bad choice engine in the vein of fable/star wars kotor, you still maintian your basic genetic makeup, but with electrifying powers (prototype you mutate quite heavily)

so i was a little torn, in the end i got both and ill be honest, i love infamous, i LIKE prototype.

it just feels to be a missed opportunity in my eyes. on face value, it felt like it was going to be awesome, a great story, immersive characters, varied gameplay. the trailer for it on the tele was great too.

it just doesnt quite hit the spot, granted i havent played through the whole game yet, but i just felt slightly let down. i cant explain it that well, but i feel youd get what i meant. its a decent game, but i think its a little dated and overshadowed by other titles, the aforementioned infamous being one.

if you fancy it, i would definately get it, i wont be getting rid of it in a hurry, as i do like it.

try not to compare it to infamous too much though, i know ive used it as an example, as unfortunately they both came out fairly close together and are similar on some levels, but to be fair if we hadnt had gta 3 and onwards, none of these games (all the gta's ,assasins creed, crackdown,infamous, this one etc) would have turned up, its inevitable that certain games are going to take a good working idea and use it, so comparing them is a bit too easy and a little blinkered.

all in all not that bad. just not legendary (literal sense, not the poor game)
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