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Fifty Shades of Grey
Fifty Shades of Grey
by E. L. James
Edition: Paperback
Price: £3.50

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2.0 out of 5 stars Its fiction by the way..., 24 July 2012
This review is from: Fifty Shades of Grey (Paperback)
Just finished LISTENING to FSOG and if reviewers found Anna annoying in the book wait till you hear the audio version. Her "holy Crap" is said in true Kardashian whiney voice-it grates after one chapter! I kid you not.

But..the reviews ive read (not all 2k of them) appear to be getting annoyed that things and people arent what they "should be" as if this is a factual book they are taking to task. Have they ever read Harry Potter/Winnie the pooh/Alice in wonderland??? Its fiction. The author can write what she wants. Reality and what people should do are both suspended for the duration of the book. One reviewer says of Anna-has she not talked about sex with her room-mate? No-because its fiction. Maybe these people listen to the Archers or watch Eastenders and claim -but it isnt real. Thats it folks, yve got it. It isnt real so calm down.

The Tree of Life [DVD]
The Tree of Life [DVD]
Dvd ~ Brad Pitt
Price: £3.00

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1.0 out of 5 stars Don't buy or rent this!, 12 Jun 2012
This review is from: The Tree of Life [DVD] (DVD)
I saw this recently and have never been so bored at a film showing in my life. I would urge anyone considering buying this product to seriously speak with those who have seen it before. I loved Mallick's "Badlands" and did read about this before seeing it. It is like watching one of those 60s films where colour has just been invented-long (v long) shots of nature, the sun, and goodness knows what else are interspersed with very little dialogue. We watched this and thought are we missing something? I fear not and those waxing lyrical about it are the ones who need to take stock.
Really wanted to be impressed by this but a duller 2hrs or so you will never spend! And no I'm not interested in crash, bang wallop CGI or action movies. See The Help instead-now theres a good film.
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Another Year [DVD]
Another Year [DVD]
Dvd ~ Jim Broadbent
Price: £5.28

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1.0 out of 5 stars Another Year DVD-What a disappointment!, 13 Mar 2011
This review is from: Another Year [DVD] (DVD)
Have been looking forward since Xmas to this coming out on DVD as didnt get to see it in cinema. Well what a let down. Yes one gets used to Mike Leigh's films with the idiosyncratic use of silences and the camera dwelling on faces a bit longer than it should but this was pure pergatory.
Yes we know that it will be (all too heavily) understated and we know it mirrors a year on an allotment but it just didnt take me anywhere else. For this I largely blame the writing which was one-dimensional, juvenile and completely predicatable. Is this what its meant to be like I wondered-ie complete unabashed normality?
But no, even these characters would surely not repeat so many cliches and be so devoid of anything beyond the superficial. Only right at the end does Gerri say anything resembling anything "normal" to Mary. All through the film I sat waiting for some character development, some nuances from Gerri perhaps but no nothing. Only Ronnie shows any anger (towards his son, backed by Tom) but that seems artificial considering what's gone before.
An adolescent could write this script it was that poor and the worst thing about it was what it could have been. We get enough of so called "ordinay" life with soaps like Eastenders. This had a chance to lift us with some clever writing and failed miserably. I wasn't looking for entertainment as such just something which made me think. This was a truly forgettable film which lived in the memory for all of the time it took to watch it.

Sound Affects
Sound Affects
Offered by moo V man
Price: £38.95

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4.0 out of 5 stars Sound Affects-best Jam album?, 21 Dec 2010
This review is from: Sound Affects (Audio CD)
Bought the re-issue the other day as havent had SA since i bought it on vinyl all those years ago. Well memories came flooding back. It was quite a time when it came out-was it spring'80? Certainly think a lot of the songs stand up even today. My favourites have always been Pretty Green and Thats Entertainment but lyrics on Set The House Ablaze and Scrapeaway are stunning. In many ways i think SA was the true precusor to the Style Council and The Gift i always thought was a weak album albeit with some good tracks on it like Malice and Precious as well as the title track. To me The Gift was too obvious whereas SA was subtle and rounded.
SA had a very pastoral feel to it and went very well with some of the songs which Weller was writing at the time like Tales from the Riverbank. Music for the last couple was excellent in this respect.
However much i like SA it was synonymous with what i was doing-this does give a piece of music or album a strength as it provides memories but it doesnt quite knock, what in my view is their best one off the top. Many bands and singers usually have a golden period of between 3-5 years when they release 2 or 3 seminal albums. Dylan did it with Blonde on Blonde, Highway 61 Revisited and Bringing it all back home again. the Beatles with Sgt Pepper, Revolver, Rubber Soul and The White Album. Neil Young did it as did Van Morrison. For The Jam their period were the 3 albums, All Mod Cons, Setting Sons and SA and for me the middle one of those 3 was the best.
SA is a great album and was in my view the best of that year by a mile but for me Setting Sons hit the spot as the writing, tunes and the anger were all there.

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