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Levi's 501 straight-cut jeans, length 34 black jack 36
Levi's 501 straight-cut jeans, length 34 black jack 36
Offered by Trademark Clothing Co
Price: 69.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Great product at equally good value for money., 17 Jun 2014
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Great fitting pair of Levis. Good quality as well put together garment. Also great value for money as the same pair were 40 - 50% more expensive at other vendors. Authentic item that has not sacrificed the brand integrity with substandard product. Sometimes when pricing is below the norm it is due to irregular or below par fabrication which is not the case here. Highly recommended.

Brand X Men's Oxford Brogue Black Shoe AM02011 10 UK
Brand X Men's Oxford Brogue Black Shoe AM02011 10 UK
Price: 44.00

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1.0 out of 5 stars Fundamentally flawed, 13 Mar 2014
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If the price tag for these shoes appears too good to be true it's because they are not fit for purpose. When trying them on they were about half the width of my average width feet and they were impossible to put on. Amazon accepted the return without any fuss. It's a pity as they are a decent enough product but something is fundamentally flawed in the manufacturing process that can release items which cannot be worn by any person with feet wider than circa two and a half inches!

Levi's Men's 501 Original Fit Jeans, Blue (Onewash), W36/L36
Levi's Men's 501 Original Fit Jeans, Blue (Onewash), W36/L36
Price: 51.02

5.0 out of 5 stars Great fitting jeans at an equally good price tag., 5 Oct 2013
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These Levi's 501 jeans are a great fitting garment and well put together in terms of quality. Also very durable and at the purchase price paid represent really good value for money at around 60% of department store pricing. Having purchased my first pair of Levi's in 1968 I have stayed with the brand ever since. If they continue to make them to the same high standards with such a wide range of fit/ style/ finishes then I will continue to purchase and wear the product.
Particularly at this price, highly recommended.

Way To Blue - The Songs Of Nick Drake
Way To Blue - The Songs Of Nick Drake
Price: 13.04

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5.0 out of 5 stars Way To Blue Concert Tribute Is Sublime, 16 April 2013
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I hesitate to start this review by making it clear that I was originally astounded by Nick Drake's music when in my last year of school in 1969, having purchased his first album " Five Leaves Left" on the strength of hearing the track "Time Has Told Me" upon an Island Records sampler album of the time. I could never understand then why he didn't reach more appreciative ears because tracks such as "Riverman" , "Three Hours" , "Way To Blue" and " 'Cello Song" were simply extraordinary in terms of melody, musicianship - Nick's very distinctive style of guitar playing and musical virtuosity, more specifically Robert Kirby's musical/ string arrangements.
So when the Way to Blue Tour was announced , I picked up a few tickets to go catch the concert at Warwick Uni in the UK in early 2010. Frankly, to hear Nick' s music performed live by such a varied and brilliant group of musicians and orchestral players as featured then and upon this CD compilation was just a rare and beautiful opportunity too good to miss. I have to say a big, big thanks to the ubiquitous Joe Boyd for making the concerts and this album happen. The interpretations of ND's music and finely crafted songs are just sublime upon this album, I cannot emphasise that strongly enough. Go buy it and listen for yourself.
The musical arrangements by Kate St.John are not just a great tribute to Nick and Robert Kirby' s originals but the playing by the musicians involved is top draw. When you take a look at the list of participant musicians and hear the contributions of the likes of the incomparable bassist Danny Thompson, Zoe Rahman on piano then it just keeps on getting better."One of These Things First" , where Danny and Zoe pair up to perform on this instrumental version of the song is truly excellent, echoes of Debussy and Satie within the subtle jazz meandering.
Performances here by Scott Matthews, Teddy Thompson and Krystle Warren on "Place To Be"' , "Riverman" and "Time Has Told Me " respectively are just exquisite listening., as is the duetting of Krystle and Teddy on the now revered "Pink Moon", which now seems to be one of Nick's most loved and endearing songs globally..
The span of artists involved here over the decades from the 1960's through to today is a testament to the timeless appeal of this music and it!s impeccable quality and standing in the playing community, many of it's best being gathered here for your listening pleasure.
This review would have to be considerably longer to give credit to all the artists participating here but Green Gartside's version of the prophetic "Fruit Tree" is laced with the melancholy magic of Nick's original composition.
Nick Drake is one of the most covered artists in terms of tribute albums, there are at least a dozen in circulation, which exemplifies how highly he is now regarded, this is most definitely up there with the best.
During the concert I attended at Warwick, Lisa Hannigan!s barnstorming version of "Black Eyed Dog" almost introduced Nick's original muse into the gathering, it was majestic, as it is here, This is as good a live music album as you are likely to hear this or any other year and I cannot recommend it highly enough. Don't just take my paltry word for it, hear it for yourself.
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Johnny Boy Would Love This...A Tribute To John Martyn
Johnny Boy Would Love This...A Tribute To John Martyn
Offered by Fulfillment Express
Price: 18.50

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5.0 out of 5 stars Tribute to "Johnny Too Bad" is real good., 23 Aug 2011
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This Double CD tribute to John Martyn's music is hugely welcome. I remember a local radio inteview in the early 80's when the slightly naive broadcaster suggested JM had not seen an "earth shattering amount of success" in his career, to which JM replied in his inimitable way, a blend of charm and cool put down "Well, who wants to shatter the earth anyway, I rather love the old place!"
If anyone deserved success it was John Martyn, not merely a consummate but virtuoso musician, he was also one of the best songwriters of his and any generation. He was also a hard working slogger when it came to performance and touring and rarely, if ever disappointed in live shows. As we know, he also had the dark side demons to battle but his musical work would have been a lot different without the character he bled into every line and note. A great, great lyricist and poet, which shines in every set contained here. In some respects, he was probably too good for his own good if that makes sense. His art gained in every way.
This tribute really does a beautiful job of interpreting his great songs and varied pallet, from late sixties folk acoustic to gutsy powerhouse electric guitar - spanned by "Fairy tale Lullaby" covered by Bombay Bicycle Club to "John Wayne" by Oh My God.
In trying to select the highlights of the album, Clarence Fountain and Sam Butler's version of "Glorious Fool" is a peach but then Cheryl Wilson's "You Can Discover"is sheer magic, so too is John Smith's version of "Walk To the Water" in the Martyn folk period tradition, as is Sabrina Dinan's "Certain Surprise", the best of set for me is Jim Tullio's country version of "Road To Ruin" (one of JM's many overlooked masterpieces), which I have already played inside out...To be frank, it's an injustice to the other beautiful treatments and interpretations of John Martyn songs on this tribute album to single these out, as they are all really that good.
It made me go back to the original albums and listen to them again in some cases but there are many tracks here that get a solid airing from my perspective most weeks of the year anyway( excuse the appallingly bad pun!).
A top notch salute to Johnny Boy's brilliant art and I hope it receives a lot of recognition and that his family get to benefit from the release. Buy it, because it will reward you with repeat listening and will make you fall in love with his music all over again, and yes, Johnny Boy would love it...nearly as much as I do.
Highly recommended.

John Barleycorn Must Die
John Barleycorn Must Die
Price: 16.51

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5.0 out of 5 stars Traffic Trio At Their Creative Best, 3 Mar 2011
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This album found the Traffic trio of Winwood, Capaldi and Wood at their creative best and represents a peak in their musicianship as three players whose chemistry really found it's collective muse here post their initial disbandment. For me, not only is this one of the best albums of it's era but it's one of the best of any era.The re-mastering on the first disc of the original John Barleycorn album re-release does a great job of seperating the instruments and the clarity of Chris Wood's flute and sax and Steve Winwood's guitar, piano and organ work really does provide a new dimension for the stand out tracks within this fine album. It has always been a really innovative piece of work with Glad merging mellifluously into Freedom Rider as the opening two tracks but some of the bass muddiness on the original release has been overcome here particularly on Empty Pages and Every Mother's Son.Steve Winwood's virtuoso organ playing on the latter has never sounded better than it does here in a travel song that takes you on a real musical journey with lyrics that match the quality of musicianship "The back door to the universe, That old moon dust..." "Stranger to Himself" features excellent lead guitar work by SW which sounds better than ever. As for the title track itself, these three guys could be playing in your living room the sound is that good and it's a great version of the traditional English folk song with outstanding acoustic guitar and vocals from Steve and Jim Capaldi with flute work by Chris Wood that is quite exquisite.The Berkshire Downs and Cotswolds countryside permeates through the music as a tangible influence upon the sound created between the three players.
It's great to have the Traffic Live material from November 1970 on disc two,when Ric Grech joined the others having recently left Blind Faith along with Steve Winwood, although the sound quality here is not as sharp as the Studio re-master but that's probably to be expected from a concert that was recorded 40 years ago. Some good alternate versions & mix tracks accompanying the live material.
All in all an excellent package and a job well done here in this release. Cannot help but feel a tinge of sadness that Chris Wood and Jim Capaldi are no longer with us but that must be some jam they are playing up there bringing that high spark to the wild blue yonder.

Source of Wonder
Source of Wonder
Price: 9.36

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5.0 out of 5 stars Source of Wonder Lives Up to It's Title Track., 11 Jan 2011
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This review is from: Source of Wonder (Audio CD)
This is a real gem of an album, one notch up from his last release " Off The Heap", which in itself was a great collection of songs but this set goes one step further in confirming Matt Leonard Price's contribution as an artist and songsmith of some calibre.The opening track "Mirror World" is excellent and sets a high standard from the off but then so to is the second track "Sister Eva", with a resonance of Syd Barrett in the vocal phrasing ( a la "Golden Hair") but it's sometimes unhelpful to draw such comparisons with other renowned players.MLP deserves to be listened to on his own considerable merits. The track "Ypres to Verdun" captures perfectly the feeling that overwhelms anyone visiting Flanders Fields and the Somme, when considering the huge waste of life that laid waste to a generation in the First World War conflict.The excellent playing and musicianship on the album graces the songs and sets the tone with his nylon acoustic accompaniment but then the use of piano and keyboards throughout is quite exquisite in framing the context of these songs."Source of Wonder" and "That Day Beside the Sea" continue to hold the intriguing mood that pervades the album and it delights the listener throughout. I bought this album on the strength of an Acoustic Magazine review passed on to me by my brother, which again mentioned Nick Drake and the similarities with MLP, but again much as I love the musical legacy Nick has left, the tendency to loophole and categorise Songwriter/Musicians in the requisite category or genre, must be a little irritating to the artist creating their own work.
Loved this album and would recommend it highly to anyone who shares a love of well crafted, beautifully played songs that have been created with a great sense of feeling in every case here.

Toy Box No.2.
Toy Box No.2.
Price: 7.91

5.0 out of 5 stars Boo's Acoustic Muse Delivers The Goods, 10 Jan 2011
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This review is from: Toy Box No.2. (Audio CD)
If like me you are the kind of listener who seeks out pensive, well thought out, indeed poetic song lyrics combined with structured melodies fused together on an acoustic guitar, then Boo Hewerdine's Toy Box Album's are most definitely for you.This one is the second in the series and continues to delight as much as the first one succeeded in doing so. The songs are well crafted without exception but Hewerdine's voice sets a perfect tone in his vocal delivery. White Lilies opens up the short album of songs and enchants the listener right from the first few notes and lines of the song and draws you into a collection that defies the short playing time with it's mesmerising qualities, much as the first set did with songs like Ellis Island Blues, Dragonflies and Bible Pages.But here, Harvest Gypsies and the more pacy, blues style Stone In Your Shoes add to the range of great material on this mini album. A true Toy Box of Delights and music I can only recommend highly to any potential listener.

The Beatles
The Beatles
Offered by claires_media_store
Price: 19.99

5.0 out of 5 stars White Hot Restoration of Beatles Landmark Album., 30 Jun 2010
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This review is from: The Beatles (Audio CD)
How much more can be written about a Beatles album that has been a national treasure since 1968? Quite a bit actually.This is one of my personal all time favourites, when originally released, the purchase price was such that I couldn't afford to buy it initially and we used to crowd around the Dansette of the most affluent ( paper round) member of our group like "A seance in the dark" listening to the album with repeat playing until the grooves were virtually worn out. At that time the Fabs themselves were going through disintegration and to all intents and purposes producing solo material for consolidation into this Double Album set. But what a set it is.
It's gargantuan in it's musical ambition and writing spectrum but when you listen to individual tracks as a microcosm of the entire album, the Beatles have never been more poignant in their lyrical and songwriting composition than they achieved here and acoustically with songs like "Julia" - a Lennon self exploration that equals "A Day In The Life" in sheer spine tingling creative excellence, one of the best tracks he ever laid down which exemplifies the use of acoustic guitar by both John and Paul as more pronounce upon this album than any other and the reflective time spent in Rishikesh, India permeates through the songs "I Will", Mother Nature's Son" and "Blackbird" being other near perfect remastering examples of what is so delightful about this edition.
It is also a very memorable album being the one so wide ranging in eclectic scope as to give George Harrison a shot at his proto " All Things Must Pass" phase, having paid third fiddle to a couple of half decent songwriters in Lennon - McCartney for the previous 5 years, what a fantastic outpouring it released "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" and "Long, Long, Long" providing material that equalled anything his two prolific mates could produce having been straining at the proverbial creative leash internally for a long, long time. The re- mastering quality at work here is just exquisite in re-defining songs that cried out for better production on the original release.
And boy, do the Beatles rock on this album, "Back In The USSR", "Yer Blues", "Birthday" "Revolution" bring out the old Hamburg spirit despite the direction they were taking as individual artists and getting sucked into the legalities of business reality that must have sapped their cohesion so much in the years following the death of Brian Epstein, when the dream was over and the predators closed in.
Lennon was also at his most creative and imaginative peak at this point, the distillation of songs such as "Dear Prudence", "Sexy Sadie" "Happiness Is A Warm Gun" and "Cry Baby Cry" show where his mind was at that time and these musings could not have been penned by anyone other than JWL. His humour also comes across in abundance on "I'm So Tired" and " Bungalow Bill" in that unique form of expression that he gave voice to.
Also the move away from the overtly psychedelic artwork album covers of "Sgt Pepper's" and " Magical Mystery Tour" to the plain white cover design concept, marked a departure from this period to the clearing of the mind resulting from the Indian meditation sojourn that also gave birth to so many of these songs.
As I stated earlier, there has been so much material written about the phenomenom that has susequently become the Beatles myth that it is virtually a printing industry these days. When I hark back to that little terraced house where this album was given that communal listen by a group of mates back in 1968, some of whom went on to join Bands as diverse as the Specials and UK Subs then this album has a lot to answer for.
It's not only brilliant, it's iconic, it's a national treasure and the sound quality of this re-master means it's indispensable to anyone who cherishes it's creation. Improve the quality of your own life and listening experience and acquire it if you can.Then again if you cannot afford it - see if you can listen to it at one of your Buddies
gaffs! Highly recommended in the absolute.

The Best Of Davy Graham (A Scholar & A Gentleman)
The Best Of Davy Graham (A Scholar & A Gentleman)
Price: 12.23

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5.0 out of 5 stars A Guitar Scholar And Innovative Player Captured Brilliantly Here., 28 Jun 2010
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This represents a really great collection of Davy Graham's highly innovative work in this value for money double CD package.The List of names influenced by Davy Graham's guitar playing reads like a roll call of the best players that have graced the instrument, Bert Jansch, John Renbourn, John Martyn, Nick Drake and so many others that have namechecked Davy when citing the reasons why they started to play the instrument.It's easy to see why when giving this collection a hearing. It starts with the Jazz-Folk staple "Angi" that launched so many guitar playing careers in the early '60s and almost single handedly, alongside the music of Martin Carthy, gave acoustic folk it's following from that period and echoed around UK folk clubs for many years to come.It still sounds as fresh and accomplished today as it did nearly 50 years ago.
There is a tremendous cross section of Graham's ability to play and give fusion to many styles here,"She Moved Through The Fair", "Nottamun Town" and "Bruton Town","Reynardine" showcasing the almost unique folk sound he created on guitar but the Jazz tones of Mingus's "Better Git It in Your Soul" , "Blue Monk" demonstrate not only his virtuosity for Jazz guitar but how he was able to straddle this genre with what sounds like consummate ease.
"Majaan" and "She Moved Through the Bizarre/Blue Raga" also embody the Morrocan/Blues fusion that he made his own distinctive, iconic style many years before the term World Music had even been coined. He absorbed the music of many different cultures from the extensive travels he made, venturing into North Africa, Eastern Europe and elsewhere and these experiences surface in the fine works collected in this set.Davy Graham may have had his flaws and human frailties, the well published hard drugs addiction being a central part of his life but the character he gave to his guitar style and his own sonorous quality of playing are inseperable from this unique personality.
If you wish to re-kindle your love for Davy Graham's playing or replace worn out vinyl(?)then this is the one to go for as so much of his music is well represented here or alternatively, if the aim is to acquire his music for first listening then equally, to start here and move on to "Folk Roots, New Routes" and "Folk, Blues and Beyond" will grace your collection with some of the finest and most inspiring and influential music produced.Highly Recommended.

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