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Nivea Body Rich Nourishing Moisturiser (400ml)
Nivea Body Rich Nourishing Moisturiser (400ml)
Offered by Blackbeautyint
Price: £5.49

4.0 out of 5 stars It Is A Keeper, 26 Oct 2014
The cold weather is coming, the furnace is on, my skin will become dry. I try very hard to keep my skin soft and elastic, but living in New England in the winter can be a trial.

I have tried every moisturizer known to man. Some are very expensive, and really don't do anything more than the cheaper drugstore brands. I recently found Nivea again. I used to use it everyday, all the time. Then in hot lost in the expensive stuff. But, as I say, they did not add anything to the mix.

The rich formula of the Nivea body lotion moisturizes and nourishes my skin leaving it smooth and feeling supple. It is
enriched with sea minerals and Almond Oil. This body lotion shows improvement in my dry skin within a few days. Within two weeks, it transformed my dry skin into more nourished and hydrated skin. It feels really good. I like the Nivea scent,and the luxurious feel of the lotion. It is a keeper.

Recommended. prisrob 10-25-14

Dove Original Beauty Cream Four Bars
Dove Original Beauty Cream Four Bars
Offered by Bombay Collections
Price: £3.35

4.0 out of 5 stars Back To Basics, 25 Oct 2014
I have given up on those fancy moisturizer washes. I have purchased them for years, and I never felt like they did anything. My skin did not feel softer nor cleaner. They are expensive, though I would pay the price if I felt like they were worth it.

I went back to the basics. I love the fragrance of Dove soap. I used to use it all the time, and, now I have gone back to it. It never dries my skin, it feels soft on my skin, and I feel clean after using it. Dove is recommended by dermatologists. For those who have sensitive skin, this is the soap for you. Soap seemed to become a dirty word for awhile. Now, we realize soap is the longest selling and the longest used product to keep our skin clean.

Dove is made in the USA which is another positive. The price is quite attractive, and you cannot go wrong.

Recommended. prisrob 10-24-14

Third Person [DVD] [2014] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]
Third Person [DVD] [2014] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]
Dvd ~ Adrien Brody
Price: £14.36

3.0 out of 5 stars They Seem Like Nice People, 25 Oct 2014
This was a very difficult film to like and to get through. I admit I did a fast forward several times. The film is slow to move, the personal interactions are too slow to culminate, to really care about the characters.

Liam Neeson plays a novelist with a Pulitzer behind his name, he seems to have lost his touch in writing, in caring and in living. He is not a likable man. Olivia Wilde, plays a journalist who happens to be Neeson's mistress. Mila Kunis plays a woman fighting for the right to see her son. Her ex-husband, James Franco, plays a man who could be one if the more despicable if human beings. Maria Bello is a lawyer for Mila Kunis's character. Other stars flit in and out, but they were not at all exciting or interesting to me.

It is not until the last third of the film that the characters mesh and seem to make some sense,but it is much too late, I did not care any longer

Not Recommended For Me. prisrob 10-24-14

Murder on the Home Front [DVD] [2013]
Murder on the Home Front [DVD] [2013]
Dvd ~ Tamzin Merchant
Price: £5.00

4.0 out of 5 stars Pathology 101, 24 Oct 2014
1940's, I was not sure that anyone paid any attention to the show of clues in a murder/crime scene. However, I was not alone. Along comes a new, young pathologist who turns this London pathology lab upside down.

Patrick Kennedy plays Dr Lennox Collins, newly arrived at the pathologist's office. His boss has the old mannerisms and wants his lab run in the old fashioned way. Dr.Collins is not given many murder investigations until one night a young woman is found murdered. Collins insists on keeping the crime scene free of anything other than the clues inside. This is new to the detectives, but as he explains they go along with him. In this case he finds a Swatstika cut into the victims tongue. A total of 4 women's bodies are found, and Collins intends to find the murderer. Along the way he finds a news woman, Molly Cooper, played by Tamzin Merchant, interested in working for him as a secretary, and off they go.

The detectives and Collin's boss find a young German man they say is the murderer. Collins knows it is not him, and his job is to prove them wrong. This is a fun film, as well as gory with all the dismembered body parts all over the morgue. Molly Cooper lightens up the mood, and she is articulate and smart. Collins and Cooper prove to be a duo not to be warned off. I understand there is a Part Two, and I look forward to this film.

Recommended. prisrob 10-23-14

Can't Give This War Away: I. Break Beneath a Bridge II. An Idea as Good as Any III. Forty Minutes at a Gas Station
Can't Give This War Away: I. Break Beneath a Bridge II. An Idea as Good as Any III. Forty Minutes at a Gas Station
Price: £0.77

5.0 out of 5 stars So Many Gave Their Blood and Sweat, and Then They Gave Some More, 23 Oct 2014
To this date, there are 474 books about the Iraq War. I have read many of them, starting with Nathaniel Fick 's 'OneBullet Away, The Making Of A Marine Officer'. I heard him speak, and then continued to read more books during and after we left Iraq. It seems appropriate now, as we await the final days of our presence in Afghanistan, to look back at our presence in Iraq. Did we make a grave mistake in leaving no US presence in Iraq, did we open the door for a more horrific terrorist group, ISIL? You can make that judgement, but it is always best to have some facts and some knowledge behind your decision making.

The author, Nathan Webster, a photo journalist, and a US Army Veteran, from the 2003, Desert Storm, Operation Iraqi Freedom, has provided us with his day to day presence during three summers in Iraq, from 2007-2009. In 2009, he embedded with the same Charlie Company from 2007, and shares their experiences during the winding down of the war. I found his particular experience, talking and living with the troops as the days wore them down, a much more personal story. He provides photos within the stories, and they add to the scope and feel of his experience.

In 2007, Charlie Company, was assigned to smaller posts within the Iraqi cities. No longer behind large compounds, where Iraqi citizens had no contact with them, Charlie Company now worked side by side with Iraqis. Their job to convince the Iraqis to side with the US against the Al Qaeda. They patrol with Iraqi security or cops in 125 degree heat. The heat is overwhelming and 4 liter bottles of water a day keeps dehydration at bay. The company all wear their armor, and the pounds add up, just another inconvenience in this day to day existence. They meet with Iraqi tribes which was another strategy of that year. Charlie Company has become cynical, it is the Iraqis turn to fight the Al Qaeda, and for Charlie to go home. The failing war has taken it's toll.

In the summer of 2008, Nathan embeds with the 25th Infantry soldiers, who worked with the Iraqi tribal leaders. Riding in an 8 wheeled personnel carrier, called The Stryker, he rides with other soldiers to their destinations. They get out quickly, once security says it is clear. The Stryker could be a prime target for insurgents. Personal communication with the Iraqi soldiers is done in broken English that the Iraqis know. Few soldiers know Arabic except for key phrases they pick up. 'Shaku-maku' in Arabic means 'what's up', a favorite phrase some of the soldiers learn. That and 'shuckan- thanks', means you care, and that kind of interaction gets a better response from the Iraqis. Sons of Iraq, local Iraqi soldiers who provide security for their area, are paid $300 a month. The money is US, but it is the local SOI council who pay the soldiers. Most of the soldiers think this is payment so that the Iraqi soldiers work with the US and don't play with the other side.

In 2009, Webster rejoins Charlie Company at Combat OutPost Cahill. Many of the company remember him. They tell him of their newer, bigger quarters with two chefs, even though they are subpar. Everyone has their own computers,so the camaraderie is less apparent. Life is better on this tour. They are teaching the Iraqi soldiers to shoot at target practice. They work with the Iraqis, telling them, the US will be leaving soon, and you need to own up and lead. "This is the last slog. Mission Accomplished". The security is split 50:50, US: Iraqis. No longer can the Iraqis defer to the US. The Iraqis have a huge test coming. Several times, training would be scheduled and the Iraqis would not show up. The soldiers reflected their previous difficult experiences in 2007, and their experiences this time in 2009. The Iraq War as summed up by Nathan Webster, " Iraq since 1991, 2003 and forward, shining through all the enthusiastic cynicism and gleeful bitterness, biting fears and star crossed hopes."

Nathan Webster shares his experiences with the men, and some women, he talked with and photographed during these three years in Iraq. Their stories and their day to day existence is what makes this book so telling. I liked the discussions with the officers. Reading about their interactions with their troops and the Iraqis gives us an insight to their leadership style. Most were well liked and respected by their companies. We already know the big picture of Iraq, the missing WMD, the war that failed, and we left the Iraqis to cope on their own. Now, I have a better understanding of the last surge, the primary thinking of the soldiers who were put to the test to try and salvage the Iraq mess. The frustrations of teaching and training Iraqi soldiers to carry on to defeat the Al Qaeda with no US support. What were we thinking? We sent these men and women home from the horrors of this war to find their own way. Most make it, some don't. What have we learned, and what do we have now with our broken policies? These men and women can tell us, and it is important that we listen.

Nathan Webster hopes to write another book, catch up with the soldiers he met from 2007-2009, see where they are and how they are doing. They are the real story.

Recommended. prisrob 10-23-14

LIONS: Fun Facts and Amazing Photos of Animals in Nature (Amazing Animal Kingdom Book 12)
LIONS: Fun Facts and Amazing Photos of Animals in Nature (Amazing Animal Kingdom Book 12)
Price: £1.97

5.0 out of 5 stars The Incredible Lion, 23 Oct 2014
The incredible lion, is certainly correct. When you have finished reading this book, you will know more about lions than you ever expected to know.

The author, Emma Child, has once again written a superb book about an amazing animal, the lion. In this book you will also see amazing photos, and if you click on the photo it will enlarge. Parents/teachers will enjoy reading this book to their children. Most every child has seen a lion in the zoo. Zoos keep the lions safe, but we all know lions would prefer to live in the wilds. Lions can run as fast as 50 miles per hour, much faster than many other animals. Male animals always have manes, and the female lions known as a lioness prefer the dark manes to light manes. Male lions stay at home to protect their babies and other lions in their family or prides. The female lions go out and hunt their meals. Lions like to eat meat, and the lioness goes out at night to get their meat. There are so many fun facts in this book. I really liked looking at the photos, the lions are big, beautiful animals.

Recommended. prisrob 10-22-14

Lewis - Series 7 [DVD]
Lewis - Series 7 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Kevin Whately
Price: £14.24

4.0 out of 5 stars The New Team, 23 Oct 2014
This review is from: Lewis - Series 7 [DVD] (DVD)
Interesting to me is that the seventh season of Inspector Lewis is the best if all. Lewis does not seem as uptight, and he is a much more likable character. Hathaway has changed,and he is also a much more likable guy, still uptight but more down to earth, if that us possible.

Kevin Whately whom plays Inspector Robbie Lewis is struggling in his retirement status. He and the pathologist, Dr Laura Hobson, played by Clare Holman are now married. They seem very happy,but Lewis is at loose ends. He cooks the family dinner, and it is burned. Laura tries to help him, and she suggests gardening etc. and, then, surprisingly, Lewis receives a call from Chief Superintendent Innocent. She tells him they are short staffed and wonders if he would come back in a part time basis working with Hathway. Hathaway, played by Laurence Fox has resolved his issues with his work as a policeman, and has been promoted to Inspector. So, Lewis would be working under Hathaway. What a magic turn around. I loved it.

The three new cases are excellent, but my favorite was the last. A serial murderer that Lewis put away over ten years ago has asked for a retrial with new evidence. In the meantime someone is committing the same type of murders with the same weapon and targeting policemen. Of note one of the new policemen works within Hathaway, and she is DS Lizzie Maddox. She is superb, and quite a match with Hathaway. They make a good team.

This seems to be a more down to earth series. Hathaway has his own ways and Lewis is trying to figure out where he fits in. I liked this a great deal.

Recommended. prisrob 1022-14

Childrens Book: Christmas ABC (Adorable, Rhyming Bedtime Story/Picture Book for Beginner Readers About Christmas , Ages 2-8) (Christmas Books and Stories 1)
Childrens Book: Christmas ABC (Adorable, Rhyming Bedtime Story/Picture Book for Beginner Readers About Christmas , Ages 2-8) (Christmas Books and Stories 1)
Price: £1.92

5.0 out of 5 stars The Sights and Sounds Of Christmas, 21 Oct 2014
Christmas, who doesn't love Christmas? This is my favorite time of year, and a lot of it is because of the spirit of Christmas. People seem to be cheerier and nicer. And, for children, Christmas is a wonderland.

The author, Dan Jackson, has written such a wonderful book for Christmas. Parents/teachers will enjoy reading this book to their children, and the children will love the photos and illustrations. We start with the letter A for Angel and go through every letter to Z. The story is told in rhyme, which is my favorite kind of children's book. I imagine each child will want to go through this book everyday.

My youngest grandchild likes to look at photos and illustrations and tell stories to her baby dolls and stuffed animals. She sits in her rocking chair and has the babies/stuffies lined up around her. She shows them all the photos and then tells them the stories. One of the sweetest things to see and hear. This is the perfect story for her to do this. All children enjoy the sights and sounds of Christmas, and this will fit right in with the season.

Recommended. prisrob 10-21-14

The Swimmer
The Swimmer
Price: £0.59

4.0 out of 5 stars Around Us The Madness Of Empires Continues, 21 Oct 2014
This review is from: The Swimmer (Kindle Edition)
Damascus, July 1980, a car is blown apart with a young woman inside. A man, with a young baby in his arms, looks in horror, from the window in their flat. He understands this bomb was meant for him, and thus the stories begin.

We move from 1980, in alternating chapters, as told from this man's story, and then in the third person from other's viewpoints. This is a complicated story, involving the CIA, the Swedish Parliament, several law offices throughout Europe, but all involving Klara Walldeen. Klara is the daughter of that man in Damascus, and what puts her in jeopardy involves many others and many other times. As the story evolves we are introduced to George Loow, a Lobbyist for an exclusive PR firm in Brussels; Mahmoud, a PhD candidate, former soldier; Gabriella, a lawyer and friend of Klara's; and various and sundry people in the CIA and other organizations.

This is a fast paced novel, covering much of Europe, but it is convoluted in its timeline. We are not privy to how these myriad of characters interface until the last few chapters. This is a well written and mysterious novel, full of secrets from atrocities in the field to Abu Ghraib. I particularly liked the character of Klara, pulled into the secrecy and mysteries of the past. I am looking forward to the next book by this author.

Recommended. prisrob10-21-14

Stila Cosmetics Eyes Are the Window Eyeshadow Palette - Spirit NEW
Stila Cosmetics Eyes Are the Window Eyeshadow Palette - Spirit NEW
Offered by PrettySkin
Price: £29.35

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Perfect Palette, 21 Oct 2014
Eyeshadow, I think looks best on younger eyes. However, when I have a special event or evening I apply eyeshadow. And, the eyeshadow I use is Stila. This product is always well made, you can rely upon this brand.

The In the Window Eye Shadow Palette is a collection of Stila's eye shadows in neutral shades that look best on me. The palette also includes a Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner in Damsel, a matte chocolate brown, and an 8-page look book with detailed how-to tips and tricks. The look book is fabulous. If you want cat eyes or smoky eyes this booklet is for you. It also gives tips on applying the eyeshadow for an everyday look.

The shades come in a nice packet with 9 different colors. Bare (matte ivory), Kitten, Bliss (matte beige pink), Sunset (shimmery canyon pink), Sandstone (matte light coco), Bubbly (shimmery pale gold), Gilded Gold (golden brown with shimmer), Luster (dark aubergine with gold shimmer), Ebony (matte black). I prefer the matte beige pink or Bliss. I have blue eyes, and this brings out the blue very well.

These shadows do not run or smudge. They go on easily and feel very light. They have great staying power, and I do not have to re-apply in the evening. Stila is a product we can rely on.

Recommended. prisrob 10-20-14

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