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Vol. 3-4 In India
Vol. 3-4 In India
Price: 18.90

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5.0 out of 5 stars Stunning Madlib Release, 1 Mar 2008
This review is from: Vol. 3-4 In India (Audio CD)
Off the back off vols 1 and 2 comes the trip to India, I picked this up off the back of Madlibs unbelievably long list of super works and was'nt slightly disappointed.

Some of the tracks on this joint are absolutely stunning, 'Movie Finale' was stand out for me the melody and rythm in that particular track are mind swimmingly good, but also 'Dancing Girls Theme' and 'Piano Organ' also are really inspiring, I personally think this is one of his Otis's best works. (and he has many, check Quasimoto, YNQ, Invades Bluenote, Monk Hughes, DJ Rels and any other of his numerous aliases)

It has the same 2minute track lengths but dare I say track for track this volume has the edge on the last, simply because its so damn different, the fusing of Hip-Hop beats with the Indian singing and music samples really works well, some of the tracks have a kind of tribal drum bass loop goin on and some are more traditional Madlib beats, but the theme of the Indian sound and influenece is strong throughout.

When you consider projects like Madlib invades Bluenote, Madvillain, Quasimoto, and now this it becomes clear in my mind that the 'REAL' people involved in keeping Hip-Hop a true art form of expression and musical celebration come from the independant labels and well travelled musical backgrounds.

The Beat Konducta Volume 1-2: Movie Scenes
The Beat Konducta Volume 1-2: Movie Scenes
Offered by Fulfillment Express
Price: 10.24

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4.0 out of 5 stars More Beat Conduction, 1 Mar 2008
Another Madlib invazion!! This time into movie samples and another interesting offering from Stones Throws finest. I do believe some of the best Hip-Hop Ive heard in the 15 years Ive followed it has come from this chap.

This album follows on in the same vain to a simply titled album that has been around on the internet called called 'The Beat Conductor' in that it keeps to very short sometimes sampler feeling track durations but I believe its no the worse for it. Starting with the ultra strong 'The Comeback' which has an awesome cutting of soul vocals over a plodding beat and melody and finishing with tracks like the phat bumping 'African Walk' this album has quality beat making throughout.

If I was to make one criticism it would be that some of the beats are kind of filler feeling but as they are at longest 2mins long it never gets dull. The tracks that stand out are so damn good to keep these ears going back and back again.

Euro 2000: Best Goals [DVD]
Euro 2000: Best Goals [DVD]
Offered by NextDayEntertainment
Price: 14.50

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1.0 out of 5 stars Another Shambolic Review DVD, 17 Nov 2004
This review is from: Euro 2000: Best Goals [DVD] (DVD)
Having enjoyed what was a thouroughly good tournament I chipped down the store to search for the inevitable review DVDs and videos, I like nothing more than re-living these great occasions as they only come every two years. I have to say that this DVD defies belief. Oh yeah its got all the goals but I want to know the thinking behind the scattered order in which I think the 3rd or 4th goal in the bunch is Delvecchios goal against France in the final. This is another complete waste of a DVD and it pains me why these cannot be done in a tangible format in the order that the Finals progressed. I wouldnt touch this with a barge pole, its pathetic ill thought out and annoying to watch, why not do all of these types of programmes in the same format as the official reviews of World Cup 2002 or Euro 2004 highlights from every game, every goal and in a tangible order which captures all the tournament as it happened.

Alien [VHS] [1979]
Alien [VHS] [1979]
Offered by pkeylock
Price: 2.94

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5.0 out of 5 stars Ridley Scotts Finest Hour (or two), 12 Nov 2003
This review is from: Alien [VHS] [1979] (VHS Tape)
In my years I have seen many films, some great, some aweful most boring unfullfilling action romps. This however is a different story. The film is a masterpiece, The set is perfect, dark, dank and very claustrophobic. The performances of the actors (espeicially Yaphet Kotto) are top draw and the story is totally engaging.
It has everything, a small irritated crew anxious to get home from a long mining mission are awaken from deep sleep to investigate a transmission from a nearby planetoid. a team of three get to the source of the signal and become far to curious in my opinion. what follows is one of the most memorable and shocking scenes in cinema history, followed by a struggle to track down and dispose of one of the most fascinating and terrifying creatures ever seen.
Throw in some crew infighting a fiendish plot twist as to the reasons for the signal investigation, a crew member who is not all he seems and an alien which rather than being a man in a suit is designed so well it becomes a monstrous lifeform with three stages to its life and a very disturbing life cycle. (soon to be revealed in the upcoming directors cut)
I am one of those few people who believes this tops the action fest sequel which don't get me wrong is also one of the finest pieces of work around but is always more comfortable to watch due to its up and at you style it leaves nothing to the imagination unlike Ridley Scotts masterpiece. THE BEST FILM EVER MADE Put simply.

The Gulf War [VHS]
The Gulf War [VHS]
Offered by unclejohnsband
Price: 9.95

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5.0 out of 5 stars Review: The Gulf War, 2 Jun 2003
This review is from: The Gulf War [VHS] (VHS Tape)
Written By: Eamonn Matthews
Executive Producer: Hugh Scully
This is the four part documentry series showed on the UK History channel shortly before the start of the war on Iraq. It is a totally absorbing masterpiece. Everything you need to know about the the original war. The build up to it, the invasion of Kuwait through all the way to the Iraqi uprisings instigated by George Bush. As well as some breathtaking footage which itself includes very rare scenes. Adding to this is a huge list of fascinating interviewees.
The like of Colin Powell, Margeret Thatcher, Norman Schwarzkopf, Dick Cheney, through to the now deceased King Hussein of Jordan and captured Baath party member Tariq Aziz. It spans four episodes is brilliantly narrated by Ian Holme and runs for 240mins.
This is a must have along with another BBC series titled Israel andthe Arabs The Fifty Years Wars, these are two of the best documentary series these eyes have seen.

Goals: Every Goal Of Spain 1982 [VHS]
Goals: Every Goal Of Spain 1982 [VHS]

5.0 out of 5 stars Review: All The Goals Spain 82, 2 Jun 2003
A superb purchase. Unlike a lot of world cup review programmes that sometimes leave unforgivable gaps this does not. It could have been a little longer and shown some of the near misses and and sending offs, but thats just too critical. Its 80 minutes long and is brilliantly put together and narrated by Martin Tyler so you now the commentry is going to be of high standard. It moves along at a good pace and does not bore you with three replays of each goal. This is definatly a must too any football fan, a brilliant document of one of the greatest world cups ever.

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